We're sending her back home today due to mutual disagreements.

The family were thinking we could do without any. well, i certainly can't. Not till Tufeil is 2yo at least. In her place, we would engage a S'pore part time helper to come in 2 or 3 times a week help which would cost like $100 a week?

I guess i CAN manage alone with Tufeil. After all, i did survive 3 days ALONE and without maid. BUT i was at home allll day ie not working. I even had time to wash and hang clothes and wash the dishes while he slept or played. However, its the small little things that we need help for like:

Who is going to help heat Tufeil's food, and wash up after when we've got our own hands full with entertaining him?

Who will make my bed after i go to work but Tufeil is still sleeping?

Who will help unpack the groceries after i lugged them back home on my own?

Most importantly, who will help to re-fold Tufeil's clothes in the every-2-weeks-jumbled-up-cos-there-r-too-many-clothes wardrobe?

Can mummy cook alone at home with two grandchildren??

We would then be blamed for not chipping in with housework but the truth is there is just no time. If there is, we would be too tired to do any!

Now it takes close to another SGD700 to bring in a new one. Can i Sacrifice $220 for the initial month so that we can get a new maid pronto? I guess i just have to. sob sob. Bye bye All-in-one PC. I can't afford you anymore even though i've already downgraded my aim to a $999 one.

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Bye Bye Therapist, I Shall Miss You

Tuesday, 29th Dec 09

Another round of Follow up with Physiotherapist for his curled toes condition.

i don't know why i wasn't as nervous as i usually was despite not having done all the exercises required.

As it turned out, he stood well (supported) and he was discharged since the toes will align itself once he starts standing / walking on his own.

Another stern reminder to THROW AWAY THE WALKER even though i told her its mostly stationary cause we took off the wheels and in effect its more like a "gym" or game station or whatever they call it. As long as he is SEATED in it, it will make him walk on tiptoes - which is not what we want.

$11 was paid from Tufeil's CDA account

I'm truly gonna miss going to KK.

Thank you to Mummy and Ayah who took half day from work and brought Tufeil (and Syifaa') to meet me there and then sent us to see another newborn baby Aidil @ Thomson Medical.

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Perth 2009 - Day 01

Tues, 15th Dec 09. (8 3/4 months old)

We woke up at 5.30am and left the house slightly after 6.30am where the MaxiCab was waiting.

Checking in took a SUPER DUPER LONG time. Mainly because we had some problem with the name order for Syifaa's visa. only 20min before take off did we manage to clear and went in. Rushed as hell with no time to go to Terminal 3 for sightseeing.

Checking in took so long, Tufeil fell asleep

That's our plane, Baby.

We took Qantas. It felt weird being served by caucasians. two of the male stewards wore aprons. so adorable! Complete with a slight beer belly. haha. Food was not nice. Lousy Chicken rice with as little rice as they could decently give. HUNGRY!!!!

We were lucky to get a bassinet. no picture cause hp (aka my camera) should be turned off during flight. Ok then there's another weird part: I had to sit beside my Bro-in-law thru out the journey while Kak Ly and Syifaa' sat behind us. I don't even normally talk or make eye contact with him ok. but quite grateful he did cause he helped here n there when i got my hands full.

Tufeil sat quietly in the bassinet while i ate. i gave him a toy and slipped in chunks of Baby Bites biscuits periodically. There was also another baby beside us in the 4-seats middle row. Thank god he was pleasant and mostly quiet.

My nursing tops finally made itself worthwhile cause when push came to shove i was forced to nurse in the open. ie in the plane with nowhere else to hide cause you're buckled in to your seat! haha I didnt even use my long scarf cause Tufeil refused to be covered but i'd like to think i managed to stay decent while feeding him.

2 hours into the flight, i nursed him again and this time he feel asleep and so he slept on my body (cant move him to bassinet, he'll sure wake!) for the next 2 hours. Im grateful he did so i caught an hour nap. but the next hour, my bum went all numb and i can't move so i cldn't enjoy the entertainment system either. In fact, i was even afraid to ask for apple juice till my throat really cldnt take it anymore and i whispered to the attendant. But overall, Tufeil was well behaved. He didn't cry during take off and landing.

You couldn't really see it, but we've arrived in Perth!

Customs and quarantine checks took 1.5hours!!! Almost as long as Hajj clearance! Bah! When we got out, felt like celebrity. A lot of people were waiting outside at the small arrival. From there we took a taxi. We were told that our 3 adults and 2 children group cannot fit in to the normal taxi and had to take the big bus. Just as well cause we had a LOT of luggage!

In the taxi. Hmmm quite like a desert huh.

We first picked up the rental car from Bayswater. A white 1.6l Toyota Corolla. Cab fare: A$63 = about S$78. Car rental for 9days = $500 odd + $300 deposit. Then we went... Home.

Home is my aunty's place in Canning Vale. They are all in Singapore so we had the place to ourselves! It's HUGE!!! Complete with Garage, a swimming pool, garden, conservatory, a study, a TV room, masterbedroom and 3 other bedrooms! Even then, we argued about who got the master bedroom. I said i NEED the attached bath cause i dont wanna hafta wear TUDUNG to take a shower! ergh! But she said the bed is bigger in the master room and they are 3 people. I know i was being selfish but i just decided to bring in the luggage and settled in the room and they then gave in. But as days pass, they all slept in the TV room on the carpetted floor. more space also.

The Conservatory with the pool in the background and garden on the right out of sight.

Tufeil happily cruising everywhere! Nice!

Tufeil playing hide n seek? hahaha

Then, its Dinner time! Out to the City we go. It's 20 odd km away and we patronised the first kebab shop we saw! At Hay St.

Hmmm quiet night.

How come their al fresco dining seems chic-er?

But it was too cold to.

My dinner: Beef/Lamb Pide.

Not enough for me. I got hungry soon after. =(

Tufeil also had his dinner: Heinz Pureed Pear

Got Milk?

Her dinner was the chicken burger but she could hardly bite them much less finish them! haha

Then we walked down to the city center. Because it's the festive period, its all lights abound.

In a small alley towards the center.
i think its Hay St.

Most shops were closed.
It felt like being in a movie. Cool weather complete with background music. Some street performer was playing xmas song on his violin.

Returned home and geared up for our official first day in Perth.

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I'm Back from Perth!

Hey y'all!

I survived from my 10day Perth Holiday!

I've uploaded photos from my phone to the comp already but i think i shall wait to get the pictures from the other camera lah before i write about it.

In the meantime, here are some sneak previews.


What is this texture?

Tufeil's Half smile is... GERAM!!!!

Staple Food

Staple Fruit

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It wasnt Just a Fever....

Friday, 11th Dec 09 (8.5month old)

So im back on leave. In fact, ill be totally alone at home. Ly and family are going away for the weekend with the maid. ASh would practically be working round the clock.

I had noticed some red spots before and wondered if it could be chicken pox but its not really lumpy... so i dismissed it as just another rash episode like he always had.

But Ly advised me to just go to the doctor to get it checked out. Since my swimming date got cancelled and i have nothing else better to do, i tot why not. Before going, i checked in on my Mak Long who lived nearby to ask we could visit. She said yes of course and even picked us up!

Tufeil got his first fever from Sunday for 3 days till Tuesday. That day, i began noticing the spots on his tummy, and then spread on his forehead and at the outer corner of his eyes. He had been cranky waking up at night wailing and wailing. Thurs night, he pooped three times, the last two being water.

Doctor diagnosed it as FALSE measles. Measles tak menjadi gitu. Said the spots should go away in 24hours and prescribed us an oral drop for the itch and local cream.

So $85 (paid thru CDA fund! YAYY) and 1.5hours later, we're at Mak Long's house.

They have a 1.5yo grandchild and the place is like a haven for kids! ok... for kids' mothers, more like. They have flashcards pasted on the wall. One side ENglish, another Arabic alphabets. Their toys are very educational stuffs... like A is a Apple musical toy. I dont know how to explain! And they are also health conscious when it comes to baby food! I like!

Tufeil seemed to enjoy being there. Well, when we came, ARina was asleep so he had the attention to himself. I like the way Mak Long played with him. Teaching him to "give" the toy to her, that sorta thing. I dont know how to entertain kids that way.

There is a low height couch that's just perfect for Tufeil to cruise around. He LOVED the thing and kept standing there.

Perhaps i might just drop him there for a couple of hours on Mon while i do some errands... like PACKING MY LUGGAGE!!! and going to the dentist or catch a movie! *wink*

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This and That

The last day before my 2 week break, i forgot the actual pump unit and took urgent half day to go back and express.

Now, the very day i came back it's the bottle and funnel's turn to be forgotten!! Hmmm i do still have some leave but Ash n i tot that it's not appropriate for me to go off as we're packing and unpacking for the office move. I contemplated buying a new pair from mothercare nearby, also to rent a better unit from a shop at United Square.... In the end, i took a cab, went home popped up for 3 mins and zipped thru town with a damage of $40. Hmmm i suppose that's the cheapest alternative.


Tufeil had his first fever last sun, 6th Dec at 8.5months. We automatically deduced its due to the teething phase.

That Sunday i was home but did nothing much except for sponging him a couple of times and did not turn on the aircon and cover him fully in comforter at night.

When Monday came and i had to go in to the office, Ly said his temperature went up and gave him paracetamol. As a result, he was very cranky at home, didn't drink his milk except for a few sips... preferring Baby Bites and porridge and nodding off at the high chair!

Tuesday he was the same. He refused dinner when i gave him that night. and was yawning away. i wrapped up with another dose of meds and nursed him in bed. he was heady but refused to let me go. and then, like with a snap of a finger, he suddenly got up and wanted to play. Fever's totally gone.


But he's been getting bouts of blocked nose. That's really troublesome since he depends on suckling to get to sleep but he can't bcos he can't breathe when mouth is full and so he can't sleep. I resorted to nose drops, walking to other rooms, turned off the fan totally and letting him play for a few minutes. That took like an hour. And he finally went back to sleep.

Nowadays he would even be in his tummy but still suckle. weird position, i say! Tak tersedak ke?


I looked chubbier than usual in my recent pictures right? Well That's cause i've put on some 2kg at least! At home, i was perpetually hungry. I dont know how to satiate my hunger! I constantly need some sweet chocolatey dessert to feel at ease.

Staying at home didn't help things as i like to nap when T naps. and usually that's like... after lunch! Yikes!

I shall resolve to stick to sandwich lunch when i get back to work after Xmas.


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WooHoo! New Premises!

7th Dec 09

So we've started working on our new premise 8 floors above last Monday. We now occupy the whole floor and the whole group occupies 10 floors of this building.

This is what you see at the main entrance

I would have loved to be sitting at the Reception (i'll let u know why later). But now, my work is more technical than general admin/recept duties. Well, sitting at this special place (special to me anyways) includes the responsibility of packing the stationeries and all of the boss's things too. So i'm kinda relieved i dont hafta do THAT!

Turn to the left - a Curvy meeting room.

I've checked the website of our interior designer. Apparently, Curves is their signature feature.
Walk further in - the Atas pple.
This is what you see when you turn right from the Reception

Further right is another meeting room. a more secluded one. I've been given a key to this room so i could pump there! Yay-ness!!!

Further inside.

Now this is the old office. Note the partition

Here not only the partition is lower, it is also half transparent and made of plastic! No magnetic fields either.

The old pantry - Cramped and invaded by files
New pantry.

Hmmm would have liked to have tables but doubt anybody would eat here anyway as we'd prefer our own desks!

Well at least i don't hafta really go out to wash my pump eqpts.

And now... the Reveal..

My old desk.
My new desk
Other angle.

I dont like having my back to people!!!! And now my desk is conjoined to neighbour. Thank god, its my nice colleague anyways.

Others comment it's too bright to work. i say wear sunglasses. hehe But gosh those white cabinets look soo dirty. Can imagine sooty construction worker hands handling them!

In restrospect, we really shouldn't whine so much. All our colleagues from other floors were cooing here and there wowing at the wide space and everything. So much so that one of them said, "Ah Office so nice must work properly ah."

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The Past 2 Weeks in Pictures

Just a collection of randon photos and of outings we've had while i was on leave the past two weeks and in Singapore.

Before Ayah and Mummy went to Haj, Ayah managed to help me dismantle Tufeil's cot / play area or whatever i forgot what the name is. But... let's have one last play session

I think Syifaa' was more excited than Tufeil

Sampai baring suma!

Fri, 20th Nov 09
Then we sent the Parents / Grandparents off at the airport

Cucu Kesayangannye. Beloved Grandchild

In the background, Ayah was being interviewed by a TV crew. but it didn't made it to the screen.

I was the designated driver for the ride home as Ly has already gone back to school. It was almost impossible as Tufeil was wailing his heart out in the back despite having been nursed prior to take off. Maybe he still wanted some more but i pulled out! haha

The next day, Ly drove us to Mad Jack at Selegie.

Hoodie T

Mon, 23rd Nov 09
A date with Nan & Son Husainy
We met at Funan for Mc Lunch.

We both fed the boys their lunches

And afterward, promptly fell asleep as we strolled along to UE Square.

T loves this rocking Snail at JWT Kids Gym.

Sorry it's blurry but that's Husainy.

Hai Tufeil. We can do this guided walks at home. Why don't u play with this nice colourful stroller/walker thingy?

Don't want? Ok let's slide then.

He reluctantly climbed up but absolutely refused to crawl down the slope

But he loves ball! Check out the gagging tongue!

Ok i think that's enough for now.

Tufeil napped again while we walked all the way to Plaza Singapura, had a KFC snack after such long walks and headed home. Pat me on my back for we took the train back! T was good thru half the journey. When he started crying, i tried distracting him with toys and iPod first and as a last resort held him while standing. It was manageable, i guess. But i was just afraid if he asks for milk. I'm not confident at nursing publicly.

Tues, 24th Nov 09
Went swimming at Sengkang Sports Complex. Fara came with her brood complete with food! Yayyy Sue couldn't make it and Nisa came for just awhile but her son managed a quick dip! Hey Nisa, u still owe me an mms for my pictures humph!

AFTER the swim. All tired out.

The boys were both scared of the water. and understandable too cos it was just short of freezing! but after sometime i managed to get T to clap the water at the edges. He was contented to just lie there and play. With help from Fara, i managed to get 1 slide down and 2 mini laps (not continuous of course! hah)

Thurs, 26th Nov 09
I guess I got tired of Cafe Galilee and so headed out to Siam Kitchen instead for lunch, just the two of us.

My spread. Includes Kway teow Goreng, Tom Yam Soup, Mango sticky rice, and cracker!

Tufeil's lunch was peach and pasta

I've decided that I'm quite confident to bring Tufeil out alone provided its his lunch time and it requires little travelling. Usually it's just Causeway Point or Civic Centre ie walkable distance. haha
Fri, 27th Nov 09

Syifaa' wearing an abaya complete with long scarf.
Macam nak bernasyid pulak, cuma muka jer masam.

Hehe Tufeil striking a funny pose. NOT.
I didn't bother with traditional outfit for baby.

We spent Hari Raya Haji at my paternal Aunt's place. We planned to walk over. but the weather was quite erratic. First it was sooooo hot and then suddenly it started drizzling. We succumbed to taxi.

There, Tufeil surprised us by extending his arms to Kak Lina's husband and after much rocking, fell asleep, leaving me to eat in peace. Weee

We did walk to the next house. Ly's Mother in Law's.

Tues, 1st Dec 09
Ash took leave to spend the day with us SAHM. haha

We went to Sakura Int'l @ Admiralty Park for lunch. WOW! The place is sooooo nice! Even then Ly said that it used to be much nicer.

Alahhhai, dramaticnye pose!

It was quite frantic for me as Tufeil kept demanding for food too! haha
After that we went to Ikea.

Nursed him in the surau (prayer room)

A Makeshift Baby Gym?

Just Massive place they've got there!
Long shopped for her room. I wanted to buy a table and carpet. But as it turned out, we don't have space in the boot to loot the thing room. There were already TWO STROLLERS!

Tufeil enjoys watching BabyFirst now.

I've successfully assembled that 2-in-1 step walker or whateveryacallit, courtesy to Mama Nan!

Thanks! Tufeil DIGS it!

Sat, 5th Dec 09
Lunch at BBQ Chix @ Orchard Cineleisure after dropping off Ash to work.

The small one sat in high chair, the big one also want.

I remember as a toddler, Syifaa' hated high chairs! LOL

Syifaa' couldn't help but giggle at her favourite Aunty TiTi wearing the Santa hat.

I dont know whyyyy Tufeil LOVESSSS sticking out his tongue!

BLuek at you too! :P

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