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FORGOT to write that Tufeil has finally started to jump up on his two feet! YAYYY!!! It's only just about 2 - 3 inches off the ground for now. He seemed excited that his new found skill too that he kept doing it. This came about after Syifaa' finalyl visited us after some 2 weeks and jumped on the bed with him.


He seems sooo big now when I watch him sleep... I'm very happy that I can really have a proper conversation with him. 

Oh Look! He's drawing a balloon and Atok!
Notice how the Atok has one long strand of beard and one strand of hair?
But this is all one-off for now. He has not recreated this since.

I think he takes after me in being OCD about arranging stuffs. I noticed how when he's putting away his crayons, he would put each and every one of them on the upright position. He would painstakingly turn the crayon if its upside down before putting it in.

Other than that, he can recognise the number 1. Ok maybe it's associated with one of his blocks that's in the shape of 1 but I reckon he can recognise it in other forms too. Shall test it tonight.

He also has a good palate. When I feed him some pasta, I don't tell him what's inside. After his first bite, he would say, "Hmmm ada (there's) mushroom!" or "ada (there's) sausage!" Well ok, so far, its just those two that he would express delight in discovering in his mouth. But I believe he can be a great cook or even a chef when he grows up. IF he starts eating his vegetables, that is. He follows me in terms of food choice too! And that's not good, baby!

I'm not sure if I'm imagining it or what but Tufeil seems quite restless when he suckles at night. He ever said, "Nak lagi nak lagi..." Even though I WAS giving to him. if its the weekend and we sleep a little later and he would still be drinking in bed, he would give up and tell me he wants some Chocolate Milk, instead. I think my supply is extremely low now. I really really NEED to wean him off completely but totally dreading it. Bah!

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URGENTLY looking for someone to accompany me to go to Bintan / Batam or wherever this coming weekend. Without babies.

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NEX up, Serangoon Station

Sat, 23rd April 2011.

Syifaa' has been wanting to take the double decker bus. Since Tufeil and I already took 168 before, I thought this time, we try 161. But there's nothing much happening at Sengkang, i think, so decided to take the NEL from there to NEX at Serangoon Station. We haven't been there before!

It is imperative that T takes his nap first because I didn't wanna lug the stroller up the double decker bus. So it was only 5pm when we finally left the house.

A rare picture together.

T's wearing the Cotton On Kids shirt I bought the day before.

OMG, I look like I stuffed paos in my cheeks! LOL

T did ask for the iPhone but I managed to keep his interest on the greens alongside the expressway. It also helped that the journey to Sengkang is shorter than to Tampines.

Then, we waited for the train at NEL.

The girl who just got her first EZ-Link card!

The boy who can only be nicely photographed by his Aunty.

Holding on tight to T before he runs off again.

It's like Tufeil has worm in his butt, he can't sit for very long. He was up and around and I kept asking him to hold the pole but he just grinned and moved away. An elderly couple was seated opp us and at one point when the train was about to stop, the man jerked forward as in to catch T. I know he meant well and everything, but i find that totally offensive. To me, that gesture screamed "Please look after your child properly!" even though I was watching him like a hawk. I know I wasn't holding on to him but I was close by and I can judge that T can handle the smooth braking of NEL trains. BLEURGH!

So anyway... We got a surprise when we alighted...


LOL It's sooo cute the polar bear popping out like that. I don't know / can't remember what its for though.

Firstly, we ate at Siam Kitchen. The outlet here is VERY nice with discrete booths. Although it can seat 6 adults, the two of us and two kids sat in the one at the very back. And T had ample space not to feel too enclosed and he stayed put. Well, the Gold Elephant ornament kept him captivated anyways.

When it comes to ordering, we almost ALWAYS OVER ORDER. It's like this, I wanted to eat Black pepper Beef rice and Ly wanted Green Curry Fried rice but we were afraid the kids couldn't handle the spiciness so ordered Honey Chicken rice for them along with Tom Yum soup and Money Bags. Of course, we had a dessert each too. Guess what? Both kids ate most of their mothers' dishes and didn't even touch the chicken! *roll eyes* LOL. And we totally couldn't finish the rice and had to have it packed.

Total: $85. We reckon if we weren't feeling too gelojoh (famished), we could probably have saved $25 without the "extra" food. *shake head*

And then of course we had to tour around this new Mall.

Tufeil was really fascinated by this small koi pond in a chinese dessert shop.

He kept me standing waiting for him to lose interest for 10 whole minutes! Even then, I had to pretend to walk away. At this point, me & Ly had to break away from each other and walk on our own. And I just realised that I have been leading T around in shopping malls for two whole days and felt guilty. I mean I should be doing something more constructive with him, perhaps?

I also burnt my wallet again today. I bought a Perllini wallet (but I totally needed this) and a Cars shade for T (ditto) as well as Brewster from Chuggington train. He immediately played with it quietly on his own that I didn't question the $12 I spent on it.

It was super duper late by the time we took the cab home. We only left when most of the shops were already closed. HAHA

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Tufeil Met Amani

Fri, 22nd April 2011.

It's the Good Friday Public Holiday and we were itching to go out.

We took cab to Plaza Singapura to meet Sis Aiman w her daughter Amani for lunch at Swensens. Luckily, she brought along her maid, so after the kids were done at the table, she helped to look after the kids running around outside for a bit, and so the adults managed to chat a little.

It was his nap time. I carried him around till he slept and then we went to the Family Room where you get a free 1hour use of the facilities (2 massage chairs for adults w TV, coffee and magazines and a room for child's play activity) with $50 purchase. We spent like $100 at Swensens so that was enough for 2 adults and 3 kids. We had to pay another $5 for the maid to come in.

I took the opportunity to take a nap too on the massage chair with T still on top of me.

When he woke up, he got to play around for a bit before our 1hour was up.

I don't know why he was soooooo super duper cranky that day it was embarrassing. Couldn't shop in peace! He vehemently refused to sit in the stroller, neither did he want to walk / run around with the other kids. So I had to carry him a lot. Cannot even enter a shop, he'll whine. Yikes!

Fortunately, Ly had a brilliant idea. His mood instantly lifted up after...

He gave the girls a ride in a tow truck. Two rounds worth.

The girls went into another Batman one but it was too claustrophically small for his comfort so he just looked on - and did not cry, I must add.

Afterwards, we were finally able to go into Cotton On Kids. 30% discount for 4 days only! I almost went crazy but quickly settled for 2 leggings at about $9 each?, a $7.50 T-shirt, and a $20 checkered shirt.

And T led the girls in a clothes-rail ride again.

A short clip of them dancing. I didn't get the earlier good bits when the music was very catchy and they all jumped around.

It was past 5pm and we were getting hungry and stopped at Mc for a snack. T pooped and then afterwards, puked too, he's been having a lot of phlegm lately, and got changed.

"I love burger"

Errrr... we were sooo tired we took the cab home. But all in all, a good day.

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Hi-Tea @ Asian Market Cafe

Saturday, 16th April 2011

Treated the family to The Asian Market Cafe @ Fairmont (aka Swissotel, prevly Westin Stamford). I've only just knew a month or two ago that this hotel is serving HALAL Asian Buffet. At $36++ for Adult's Hi Tea, its not too exp as compared to Hyatt's Straits Kitchen serving Asian too.

We had a reservation for 12nn. Ly & family could not join us cause she's in her last trimester and she can't take too much food.

Photos are half-passed with the poor lighting (for phototaking, but is totally nice and romantic in real) but I couldn't care less if people were to judge my camera skill because this blog is not about that. It's about documenting the interesting points of my life.


General Dining area.

Actually Dining area seems to be in 3 sections. Front, middle and back. Middle is where the food is = crowded. (I half feared that T will demand to get down and touch all the good or worse, toss them to the floor!) and that's where we were seated.

Only 2 choices of drinks today: Sour Plum and Water Chestnut.

Unfortunately, I don't drink either. =( I've read reviews that there can be up to 4 choices such as Bandung! WHY?! WHY no bandung today?! Aiyooo

Hmmm sandwiches station.

Actually I'm amazed I didn't touch any of these! I saved my tummy for something else...

Cold Cuts & Sushi

Haha Chicken Meatloaf!!

Finger Food station: Spring roll, curry puff, chicken nuggest, fries, Onion rings

Stir fried veges, sweet & Sour Fish, more vege, chicken pie, white carrot cake and fried Drummets. The last one is sooo yummy and crispy!

Pandan Chicken Leaf, er... clams? and Fried noodles.

YEs! I was aiming for the Rojak DIY station.

Well actually mine is not exactly rojak as i only take the You tiao + just a dash of the sauce minus peanuts (I hate peanuts!)

Not pictured are also Nasi Lemak station, and Indian + Roti Prata station w kadai chicken and whatever. I asked for Prata Cheese Mushroom DON"T HAVe! Only w cheese =( It wasn't crispy enough =(

Now on to desserts!

Ice Kacang (Shaved ice with syrups, nuts, jelly) DIY Station!!!

Totally dig this!!! I LOVE ICe kacang but HATe the nuts. So this is the BEST opportunity to make my own!!! I put lots of jelly, lots of RED syrup, and some milk. I had some difficulty to get the machine to churn some ice for me. I turned the wheel, but it only unhooks the ice... then the staff came to me and showed the "ON" button. *Slap forehead* I thought it's the kind where you hafta spin it on your own! LOL

Assorted Nonya kuehs, cakes, etc

Pumpkin Cream caramel and Mango Glutinous rice!!!

Both are my favourite desserts in the world but it's tooo fancied up I don't like. I mean they put NUTS in the glutinous rice???

Banana Creme Brulee and something else.

Didnt even touch it. I think it's got CORN on it? I'm so vege-phobic. *shudder*


Oh great now I just remembered that I totally missed out on these cos too full already and Mum was urging us to go home =( !!

My first Plate.

Not totally my own choice but with Tufeil in mind.

The boy who wants to eat on his own.

So we made him wear the napkin. (Ayah had to put it on first so he'd follow)

Of course, it only managed to stay there for 5min.

My "Official" 2nd plate

The not official 2nd plate was the Cheese Prata but you can't really count that as 1 whole plate, can you? and then there's the time when I took some more food of prolly the same but it's for Tufeil. Er...Mainly. LOL.

There's a small play corner for the kids. A balloonist was in action.

Tufeil came back with a PINK cat! Which burst on its own accord an hour or so later

Break for prayer. I'm totally pleased to hear that they've got 2 PROPER CORNERs for Muslims to pray! One for male and female, of course.

You hafta turn left from the Cafe and see this then turn around...

To see a wall labeled just so..

There you are - a proper corner!

We don't hafta "Sneak" around to pray anymore. I LOVE.

Tufeil, finally asleep. Cheh.

Me & Ash

Last minute Family Portrait in the... LIFT!

Afterwards, we popped by Sun Plaza to get haircuts for the Boy and his Atok.

He was scared or restless at first.

So we tried to distract or motivate him with the "abang" who was going for a Trojan hair.

Muka CUAK sey.

"What are you going to do to me?" face

Muka "Maintain"

Steady face.

Not a whimper even in this awkward position. Good Job, Tufeil!

It was only 5pm when we reached home so without even going upstairs to change, I took him to the playground. Alas, it was wet so I decided to drop by Ly's place instead. Afterwards, we went to the provision shop...

Good boy helping mummy carry the bag.

Er... "I'm a Big Boy!" kinda move. LOL

There you go! What a longgggg day that was... Another one tmrw!

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Tufeil's Second Week of School

The week didn't start very well. Tufeil was absent on Monday because he was still running a fever and of course his ever existing runny nose (just like his mum).

Tufeil came home on Friday with his file, a book and a ziploc bag containing...

a Hand-crafted Turtle!!

The week before that, I already passed the teacher "materials" for this week art & craft session - Elmo sticker. Somebody commented, "HUH? You already paid for the Annual materials, still they cannot provide all the things for art & Craft Wednesdays?" I was totally stumped. Hmmm

This book is quite thick actually.

It contains some colouring work we can do at home.

Isn't it lovely?? I don't hafta buy other books to let him "play" now...

His file contains, among others, a list of things he's been introducted to at school...

Arabic Lessons..


And this is their lesson plan. E/C refers to Explorers and Challengers of the Playgroup

KJ / KG are the kindergarteners.

I love all these information that they provide to the parents. But you know what? I would LOVE to sit in EVERYDAY! Because it's SO FUN!! I'm such a kid! *sheepish grin*

He doesn't cry anymore when boarding the bus. That's a relief. But he kept telling me that he cried at school. I'm not sure if that's true or he's trying to tell me something else. Must remember to ask his teacher.

I suppose my 2 main concerns at the moment are his sleeping hours and mealtimes/food intake.

While Tufeil is now almost always already ready to go to bed by 8.30pm, he still hasn't quite settled into any kind of pattern in terms of mid-day naps. Sometimes he would sleep in the bus (11.30am) or sometimes after lunch (12.30nn) for 1.5hours or sometimes at 2pm for just HALF an hour.

He wakes up at 7am, and then we had to let him "play" for about 10min before my mum could shower and dress him for school. By the time he was ready, it was time to go down and wait for the bus. (Mum likes to let him run around before bus comes so he won't cry. He didn't even cry seeing me get into the car to work now.) My mum would always pack a nutella sandwich which most of the time he's so distracted to eat he only manages half of it plus some Milk Chocolate.

And then at school, they have snack time at 9.45am. I saw the menu, sometimes they have porridge, or cereal or sandwich or whatever... but I worry that again, T doesn't eat enough. Because firstly he doesnt feed himself very well yet.. I imagine most of the food that requires spooning would drop on the floor as opposed to in his mouth. The teachers would be kept occupied with the rest to sit down and feed T (not their fault, really).

So... I don't know what to do besides making up for the "lost" food for dinner but I think that's not very healthy if I wanna keep T slim. Aiyooo

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