Road Games: Which Lane's Faster?

I realised that lately I've been playing this game in my mind.

Do you notice how the extreme right lane in the expressway, which is supposed to be the fast &/or overtaking lane, is always the one that's lagging behind or having a long queue ending up being the slow one??

It always seemed that whenever i finally got into the fast lane, the traffic on that lane will stop while the immediate left will flow.. Is it because too many cars trying to get into the fast lane that its clogging the traffic?

One day, i noticed that a car i overtook a few min ago is now ahead of me on the 3rd lane. From then on, whenever i overtake, i will pick one unique car/vehicle to be my mark. I will use him to see whether my decision to go to the extreme right lane is a good choice or a bad one. ie if i dont see it again (he didnt overtake me) means i've made a good choice.

Because you see.. sometimes its worth it to stay in queue even though its a long one... bcos it will clear up a few km ahead. It's much better than changing to 3rd lane and then when it matters the most, when the fast lane's going fast, and u can't get join that lane promptly enough and you notice that you've been set back even further.. THEN you'll feel the pinch!

Hmm do i make sense?

If i tell this to Ayah, he would probably say, "It's ok we're not in a hurry. It doesnt matter. We shld remain calm and be patient"

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