Strings Blended IV

It's a Sunday and we are going to watch Zihah perform her classical guitar number at Lee Foundation Theatre.. somewhere Bencoolen St.

It starts at 7:30pm. It being a fasting day, we had to be creative as to where we break our fast. We bought takeaway KFC for him and LJS for me. Then proceeded to find the theatre then walked 500m away to find a suitable place to sit n eat. We found one at Sunshine Plaza.

25min into our dinner and almost finishing, the Malay/Muslim security guard approached us to remind us to clean up. Thank you sir for not approaching us earlier and understanding our plight. oh and it was raining too! quite a few pple were taking shelter there.

First performance of the night. 3 songs from the Guitarissimo Ensemble piece. Ziah is the only one is tudung/scarf. The one on the right most was enjoying himself, he was hyper tapping his feet, swaying his head...

Next was violins. I really love it! It was melodious... graceful... and expressive! I love it so much i told Zubair i might just pick it up.. learn from his music sch... then we can go together *beam* ok it's a fantasy, pple!

Ok Break time: 20min interval.

That's Zihah. I noticed she was wearing some red belt over her waist and she complained about it too.

Zubair was complaining to her that the last performance was not in tune. some were going faster than the other. I told them, "Oh is it? I wldn't know any better." Ziah said, "To you it sounds nice right?" yeah man! i sooooo dont notice all these details.

Clowning around. see the backgrounder. Is it a game they play to pose in pple's picture?? Well this is what u will get back. all the time he was bragging to his friends about his knowledge / experience in music. he said for classical music, even if they go wrong, pple wont notice. and then he said NTU's band much better than SMU's. then he said the background music during interval is better than on stage. Well he was simply irritating with his loud voice!


Nah.. was just acting. i really enjoyed it! I didnt think i would be glad to go but i am! heheh There was a sitar and tabla performance which Zubair loved best. or maybe he really liked Joel Loh's solo performance. I dont know but he seemed too confident i dont like it. pple were like boasting that he performed during National Day and all that.. so i tot his was mediocre bcos i was expecting BETTER. and he always shake his head at the end of the note like mimicking the strings springing to a stop. That's just like weird.

There was this band with pianist, violinist, 3 guitarist and drummer. That was the absolute best performance! too bad there was a lot of technical fault during the encore! It would have been great otherwise.

Just one performance i super hated:

This guitar and vocal duet. i was like getting goosebump from the shrieky voice. i glanced at Zubair he was also puking. Into the third song, i thought when are they gonna finish!! and i winced at Zubair.. then he told me he just concentrated on the guitar.. i tried it and it soothe me a little. That Anthony is quite something. i like his style.

Well the event finished somewhere 9.30pm. and then because i promised Zubair yesterday that we'll go to Little India today, so we did. we actually intended to walk to Peace Centre bus stop to take a bus but i tot, why not walk? it's just 2 stops away... save money and well...get some air and view.

I showed him the Banquet building which he might go for walk-in interview for the next day. I showed him the Selegie House (flats) which is probably available on rent but im not sure.

And then we got to Serangoon Road where Little India starts and suddenly it hit me. "OMG, It's Sunday!" A lot ,... and i mean A LOT of Banglas hang out here on weekends.. esp Sunday. I held on to Zubair's hand very tightly as we made our way to the other end of Little India to buy his favourite Paan! i was just afraid if somebody might pick up a fight of try to harass me or something. He was apologising to me and asking after me all the way. In a way, that's kinda nice. That is him protecting me AND having a guilt trip! hahahaha

All went well though. We went home promptly after he got his Paan. Oh! and the funny thing is he always asked me to stand a few metres away saying that he dont like me being near so many guys at a PAAN shop... but i tot that's just silly bcos i feel more bare and unprotected standing alone on the dark road! This time, i hang out INSIDE 7-11 but didnt buy anything! haha

Yup anyway all went well and we got home 11:15pm.

Dont say im not trying to appease your night owlish yearnings!

Now im super sleepy cos i only had 4hrs of sleep. and now its lunch time im gonna go take a nap.

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