The Two Half Days

Tues, 25th Aug 09 (5months old)

Took halfday in the morning to go for Tufeil's Physiotherapy check up at KK at 11.45am.

My colleague insisted i drop by the office with the baby. She missed him. =) Said she has developed a bond with him cause he's the first ever baby she visited on its first day of life. Besides, i thought he looked like her on that day too!

Not so much in this picture tho.

Another cab ride later, we reached KK.

Thank god he didn't cry today like he did the last time.

Therapist said his right toes are ok. It is also alright NOT to tape it once in a while. The left one is getting better but still need to put it on. She noted how fast i managed to put the tape on now and acknowledged that i've been practising a lot. Let's just say.. i got scared.

However, she still instructed to continue with the therapy: both the taping and the exercise. Oh today she noted that his left 4th toe is leaning the other way too and prescribed another exercise involving stretching it the right way while holding on to the base.

Next check up in 2 months' time and running out of tape. Note to myself: Ask Ayah for help to go down and buy a roll.

26th Aug 09, Wed.

I decided to go to the polyclinic for my VERY LONG OVERDUE postnatal check up. It was supposed to be done 6 weeks after giving birth. Baby is now already 5 months! LOL

I had to bring Tufeil along cos Mum was out for her own check up. Was planning to bring the stroller and walked all of 15min to the clinic. Miraculously, Mak Long my Aunty came by to collect something just as we were about to go out too and she offered a lift. Alhamdulillah.

When i reached and registered myself, i realised that i was assigned a regular doctor to do this postnatal check up as well as Glucose Test to determine if i still have Diabetes. Worse, i was 100 numbers away!

It was 10:30am and i had been fasting since 12midnight the night before. It would take an hour or MORE before the doctor would see me and issue a lab test form to get blood test and drink the hostile glucose and then would hafta wait another hour to draw another set of blood and maybe yet another hour to see the doctor again.

Went back to the registration counter to ascertain if it's really regular doctor and not the gynae. It's correct alright. I told them i had a few questions to ask the gynae and i had to do papsmear too. All she managed to say was that gynae is not in today (wed) but only thursdays and fridays but that she would assign me to a female doctor.

Sorry but i gave up. Mummy suggested i go elsewhere to find out about my diabetes if any.

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Muslim & Muslimah.

Happy 5th Month, my baby!

Work has been crazy. It piled up just after two morning half days. Sheesh. So taking a break before i go mental.

Tufeil with Songkok (Muslim Cap)

Tufeilah with Tudung (Muslimah's Scarf)

PS: Its Not my doing!! I was against it even, But after it was put on, can't resist to take a picture!!!

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1st & 2nd Ramadhan


I forgot to write about this. Tufeil pooped while seated in my lap and his shit exploded to the top of his diaper and smeared his shirt!!! Then Cik Girl magically produced a baby's sleeveless shirt. It's just a bit bigger but wearable.

LOL! The last time we were there, two of us need a change of clothes too. They were Mummy and Syifaa' and now Tufeil!

Cik Girl's tiny, under-the-bed drawer is like Doraemon's pocket! Always a shirt or two for all age range. LOL!

Thanks, Cik!


Sat, 22nd Aug 09, First Ramadhan, Tufeil one week shy of 5months.

Woke up at 5am for Sahur. Just as i was about to put Tufeil down on the bed from my chest, he came awake too. I put him on glider as we ate. Alhamdulillah he just sat in it very quietly, even without having fed yet nor BabyFirst on TV. Then back to bed.

As usual, Baby started talking to himself at 10am signalling time for his bath. Played with him for a bit. 30min before my students were due to arrive, i nursed him to sleep again. He slept all thru my class = 1.5hours! Which is quite rare for daytime naps.

AFter playing with him for a bit, i was the sleepy one and coincided with his feeding time so again i nursed him to sleep.

Nobody else was home so there were not many things we could do. so the next feeding time, we slept again for an hour!

When Maghrib was near, i fed and changed him and put him on his glider = i ate peacefully. For half an hour that is. Before he started getting restless. Truly, he could barely fit in his glider now. His legs are either bent at the knees or his heels hitting the metal edges!

One Day of fast completed. Felt VERY tired and with Kitchen and fridge being near was a great temptation.

Sun, 23rd Aug 09, 2nd Ramadhan.

This morning Tufeil slept thru our Sahur needing a feed just after prayer.

At 10am, we woke up. Nothing much to do also. Couldn't conjure enough energy to go to the library. At 1pm, we slept again for 2 hours. By then, it was time to get ready for our usual date for group breaking of fast at Nenek's place.

Shall I have my first taste of "real" food - the date?

Let's try a few licks, first.

More desserts than main dishes =(

Let's play with this "rosary beads" with Aunty Tiah.

If i had thought fasting while pregnant was difficult, fasting while breastfeeding is even more a challenge! You are weak and then you still have to feed the baby AND entertain, clean him and everything.

I'm not so worried about supply. Insya'Allah the body can use the reserves in me to produce enough milk for baby. And insya'Allah i have enough frozen ones if truly needed. It's just i would need energy to keep up with what i'm losing along w production.

Let's see how pumping goes this work week.

Till then~

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Lousy Last Lunch

21st Aug 09 - Friday.

Ok today is officially the last lunch at work before Ramadhan starts. I wanted to make it special. LOL. So I decided on 1 popiah from Qi Ji @ Marina and popcorn chicken snackers at KFC, go to the nursing room to pump and munch.

A prolonged detour at Mothercare saw me being held back in a long queue at KFC. It was 5min to 1pm by the time i was ready to start multi tasking.

There was a nearer nursing room but i chose and walked all the way to the one near the taxi stand cos it's rather secluded and so that when i finish, the cab is just nearby. unfortunately it was IN USE!!! Now i hafta go back upstairs and walked a bit more for another room.

So i decided to just take the cab now back to office and pump in the meeting room that i've already booked.

Told the driver to stop at MacCallum street but he said no cannot! in CBD can only drop off passengers at taxi stand. I said how come? I tot small roads where no buses pass is excemted? The driver attempted a reply but decided to just let me off quickly.

I went directly to the 23rd floor where the meeting room was only to find that my access card was denied entry to this separate entity's office to go thru to the meeting room. I asked another person but hers was also denied.

I knocked. The guy was too occupied with his work to see me. So i went to the back door. Also denied access. But finally somebody saw me and opened the door.


But by then i only had 45min to do my thing. Sorry Boss I took 2hrs. Heehee =)

PS: I bought Tufeil bodysuits for home wear 6 - 9months size. 7pcs @ $46. and some more socks in same size.

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Last Kopek

Thurs, 20th Aug 09

Another round of Karaoke-ing @ Club 7 but this time it's with the Cuzzies plus 1 aunty and also Ayah, before Ramadhan starts and Ayah's $80 bday benefit expires! haha

As usual, i'm the first to come. they rest arrived at 6:45pm, me and Ayah already sang a few songs first.

Cik Girl, Ayid and Ee!!

Thanks E for coming! Very rare to get you to come along! Altho i suspect it's only cos u wanted to drive the car! LOL ;P

Nur and me
Yan with Ash in the background

This time around, something was lacking, in my opinion. It wasn't as lively as the previous times we were here. Maybe it was just me, cos Ash said she had fun. But when i saw pple yawning, then others went outside to eat (main dishes are prohibited in the karaoke room now) and pple singing alone... a bit sad lor.. Perhaps another reason was we chose such lousy songs!! We didnt get to sing those wonderful duets that we usually sing.

Bcos the room was big, i managed to pump for Tufeil too at one corner of the room. Teehee

I think the next time, we need to go in smaller group so can get to sing more! Otherwise, hafta come during weekends so can book for longer = more songs!

Reached home at 10:45pm.

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Speaking of Spirituality.... I feel lost.

I envy those who are seriously down to earth, and remorseful for their tiny tiny sins, who are sincerely grateful to Allah for their blessings. I'm amazed by those who are convinced the "bad" is good for you.

I havent been a good muslim of late. Yes i pray 5x a day. Yes i cover my head. But how's the quality of my prayers? I complete a 4 rakaah prayer in under 5min. with no proper, sincere doa afterwards.

Then how are the clothings i put on? I've been buying "modern" clothes recently.

When my son is sick, I pray to Allah to heal him. Did i thank Him when he got better?

Mostly I'm just lazy and uninspired! Many a times i plan to read the Qur'an... and then other things come up and i dismissed my intentions with those excuses like... Tufeil's asleep already... bla bla bla...

Is my heart too black now that i just fail to appreciate and glorify the Creator?

I dont want to have something terribly bad happen to make me realize. I don't want it to be too late. For the lord knows i do believe in the Hereafter. But how do i change my attitude in practising religion?

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Thurs, 20th Aug 09

One of my 10 best friends FINALLY LANDED on CBD area. In fact, she's now working just 2 buildings away!

Me & She @ Coffee Bean

The very muak Chicken & mushroom Fussili turned Fettucine
and the COMPULSORY Sunrise =)

What a shame that she started work just 5days before the fasting month begins. Otherwise, I could show her places! hehehe But we've made a deal to make a standing lunch date once a week.

Had a nice time catching up with her. It was nice that she felt soooo relieved that i identified with one her situations. It felt good being appreciated. That's what we almost always take for granted.

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A STRAIGHT Single Unattached Muslim guy between 27 - 35yrs old, > 1.7m in height, preferably of mediterranean or south asian origins, and/OR Sharp nose, big eyes, long lashes.

He should also appreciate intellectual conversation and hold his own, be able to share his own thoughts, can drive, have car, love kids.

Most importantly, spiritually balanced. and keyword is BALANCED. Not too much leaning to the worldly world nor to the Hereafter. just nicely 50-50.

LOL. I doubt such men exist!

PS: This list may grow longer from time to time

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A few nights ago, I tipped over a bottle of expressed milk after pouring some of 130ml bottle to 70ml one to even it up!!! Hey that's 15min of my time gone to the drain!


Today i was on half day morning for mummy's check up. It's also my first time taking care of Syifaa' and Tufeil "alone".

Thank God Syifaa' didn't cry! Ok she almost did when she cldnt get a cold drink bcos of her cough. But i suggested hot milo instead and the situation was resolved.


Also, today my postnatal masseuse dropped by out of the blue! She came to collect her stuffs: the Ganggang suit, bengkung and mini batu lesung.

She asked how old's the baby now. I replied almost 5months. And that is just how long her things have been at my house unreturned!

Sorry, Cik! *embarassed*


Have u ever felt your heart "lurched" or "dropped" with fear out of the blue?

I dont know why mine did just now on the way to work and its agonising me... What have i forgotten to do? I hate it when this happens.

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White Heaven

This is not an advertisement but it might as well be!

I had Kinder Bueno White for the first time today!

I dont know how long they've had it for but it's certainly a nice variation of the already nice chocolatey snack!

Have always been a fan of WHITE Chocolate and very much NOT into dark choc. So i welcome this new addition to my very limited list of edible chocolate. =)

While the chocolate is milkier than ever, you can still savour the distinct taste of sweet chocolate that's sprinkled all over.

In other words, I LOVE IT!

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OK I"m on the roll with all these hatred!

I CAN'T STAND MY HP!!! SOny Ericsson G705.

IT IS SUPER DAMN SLOW. Esp when the battery is low.

It takes ages to look thru my contacts... not that there are many... prolly just 100.

The camera too... to open the application already take 1 minute, saving after a snap also takes a while!

I admit there are A LOT of smses clogged up in my inbox and sent items but i had no problem with my old k800i with as many msgs or more!

Shouldn't new hps be BETTER and not SLOWER? I dont get it!

I'm SOOOOOOOO gonna buy an iPhone 3GS after this. Only problem is im not a singtel user. Ergh!

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I'm Mean!

I'm sorry but i can't stand your stupidity!

An "Invalid Card Number" was supposed to refer to the credit card number but she tot its the ID being a Foreginer's and not a PRC's.

And she spoke with nonchalant authority too!! "Yeah yeah i know this website. I booked before. I give you the email add. Yeah i know i know its because of the PRC or foreigner's ID." THE NERVE OF HER! ARGHHHHHHHHHH *Pulls hair!!!!*

This website also very stupid! The CC Verification Code is limited to 3 digits whereas AMEX has 4! Of course it will return with an error! And there's no way around it until they re-design the input field!

This Amex also one kind. Want to be the odd one, stand out. Give pple problem only! *look at the employee apologetically*

ARGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! #$%#$^%$&^%&*%^&#$%@#%#^%&^*&%^%@#


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12th Aug 09 - Date of Tufeil's First Roll from back to tummy. 4.5months

He turned to his left. Kak Ly spotted it first while i was in the kitchen getting some water. Good thing he took quite awhile so i witnessed his first too. By the next day, he was turning more often albeit still slowly. I wasn't able to see this as i was............

13th Aug 09 - First leisure outing with colleagues.

I think it was my first ever outing with my colleagues at current employment. I've written before how i'm able to click with these new recruits very nicely. This statement is reinforced by our karaoke night last night!

It also happened to be my FIRST time going back late from work (after 1.5month).

We went to Club 7. This time the i/c is super lor soh and ngiow! = irritating. Cannot this cannot that. Please do this and that. Treated us like kids. Food was also not as good as last time. Aiyah.

I only sang English song cos i feel that i would lose my audience if i had sung in Malay cos they wont know the song. But since they outnumbered me, they sang mostly chinese songs. Nevermind, next week will be the turn for malay songs with the cuzzies, parents and BABY!!!


I am always hungry nowadays. I attribute it to hurried digestion? or whatever it should be called.

Its like this. When i eat, i'm always in a rush. For eg if at home, i only get to steal a few precious minutes (say 20min?) when baby is quiet to eat, shower, clean. So i chomp my food so fast before u cld say "Sausage". haha

Then when i'm at work, i hafta eat quickly to pump milk. I eat so fast, i barely chew the food! ok tak sampai ke tahap pelahap but u get the picture.


I'm trying to find the cause of my baby being so cranky while at home w my mum during the day.

Is it because....

  1. I didnt change the diaper in the morning? But even if i didnt change, sometimes he's good.
  2. He's having too little milk? I express 4 bottles, but mum gave him 3 times every 3 hours. But even when i told mum to try give him more and she gave him 200ml more, he was still cranky...
  3. Too little sleep?
  4. Missing mummy?

Then Ash was off from work tt day and noticed tt Tufeil screamed his lungs out when he got disturbed from his sleep by his the wails of his cousin. Boy do i know how fussy he gets when we disturb his sleep. But surely this doesn't everyday to be the cause!?

Mum reported to me that yesterday Tufeil was a good boy... can play by himself on the bed and all. So what did we do differently? Everything else is still the same.

Ok mummy just called in to say she thinks its the milk! Today he's a good boy again. Ok Julissa... just stay on top of the expressing schedule.

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Hari Raya is Coming!?!?

Ok this year, finding the right outfit for our Eid celebration will be a real challenge yet!

For one, It's diff to shop around with a baby in tow. Make that TWO babies to incld Syifaa'.

For another, I need a comfortable one for BF-ing! ie not as long as the knee length baju Kurung. Also need buttons in front but not all the way. Material also should be cooling and one that won't irritate baby like sequins and stuff.
We went to Joo Chiat yesterday. I had to resort to feeding the babe in a FITTING ROOM!
Shhh baby.. don't let them know we're in here!
Well.. at least my sis did buy something from this particular shop. so i dont feel too guilty.
The new Geylang Serai Market.
I'm prolly the last person in spore who hasn't been here. and still haven't cos we just passed by to catch a cab!

And for that, i am not too looking forward for that festival. The Hassle! Yikes! My Best friends would say it was more diff for them last yr when their babies were only 2months old thereabouts .

On the other hand, when i visited a friend with her newborn yesterday, she asked her baby, "Emel, Are you ready to go visiting? to go "Collection"?" Ah! ok! I suppose that's something to look forward to, although not the MAIN reason *wink*.

But FIRST! Need to start repaying the fast! i missed like... 6 days last yr when i was pregnant. Today, i dont even know if i can survive a single day of fast since going without breakfast would make my body very weak by lunch time!! And the thought of waking up BEFORE Dawn when the baby already keeps me awake most of the night!? How do other mothers do it?!

Ya Allah, please give me strength and Iman to complete this pillar of Islam.

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Tufeil's The Sleepy Angel

Babies look their best when asleep!

This is Tufeil's collection Sleeping Moments taken between July & 2nd Aug 09. (4months)

The first time he hugged a bolster to sleep.

Aye Aye, Cap'n!

Hmmm... What shall we eat today?

He fell asleep right after a shower early Tuesday morning when he has to follow mum to class.

Most nights he would be in this position after nursing him to sleep lying down.

Am I cute?

This is MY favourite sleeping position for him. It feels nice hugging him like that to sleep. BUt it would render me a wakeful sleep.

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Baby's First Trip!

1st - 2nd Aug 09 - 4months old

We had a wedding invitation in Malacca and so we drove up in 2 cars.

First stop was Breakfast @ Singgah Selalu. Ok that was my first time experiencing their bfast. 3 tables worth of dishes. Help yourself to the rice and amount of dishes and they'll bill you accordingly. Nice! What excited my hunger was the goreng pisang and the delicious smell of Baulu baking!

First time being in the car seat!

Thankfully, he wasn't cranky being belted up in the car seat. In fact, i think he was enjoying the scene. So much so that he was lulled to sleep most of the time. Mornings are easier because he's usually asleep anyways.

Second compulsory stop was at Machap Rest & Relax for ice cream @ Baskin Robin

"My mummy so naughty won't let me have some. So now i hafta suck my thumb!"

Also used the Surau (prayer place) @ 11am to feed Tufeil and changed him there! Gasp!

At some point, Mummy took over as pilot. If baby was not on BM, i would have driven all the way! haha

First we went to the wedding. It rained in the morning and the ground was full of mud. So didn't bring out the stroller but wore the carrier instead. It was quite diff for me to eat so mummy and i took turns. No pictures because my hand was quite full lah and place was quite... gray and shabby. Maybe it was the rain.

Emperor hotel. Again! Arghhhhhhhh
ok its only RM130 per night but the toilet is really horrible!
After some rest, we went to Tesco for dinner. After awhile, Tufeil needed changing and this is how their changing / nursing room typically looks:

Baby Changing Room cum cleaner's store room?!?!

Can you tell me how m i suppose to lay down my baby on hard AND wet ceramic tiles???

Not just that, it was also stuffy. So much so that when it came to feeding Tufeil, i opted for the Surau rather than the BF room!

Oh my gosh oh my gosh! I did a lot of shopping! I Soooo didn't intend to buy any clothes at all! I only allocated RM140 to spend and i blew it all (almost) on MY clothes. NOTHING for Tufeil. He has enough already. haha.

I was so beat by the time we reached the hotel room i shared with the maid. Er.... Can see that she was sooo happy to have this chance to "travel" and shop a bit with her S$50. So much so that she did all tasks with a smile and almost willingly. HAH. I even taught her to use the camera.

Even the grandma took a dip in the pool!

DAy 2

Checking out. Why m i smiling now that vacation is almost over?

First Stop: Masjid Selat Melaka (Straits of Malacca Mosque)

From the carpark.

You will first encounter the ablution / toilet / baby changing room. Yes ceramic counter but at least they provided some rubber placemat. But Thank God Tufeil didn't need a change since we had only just left the hotel.

The mosque is practically on the water!

Ayah noted the Arab influenced architectural design on this mosque.

2nd stop: Dataran Pahlawan - more shopping!

First thing i saw was Factory Outlet Store and i charged RM127 to my Master debit card. For that amount i got 6 articles consisting of 2 work shirts, 2 pyjama pants, and 2 t-shirts. That's a little under S$10 apiece!

Then we went to the Heritage centre to buy souvenirs mostly Food. HAHAHA

The epicentre. with a carving or whatever u call it depicting the original Dataran.

From here, we took the beca (3-wheeled bicycle) to Equatorial hotel where the guys parked the car. It's actually RM10 per vehicle to circle the town for prolly 30min. But we only took a 5min ride for RM5 cos we were quite pressed for time.

My plain ride. Shared with Ayah.

Then it gets better.

and this is the Best Colourful Ride!
After that, we went back to the bride & Groom's place to personally meet the hosts again.

Tufeil meets Tok Long Janggut. hehe

Hey Tufeil, Watcha doin' mah boy?

Oops! Ok you caught me. I'm learning to drive!

Then we went to YB's (Yang Berhormat or The Honorary) house to visit the Great Grandma.

3months old Kalif & 4months old Tufeil

Also to meet Tufeil's friend. The last time we visited in Jan, both of them were still in the tummy!

We left their place at 9pm!!!! Reached Singapore a little bit after midnight.

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Lost my Bag! Almost.

Fri, 31st July 09

We went to Hei Sushi at Sembawang Shopping Centre for dinner. Took a cab there.

I contemplated wearing the carrier in the cab after Tufeil had finished drinking. That's when i took off my backpack.

Alighting with 2 babies and 2 strollers were chaotic. Just a min after the taxi's moved off did i realise i left my bag in there! Quickly asked Kak Ly to call the taxi company to report its loss.

I had no idea how i had remained calm thru out. Even when the Comfort didn't call back with any feedback. We doubted that the driver would steal my bag cos he seemed very nice helping us with the stroller and all. Maybe its the next passenger who bagged it.

Oh well... i dont really need my hp as nobody exciting calls/msgs me anyway.. my 2 credit cards only have $500 limit... They don't know my pin no for ATM... and there were $40 cash in it. ok there would be a hefty fine to get a your ID replaced but i tot not for first timer?

We took our own sweet time dining japanese style. We even waited for my mother to come even after last orders at 9:30pm. Just as we were leaving, the house no called. It's the maid! This is a surprise because she is not allowed to answer / make phone calls nor open doors. She said somebody has been banging at the door for the past 30min yelling, "HELLO HELLO!"

The maid quickly turned off the light at the service balcony but too late, he saw it already. We being at 2nd floor, he went down under the balcony's window and shouted again HELLO HELLO. He prolly said or explained a bit more in English but the maid didnt understand. We told the maid to hang in there and NOT to open the door at any cost!

Then we called our neighbour. Asked her to help look out who's at the door and told her we were on our way home by cab.

When we reached home and wanted to take the lift up, somebody called after us. It's the cab driver!! He said he had been waiting for us for an hour already but had passed my bag to my neighbour. He again and again reiterated that he didn't take anything and even apologised to me for opening my wallet to look for an address. In my mind i was thinking, "There's no apology needed. In fact, i'm indebted to you!" My mum even offered some money as a gift but he profusely refused. I said, "Nevermind lah, it's for your petrol coming here all the way." and mummy added, "Nevermind lah it's for your children." Funny thing was he replied with, "Ok i give it back to the baby." He left saying that his parking coupon has expired. Gosh! How righteous this person is!

We chatted with our neighbour afterwards. Turned out, we reported the loss at a different company!!! He was driving a Silver Premier cab. *Slap forehead* and He just referred himself as Mr Lee. Even refused to give his hp no to my neighbour.

Poor him. He must have been scorned before trying to be a good samaritan.

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