I'm a teacher!?

I got a lovely surprise today. I got a chocolate gift from my cousins whom i teach Iqra' and Arabic.

Well.. i dont know.. i dont feel like im a teacher... tutoring 3 groups of pple just once a week.. i definitely DONT qualify to be a teacher. Yeah... i've received a present from Maisarah, my first ever student who was pri 1 in my ex-school when i first started teaching her. I think she should be about pri 6 now... I had also received a cup from Nabila, my mum's friend's daughter, whom i had taught for just awhile. Bcos again.. i dont feel im qualified to teach/tutor Arabic any higher than pri 5.

When i was a student, i've NEVER bought anything for my teachers on teacher's day EVER in those 12 learning years. we were poor then, and i didnt think it was a big deal. The only time i bought anything for my teacher, it was a class joint present... i dont even remember what, but i think it was a ring or something to some form teacher i forgot who!

So anyways... Thank you Nabila and Nadzira for the prezzie! See you tmrw!

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