To go or Not to go...

To work.

I wanna go because:

  1. The Paris Bosses are coming
  2. I wanna prove them wrong - if anybody was thinking i'd take advantage of my MC
  3. If i dont go, there will only be 1 day left for my medical leave for the next TWO months! (Dec not counted as im off half of it)
  4. Even if i dont go to work, Zubair won;t be here... He's out helping my cousin.

I dont wanna go because:

  1. My eyes are still perit (dont know how to translate it .. hmmm something like sore? hah) and teary.
  2. Dont wanna infect anybody else
  3. i dont know how to put the eye drop myself if i go in office.

Well... i lost. i succumbed to my lazy self. but really my eyes are still not fully recovered yet. That's why the doctor gave 4 days. Doctors DO know their stuff.

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