Google Reader

Further from the RSS Feed entry earlier... i found out that we can be notified of new postings through Google Reader.

I've been trying it for a week or so.. and these are the pros and cons:


1. Save time (u dont hafta go through each site only to find out they havent updated anything!)

2. Convenient

3. Loads very quickly as it doesnt load the layout (i think)


1. Lose out on the excitement (I often hafta close my eyes and open them slowly when im checking one of the blogs i read. I feel anxious when the page is loading bla bla bla)

2. Cant check Chatbox nor layout

3. Often got error when i wanna add a site esp blogspot. My cousin said need to add some extension to the site. *shrug* and then it works

4. Most sites cant feed comments

5. Ugly interface. Google is too simple even Gmail and GTalk. bleurgh

Hmmmmmmmm CONS outdo PROS. so how?

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