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Of 3 events:

1. Chill w SWPH

2. Pre bday


3. Bday

4. Post bday

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Busy! & Tufeil's Update

Suddenly i was swamped at work.

My in tray has never piled up this high before!
  1. I have a new job description added - assisting another dept actually.
  2. One project in current dept.
  3. Organising D&D... i was named the secretary of RecClub.

Nice! I like having something to do. Like Duh!

Oh yah i haven't written here that I had also joined Salsa Dance Class sponsored by the company and Work Health Promotion Board. The class is every Friday, 6.15 to 7.15pm. There's been 2 classes so far.

After class, i hurried back to office to do my prayers and take my stuffs home. But it'll take too much time. I would reach home 8.35pm!! So i think next lesson, i will take wudhu' from office and pray in the classroom where we have our session.

Oh Gosh, my left calf is sore like crazy after last week's training session for Vertical Challenge = climbing 5 storeys worth of staircase. I took 38 seconds and they're asking me to try to keep below 30 seconds. The 2 sporty guys in my group did it in under 26 seconds. There are 5 of us to cover 26 floors. The record is set at 2m 38seconds. Er... i doubt we can even do less than 3m but.. let's see...

Peeps for follow me on Twitter will already know this: Tufeil took his first few independent steps over the weekend at 11.5month old.

Ayah was minding Tufeil while i wash the dishes after T's dinner. Ayah just finished praying while holding Tufeil in his arms and afterwards he put T down standing up and he suddenly walked 3 steps to Dad. Ayah quickly called me and put Tufeil in position and he walked to me in a very funny expression. It was a mixture of excitement, horror and triumph! Complete with spreaded arms for balance. I did not catch it on video cos my own arms are busy holding out for him. And i can't describe the feeling for u. It's a proud moment for a mother.

But Tufeil still has a lot of practice to do before he can walk confidently. Firstly, he needs to get up to standing position on his own without our or furniture's support!

@ The Library

Where else? Nan will prolly find the overalls familiar. The shoes are courtesy of Nisa. oh Gosh! I hafta start shopping for Tufeil's shoes. Yayyy!!

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Tufeil News. 11 months.

He is sooooooooo talkative!! He will repeat the words we say... His first word is Car, Bird and Air (malay for water pronounced more like A yer)... So sign of Mummy... but he can pronounce Ca-Ca (that's my nickname).

His favourite consonant is probably K. He can say.... Duck, Tak (no), Nak (Want), Yak (Short for berak - shitting) but only the first work with meaning.

LOL When my mum say... "Tufeil, Tufeil berak eh?" He would make a Berak face. Er... if u can imagine.

Nowadays, he can walk with just one hand holding ours confidently. It used to be both hands.

He loves PLAYING with BOOKS. He would flip flip flip, squeal, shriek, scream then oops... TORN!

Some photos from this morning:


"Who called me...?"

"Oh Mummy! Its you..."

"Hey, what is this box?"

"Oh Tissues! I LOVE Tissues!"


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Happy Birthday, Hifzul Iman!

Sun 7th March 10 (11 1/4 months old)

We were invited to Yaya's place to celebrate her son's 1st Bday. And i was super excited! Cause Iman is just 3 weeks older than Tufeil. I got them matching Hooded Towel. But i forgot to bring it!!!!!! Just realised it when i reached. Was sooooooo sad!! (Khair, if you're reading this... i'll send it to u... soon... somehow)

Tufeil in the car - What is he wearing?

His Songkok (headgear) doesn't last 1 minute on his head each time. Until in the end, i gave up. He was wearing a Jubah his Nenek (my mum) bought from Mekah. I feared it may look like a pyjamas but i got 2 comments that it looked like Japanese Male-kimono, Uka-what? Another one asked is this Pakistani dress? and only 1 person actually observed that the Arabs wear this to sleep. Oh well... not sure if its practically to wear it in S'pore for a crawler.

Anyways I got a lift to Nan's place first where we waited to Ma. I LOVE Nan's place got sooooo many toys and soooo breezy and spacious.

Even after Alll the wait, we were still the first few guests to arrive. So we made ourselves comfortably at home, wrecking a mess, water spilling everywhere, babies grabbing adult food, begging for the delicious longan grass jelly dessert. LOL

Tufeil playing peakaboo, with Iman in the background.

Mummy & Baby Corner.

'Affaan and Husainy with Tufeil.

Tufeil has been very excited at babies. He LOVES reading Dr Miriam Stoppard's Baby Activities - a parent's book cause there are LOTSA baby pictures. He would point at them, squeal, kiss them, lick them. LOL.

Here at Yaya's place with sooo many other babies, I see that he is also keen to greet them... with his CLAWS! hahaha At first i tot its only to baby girls.. but apparently not.

I might as well announce here that we most probably won't be having a birthday party for Tufeil. We're just planning a cycling day at East Coast with the closest of family only.

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Pengat Pisang aka Bubur Chacha

This dessert is absolutely my favourite in the world! and i suspect Tufeil's too. My mum's version contains Banana, Sweet Potato, Flour and Sago (some kind of jelly?) and is red in colour.

Tufeil and I will make a fabulous team. I will have the banana, he takes the sweet potato as neither of us eat the other.

I already bought the sweet potato and mum bought Banana. Only Pisang Nipah / Pisang kepok (no idea what its called in English) is suitable for this. But mum was too tired to cook. So i pleaded with her to tell me how to do it cos die die i wanted to eat that very night. Lol mengidam lah pulak.

Tragedy One: I think i may have accidently threw away the one potato peeler!!!

So i was struggling skinning the two pieces of Honey Sweet Potato with a normal knife. And then i had to pause a few times cause Tufeil cried being left on the kitchen floor for too long.

When i got back to it, it got somewhat black and i asked Mum is this normal and she said yeah, u hafta do it quickly otherwise it will deteriorate.

So first, i soaked the Sago balls in tap water.

Then boil the sweet potatoes (peeled and cubed) together with the sago balls. Mum said until 3/4 cooked. I had no idea how is that but i think it was about... what? 10min?

Even for this, i got the instruction wrong! TRAGEDY TWO: I accidentally put in the banana too cos i tot Mum said put in everything. But apparently, Bananas go in last cause they go limp quickly.

Poor Bananas. I had to scoop them out.

Next is to strain the boiled sweet potatoes and added fresh water and boil again. This part i'm not sure why. Cause i read that the nutrients will seep out to the water in boiling or steaming process. So if u dont utilise that water, u r basically eating an Empty biscuit, so to speak. But when i ask Mum why, she said this is to remove the "getah" / latex (?) from the vege. *scratch head*

Anyways, dont forget to sprinkle some salt in ur pot!

Mum preparing the tepung.

Just mix flour and water. Not sure if she adds anything else cause i wasn't there when she did.

TRAGEDY 3: I cut them too thick in the initial stage! It will take longer to cook that way! hafta cut in... 2mm at the most! Sheesh!

NExt up are 200ml Coconut Milk and a bag of Red Sugar. lol. literal translation.

I didnt measure the sugar but she said even that amount is not enough and had to add white sugar. For the uninitiated, red sugar gives the wonderful orange colour of the... should i say.. broth?

We missed out Pandan Leaf.

We were waiting for the flour to cook and to add the banana last when the clock struck 9. Tufeil's bedtime! So i went to send him to sleep, when i came out the room, it was dessert time!


Arghhh!! Can't wait to go home and eat this some more. I love to eat them hot. But dont mind cold either.

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Warung Lele - Review

There's a relatively new Indonesian restaurant opened at Temasek Tower, Tanjong Pagar in place of Gloria Jean's.

Today Zi, her friend and I patronised the restaurant. We reached at 12.10 there were plenty of seats. Afterwards, i saw a reserved table and by 12.45pm it was FULL.

It has al fresco dining as well

We had these to choose from:

LUNCH EXPRESS (For the Busy Executive)

N1 Bakso Mee or Bakso Bihun or Bakso So’un $5.00
(Beef Ball Noodles or Bee Hoon or Glass Vermicelli)
N2 Mee Lodeh or Bihun Lodeh or So’un Lodeh $5.00
(Curry Vegetable Noodles or Bee Hoon or Glass Vermicelli, topped with prawns)
R1 Nasi Goreng $5.90
(Indonesian Fried Rice with Crab Meat, Vegetables & Egg)
R2 Nasi Ayam Masala $5.90
(Masala Curry Chicken & Green Vegetables with Steamed Rice or Yellow Ginger Rice)
R3 Nasi Ikan Masala $5.90
(Masala Curry Fish & Green Vegetables with Steamed Rice or Yellow Ginger Rice)
R4 Nasi Rendang Sapi $5.90
(Beef Rendang Rice & Green Vegetables with Steamed Rice or Yellow Ginger Rice)
R5 Green Fish Curry Rice $5.90
(Dory Fish fillet in light curry gravy & green vegetables served steamed rice or yellow ginger rice)
R6 Nasi Ikan Tauco $5.90
(Dory fish in bean sauce & green vegetables with steamed rice or yellow ginger rice)
F1 Ayam Bakar Set $9.90
(BBQ Chicken served with Rice or French Fries & Salad)
F2 Seafood Platter $11.90
(BBQ Squid, Prawn & Fish Fritter with Rice or French Fries & Salad)
F3 Satay Set $5.90
(Indonesian Chicken Satay with White Rice)

Oh my. I'm not much of a rice + dishes eater save for Nasi Padang and at home. I'm esp NOT a FISH lover.... I'd much prefer western food but i should give it a try, i feel, since its newly opened. Then i saw F3 and jumped for joy! Yayyy Satay is my FAVOURITEST dish in the world!

This Sosro Jasmin Tea drink is very popular in Indonesia.

It's $2 per pkt!! That's like daylight robbery. I bet they just cost like 10cents in Indo.

Satay Set

But i LOVE my satay. The portion is balanced to the amount of rice served. *GRIN* and its good even on its own. It's nice that it comes w lotsa veges too. Another point for a Balanced Diet meal. Ahaks!

However, its Funny that they added the coleslaw though its nice actually.

Ayam Masala + Yellow Rice
I didnt try this.

Beef Rendang + Yellow Rice

Very Hot in a Chilli way and gravily way.

Popiah Pisang (Banana) $2

This is a new dessert i've never tried before. Oh well... nothing extraordinary. Tasted just like a normal banana. No extra flavour or yumminess.

I suppose $5.90 is ok for this kinda set - occassionally. Well. Just don't buy the drinks there. Freaking Exp! I brought my own bottle of water. HAH!
PS: Photos are much nicer taken from iPhone.

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iPhone 3GS Review

So i've had the iPhone for 1.5 week now. And i feel like i've really downgraded myself! Here;s Why:


What the hell?! That is the MINIMUM requirement of mobile phones nowadays ok. I've had video call function for the past FOUR years! Going without one is like ... crippling! I really can't believe Apple is soo... cheapskate!

I googled around and found out that iPhone OS 3.2 will have a video call function. It is now in iPad but of course iPad doesnt have a camera. So i basically hafta buy a new version when it comes out. BAh!

Otherwise, i'll hafta put my sim card in my old Sony Ericsson to do a video call. Thank god i still keep it.

2. Can't Delete or Organise pictures!

After i synchronised my pictures from my pc to phone, i discovered that they are all jumbled up in only ONE FOLDER. I used to have for Eg: Family\2009\"Name of event". Imagine i now have 6226 pictures (4GB's worth) distributed in only 9 folders. DIE!

Worse! I realised that i couldn't even DELETE the synched pictures. So instead, i hafta delete from my pc or uncheck them and synch again. What the!

I can't sort my Camera Roll either! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Freaking irritated!

3. No TAGS in Notes

Again, i hate the non-organised way Apple works. Notes are scattered all over with no form of sorting or categories! You know, like how Palm / Treo does.

Worse still, Notes are in Descending order by DATE amended. Even if i only just VIEW the note without making any change, it will go to the top. It makes it HARD to look for a specific note if i dont remember what date i wrote / amended. I mean... WHO WOULD! *roll eyes!*

At first, i thought ringtones are limited. and lived for a week without a Car Horn for incoming call and Glass for sms. I'm not satisfied with that so i googled around and found this website to customised YOUR OWN RINGTONE! Now That's COOL! It's quite WORDY but if u follow slowly, it works! I especially like that we can cut in the middle of a song.

I was sooo angry with my purchase, I tot I should have just be contented with iTouch because if iPhone is only good for games, then iTouch was enough. But Cuz Nur reminded me of just why i did.

"I dont need Wifi to get internet access to... CHAT or play Lexulous."

And then i calmed down and grateful that i only paid $118 for my phone after a $150 voucher for a recontract.

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Kiddy Rides.

26th Feb 09 (11month old)

I've been trying to get Tufeil on the $1 kiddy rides that u find at shopping centres (read: causeway point) but he was always afraid.

We just reached Terminal 3 airport to pick up Ash when we saw a BIG go-kart playground. I wasted no time and forked out $7 for 4 rounds on the big ride.

Here we comeeeeeeee

The Bear is sooo cute

Tufeil's steering the way.

He was not afraid at all. Liked it when i swerved right and left and when i jerk-stopped.

Can't wait for him to be big enough for the Big Boys Rides.
Actually i wish i'm small enough to ride one myself! LOL

Disembarking. HAHA

Ash's flight got delayed, so after dinner, we let Tufeil loose on the ground! hahahaha.

Smitten by somebody else's drawing.

He dragged that paper everywhere! while he crawled!

Shortly after this shot, Tufeil facing away from me suddenly knelt down kissing the floor. I was slow to react and when i picked him up i saw black dirt all over his mouth! YIKES!!!

Crawling to Atok.

Soon, I can play at the Big Kid's playground!

Ok Bye for now!

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