Wed Night around 9pm, we were in the train home when Ammi ji called asking, "SINGAPORE GOT EARTHQUAKE?"

Being outside without access to TV nor internet, not to mention just woke up from a doze in train, we were blur. I'm very sure it was just tremors... if a quake really hit S'pore.. we ALL don't have a chance of surviving.. S'pore being a super small island and all...

So i found out the next day a south sumatran town was hit by an 8 something earthquake and tsunami alerts were issued. (ok this is a BAD news report! hahaha) and i saw a glimpse of TODAY paper from a fellow commuter in the bus and read that it was reported that the quake resulted in a 3m waves just 20mins after along the coast of that particular island. no other place affected.

Anyways, what i wanna convey here is... my HR sent out an email saying that our colleagues in Indonesia are fine and that the govt came up with a nice informative cartoon advice. (Ok Spore govt may be efficient and all but it sucks to live here if you're a foreginer, poor and/or not CHINESE)

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