I'm Such a Control Freak!

  1. I ask where he's going, with who, for what, what time will be back
  2. I ask what he spent his money on
  3. I ask him to wear this and this
  4. I decide what he should eat..
  5. I check his Chat log, call log, web history..
  6. I talk with HIS friends when he hasnt logged off...
  7. I even highlight which job advert he should try for.

It's a no wonder i always feel worked up and he feels irritated with my "investigation".

Well, i prefer to call it, "Asking after him", "Creating conversations" and so on. You see, he seldom talk about his day, or who his friends are, or how life was back in Pakistan. I feel like I dont really know what's inside of him. I'd very much like to know what are his thoughts and opinions about anything and everything.

I guess i take after my mother, who is always patronizing us or whatever... Well... you know mothers... of course, they only do so for the best of us... But then again, i also take after my father, SILENT type, dont-wanna-argue kind. Yup, when i'm angry, i'll be silent; when in an argument, i just dont bother to explain my stand, or rather LAZY to. But lately, i can't keep silent anymore because now i know that if we girls dont EXPRESS what's disturbing us, the GUYS just DON'T GET IT.

I appreciate that Zubair puts up with me despite all these. Yeah, sometimes he got angry at me, and we argue..but Hey, What's married life without aruments to spice it up? Besides, the making up part is the BEST :D

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4 glasses of Juice:

Ashley said...

Guess you just have to know the limit...

Nur said...

NO!It's not control freak!!! its jus bein concern..... n yeah... striking conversation.... muahahaha........

Jussaemon said...

ok Xubi.. tell me where's the limit.

Jussaemon said...

Yayyyy thank you Nur!!! For sharing the same view that is...