Singapore Insurance Idol 2

$800 Prize money?!?!?!? I'd like to go for it man!

I appreciate that the competition amongst the whole insurance industry within Singapore will be tougher as compared to AXA Idol, but i wanna give it a shot.

Any ideas what 3 songs to sing? 1 i have in mind is "Somewhere over the Rainbow" as suggested by the host-cum-judge who evaluated me during AXA Idol.

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How to Keep Warm in Office.

Do you find yourself feeling EXTREMELY cold in the office? Usually pple will wear a jacket or wrap themselves with a shawl. But if that's still not enough, here's some of the tips i collated and came up with.

  1. Drink HOT water.
  2. Warm hands using HAND DRYER if any in toilet. (this i learnt from Zac meat) (Dont have it in current office toilet!!!)
  3. If lazy to go toilet, Fill water bottle with HOT water and clutch it (From Hanani)
  4. Go out or downstairs and feel the sun
  5. Chew chewing gum (courtesy of Kak Long)
  6. Wear gloves?
  7. Wear WINTER jacket
  8. How about pacing? OK immersing urself in ur work, ur wont feel cold

Ok.. Ran out of ideas already... somebody please contribute... im SOOOOOOOO FREAKING COLD!!!!!!!

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Weekend Alone. Great or Disastrous?

Or great Disaster?

The whole family went to Malacca over the weekend leaving me and Zubair home alone.


On Saturday, there was still left over Asam Pedas (Malay dish) from yesterday and we ate that for lunch... Breakfast was done in sleep haha..

Then for dinner, we wanted to eat Tom Yam. Ever since the Sakura last thurs which Hid treated us there for dinner, Zubair has fallen in LOVE with Tom Yam! and wanted to try again. We were sooo excited to eat Tom Yam that i cldnt take my afternoon nap. By 5pm, we decided to get ready.

Headed to Bukit Panjang Mall via Mrt, LRT wanting to show him the LRT only to find out he has already taken the LRT when he visited his friend in Sengkang. Bluek. On the way, i remembered i still have $20 voucher useable at Bukit Panjang Mall. We can use it to play bowling!! yayyy!!

Reached there. Went up to 3rd floor. Looked at the directory, Sakura's stated there... but WHERE IS IT???? Is it the one covered with cardboards??? yes it is!! how come its closed?? is it closed for renovation or forever? can't be no Bukit Panjang pple eat Sakura that they went bust... Our hopes crushed man just like that...

Ok let's go bowling... eh... where's the bowling alley?? it's supposed to be at 4th floor. I've ever been there with my ex colleague... oh noooooooooo! It's been so long since i last stepped in here that there's been so many changes. Two things we were looking forward to.. both hopes were crushed! What are the odds man...

In the end, we ate KFC for dinner. At least, we had a fruitful visit at the library. There were so many books i wanted to borrow and they're all available there. I was disappointed to know that the 8 books promotion is over that i had to discard 4 of Janet Evanovich's books. eh wait a min! i just realised something as i typed this... I AM A PREMIUM MEMBER and can borrow 8 books! OHHHHHHHH *Slap own forehead* Selenger nye Julissa!! takleh angkat!! #$%^$%^$%^#$

I spent the rest of the night reading the 12th book of A Series of Unfortunate Events.


Next day, i woke up at 9am made a small bfast n continued to finish the 12th book and went back to sleep. only to be woken up by a sheer feeling of hunger at 2pm.

Initially, i wanted to cook Keema for him cos i bought some Chappati flour some time ago... But when i looked in the fridge there's nothing inside... ie no minced meat. and when i searched for the recipe, we dont have most of the spices anyway... and it'd be a hassle as well as a waste to buy them.

There's some left over dish also from my aunty who comes every friday to clean the house. but to eat white rice is boring.. so i decided to make Nasi Goreng (fried rice).

Hmmm for those of you who dont really know me.. i dont really have much experience cooking. i know most theories but rarely put into practice bcos there's always somebody else in charge of the kitchen. Now that im alone i had just the chance!

Now.. Nasi Goreng in my knowledge should fry the blended onion and chilli first... then put rice and stir... But i wanna put Ikan Bilis (Anchovies) quite sure is supposed to come before the rice but not sure whether should i fry separately first.. shld i wash it first, shld i add anything? So i tried calling the first girl of the 11 gang to be married. Alas, she's not in singapore and i hung up as soon as i realised that.

Next on the list is one of the 11 friends who lives in Woodlands. I know she does the cooking at home too. She told me she blends everything onion, garlic, chilli AND anchovies first. and that if i want the rice to be red i should put RED chilli, if i want green, green chilli. but that i should add some green chilli even if i want it red bcos green chilli is to make it sweeter. She told me i can wash the anchovies but dry them first if there's time so that it will be crispy. she actually said that the soft ones remind her of DEAD LIZARD'S BONE!! ok push that thought away... dont puke dont puke... i told myself as i took out the anchovies...

My mother always have a container or blended onion and blended chilli ready in the fridge. I just diced two pieces of garlice and sliced 1 red chilli and 1 green chilli since the rice is only 2 scoops... I fried them all beautifully i thought... But then.. it looked too dry.. i wonder if i can add water and asked so to the hubby.. and he said yeah why not. ok i added...

He looked on as i fry the anchovies and commented that the oil is too little. i looked at him as if he's crazy. "Are you crazy?" i asked "There's too much in there already." Then he went to taste the base... i havent added salt yet cos Fit said it is AFTEr the rice. he insisted i put it first ok lah i put.. Then he commented, "THIS IS RICE?!?!?!?" Ok my rice too lembik (soft). I like them like that... but ok i admit its a weeee bit softer than originally desired. OK i pray that it will become dry when i fry them?

I began to add the rice and stir... then he interfered some more showing the so called "right technique" to stir. GRRRRRRR very angry. i wanted this to be my OWN cooking. i dont like to cook when the other ladies are at home to guide me around the correct way of cooking But now HIM TOO?? ok whatever..

Then he tasted the result.. not salty enough... reminder: this is after the rice is fried already. Then he added the blended union and WATER again!!! and some more salt. i almost shrieked. Isnt the union supposed to be in the beginning?? He said nevermind. ok lah nevermind. Whatever. I left him in the kitchen to go shower.

After solat, i served him and everything.. then he said, "Maybe we should cook the small fish separately." I did what, i told him. "Yeah but dont put in together with the rice." I rolled my eyes and fixed them on the TV. I cleaned my plate.. some parts were actually quite hot and i didnt even add chilli sauce! and bcos we put just 1/3 of the two cups of rice i cooked, the fried rice is VERY Red. Zubair took two pieces of RAW garlic to his rice and then signalled he can't finish it. Im guessing he just took 2 or 3 mouthfuls of rice only cos his plate still FULL. and im VERY VERY VERY SUPER OFFENDED!

i already warned him that however the outcome is he has to say its nice. i didnt talk to him for half a day. i went to watch TV outside then read my book in my sister's room. Then he came to me saying that he didnt finish it not bcos its not nice but bcos he was full already. I just said ok and ignored him bcos he didnt say sorry.

Then he approached me again to say his mum is calling to talk to me. At first i told him to tell her im sleeping but he came back to say Ammi ji really wanted to talk to me and i should show some respect. So i said salam and after the usual exchanges she asked me "Apna kya pakaya hai?" I thought to myself how did she know i cooked today? I just answered her, "Nasi Goreng" Not bothering to translate to English since Zubair will directly translate to Urdu for her. Then she asked what's ur recipe? I felt at a loss not knowing what to say... i just er er er... and hmm hmm in a bratty, im-sulking kinda tone. Then Ammi asked, "Am i angry?" After much hesitation i said no... Then she said something in Urdu very long and high pitched. i dont know what she said but i really cldnt take it anymore i just excused myself and went of sobbing loudly...

An hour after that, he approached me again to say that his mother scolded him for not eating. and said nevermind i will teach her how to cook when she comes to Pakistan. In my heart i smiled broadly. Its great that the mother in law sided me. aloud i said, "Padan muka" (Serve him right!) and told him i cleared away his plate already and in reply he said, "OH No.. now my turn to cry.."

Then he said, ok get ready for maghrib. i guess after that i began to be ok... but not sure how to start talking to him again... solution: Make him his usual tea before he asked me. And then everything was alright again..

Im guessing the impact of the phone call with Ammi ji is very strong that he kept telling me but softly lah not angrily, almost like a child, "Bcos of you.. i got scolded by Ammi ji, you know... She told me i shldn't bla bla bla bla..."

Anyways, I told him I wont ever cook again. BUt of course.. that's a bit of BedeQ and Drama.. when we have our own house of course i'll hafta cook for him for myself also... Im just not ready yet..

Well that's the disastrous part of the weekend. On the overall, the great part was i get to watch TV and play game on the computer outside. Speaking of which, Ly, if you're reading this.. I'm sorry i didnt realise i was playing Turbo PIzza under your name!!! No Wonder i got confused, how come suddenly selling seafood pizza?? and i finished the game already! Sorry!! In my opinion, its too easy anyways... Unlike my beloved Cake Mania.....

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Blog: The Verdict

Ok so this is what i've decided...

Moving my main blog to blogspot.

However, I might still post some password protected entries in wordpress if there is a need to.

Conclusion: You hafta visit BOTH sites! haha

Note to self: to add my wordpress add in the link.

After researching how to import the posts from blogger but still cldnt figure it out, i painstakingly copy and pasted each posts... lucky just a handful as the rest are password protected ones anyways...

So im back here for good... that is unless they block my beloved Blogspot also!!! wa nauzubillah (God Forbid)

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Blog Woes

First of all sorry i havent posted anything for the past two days. Forgot to inform you guys that i'll be on training. Anyways, im back here now.

I've been thinking of switching back to Blogspot as its more user-friendly actually. No doubt Wordpress has some good features that Blogspot dont but there are some very irritating limitations at wordpress eg: cannot put picture on template.

Kak Long already told me she prefers blogspot. So what do YOU as a reader prefer?

Should i migrate back to Blogspot?
1) Yes
2) No

View Results

Make your own poll

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Cicak Glory

Once upon a time, i had no idea what to blog about. I asked my sisters what should i write. One said write about Cicak. But then she changed her mind she said she dont want the cicak to get all the lime light! hahaha Turned out i had other things to write about that day but kept it in my list. Yes i list down ideas of what to write. Otherwise, it might just get lost in the lalang (weed? says Long coarse grass)

A few weeks ago for a long time, i cldnt sleep well bcos i always woke up when i heard the footstep of lizards in the middle of the night. When i told this to Zubair, he said no lah must be from outside.. (we open the windows all thru the night bcos i cant sleep in stuffy aircon room) but i really heard it from right above my head! But it happened too many times already that i dont bother to feel afraid and just continue sleeping, but a bit lower ie further from the wall.
that day i saw TWO BIG lizards behind my computer table. the next day Zubair killed ONE of them. I still live in fear of seeing the other one.

For the past two months, we have been hearing lizard footsteps in the OFFICE!!! Others said maybe its a RAT! But i have my doubt. One day, my guy colleague saw the CICAK behind the fridge!! quite big. Imagine we have been making coffees in the pantry with him lurking behind very near! Oh my God! Sometimes i even left my cup there to dry over night or even over the weekend!

One lady colleague say dont kill it, tho she’s scared of it also. She said pitiful. but i told him to just kill it no need to pity it. He chased the cicak to behind the mineral water.. then behind the copier machine (Hid, i think u can imagine how).. Alas it managed to hide. I went thirsty that day. By the next day, cannot tahan, just braved the pantry to make tea and take water. *shiver*
But since then, we havent heard from him again. hahha kak long remarked the other day my reference to CICAK as “HIM”. But funnier is Zubair calls it HER!!! YUCKs! cannot imagine there’s a he and she of CICAK!

Anyway, i tot my ordeal is over or at least a long time before i encounter anymore cicak. but that night when i come home i saw a tiny cicak running to hide on the wall outside my house. and the next day again in my room! Dont know whether its the same one or its bro.
Kak Long said maybe my fear of cicak is the same as her fear of cats. She will always notice a cat from far away… and i will always notice cicak from the tiniest one. There was one dried up dead baby cicak on the FLOOR outside my student’s house where the shoe rack is. i almost stepped on it thinking it was some dirt or thread or chewing gum marks on the floor until i made out the outline of its limbs.

One day, Zubair were relating to my mother something about cicak then she told me this very SCARY and SAD story.

I never knew that mummy had two older siblings. I always thought she’s the first. she had a sister and brother. Both died. i dont know how the sister died but the brother was 1.5 year old when he died. One day, he was hungry and my grandma was washing the clothes by hand and told him to wait. He was on the floor when he saw something moving. It was cicak and he picked it and sucked it bcos he was so hungry! that night or the next day he had very high fever and died from it.

My mum was about to cry when she recounted it. Oh my god, my hair is also standing as im typing it. Its yucky… its sooo kesian (pitiful).. its just awful… such a young baby who didnt know anything.. So bad to lose him that way… But yeah lah its his ajal / fate already. but still!
I wish all cicak in the world will die. i dont care about the ecosystem. They shld just perish.

Do you have any scary cicak encounter?

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Perosak Kereta

Title Translation: Car Wrecker

Every Mon, Wed & Thurs, i usually take a lift from Ayah’s Office somewhere Little India. Mon and Thurs, i’d normally take the wheel. Wed i get to rest bcos i have class later in the evening.
I’ve always had a problem reverse parking on my right. Like i can’t get it right until 3 or 4 times. Sometimes too far sometimes too near. Reverse parking on the left usually no problem. Funny.. I thought it would be the other way around bcos on the right the driver can see better what. My judgement haywire.

So.. Yesterday, i drove home as per normal. There’s no other nice spot to park except on the right. Then while i was concentrating NOT to his the car on my left… i HIT the wall on my right! Yet another scraping sound.

I quickly went out of that lot and go to another one. Another on my right but i really concentrate this time. and after everything’s settled i quickly came out to check the damage. it’s somewhere BEHIND the passenger door just before the boot. God i dont know how to describe… I’ll just add a picture later when i’ve taken it. But it’s Terrible! I asked my dad, “If we polish this, the mark will go away right?” Ayah said yeah. Im relieved. Ayah didnt scold me but just advise that whatever it is dont take the risk esp if you’re driving other pple’s car, Let other pple wait.

And this is like the second time i scratched and dented the car! but the first time was 3 years ago when i just got my license for 10 days! haha I was turning left into a T-Junction in my car park area. i didnt expect it to be so narrow cos it’s so comfortably wide in the circuit in driving school. So much so that i grazed a Nissan sunny from the next opposite lane turning to his left. The driver asked for 2 or 3k for such a small dent on his passenger door. He claimed he cannot close the door. i didnt trust him or his evaluator and in any case we dont have that much cash on hand so i told my parents to claim insurance bearing in mind that the No Claim Bonus of 30% might be at stake. I paid a huge part of theroad tax of $800 that year. but at renewal of the insurance, we found out that the No Claim Bonus wasnt affected bcos the claim was below 3k or something. Alhamdulillah..

At home, we didnt mention anything to mummy while having dinner. I didnt see her again until this morning and then she came to my room and asked, “What happened yesterday?” at first i was blur, “What happened yesterday?” I thought she heard me farting last night or what.. then i remembered and i said… “Oh… what happened yesterday…” then mummy said, “Just got your bonus.” LIke hinting i need to pay for this damage and then i said, “But ayah said if we polish ok already then just ketuk2 (hit) the dented one ok already” Mummy, “NO lah.. yesterday ayah tried already all cannot.”

Oh noooooooooo *pulls hair* i dont want to pay. i dont want to part with my moneyyy. huarghhhhhh

And like i expected, im grounded from driving. Nobody verbally sentenced me so but ayah didnt ask me to drive today. so i take it as that. I hope it wont be long. sob sob…

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Wordpress. Pros and Cons

Sorry pple.. for the late action. Im still in the midst of exploring this Wordpress. I had a hard time:

  • loading pictures
  • putting a shout out box on the side bar
  • changing Time Zone
  • editing themes bla bla bla

I was about to put Nuffnang ads into this blog when i gotta know that u hafta PAY to make custom CSS. Oh whatever lah… i’ve decided NOT to care about this AD thingy … its been nearly a month and no action / ads being placed on my site yet. I guess its bcos i still havent hit a 20 average hits per day.


  • password protection
  • Built-in blog stats
  • Anti-Spam (blogger dont have this feature?)
  • Can import posts from other blog
  • BEST of all: Track Comments in other wordpress! I wanted multiply to have this feature!


  • No ready Shout out box / tagboard
  • Not really user friendly. well not as friendly as Blogger or Multiply
  • No contacts portfolio and their posts like multiply
  • only 50MB for uploads
  • need to PAY for upgrades
  • NO freebie custom CSS :( means you’re stuck with whatever template they have.

Wordpressers, if im wrong PLEASE correct me! I’ll be glad to know im wrong esp about the CONS!

PS: for password, you hafta know how to spell my real name + father’s name. Good luck!

PPS: If you know the answer and typed in correctly but it still doesnt match, then it’s probably not meant for you. haha

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yayyyyyy I have moved!!!

My new blog site will be !!!!!!

After my friend made her move over there... i then got my courage to migrate too... at first i was scared if there's no import option but my research proved otherwise!

So enjoy it there!!

I am soooooooooo gonna post locked entries. hahahah

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Sorry no entries yesterday...

In the morning, i already feel tired from the sneezing and wanted to see the doctor when i remembered i dont have cash to see the doctor. I need to get the medical chit from office to be able to see the doctor without paying so i dragged myself to work... but went back half day after i finished some urgent tasks..


When i saw the doctor, he said i have fever but he didnt give me the temperature... im normally always warm blooded. he asked if i was coughing i said no and then he checked my throat and he said, "Your throat so red u didnt feel ah?" No i didnt feel it then but today im feeling it!! and i feel feverish too... SOB SOB... but later need to attend meeting... and i hope there's good news... will tell you in about 2 hours' time, ok?

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1. Metro Credit Card

I got charged $45

2. My Insurance

Had lunch w my adviser last friday. Brought my own lunch. She bought me a drink. At first i was nervous, thought she was gonna lecture me about how important keeping an insurance is bla bla bla.. but actually it was a review for my CPF funds... Which funds are making money and whether i should switch or change direction for future premiums...

Funny.. we had lunch along esplanade then suddenly a helicopter came loitering very near above us. At one point, the fruits of this tree we were sitting under were falling like rain! and we rushed to safety.

While walking back to the car, i took the opportunity to tell her...

Me: I hafta tell you that i can't afford to maintain my PAA

Salmah: oh ok.. Then what are you gonna do about it?

Me: Just let it run on non-forfeiture

Salmah: Good.. just dont terminate it. If u dont, at least there is some cover on the basic sum assured. Then if u revive it u can either pay back previous premium or just start from new date but cash value will be significantly reduced.

Now that went surprisingly well..

3. Stansfield

I wrote an email to the Manager last friday. happy that my father commented it was well written. The guy still havent replied nor acknowledged my email so i called him just now. Alhamdulillah, got hold of him. He said that he needs to apply the appeal to the management and it will take 1 to 2 weeks for them to reply. So i will follow up. I've already put a reminder on my calendar. =)

4. Executive vacancy

This morning, boss seemed harassed with the meetings he had to go to within short time constraint cos he's going to india at 4pm.

But during lunch time, he called me in whenever im ready to talk to him.

Me: The thing that i wanted to tell you from friday was.. i'd like to try for the Executive position in Network Development department

Boss: oh yes ok. If that's the job you think is suitable for you, why not.

Me: (shocked that he didnt even question me) Yeah cause I'd like to broaden my experience in the general insurance industry

Boss: Yeah sure if that's the one you want, we will support you. You can try and see what they see.

Me: Ok, Thanks!

I have already submitted my resume.. waiting for reply... *dab dub dab dub*

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Harry Potter + A Day of Adventurous Driving

After a longggg wait, Sunday is here.

Me, Zubair, Kak Long, Kak Ly and my cousins Nur and Ayid went to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at Plaza Singapura at 3pm.

The movie was excellent! All sorts of emotions were felt: sorry, happy, scared, delirious bla bla bla... But i hafta admit that there were some very draggy parts like the carriage part where Harry met that strange girl who can see them creatures also and some conversation. And Jangan tak tau or Dont miss out to know that i screamed loudly at the beginning when the dementors attacked! hahaha paisei (embarassed)

We get to take the car as mummy and ayah dont have any plans that day. Of course i'm the driver. But im very lousy with roads and directions Orchard specifically and probably generally also! haha

Anyways, We were excited to use Kak Long's new camera Canon IXUS something she just bought yesterday. It has a huge screen, it can change from portrait to landscape view by a mere rotation of the hands and everything! After the movie, we were snapping and browsing at Swatch shop. I was about to ask her for the camera to take Zubair's photo when i noticed a commotion among them. Guess what??? KAK LONG DROPPED HER BAG AND THE LCD SCREEN OF THE CAMERA CRACKED! We have only used it for a few hours sey! There IS a warranty but not sure if can be covered. let's see how... but it was like, she just bought yesterday, and costed $500+, she hasnt even sent in the warranty slip of course. I will kill them if they dont replace her a new one!

Then we headed to the carpark to go to the mosque for Asr. Wait. Where's the car??? It was supposed to be here! I remember clearly it was Deck 6A, it was the second last lot just before the ramp beside a van. and i climbed up the other ramp and went out at Yamaha and took another escalator up to the cinema... It cannot be any further up cos it was all taken up already.. it cannot be Deck 5 cos i KNOW its Deck 6A. it CANNOT be stolen cos i clearly remember locking up bcos i was waiting for Zubair to close the door. .. Zubair went up higher to look... while we tried to beep the car and surprise surprise! i was just a level down! in my haste to get to the car i went UP instead of down to the exact spot just two levels higher... Silly me... :$ heheh

But it was scary sey... it's not often that my mum allow me to take the car and i really didnt wanna screw up lest she wont ever let me their car drive again.

We did screw up on a smaller scale.. At Habib Noor's Mosque, there were hit by a LOT of bird shits!! 3 on Zubair's corner (co-pilot's seat), two on top and another one on right passenger door. Zubair even accidentally touched it when he wanted to close the door! hahaha

We went to Fig & Olive, VivoCity for dinner. Zubair being a joker, told the LADY waitress to "quickly serve us cos we are all hungry" and bla bla bla... bingit jugak lah (annoyed a bit) but whatever, she's a nobody.

She'll know we are married

The Girls...

The Guys..

Nur's Tuna Penne's the best!

I am actually quite surprised that the food came quite quickly.. or was it that we were too engrossed snapping pictures that time seemed to fly? But that same waitress came back to our table a few times to say: 1. No crisscut fries, wanna change to chicken wings? 2. Coke Light will be more expensive. And the other waiter put cheese on Long's BBQ Chicken pasta TWICE! And we thought that while the food tastes nice.. it is too overpriced for such a serving.

We then, continued on to East Coast to go to a drive-thru McDonalds to buy dinner for Nur and Ayid's mother, my Mak Ngah. By this time, it was very far into the night.. say 10pm? and the trees around there were big, making it darker than usual. I was driving out a slip road from the ECP and i cldnt see where it started to join with the other traffic. I was also expecting a longer lane but it stopped quite abruptly. I was slowing down but not enough and a fast car rushed past us and i panicly braked. it wasnt an emergency one nor did i intend to stop fully but already the passengers felt jerked. and kak Ly called, "Ca.. " is an advisory tone...

At last.. i get my FRIES!!! Frankly, both Zubair and I and of course Ayid were not full from the dinner. heheh

My sense of direction is completely lost when it's at night. and from McDonald's to Simei i depended solely on Long's prompts. Nur asked me, "Kak Ca, how do you drive around sey if u dont know the direction?" Then the sisters recalled my driving where i lost my way like two or three times that day.

Most of the time i drive to and from work or class.. all very familiar routes... That day when i had to go to ROMM, IRAS and ICA i really studied the map and took down specific notes from my dad. Unfortunately, at the real junction at real time, i began to doubt myself and went to the wrong direction (as in north instead of south; not into oncoming traffic!).. Places like Raffles, Bugis, Geylang I'd probably know well... But the problem is i cant seem to link from one place to the other. It's like i know where i am and where im going to, but cant see how to get there. It's scary you know, like there's a void in your brain that can't function.

i CAN read book maps but i can put it on real earth unless im really there. I reckon Google Earth would be so much better where the maps 3G. I shld install GPS on my own car lah. either that or just let Zubair drive when he gets his license.

It was 11pm but we can go home just yet. We had to go to a carwash to get rid of the bird shit. By hook or by crook we hafta wash it before we return the car to mummy and ayah. it's the least we could do after using the car and petrol for free! haha

The short distance going home from Petrol station saw another fast heart beat situation. I turned into a carpark, 3 point turned to make a U turn. while i was doing the 3 point turn, the car made some scraping noise. The front hit the curb. it was a screeching noise. What if there's a damage? Do i have to pay? im already so very broke. My sisters also went like, "No need to hurry.. " my husband just shook his head.

After we parked, i went out first to check the front without cutting the engine. and to my relief, There was nothing.. no scratches, no dents. Alhamdulillah...

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I received an sms late fri night saying my ex colleague from MKA passed away.

My initial reaction was: how did he die? Second: Then what happened to the Mid Year Retreat my adviser was going to with them?

Today, answers were revealed and it was also featured in the Straits Times, Home Section.

He drowned while playing Beachball in Phuket. Friends said the current was too strong. Two others were also gasping for breath, one of whom is my ex colleague also. My ex-Manager saw three heads bopping up and down the surface of the sea and alerted the life guard and the other two were rescued. Alas for Bernard, he didnt survive. He was a young man in early 30s i think and married. Imagine... They were actually celebrating some awards by the company..

Retreat cancelled. Instead of the advisers, the widow was flown to Phuket..

Hmmm im trying to decide whether i should go to the wake. i knew him, i should go. but it wld be embarassing to come empty handed. Jurong West is inaccessible. But then, it wld be an experience for Zubair if he come along...

I recalled two almost drowning incidents i encountered.

1. East Coast. with Girl friends

Maybe like 5 or 6 yrs ago, we were playing choo choo train in the sea. Holding each other's shoulders and tiptoeing parallel to the beach.

You know, East Coast is a reclaimed land with artificial beach that's too steep. then one big wave came and suddenly we cldnt feel the ground!! we were all waving our hands. some said they were sat on by another friend. i remembered i pushed myself down then kicked myself back up again as high as i cld to get the air.

A friend was watching on the beach and helped to pull us out or something. it was SUPER scary!

2. East Coast. with Zubair and Hamzah (my cousin)

This is just 3 months ago. Hamzah was on a bed buoy and i was clinging to Zubair while he steered us. i didnt know what happened but suddenly Zubair's face changed but he looked angry and he kept saying, "Come nearer to the beach."

I didnt realise until we were safe that Zubair cldnt feel the bottom anymore. maybe it was a big wave or maybe its the too steep gradient that he didnt anticipate. i dont even know how he managed to stay afloat cos he doesnt know how to swim but i recalled him paddling like crazy with his ONE arm. His other arm was pulling the buoy.

At that time, the feeling was a mixture of fear, gratefulness, panic and funnily... overwhelming LOVE.

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Network Development

Yesterday, my HR posted a new vacancy available.

Network Development


  1. Prepare and compile reports, perform product research and analysis, conduct surveys and manage projects
  2. Develop ideas for campaigns, execute and monitor campaigns in a timely manner and provide intermediaries with interim updates or reports
  3. Draft communications to intermediaries
  4. Manage and update intermediaries’ and agents’ database
  5. Administrative duties like preparing contracts, updating incentive packages and arranging training programs


  1. Minimum “A” level or a university degree
  2. Proficient in Microsoft Office applications
  3. Minimum 1 year of general insurance experience
  4. Team player, adaptable and good interpersonal skills
  5. Experience in managing or handling intermediaries
  6. Good communication and writing skills

I feel like trying for a transfer to this department because:

  1. "Executive" will be a step up in the career ladder
  2. Possibly better pay
  3. More work. and i like to do reporting
  4. I WAS an intermediary before and knew roughly how this job will be.
  5. I meet all requirements and surpass some. ie 3.5 years in General insurance and very proficient in MS Office hehehe

But then again, There are too much uncertainties... and cons:

  1. There will be no retreat like Sentosa
  2. Too much workload maybe?
  3. I doubt the boss will be as nice as my current one
  4. Wld i need to stay back late??
  5. How will my desk be?
  6. Is this a new position or replacement?
  7. Can i come back to ACS dept if i feel unhappy in new dept?
  8. Will i get it at all? if i dont, Will boss treat me differently? positively or negatively?

I emailed my colleague in that department asking is she leaving or got promoted? she said neither and sounded delighted if i'd transfer. When i said im not sure how my boss will take it, she said, "tell him i wanna swap me with you" Does that mean she's unhappy there also?

Questions Questions...

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Julissa.. What's in a name?

Have u ever tried to google Julissa?

Some interesting results:

1. Julissa the Singer/Actress during Black & White era. Spanish raised in Mexico.

2. Julissa Miro the model. Sounds like Spanish to me.

3. Julissa the current hot shot actress. Dominican. Host of BET, whatever it is.
Now... how did i get to be named Julissa?
1. My mother's starts w JU.
2. My two elder sisters' names start w JU also.
3. What other girl's name starts w JU?
4. My Aunty whose nickname is Lisa asked to add it after the JU
5. Result = JUlissa
Then.. i went up in an islamic sch studying Arabic. At pri 5 or 6 i was ridiculed a lot bcos "julisa" comes from arabic word "jalasa" which means to sit. if you change the zabar/baris/vowel around, julisa means to be sit upon/didudukkan. just like Qara a = to read, Quri a = to be read. I grew up depressed with my name.
But that seems to change when my career kick started. Every time i answered a call and told them my name, they would say, "What a nice name!" No matter, Malay, Chinese, Indian, all said the same.
I still wasn't convinced. But i prided on the rarety of my name. Nobody else seemed to have the name. I've heard of Juslina, Juliza and bla bla bla but NEVER Julissa.
Then i went to Ubi Driving Centre. I complained to one of my instructors that the meaning of julisa is to be sit upon. He looked on it positively. He said, "Well, it can mean you are being put at a high place to sit." Ever since that, im not ashamed of my name anymore.
And then i happened to google myself and saw mexican/spanish/dominican beauties associated with that name and i felt happy.
And when i told Zubair the meaning of my name and where it came from, He took it positively too and related it to Majlis, a religious gathering.
A month ago, i went to a course at British Council. I told them to call me , "Juice". During a phone call practice, i answered a call and said, "Hello, Julissa here." At first, the lovely instructor didnt hear / catch what i said. In explaination, i told them i was saying my long name. When she gotta know she said, "Ok I'm a British and to a British that is a very lovely name and i'd want to hear it clearly." I'm flattered.
A colleague ever asked me, "Is it ok for Muslims to give non-muslim name to their children?" refering to my name. and i didnt know what to say. The circumstance was very unique. I doubt my parents/Aunty knew that the name Julissa existed and that it was a Christian name.
What do you think?

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Patrons Profiles

Ironic that on the day i didnt post anything i got the most no of readers.

From Nuffnang, i can see the no of unique visits i get and the statistics. I like to see the "Came From" stats.

Visits By Country

Singapore 79.6%
United states 10.2%
Australia 6.1%
Pakistan 4.1%

Where did the US and Australian readers come from? How did they know my site? Do they follow regularly? At one point, Singaporean readers fell to 65%! I'd like to get MORE Pakistani readers... But im afraid to approach HIS friends lest he wont like it. Would you?

At some point yesterday, i got REAL tired of blogging. i was VERY VERY Free at work but i didnt post anything. i had a few random ideas but its not exactly abt the Ups and Downs of Marriage.. mostly abt work.. so i didnt blog them for fear it might bore and chase away my readers... on the other hand, i dont even KNOW who's reading and what do they think cos i can only see numbers but no comments. But, this is MY blog, this is MY place to safekeep my memories and everyday life. I shldnt let readers and their comments or the lack of it, affects my entries.

Oh well...

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Salary Management

I have 3 unnecessary monthly deductions worth $500+++.

1. Insurance $300.

i have 3 policies. 2 are savings policies with cashbacks total $150 and another 140 life. im thinking of neglecting the latter, but i just took it up in mid 2006 that if i stop now, the adviser will be penalised.

The savings policies i dont mind very much because i get lovely cash backs of 700 every 2 years and 500 every year.

I wanna cut down, but how?

Im meeting with the adviser for lunch this fri. i dont know if she will treat me. hope she will cos im soooooo kering (pocket dry) right now i cant afford lunch but on the other hand if she does, it'll be quite embarassing and sticky situation like im FORCED to continue w the insurance despite not being able to afford it. =(

2. Sch fees $200

I am paying $211 per month for a degree course that i've already withdrawn from. and im paying monthly for NOTHING. I quit since last nov... and they dont wanna return the 2nd and 3yr fees i have paid thru the loan i'd taken.

My boss says they will prolly take some action if we come up with a lawyer's letter that would cost just $50. But at the same time, my lawyer friend advised that if they have a clause of "No Refund Policy" in their fine print, it'd be difficult. At the same time, they had never experienced this kind of case before.. they might just give in...

I've been complaining and complaining abt this but not much action taken. I've approached them twice, once met face to face with the manager but she said she can't help, need to talk to somebody else. and i spoke to him on the phone and he said he can't help either. and i wasnt agressive enough to push for my stand.

Later today, Insya'Allah, im going to the school again. This time with the support of my father. i wished my mother could come along cause for this kinda things she can be very vocal and firm about it. I didnt wanna go w my husband cos i'll be dishing out my TRUE sad story to the sch and i dont want him to be guilty and injure his ego. Bcos like i said before, this is what i want, WE want. we just hafta face it. its not anybody's fault.

3. Metro Credit Card

Just last year i applied for Metro Credit Card. i used it once with a total of... $180 or something... i paid a fraction, the next bill came i felt disgusted abt the interested. Yet another bill came and i cried because I FREAKING FORGOT TO PAY THE BALANCE LAST MONTH and got charged either $25 or $45 for late fees!

Im soo stupid and forgetful i can't stand myself! Soon after that i paid a$90 and left $20... and i FREAKING FORGOT TO PAY AGAIN LAST MONTH!!! Please i hope they dont charge late fees again cos the balance is soooo little... *pray hard*

i dont think i wanna charge anything to my Metro Credit Card ever again.. or at least till im more stable financially. *knocks myself on the head*

Conclusion is, if i can get the $200 loan off myback and put my $140 insurance on hold, i will be able to breathe sey...

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Hi this is Ayah...
I must say there are will be many downs you guys got to go thru b4 you can up to the surface.
Be patient...
Already there are hiccups in job seeking and visa and application for PR.
Who knows there could be more to come.
prepare for the worse.

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Singapore Business Pages!

I would have thought somebody killed them! Apparently, they are still alive.

Anybody remembers i blogged in Multiply about this SGD4,000 worth of "mistake" when i newly joined this company? They asked u to update ur add to be featured in their business pages, something like Yellow Pages. But in the small fine print they said that it is to place an ADVERTISEMENT and it cost about 4k? I was sooo worried bcos my job was on the line. Luckily, my boss was understanding enough but he wasnt prepared to pay anything unless they come to our office. We got 2 reminders of legal suit.

Today, I received yet another letter from them. Fortunately, it's NOT another invoice reminder BUT another notice to update address.. Guess what?? it STILL contained the old address which i corrected last year!! I'M SUPER PISSED AT THEM!!!

Well.. on the bright side, they didn't actually pursue any legal action. i doubt they even have their own lawyer. Humph! Others beware!

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I have a fear of weddings..

I've written about it before here. And I thought it'd go away after i myself got married. Surprisingly, it hasnt.

But to think of it, i HAVE been going to many weddings after i got married. But mostly they were like i-dont-even-KNOW-the-bride-and-groom-im-just-here-for-lunch-and-to-accompany-my-parents-sisters kinda thing.

Also, i have a STRONG view of NOT giving money at weddings. Pple think im a miser / lokek (which I prolly am) but it's just my principle that when u do weddings it should be ikhlas / SiNCERE and NOT expecting money/profit in return!! the latter is an even more undesirable attitude than being a miser, in my humble opinion.

At "strangers'" wedding, i can just sit and eat and mind my own business. but at a real wedding, I dont like the pressure of having to make small talks w pple/relatives i barely know, its too damn awkward! and you're expected to coo at the bride and groom. Im sorry, i can't do it, it is soo fake. i especially despise KARAOKE at weddings. just one word: AWFUL.

Mostly, i get angry seeing all the extravagance wasted on unnecessary things. Like more than 2 pairs of costume, more than 1000 guests, lavish decoration bla bla bla... and it is NOT bcos i cldnt afford it at my OWN wedding. i didnt have all those BECAUSE i dont believe in improvidence.

At the end of the day, of cos pple will do what they want. I dont despise them personally for it. I just beg that i will be excused for not witnessing it, can?

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The Long Awaited Retreat

Event: ACS Marine Seminar
Date: 5th - 7th July 07
Venue: Amara Sanctuary Sentosa

Absolutely gorgeous spacious room. I may not have a nice view of the sea like the other room but i got a wider room n wider bathroom. just Splendid.

On Thurs, Zubair wanted to come to Sentosa early like at 4pm on his own w bags and all. However, Mummy STRONGLY suggested that they send him instead cos:
1. no dinner provided for him in sentosa
2. He can hv dinner at my Mak Long's place first
3. Heavy bag
4. Scared he might get lost

So in the end, he reached only at 11pm!! :( in a way sad... but in another, glad. That he's taken dinner and reached me safely. And so... this is our first honeymoon..

The next day, after bfast (for 2), i showed him how to get to Pahlawan BEach and then i headed off to the seminar. but he slept thru till 11am! Nonsense i told him sleeping in at sentosa is a sin! hahah bcos there's so much to see.. but maybe just as well bcos we didnt finish till 3pm. we had lunch, but he had to get his at the beach. i, hereby, declare that i appreciate my manager's thoughtfulness in ordering fish and some seafood entree for lunch.

After that was Fun & Games husbands and all... We went to Beach Station to play the LUGE... we each got 3 rides! Oh my god it was super super fun! After a sweating hot day, we stopped for drinks and found out that the 3 ladies from HK cldnt stomach the Skyride and only took their rides ONCE and they still have 2 x 3pax worth of ride and my manager passed it to me. Sadly, we didnt manage to get back to the place again.. i wonder if the ticket's still valid, though?

Dinner was a jolly affair. I dont know how but we somehow clicked very well with this colleague and her husband. Normally, we dont really talk very much but i guess her husband was friendly and together we all chatted about everything under the sun.

There were a lot of children. But of cos my fav is this 3 yr old french boy.

and then suddenly.. the day was over and we were going home the next day already... but we had one more gathering the next day at bfast. last year, Hidayah and i purposely stayed in bed till 10 or something and missed bfast w the rest. I realised it is a good feeling to wake up early esp on weekends... makes the day feel longer.. and fully used.

Oh but about the hotel... it was newly opened and there was still some construction going on. and there were a LOT of insects. ok not A LOT lah but for a hotel?? i'd consider it as A LOT. it's like their habitat has been disturbed. Poor them. and then after the first night, several pple complained about noises of dripping water, disco beat, toads croaking.. Zubair also heard violin sounds the next day. *SHrug*

Alhamdulillah we slept just fine..

More pictures at Zubair's Multiply.

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Sleep Apnoea

I was researching about my blocked nose... At first i tot it was Sinus... then prolly its just sensitive nose... but im thinking now that i have Sleep Apnoea..

Symptoms of OSA include

1. Loud Snoring (only when nose is blocked and mouth NOT open)
2. Feeling of fatigue despite adequate sleep (ALL The time!!)
3. Falling Asleep in midst of routine activities like reading, watching TV (Yup, happens to me)
4. Dozing off in meeting or in the theater / cinema (n, not really)
5. Sudden awakening from difficulty in breathing or gasping for air (Just what i wrote about before)
6. Deteriorating attention span and failing memory (Failing memory, yup)
7. Morning Headaches (nope)
8. Frequent nocturnal trips to the toilet (Yes!!)

i feel like going to the doctor but a bit scared of the treatments i might need to go through...

Procedures include:

1. Radiofrequency Stiffening of the Palate
2. Radiofrequency Reduction of Turbinate
3. Radiofrequency Reduction of the Tonsil
4. Radiofrequency Reduction of the Tongue Base
5. Laser treatment to the Palate
6. Reshaping of the Palate using RF
7. Pillar Implant to Stiffen the Palate

I dont know what they all mean but when i got scared when i see the picture...

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Sentosa here i come!!!

Dear Readers,

I will be away for company retreat later today till Sat. So no entries for 3 days. (i dont blog on weekends normally.)

We are going to the newly opened Amara Sanctuary in Sentosa near the Pahlawan Beach. I can't wait to go cause this will be our first honeymoon! During our marriage leave, we didnt go anywhere, just in Singapore, in my parents' house. haha

Hopefully i will return armed with a FAT story.


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Employee of the Month?

It's been a long time since i last had a clean record with no medical nor annual leaves for a whole month. The last one was in Jan 07. Now Jun 07 i achieved it again. In 2006, out of 9 months, i had 3 clean months.

In end Feb 07 i took a week of unpaid leave to receive the then husband-to-be and for last minute preparation.

Followed by a week of Marriage leave in early Mar 07. this soon followed by Annual leave of 2.5 days cos i was homesick... or u can say... husbandsick! hahahah but of cos i didnt tell my boss that.

In apr, i took a half day MC bcos while talking to him on msn, i felt a great need to see him, also i was feeling quite sick... or did the illness come afterwards? hehehe and i took leave (in advance) end of April for the long May weekend.

May saw a record breaking 3 days MC consecutively AND over the weekend too! PLUS one leave.

And now im only left with 9days leave for the rest of the year :( and i was thinking of going to Pakistan for 3 weeks! Guess need to take unpaid leave again.. and also use 2007 leave lah.

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Sleepless nights..

I've been waking up in the middle of the night and find my nose is blocked and tossed and turned and whined and woke up the hubby.

I've been waking up in the middle of the night crying from a bad dream and wake the hubby for a hug.

Sometimes i will ask him to take the blanket lah, turn off the lights lah, open the windows lah, apply tiger balm on my nose lah... Im sooo manja (pampered) i cannot stand myself.

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Dream Child

That day, i had a dream i just gave birth to a baby. at first, i was confused of the gender and kept forgetting. In the end, it was decided to be a boy. His face was sooooooo white and pure... then suddenly he became a toddler... a very cute one with a VERY Round face, almost like a circle. and his fringe were getting into his eyes.. u know the bowl cut hairstyle. haha then i push up his fringe to see his face... and i just cooed.. bcos he is soo cute.

I relate this story to my sisters and their comment, "Oh dah start best nak ada anak lah ni." which means oh u've started to want a child now.

Truthfully, i wasn't really exhilarated abt having children. At first, i told him let's wait for 2 years. but he bargained down to 1 year, just after the dec wedding in Pakistan. 1) I wanna be the hubby's pampered one for as long as i can. 2) and i dont wanna lose sleep bcos of taking care of them and 3) ultimately... i get really SUPER squeamish when i hear pregnancy and birth stories. so u can say im REALLY scared to deliver one..

In any case, we've planned to have 4 kids. ideally, 2 boys 2 girls or 3 boys 1 girl. and the first boy will be named TUFEIL after his maternal grandfather who was almost like a father to him. i like the name TUFEIL bcos: 1) it means "dearest boy" 2) Arabic cum Urdu 3) very diff from typical singaporean malay muslim names

I asked him about girls' names but mostly, they dont SOUND like girlish names like Khursheed. God i still remember in the beginning before marriage he wanted to name his daughter MEHVISH!!! his ex's name. THAT IS SOOO TOTALLY NOT ACCEPTABLE OK??

So we're still hunting for girl's name... we have a few up our sleeves but i want something different like Tufeil... Let's see lah... maybe i should ask Ammi ji for suggestion...

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Urdu Phrases

Zubair often joked to pple that the only Urdu I know is:

Aapka kya hal hai? / How are you?
Mien theek hoon / I'm fine

He's wrong! haha

I've been reading this Urdu textbook Abg Fai bought when he was in Pakistan called "Learn Urdu in 2 months" or something. ok, true, i've taken MORE than 2 months ie 7 months! and im still stuck at page 38. Bcos there are too many words to remember that when the translation exercises come i give up. But i like the book cos they teach the grammar and not just phrases for conversation and they have the original writing of Urdu which is very much like JAWI / ARABIC.

Mien tumse BAHUT pyar karte hoon / I love you VERY MUCH
Mien tumhari mehsoos kar rahin hoon / I m missing you

Aapne kya pakaya hai? / How do u cook?
Kya kar rahin ho? / what r u doing?

woh sabse accha larka hai / He's the best guy
kiska shaadi? / Who's wedding?

mien dukan main thi / I was in the shop
aapki maan ki dhosti kahan hai? / Where's ur mother's (female)friend?

All these WITHOUT help of the book nor hubby.

There are a few words that have the same meaning in malay and urdu/hindi. Eg:
1. Suami / isteri (husband and wife)
2. Biskut (biscuit)
3. Chadar (Bedsheet)
4. Shalwar/seluar (trouser)

However, there are some words that sound the same but have totally diff meaning in Malay / Urdu. Eg:

1. Mandi: Shower / Shop
2. Makan: Eat / Place or house
3. Anda: You (Polite) / Eggs!!!

Ok can't remember much else for now... I guess that's it for now.

PS to loyal reader: sorry late entry. Today a bit busy. then i started on another story but decided NOT to write it cos its soo irritating and not relevant to my married life blog theme anyways!

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Poll feature in blogspot

Hey Guys!

There's a poll there on the right hand side. "Will ur significant other let u blog abt ur life/lives publicly?" You can put additional comment in this entry or the tagboard.

It's a new feature in Blog in Draft, layout.

I'm bored.... that's why i google "poll on blogspot" and got this result.. now i dont know where's the link...

After i wrote the Slight Tiff abt Going Public article, my loyal reader emailed to me saying she quite expected it to happen. and when i reflect prolly i have too much of time on my hand at work that's why i blog VERY frequently.. i remember, in previous job, i dont have time to blog much not even to read. so there...

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Pakistan Wedding

Ok let's talk about something cheerful...


hahah prolly readers are whispering "Ok quit the lovey dovey thingy majigy already" Sorry i can't help it. Some to those people who can't help retelling how they splurge on expensive unnecessary items that costs 4 . I can't take that but i took it so u gotta take it from me also.

The other day i was talking to Zubair's girl student who is now my friend about weddings in Pakistan. What do i need to prepare and the estimated cost of each. Cos i cldnt get anything out of him. So she told me i'd need:

1. Henna artiste: 200Rps (S$5) both hands front and back .. but i dont think its bridal rate.

2. Make Up artiste: about 2000Rps (S$50) Hair and face. They can do henna also. But their style is the bride GOES over to the beauty parlour for make up and not the other way around

3. Lighting: Fairly Cheap, prolly 200Rps also. But my first reaction was, er... Lighting?? what is it for? She said its to make wonderful effects on my make up and so that my make up dont look cakey.

4. Catering: Dinner is between 150 - 200Rps per pax. but even then, we can consider the option of doing Tea which is probably half the price? NICE!

5. DJ: Zubair has a lot of contacts who can be DJ so not to worry.

6. Banquet Hall: Normally pple do their weddings in the banquet hall but pple do at home also sometimes.. i was thinking of choosing the latter..

7. Cards: it's again very cheap. and no need to post, just hand deliver. but i told her in Singapore i just made e-Cards and call. She said its a tradition to have cards i replied yeah it is a tradition here too but i defy all traditions to have a very simple wedding.

She didnt mention about decoration though... Hmmm *thinking*

When i relate this story to Zubair, his comments were:

1. We're going to do at Banquet Hall. And they will provide lighting and catering
2. Just get my friend to be DJ
3. All my relatives can do hennah for you.
4. 200 pple is more than enough.
5. Need to ask his friend about Banquet Hall and catering rates.

He'd better do it before end of July cos i dont like last minute preparations!

I can't wait to do BRIDAL henna again! i told him can i wear this bridal henna every anniversary? heheh of cos he's more than happy if i'd want to but it's a bit ridiculous, no? If i live in society who dont mind, i'd LOVE to.

BTW, i checked ZUJI and found out that SQ tickets to Lahore w min 4 to travel is only $650 (before tax of about $230) That's a good deal considering i checked on SQ website its $1,200 incl Tax. For two pple to travel is $750 excl tax per person. and Thai Airways about $850 if im not wrong after tax. Like... of cos we'd choose SQ over Thai Airways BUT BUT BUT BUT... Thai Airways we get to transit in Bangkok and i can get to eat my long lost Pulut Mangga!!! (Mango w Glutinous rice) But unfortunately, i wont be travelling to and BACK with the rest of the family. ie i'd probably stay longer maybe... 3 weeks?

Target date to travel is 15th Dec 07. But i need to figure some monetary arrangements to be able to confirm that... cos mainly im not sure when my bonus will be banked in. As of last year it fell on 15th Dec... prolly i should chat w my HR.. And if i buy from Zuji i'd hafta pay upfront ie when i book the tickets as opposed to if i buy from travel agent. Pening pening (headache headache)

PLUS!! I need to shape up!! Otherwise, i can barely breathe in my wedding lehnga!! haha I have been going to the gym... like twice a week but there's no effect on my weight nor shape. Oklah positively, at least i dont get any heavier.. (i think? actually i dont dare to weigh myself! hahahah) i still have a few Lustre Slim but its too few i dont think its worth taking. haha merepeQ (nonsense)

Conclusion: Spend less, save more, eat less, exercise more. HAHAHA

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Meet The People Session

I dont know why i dont really have the mood to write today... prolly BECAUSE of the topic im going to write today and the impending task im gonna work on today...

Anyways... I received a letter from ICA over the weekend. I suppose it must be result from the appeal we made at Meet The People Session.. The letter contained the exact same words... saying Zubair is not eligible for Long Term Visit Pass but will be granted a non-renewable 6 months less one day Social Visit Pass to look for work.

It just struck me when i mentioned this to my mum yesterday that its NON_RENEWABLE. Thankfully we've already made plans to go back to Pakistan some time in Dec... so he can re-enter Singapore... then hafta reapply the visa. Oh no.... im sooo scared of things not turning out smoothly... what if... what if....


Prolly i SHOULD move to Dubai... AXA has a branch office there, prolly i cld ask for a transfer. Zubair had ever been to Dubai to work for 2 weeks and it was easy for him to find a job... my mum was surprisingly encouraging about it yesterday... i told her im scared bcos:

1. Dont know anyone there (ok there r a lot of malay muslims there)
2. Dont know how to cook (ok can learn lah)
3. I heard rents are HIGH
4. What if they still talk mainly in Arabic? ok Arabic's way better than Urdu but still...

Plus, if i lived there, means i hafta travel to two countries to "go home" and see parents as opposed to only one when living in Singapore.

But i told my mother that its normal for foreigner to not be able to get job/pass for a year. the sister who did my bridal henna said she's got a girlfriend who married a nigerian i think. She was the sole breadwinner for a year plus but recently her husband's got a job...

mummy said, "Yeah that's true.. here, u still have a place to live... ok just sabar (be patient)" So i guess i should and must persevere lah... or maybe i give it another year... if not, i'd prolly just migrate. nonsense Govt. if u dont want ur kids to migrate, issue PR more easily for their spouses lah! %$^&%&$%^$%#$%@#

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300607 - Bowling!

Sat was such a fun lazy day!

I didnt have second class and went back to sleep after my cousins had left. i felt soooooooooooooooooo refreshed when i woke up at 3pm and ready to have a fun and exciting day!
So at 5pm, we bfasted/lunched/dinnered at Banquet w Kak Ly and Syifaa'. Then we headed down to Marina Sq and booked a lane at SuperBowl. i dont even care if he had never bowled before and didnt like sports. i WANT TO BOWL TODAY!

While waiting for our turn to be called, i had my dose of drums at the arcade next door! I WANT SOME MORE but its a freaking $2 for 3 songs! we were just about to put the shillings on the car race next when we got a call from SuperBowl to say a lane is available now.

I told him that he'd need to roll the ball on the floor and not throw it with a thud. and that he had to keep his arms straight when he throws and to keep it center.

To my surprise he got a spare and a strike in a row!! I began to wonder if he really never bowled before. even the guys next to us were impressed! but his score on the second round proved he indeed had never played before hehehe he asked me, "How come we've missed this game for the past 4 months?" i told him the first time we went to marina square i'd asked him before if he wanted to try bowling but he was not interested. cheh!

Then we had two rounds of Car racing. first i won by far, second he won just by a little. we tried a shooting game afterwards. but we were soooo blur at how to play it that we didnt last 1 min! Sheesh!

Then we walked from Marina Square all the way to Raffles place. it was 10pm. There were a LOT of pple at Esplanade's bus stop. i think there was an NDP preview or something? cos the lights were all on. and i was very amused that there were so many pple around along the park past 10pm! i guess i've never been there at this time before.

I've had such a great time today. My sat had never felt so long!

UPDATE : Oh yes! we put $50 voucher of Royal Sporting House courtesy of Raizan and Hanani to good use.

You can see we got a cap, a t-shirt and 2 pairs of shorts. Thanks dearest friends! We appreciate your gesture and will recipocrate when in better position, theek hai? Take care!

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