Tufeil's 2!!

27th March 2011.

Didn't manage to leave the house till 9am when the Silat is supposed to start at 8.30am! At least, parents sent us to watch Tufeil in action so we still managed to get 15min worth of class.

The weather was a bit kinder today plus we got a spot under a big shade.

The boys lining up to punch and kick a dolphin

A video of Abi Sufyan showing T how to punch and kick the dolphin. You sure gotta have a massive load of patience to "teach" toddlers. Hats off to ya, Ustaz~

Much too soon afterwards, it was over and it was time to eat. I was nervous about my friends eating my home made Beef Meat Loaf and Mashed Potatoes. Firstly, I was afraid it wouldn't be enough for everyone (turned out there were 2 pieces left over!). Secondly, I totally forgot two ingredients: ONION and Worchestershire sauce. Also, it was the first time I made mashed potatoes from Russets so not sure how it will turn out. Although for me, there are no difference with the various types of potatoes I've tried. I guess I don't have a good pallet (?) *Wink at Ash*


1kg Doraemon Round Cake from Polar Puff at $48 (got $30 voucher)

I LOVE this design because I really don't like Sugar Sheet that they use to print pictures. It's quite hard and chewy, diff for Tufeil to process. This is real Cream Icing. The downside is, its easily smeared. Tufeil like soooo GERAM wanted to poke Doraemon's face. LOL

Next, I distributed lollipops (although none for Tufeil cos he doesn't really know how to) and balloons to the kids BUT!!!!!

I TOTALLY Didn't notice that the balloons say "It's a Girl!!!!!!" wah piang eh!

I mean I bought it in a packet and they were all still tiny and bunched up how to see the words? I didn't even see they WERE words. So, the joke was the mother whose child's balloon got accidentally POPPED means she'll be popping out a GIRL soon.

I think its a Rubbish truck for Lego play courtesy of Ummi Hairiah, the organiser.

Thank YOU!! Tufeil loves all types of toy vehicles!

After saying our goodbyes, I got my parents to send me, Tufeil, Nan and Husainy to Kids Explorer.

I didn't manage to take a picture of the climbing and slide structure but it was quite big and challenging for a 2 year old. Only one flight of "stairs" has small steps, the rest are too high for T. Even then, the going to the higher slide was extremely difficult, I had to carry T down and up the padded obstacle. The only other tunnel leading to that higher slide is extremely high even I found it quite impossible to climb! Esply with SOCKS!!! (I really don't understand why they got us to wear them. It's so slippery!!)

I can't see why Husainy wasn't too fond of this play. So we moved on to the toddler's area.

Ball Pool for 3 years and above

Tufeil was nervous entering this pool. After much coaxing and showing how Husainy played and the bigger kids "swam", he had enough. It was probably a mistake to introduce him to the BIG ONE right away instead of ..

The one for 3 years and below.

He may look happy in this picture but he kept asking me to hold him up, then he would get down to get one ball then asked to be sit with me again and the cycle repeated itself. It was tiring until I quietly let myself in but got spotted by the staff and told to come out. =(

By this time, Affaan has already joined us too.

His mother coincidentally had to work here for an event. But we only managed to exchange a few words.

Tufeil loved riding around the vast floor space with the motorcycle

But had to be told not to ride down the slope.

Mushroom's BIGGEST Fan!

At $20 (NTUC member) for an HOUR (with other play areas payable still) for 2 year old (free for accompanying adult), I doubt i'd be coming here again anytime soon. I'd rather go to Fidget's @ Turf City. The structure is possibly bigger but the total area is not but way cheaper $15 for unlimited play per entry.

After going home for a nap, we went to my cousin's house. Her 3rd child celebrated his 3months.

And we received this Jigsaw book as a gift!

You are right Kak Lina, Animals + Puzzles is a SUPER combination of a great present for T.

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Pre-Bday Dinner

Sat, 26th March 2011. Since not everyone is free tomorrow, we decided to have our own private Presents-opening Ceremony at home.

Couldn't get the Birthday Boy to put on any clothes to snap decent pictures

But sis said nevermind, this is also a remembrance of how skinny or chubby he is at this age. Really good point actually because I couldn't help pouring over a couple of precious photos where his thighs were still very skinny when he was under 3 months. After that became michelin already.

Unveiling a big box from Titi!

(This is on top of the floating jacket she sponsored earlier)


Needless to say, Tufeil took to it immediately! And just as Ly predicted, he'd (pretend to) sit on it.

There's another one from Ummi (Ly)

My Own Leaptop!!!!! I have been wanting to get him one of Leap Frogs things but it was quite pricey at minimum of $40. Ly said Kiddy Palace was having a big sale so she bought him this. THANK YOU!!
Initially, we were worried that this kind of "laptop" won't garner much attention as it is not as attractive or exciting as iPhone but we are quite wrong. Tufeil LOVEs the Animals play esply HIPPO and BUMBLEBEE and would press it non-stop. I also like that it has 2 levels of volume.

Syifaa' also got a present - from her Ummi - a LeapFrog PDA.

From his grandparents, Tufeil got..
A Bubble Gummers sandal for play-at-the-lift-lobby wear And Kiko set of shirt and pants.

Mum went shopping at JB for these. And even with up to 70% discounts and good currency exchange rate, these are not exactly cheap. Very much appreciated presents because Tufeil is badly in need of clothes and shoes, especially pyjamas. His long pants are turning into bermudas esply when it rides up when he bend his knees or in sitting position.

We went to NorthPoint for the pre-bday dinner, also to pick up Tufeil's cake for tmrw.
Oh! Ummi bought a mini cake for us to eat with the family.
Let's cut the cake

It's a Spongebob "You're Dreamy" cake!

The Grandparents

Another present that Tufeil received a week earlier is...

a Puzzle! Courtesy of Ibu Nan.


Tufeil had a 3-6pcs set of 4 vehicles puzzle I bought him. But I threw it away after some of pieces went missing (which turned up much later one pieces at a time). I felt guilty and wanted to find another simple one at Kiddy palace because T really loved it. I told Nan this when we were out at Northpoint. And I was totally taken by surprise when she actually found one for T and gifted him with that. THANK YOU!!

I pray that the pieces won't go missing too soon. Every night, I try to put back all the pieces together to ensure everything's in place. The board says its suitable for 3+ year old. So for now, I hafta show him where each piece goes but I can see he's progressing slowly but surely at fitting them together.

Reached home 11pm that night!! And since we have a super duper early day tmrw, I decided to just give him BM to sleep so he could rest earlier and so I could get cracking with my Mashed Potatoes and Beef Meatloaf I promised to bring tmrw. I didn't finish till 1.30am. But then I still hafta stick the loaf in the oven for 1hr 15min the next day which means I hafta be up by 7am to do that to be on time for an 8.30am appointment.

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First Silat, Solat, Selawat Lesson

There's a reason as to why I find it very difficult to write about last weekend. SO MANY THINGS HAPPENED! Good and bad and funny too!

Ok First thing's first. The Good. We were meeting the besties to have our first ever Silat (Malay martial art) lesson for our boys.

VENUE: Pasir Ris Park

TIME: 9am

Luckily, I had the car that morning so I could drive us down all the way that morning. The only problem is I had to trouble Ly to set up the child's car seat. I was quite surprised that Tufeil was very good in the seat all by himself at the back. Of course, I prepared him some toys but mostly, he enjoyed the view asking for the double decker bus every 100m or so and napped (on the way back).

A canvas was set up for the boys to stand on

That's the lovingly sewn "cloth belt"

Perhaps I should tell you that the "teacher" is Ustaz Sofyan himself!

We had Shauqy and his two cousins and Husainy. Unfortunately, Husainy did not feel up for it that morning.

Warming up Jog

The only thing Tufeil really liked and participated was the jogging / running. He had some difficulties following the punching and kicking actions. I know he can spread his legs apart and bend his knees but he was perhaps just lazy to do it and leant against me instead while I held his arms and legs to act the part.

I did tell the organiser that I'm here on a trial lesson and am not taking this very seriously because Tufeil is much too young and because its much too far and too early for us. It's more for social exposure for him. Let me reiterate that its for HIM because I barely get to talk to my friends at all between holding him, feeding him and taking pictures. =(

Now for the sad part. Tufeil napped on the drive home. I reversed park to a lot in the loading bay. I came out again to adjust my alignment and was about to reverse when I saw another car was reversing perpendicularly and towards my left front wheel. I was totally stunned and froze! And came the inevitable knock.

The layout to help you imagine.

My car's damage

His car's virtually unscathed but he claimed that the bumper line is a bit off

He seemed nice and not aggressive when we talked. I made sure I didn't admit any liability in case I need to claim against my insurer. I just said we'll exchange phone numbers and we go to our respective workshops to get quotations. I had to ask my dad first.

The next day at work, I asked my Motor Claim colleague to know who would be at fault. Because I didn't think it was mine alone. She confirmed my suspicion that it's a 50-50 scenario. And then I had a call from the bugger saying that his workshop quoted a freaking $1,300 for that virtually non-existent damage!!!!!!!!

Long story short, after much anguish, my dad negotiated with him to go to OUR workshop who quoted under 500 but he insisted on getting a CAR RENTAL, which could come up to $1000. He is an Associate Director in the realty business going by the name BK. ERGHHHHHHH Our own damage is $420 only!! I OFFICIALLY HATE HIM! And I don't hate a person easily, OK.

Fortunately, Mum agreed to spilt the bill 50-50 between with me. There goes 16% of my bonus =(


Now back to the story and towards the FUNNY part.

We reached home about 12noon and were due to go out in another hour to go back all the way east to pick up my parents from the airport. Just me and Tufeil again. I did manage to wash and hang the laundry, throw the rubbish to the common chute outside before going out and already vacuummed and mopped the day before so that they could at least come home without any eye sores in the house. and still my mum said, "You all mummy pergi seminggu pon tak tau nak lipat baju." =(((( I did laundry like 4 times ok... No this is NOT the funny part.

The journey to the airport was a bit scary because it was raining heavily and then stopped and then cats and dogs again. And then there were scary sounds coming from the front left wheel sometimes when there's a bump or something. So I went very slowly at 80km/h almost all the way. I was imagining that there were some sharp edges and its tearing the wheel apart and me and T could get into a dangerous accident at any time!

T was napping when i finally parked the car at Terminal 1 (after detouring a bit to the "basement carpark" which is actually for authorised vehicles only). I carried him inside (didn't bring stroller) and sat waiting for about 20minutes. Soon he was awake and ran around joking with The Boss. Suddenly he stopped short and water trickled down his pants. "Tufeil pipis" he said he peed.

I quickly took out all the tissues I have on hand and wiped again with wet tissue. and ran him to the washroom wanting to clean up. When I took off his pants, I was soo puzzled, "Where's the diaper?" How could it get out from the pants? That's impossible isn't it? I remembered feeling his bum when he was napping and I had thought that its just mis-positioning. And now I supposed I must have forgotten to put it on at all when we rushing out and I decided to change his diaper at the last minute and then he was struggling to get away. *SLAP FOREHEAD* I never thought in my mothering career, I would forget to put on my baby's diaper for him! Gosh. The Mother of ALL Blunders! Lucky for me, he didn't pee in the car seat!

So I washed his pants and used the hand dryer to shake off the excess water and wore it again! If I had brought his Tigger bag, he would have an extra set of clothes but I was too lazy thought it would be just a short outing. Coincidentally, my friend had given me some used clothes that morning, and it's still in the boot, so after Mum and dad arrived, we changed in the car.

After that, we hurried home and showered yet again and got ready for a wedding we were extremely late for. 5pm we arrived as they were packing things up and food were almost finished! Cheh

The next few nights were torturous for me as I continued weaning Tufeil off Breastmilk. That will be detailed in another entry but I'm feeling a bit disheartened at the regression to write about it.

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Back in the Office & Red Riding Hood

Thurs 17th march 2011,

Fortunately, I manage to wake up at 6.44am AND T didn't wake as I leave the bed. So managed to get myself and his things all ready and out by 7.30am. T inevitably came awake as I put him in the stroller but didn't cry at all when I left Ly's place for work.

Reached office before 9am. Whoop!

Went to the new office building for a meeting. We will have 6 floors of 8 Shenton way. But sadly, our dept is not shifting as we've just moved and renovated. But here's the new GRAND central pantry:

Two booths

Big windows overlooking the sea. Shiok or what

I don't really care about the Coffee machine as I don't drink coffee but I LOVE that they have a proper fridge, dishwasher and microwave. I sooo imagine myself bringing leftover dinner and reheat for lunch here. Too bad I'm not there. Yet.

Since Tufeil is staying over Ly's place, I took the opportunity to treat myself to one movie and then an early night.

Red Riding Hood

The twist to this story is very nice. I kept on guessing and guessing till the end. But I prefer Henry the blacksmith fiance ley. He's cuter. haha

Reminds me of Prince William = Cute

Reminds me of Robbert Pattinson only flatter face = Fierce

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SAHM Day 7 - Last Day at Home

Wed, 16th May 2011

Since this is my last day as a temporary Stay At Home Mum, I thought I'd stay at home and rest amidst household work.

Tufeil was out half of the day leaving me to cook a bit, clean a bit, rest a bit.

In the evening, I was supposed to send him over to Ly's place to overnight so I won't be late for work the next day but I just didn't have the heart. I'll send him the next morning and let him sleepover.

My hopes for an early night was trashed as T cried a lot, making me feel like I should have just sent him over. I think the mistake lied in turning in to bed too soon (8.30am) and taking the iPhone away from him. I bet that if I hadn't, he could've slept in 30min instead of 1hour 30min. Aiyoooo

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SAHM Day 6 - Jurong East Pool

Tues, 15th mar 2011

As planned, we headed to the pool as early as 9am. it was quite chaotic in the morning cause firstly, T pooped so I had to bathe him and everything first. Heated the Alfredo sauce n minced beef, then boiled the pasta, then pack the clothes for swimming.

While I was trying to pack the food, T got hungry, so had to feed him mouthful of the pasta in between. Until I gave up and shoved him half a cold sausage instead!

Swimming suits for both of us? Check. Towels, Check. T's new Life jacket, Check. T's Swimming diaper, Check. OH NO! I didn't have a clean diaper to change into!! Luckily, I was just at the lift lobby and rushed back in.

About 20min later, we arrived. And Ly said, "Hey this place looks diff." I vaguely remember the place we went before (much less HOW to get there) but we realised - too late - that this is jurong EAST pool when we imagined we were going to jurong WEST pool, like the last time.

Oh well, it looked nice enough with the slides and playground for kids and all so we decided to give it a go.

T was amused by the kids singing
"When you're happy and you know you make silly face"

Just changed

Just look at the glorious slides!

MOST Unfortunately, it's closed for retiling!!! BOOHOOHOO from 14th Feb - 31st Mar 2011

The Water Playground!! Beware - its 0.5m deep not 0.35 like the kiddy pool

T loved to poke the sprays of water. The water was defly colder than the one at the condo. I'm so grateful that Tufeil didn't mind the temperature.

Initially he resisted wearing the new float/life jacket but for just one minute after that he was fine. He walked around in 0.5m without holding my hand and everything. This, for us, is quite major.

We went into the LAZY River too. I got the buoy and Tufeil sat on me. After 3 rounds, we decided to call it quits. Quite tiring for the ones not on buoy because it was only 0.7 or 0.8m deep. Not deep enough to wade in the current weightlessly.

The the WAVE came! Oh God!! I was like a beached whale lying down on the floor on the water's edge. It was bliss. Unfortunately, Tufeil was not a fan of the sea-like water cos he slipped under for a bit. Oops. The tiles along the wall was also slippery. I slipped too but managed to keep him above water.

It was already 2pm by the time we finally went to get changed. 3hours!!! HAHAHA Including lunch break. Tufeil was crying very hard while I got changed and then changed him. I know he was EXTREMELY Sleepy. The moment I finished packing and carried him, he was OUT like a light.

He didn't even wake up when we transferred him every so often and he stayed down till almost 6pm.. I myself managed a 2hr nap. BLISS!

Tonight was another Sisters night. Everyone was together, watched TV and had dinner, snacked, chatted. Nice.

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SAHM Day 5 - Peek-A-Boo Playground

Monday, 14th march 2011

Ash was home and we decided to go out and do something special.

First was BF at Mcd. Afterwards, we set out all the way to Kallang LeisurePark to pay an indoor playground called Peek-A-Boo a visit. This is Tufeil's 2nd time here. The first time around he had just mastered walking and cldn't navigate the climbs so I had to carry him thru most of the obstacles. This time, he did most of it himself. But I still tagged along behind him to help thru some of the steep slippery slopes. This is where I don't understand why they hafta wear socks. I think it makes it all more slippery. *shrug*

At the top of the playground world
The three of us slid down together to be received by a sea of balls

Took a break.
More for the adults to take a breather. It was fat-burning, I tell ya!

There were many times when T peered over to look at Syifaa's work, almost like kids copying each other's homework. CUTE!

T riding a snake! Eyeww

Hugging a Punching bag??

Still crawling up.

Kakak goes first, then T, then me.
T looking down to the trampoline.

I reckon T had a better time today than the first time he was here. So I think I've decided to bring him to a bigger playground for his bday - ExplorerKids! who wants to join me on Sunday 27th March??

Lunch was a hurried one at Burger King nearby (guilty guilty for two fast food meals in a day!!) but I was happy that T had such a great appetite today and lately. I guess he's turning 2 fast.

Syifaa' is also getting to be a better sister day by day... Sighhh...
After Zohr and Asr at jamiyah, we went to NTUC to shop for groceries to cook for tomorrow! I made 2kg of mashed potatoes in two big pots! And had an accident with the basi leaves. So it became quite green. Also stir fried the minced beef to eat with the instant Alfredo sauce for tmrw. And then after T had slept, sauteed the fresh sliced white button mushrooms for the pregnant lady.
I was dead beat by the time I turned in. Seemed like the cooking and cleaning are just endless when you're home!! But its still nice maybe nicer than having to go to work. HAHA

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SAHM Day 3 - HarbourFront w Syifaa'

Sat, 12th march 2011

Started the day at 8am as T had a super early night previously. I managed to load the laundry, vacuum, mop and hang the laundry (really a major breakthru for me) with Ash's help to play w Tufeil for some of the time.

The first thing we saw as we got out of the carpark of HarbourFront Center is the nice Banquet and had lunch first.

It was close to 1.30pm by the time we almost finished eating and Tufeil actually requested to be transferred from the high chair to the stroller and promptly fell asleep without even being pushed to lull him! I'm amazed! My boy is on the way to self-soothe, yay!!

So.... it's shopping time! That was our intention of going there in the first place cause Mothercare was having a Major sale. and Tufeil got a life jacket courtesy of Aunty Titi, yay!! Thank you.

Saw a totally cute winter jacket in pink in Syifaa's size. Unfortunately, even after the 15% + 15% discount, its probably still at the end of $60 range. So...

I took a picture of it instead.

While Ly was shopping for her second baby's arrival, Syifaa and I and sleeping T explored the rest of HarbourFront Centre.

And then we did Zohr and Asr at Temenggong mosque.

The two rolling around on the lush carpet, in between fighting over one ball.

It was still too early to go home. LOL. Since we were already there, we went back to VivoCity to snack on our murukus at the Sky Terrace overlooking Sentosa Gate. Of course, T couldn't resist the water!!! I did bring a change of clothes, just in case he really really wanted to get wet but thankfully he was contented with just splashing water with his hands.

I totally forgot to take a picture but as we were leaving the waters, I spied something suspicious sitting at the bottom of the water. It looked like a lump of hair or dirt you would see at home (my house anyway). It was greyish green with spots of white... There was something pointy at the end. OH MY FREAKING GOSH! It's a dead decomposed lizard!!! What is it with me and spotting lizards? Dead or otherwise?? *PUKE!!*

Anyways, we headed to the circle of motorised mini vehicles in the playground area.

Tufeil got to finally drive, remoted by me of course. But at least he didn't cry this time despite the jerks.

Syifaa' insisted on riding the horse instead of the car.
It was tiring sey humping on it like exercising non-stop!

Oklah. Almost maghrib now, time to go home.

Tufeil, as if in a trance (see the glazed eyes?), couldn't stop snacking of the muruku in the car.

Finally I broke the spell when I mentioned the word water and he snapped, took his bottle and jumped free!

Syifaa' was besotted by her 1000 Princess Stickers

Syifaa' snapped us.

Pizza hut delivery for dinner.

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