Ramadhan Aa gaya hai... aur syawal!

We'll be starting to fast this Thursday and for the first time i'm excited!!

Of course I'm eager for Ramadhan to come so that hopefully our prayers will be answered quicker and more easily.

Other than that, i'm excited because i wanna show Zubair how we "celebrate" Ramadhan and Syawal here in Singapore. I wanna show him our special Ramadhan Bazaar in Geylang.. How festive and noisy it is. Stalls selling all kinds of things from (of course) Food and kuih / cakes to clothes to CARS to nonsense things the non-muslim stalls sell.

I'm looking forward to the Iftar gathering me and my 11 best friends are going for at Nan's LOVE NEST, as she put it. haha Finally all 5 husbands of the gang will get to meet and talk. but unfortunately, i heard some soccer match is on during that time so they'll probably just shut off and glue their eyes to TV. I wonder how Zubair'd adjust to that being not interested in sports himself. heheh

It'd be fun and not to mention SUPER convenient to have a male to help around getting the house ready for Eid. My dad used to be the only male around, he's usually in-charge of clearing and reorganising the store room. Abg Fai... he's always at the mosque, not much opportunity to help. Anyways, Zubair's already assigned to bring down and possibly put up the curtains... and im thinking.. maybe... i shld enrol him to help me to make some kuih (malay cakes/sweets)!!

As for Syawal itself, i can't wait for him to see all my relatives, their houses, how they decorate their house and what they will feed us!

I sincerely hope the 11 best friends will have 1 day of Hari Raya visiting, so that i can introduced the teachers to my husband as non of them could make it on my wedding day. I did see Ustazah Hadibah at Azma's wedding too and she's seen Zubair.

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