Junior Journals

Last night, bored out my wits, and trying to find something to soothe me to sleep, i opened one of my shared journals of yesteryears.

I started a shared journal/diary with my best friend who sat next to me in class in Secondary 2 (1996). we called it the 2-in-1 Journal. and have like 14 notebooks through out 2 years on and off.

I laughed when i read all of them back. I made no coherent sense, jumping from one topic to another with no mention of specifics. i reckon, back then i knew what i was writing about but by now i've forgotten what it was! and to think that somebody recently complimented me on my grammar considering i was 13yrs old at that time. That can't be right! my grammar was horrendous!! But i suppose in comparison to other 13 yr olds today, prolly it IS better written. or should it be "WAS"? See.. im STILL confused about grammar!

I was so obsessed with this first real crush of mine. i even had the cheek to tell off my bestie, "It's not that i like him, i DONT." but yet i was the one looking up his add, calling him up, sending him ANONYMOUS letters signed off as Miss Sunflower Saggie (for sagitarius), gave him a whole set of coloured pens 12pcs in all for his bday - anonymously! BOY! was i crazy.

But i'm glad i didnt start any relationship while i was that young. Im sure it would have affected my grades as it did during my A levels. Sighhh.. i knew if i had worked harder, i cld've aced my AO math like i had for E maths at O level..

Anyway, I dont know why we were so secretive about our journals. We didnt want our friends to see our exchanges. The next year after we were separated by a row of tables, it got more difficult to pass the book to the other. I suppose we didnt want them to snatch the book and read them aloud or something because it contained our private thoughts. However, i remember a few of them hinted that they know the existence of that book but they respected our privacy. That's nice. We ARE after all NICE girls. I dont remember a single bully during my school days.

Hanani, the bestie, is the one who introed me to blogger back in 2004. I was quite reluctant back then bcos i was busy at work. She urged me saying, "It's just like our journal, just that it's online." At that, i started this very blog! Thank you, Nan for the insistence! hehehe

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2 glasses of Juice:

Ashley said...

So it was you and Nan? Cute!!!

Jussaemon said...

what? u read them?