Uhhh... Ah.... OW!!! My Foot!

Kak Long was feeling generous yesterday and gave me one of her My Foot Reflexology vouchers. and I asked Zubair along too because I know he LOVES massages.
The voucher offers either Foot or Upper Body Massage. At first, I wanted to try Foot like Kak Long, but i remember the last time at True Spa, i was really tickled when she rubbed the balls of my feet that i felt she lessened the service. So not wanting to miss out, i opted for Upper Body Massage.

At City Hall MRT, waiting for the confirm-to-be-late Kak Long. hehe Jgn marah (dont be angry)

Where's Wally? Oops i mean Zubair.

That's our MRT at Peak Period

That's Kak Long having Foot Massage

The picture's blurry bcos the lady was massaging me so my hand wasn't stable lah! But... Thanks Kak Long for treating me! Dont be shy to treat me again! heheheh

Zubair being massaged by a deaf employee.

He was disappointed it wasn't a female masseuse! FAT CHANCE! I already asked for a male one for you, you nonsense!

O oh! Who's that? So Scary!
The good thing about My Foot Reflexology is, they employ disabled people! There was a blind man the last time Kak Long went and this time was the deaf/mute person. They also employ senior masseuses!
Actually, I dont normally like body massage. In fact, i had ever told Kak Long to remind me NOT to ever take another body massage because the next day will always see my body feeling sore all over! But it WAS nice lah... but a bit painful when it came to my lower spine. Can't be because there's not much flesh (read: fats) over there, right? LOL!!
Zubair also said it was nice. Just that a bit painful when the guy used his elbow to rub. I think bcos the guy too skinny his bone was showing!
As for Kak Long, though she enjoyed the session, afterwards, her feet were slippery from the cream/oil and she wasnt wearing the appropriate shoes.
So right after iftar/ break fast at LJS, we went home. (Thank God! Because she wanted to shop for bags! and whoever knows me would know i dont like shopping with other pple haha)

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