The Band

He came home super tired after a 2.5hr of jamming.

His group has got 7 members!! Keyboardist, drummer, 3 guitarists and 2 singers! Hmmm Don't think they have a name yet

They sing Chris Daughtry's songs... and i have always liked him from his American Idol days. Sighhh... And some Indonesian band i can't remember what but its popular one lah.

He was astonished that the Chinese Studio owner can speak Urdu! The Chinese man heard Z talked to Ammi on the phone in Urdu and asked him, "Kaisey ho?" or something in Urdu. Apparently, he used to work in Rawalpindi for 15 yrs!! It's a no wonder!

The leader in the group said that he had ever got a $10,000 a month contract to perform at a SMALL club. Imagine how much would a bigger club offer. at the very least $1,000 per person per month. If $2k don't even need a day job lah! And here i thought they got like nightly pay of $100 x 10 weekends. oklah that would equate to the same thing but still!! if the band was smaller can get fatter share. ok ok im not greedy lah.. just saying.

But then again, i detest clubs. However, its very much a need we're experiencing here now. On the other hand, they dont see getting contracts anytime soon as they still need to practise more songs as a band together.

Z did say that their first jamming session turned out great. like 80% in sync and that's great considering they've never played together before!

Next month, we should enrol him to the music lessons again lah... this month too tight... toooo tight. God please let the claim cheque come quickly. It's already agreed and processed what

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Sat 26th Mar 08

It was Sat night and Zubair was getting restless and said let's go to IMM. At first i said, "let's save it for Tues." Although he said ok, i remembered that i was again as always dejecting his ideas and decided to relent.

I just found out that IMM had a major renovation! But still the slip road to go into the building's micro Mini! There was a long queue and not even the shuttle bus was exempted!

There was a Sony sale going on at the Atrium. a Bravia 40" was going at $1899!!! $1,000 off with 5 years warranty and Free Home theater! Only 5 sets were available. If we had the money, and if we bought our house already, we surely would have grabbed that deal!

Our aim was to buy a new phone for our room digital voice line. It has been down for like 3 months or so. So wasteful that im still paying Starhub $10+ a month but can't fully utilise the unlimited free outgoing!

We reached there about 8:30 and only managed to go to Best Denki.

Bought a $33 phone with Handsfree function and Caller ID Display and 1 yr warranty. Although i havent subscribed to caller ID, i think its good for future lah. At first wanted to get the $19 basic phone, and then saw the $28-with-speaker phone... then saw the $33-with-screen phone.

Also, we bought a $19 webcam. Its less than 1.3MP but it serves the purpose lah... Our Paki family is missing us and wants to SEE us...

We had a great time talking in the train that i didn't realise it was our station already! Thank god he decided to take off those earphones!

We also managed to stop ourselves from buying OTAK2 and Cempedak and what nots!

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Negative Energy = Spring Cleaning

Sunday, i woke up to a super bad mood.

Thanks to Zubair who last minute told me he cldn't come along to my best friend's wedding bcos he needs to practise his songs before he meets his band at 2:30pm.

I was throwing tantrum for some 30min until i cannot take it anymore cos i didn't get any attention and channeled my bad vibes into positive activity. LOL!

I had some 30 hangers of pressed clothes on my door knobs that cant fit into the wardrobe and i wanted to clear them. But with all those pent up frustrations, i didnt just put them away in my wardrobe,

  1. i folded all his hung but unironed shalwar kameez to give way to MY clothes
  2. Then organized my hanged clothes, right side shalwar kameez (10 pairs!) left side Dresses and pantsuits in the middle shirt & pants
  3. Rearranged HIS side of the wardrobe by matching pants & shirts into one hangers and jackets to one side
  4. Cleaned up my bag area
  5. I finally took out my Body Shop wedding present from my 10 besties and put the beautiful boxes to good use to organise my creams, scrunchies and what nots.
  6. Later at night, i even turned over the mattress and changed the bedsheet ALL on my OWN!! Bearing in mind, my still very much delicate left thumb.

Luck was on my side. Mummy wasn't going to the wedding until 1pm. And Z was initiative enough to quickly work on his songs and then decided he could join me after all.

I can't believe i almost didn't wanna go to my own best friend's wedding! During my early early days in school, we were very close lah. I always walked over to her house (some 10min away) to play bicycle, roller blade and whatever lah. Being the only child she's got a LOT a LOT of toys!

And i had a fun time at the wedding lah. It was funny how we hindered the groom from going up to the dais to his wife. We asked him to name at least 5 out of 9 of us! And he only got 4 even then with the help of his best men!

Group Shot. Z Missing. *sob*

The event was held at the void deck and it occupied the whole block! with two diff buffet sets. Very good cos there were ample seats for th 2,000 odd guests and we can even hang out for a bit. Poor Mother of the Bride, at one point, she got very confused/bingung with so many guests coming up to her!

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And I Thought it's the Employee Market now...

ZacM, my former employer, would rather take cheaper workforce from India than help his former employee's husband. Despite the fact that he had taken a Nigerian or something whose wife is also a Singaporean and the expected salary is the same range. Sure ours is a tad higher, but ....

Play By Ear says your sight reading (playing looking at notes) is good but need some more practice. Come back when you got better. Besides, they might have a problem with work permit.

I guess i have only the Airport job on the cards left.

Cik Rose suggested getting that riding/driving license soon, prolly she can recommend to one of C241 (pizza) outlets. And she will also try to ask her contact (my schmate's mother) who owns an employment agency if she can find a job for Z.

Oh! I have not written about this sms i got from my friend. It says

I received d sms below. can your hubby take it up? - Looking for a piano tutor
for a special boy who has ADHD. He can play the piano but he learns thru
listening. Cant read notes. Prefer the tutor to be experienced in working with
people from this background.

It turned out to be a child in the local muslim orphanage home. a 14 yr old boy who has multiple disorders. After speaking with the officer, she told me that its difficult to find a suitable teacher! But that it will be even more diff cos this tutor's fee is funded by the govt and they'd need proper documentation and what nots. So i emailed her.

heheh yeah i was the one who wrote the email on his behalf since i've liaised with her from the first. Anyway, i wrote that, "Although Z doesnt have any official training in psychology, he is passionate about teaching music and children."

I also pandai2 (out of the blue) proposed that they would hire him full time as a so called events management officer or something. To train not just the one boy but also the rest of the children for the prolly monthly fund raising events they have here and there! LOL!

One thing i'm very scared of is of Work permit. Argh!!! *pull hair*

I just followed up with the officer again and she said that she's passed to her boss and that the answer wouldn't be very soon as there's a long red/yellow tape of procedures to follow, as usual, and that they would need at least 2 proposals to compare, when they have only the one right now. She said i could check back again in 3 weeks time! *faint*

At least i have some leads to follow rather than nothing at all.


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The Piano Player

He's been advertising himself on SOFT (a webportal for Singapore musicians).


A few bands have already approached him. 3 to be precise, that i know of. Again, naturally, he's been attracting groups of Malay musicians bcos of his name, which is just as well. The first one was heavy metal like Dep Leopard or Deep Purple something or other played by Abang2 (older brother) rockers . He met them once but got turned off.

The second band is much better. A group of Malay/Indonesian playing soft rock, Indonesian "islamic" rock song. He turns out to be the youngest amongst them. And one even lives just next to our block!! Amazing! *shake head* So this newly organised band is gonna meet for the first time this Sun~ Let's see how it goes.

Then just a few days ago, an 18 yr old boy msged him to bcome their keyboardist. I seriously dont know where this one will lead to or if it will even last long taking into account their tender age where they will meet big crossroads soon.


He also offered his teaching services. at a mere $40 a month at that! I saw another person posted at market rate of $200 for 4 lessons of 1hr each. What vast difference! But my dear Z is willing to do it as long as he has something to do! But nobody has replied yet lah.

But one kind soul did msg him saying, "Can that cover your transport cost?" And later he said that this Play-BY-Ear Music School is hiring, why dont he check it out kinda thing.

And so that is exactly what Z did yesterday. But he was told to come back today at 3pm for an interview. Please pray for him.

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Turtle Egg

Zubair: Darling look *pointing to tv* So many turtle eggs

Me: oh yeah

Z: so many!!

Me: Yeah its common. In Malaysia a lot of pple eat them.

Z: WHAT? You can eat it? NO!! Is it halal not?

Me: Yeah can a lot in malaysia!!

Z: Then if you can eat turtle egg, why don't you eat crocodile's egg?


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Sakura International Buffets and Monkeys

Sun, 23rd MArch 08

Mummy and Ayah celebrated their 32nd wedding anniversary on 15th May 08. They treated us to Sakura International Buffet at PAris Ris Downtown East last Sun! By us i mean our immediate family together with out fav cousins from Simei.

I dont have pictures cos my hp was dying at that time but i can tell you i'd enjoyed my time there. Prolly more so than in Carousel bcos:

  1. there's more kind of food that im familiar with and like
  2. there are still seafood
  3. its cheaper but more friendlier
  4. They have prepared-on-demand Teppanyaki and an efficient system to manage it.
  5. The price is inclusive of unlimited drinks! LOL
  6. The toilet has a jetspray and wall fan!

The only downside is, its not as posh looking as Carousel, at least not the one at Down town East lah.

On the way home, we stopped by at Upper Pierce Reservoir and met our good friends!

Monkeys! and lotsa them!

If you look closely, this one is actually feeding her young! All these monkeys were just loitering and relaxing on the road, gawking at us humans. And there are signs everywhere that says,

"Don't feed the monkeys. They have a lot to eat in the forest. Fine $500"

Ayah taking photos of leaves! Haven't seen how it turned out.

Singapore being a stone jungle, all these greens are really a rare sight.

You can actually walk up to the "shoreline" of the reservoir. A lot of pple were trying to catch the small fishes there but swimming is still prohibited of course, or else FINE! haha

It was about 4 close 5pm when we were there and it was glaringly HOT! but if you stay in the shade and with the breeze gently blowing... you might just find yourself flown to dreamworld. That is before the ants wake you up!

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The Real Halal Food 2008, Finally!

After the disappointing "Food Fair" at Suntec, i was thrilled to read in the papers that there's a HALAL Food Fair running at EXPO for the long weekend. Even more thrilled when Kak Ly offered to drive us there.

The title of the exhibition is Halal Food, furniture, lifestyle or something something 2008. Then the first thing we saw when we came in were wood furnitures and i joked, "Say, are these furnitures halal too?" LOL!

But 15mins into the fair, Kak Lily w stroller cldn't take the crowd and left the scene totally.

We were left to fend for ourselves. We spent almost $30 there!!!! *faint*

  1. $3 Otak otak (haha all the way to Expo buy otak2 also!)
  2. $2 beef lung
  3. $5.20 personal Hawaiian Pizza
  4. $6 Lemang + beef rendang
  5. $5 Choc chip Baulu (which we later forgot it in the MRT!!!)
  6. $2.50 on 2 drinks
  7. $5 Chicken Kebab (bcos that Pizza is not enough for Zubair)

At least i'm happy that this is the true blue Food fair i've been wanting to show him. We even got to listen in on a seminar about Women. It was in Malay though, so Z cldn't appreciate it. I wish for an auto translator. Where is my darling Doraemon?

Then we took a look at the Book Fair and Baby Fair too.

Book Fair

Hmmm too big and disorganised you can't find something you're looking for but will certainly get some random interesting thing. The best part is Fictions were tagged at no more than $15 (even hard covered ones!) with average being $10 and lowest being $5!!! Some General books are even 3 or 4 for $10!

We didn't buy anything though with only $12 left in my pocket! Not necessary anyways.

Baby Fair

Hmmm When we stepped in, we were quickly approached by this Malay guy asking us, "Are you planning for your child's education?" We said no we are not thinking about it yet as we have no children yet. But he kept on talking about his land investment. Wait a minute, this sounds familiar, i remember listening to Mel explaining it to me when she was with Jardine Smith.

but other than that, nothing else appeals to us since we havent actually HAD a baby YET, considering they were selling diapers like hot cakes!

Teck Wei CAR Roadshow

outside, there was a car roadshow and Zubair fell in love with Honda Fit. the new model retails at $500/mth for OPC (weekend car). I said to the agent, "But that's almost the same price as that MPV over there!" He said, "Oh that is Fiat, ya know. Cannot compare. That one uses up a lot of petrol!" I suppose he's right but dont know whether he just wanna "goreng" / fry or sweet talk us.

Then he told us that he has sold 20 cars just today alone!!! Imagine one single car salesman sold 20 cars a day, how many total Singaporeans buy a car in a day? in a month? How much does that salesman earn? If for eg, he earns 5% commission and the average price of a car is $30,000, he would have earned $30,000 in a day!!!! *faint* Should i get Zubair to become a car salesman? Or should i just switch career and be a salesman myself?! LOL!

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We Finally Discovered Daiso

Tues, 18th Mar 08.

i asked Zubair if he wanted to go to Esplanade or VivoCity. After some thought, he chose the latter cause we've been to Esplanade quite often as compared to VC. Even after i tried to tempt him with Satay at Lau Pa Sat, he stayed firm with his decision. I forgot we just ate satay the previous night.

Anyways, we window shopped. Zubair has this fascination for watches. The names like Emporio Armani and God knows what else could fetch $3000 easily, while $5000 is also not unheard of. Z said he wants to buy me one good watch too some day. I told him, "If you ask me, i would rather you buy me lots and lots and lots of clothes than just 1 expensive watch."

Me? I have only just the one Swatch i bought some 5 yrs ago. Previously, i was wearing $10 watches most of the time. Even now i dont wear it anymore cos its so troublesome to put on with my left hand like it is.

So... i dont exactly get what he sees in these watches. and often, i get bored when we visit them watch shops. But there is this one rather unique shop that has a combination of watches as well as wall clocks. Now the latter is at least more interesting to look at with the diff designs and all. Well i must try, musn't i?

Then i saw the yellow orange neon sign of Daiso on the upper floor. I've heard of it being something like the old Muji or something so decided to take a look. I was browsing the cups and plates and looking around for the tag and i said to Z, "What kind of shop is this that doesnt tag their items?" One employee was stacking some stuff so i asked her and she told me, "Oh everything here is $2!" LOL! *slap forehead*

And we almost went crazy looking at the various items they're selling. From those cockeries, to stationeries, to undies, to gardening tools, to god knows what. haha We agreed that we can't wait to have our own house and buy for our house all these things! :D

We picked 8 items. But before we reached the cashier, i noticed they had a sign that said they dont accept credit cards, so i had to remove 4 not so important/urgent items. Ergh :S

Then we went to the open space. All benches were taken so we sat by the stairs and it was most comfy with the railings to lean on, and the breeze blowing... Sheer bliss....

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It's been 8 weeks

since the tragedy on my hand happened.

I was a fool to have thought that my hand would soon return to normal when the stitches are out!

It's been 7 weeks since the last stitch was taken out here in Singapore and still my thumb feels stiff, sore, lame and "ngilu" (tingly?).

I have made some progress in achieving small small tasks but really am tired of it.

Small hairs are sprouting on my left hand where they've never been before. Zubair said it's prolly bcos of dettol! LOL

I've just bought a new box of special latex free, waterproof plaster that cost me $6.50 for some 20pcs and im allergic to it! and now the wound area is itchy as hell! But then again, could it have been the prawns ive been eating? Can't be cause i havent stopped my seafood nor egg intake since the incident, and it hadn't affected anything before. ERgh!


Speaking of tired, i can't wait for things to settle down for my husband too. When will that day come, i wonder?


A lot of stories to tell, not many pictures to aid in writing. I must take it slowly.


The long weekend was spent with moderate amount of relaxing, working and going out, money came in and also out~...

One Question has always remained lingering in my mind: SHould i sleep away on a weekend or should i do something about it?

Eg: if we were out in the morning and home by say... 4pm... should i sleep (cos im very tired having woken up so early) or should i play game? *guilty look*

Come Monday, instead of feeling refreshed, i will still feel tired. Maybe even more so.

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My Dream PC

My Current Acer Desktop's 5-yr Warranty will end in Feb 09.

And already im dreaming which other computer i wanna buy!

When we went out window shopping some time ago, i fell in love with this

HP Pavilion Slimline s3000

I super love Slim CPUs can!! Also I LOVEEEEEEEE the wireless keyboard and mouse that come with it. I HATEE wires that are now cluttering my desk! If possible i want wireless screen and speakers too!!! 1gig Ram and around 120GB HDD (Who's counting?).

It's retailing at $1,500 at Courts with 3 years warranty. or $1,200 with 1 yr warranty. I hope in a years' time the price will plummet some more.

But this one has always been MY DREAM Computer!


It has a built in webcam and the disk drive is behind the screen!

Complete with foldable keyboard and mousepad.

But i searched for reviews for this computer and it turned out negative! Retailing at $2,799, The IT industry seems to think that it's suitable for pple who has the money to spend on aesthetics. Apparently there are a lot of other notebooks and laptops out there with the same or better system at a much lesser price say... $1,800? That's 1k cheaper!

So there!

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What can you get for $158 at Mustafa?

We went toiletries shopping on Mon at Mustafa.

We picked and dumped things in our trolley and got shocked at the cashier. But i suppose it is still worth it as compared to shopping at other places.

His items:

  1. Disposable razors 10pcs $8.90 (this one item is outrageous cos Value is selling at $1.90!)
  2. Fusion Razor that Thierry Henry's been modelling for or is it Tiger Woods? $16.90
  3. Lynx AXE Shower Gel $6.60
  4. Dove SHampoo $3.00
  5. Nivea Men's Facial Foam Wash $5.50
  6. Listerine 250ml $4.10
  7. Sling Bag $9.00
  8. T-Shirt $4.90
  9. Kappa Long Pants $14.50
  10. Austini Short Sleeve Shirt $8.90


  1. Dettol 500ml $3.90
  2. T3 Pimple Gel $5.70
  3. Floss $10.30
  4. Simple Facial Wipes $9.90
  5. Simple toner $10.50
  6. Simple Facial Wash $11.50
  7. Pearlie White Toothpaste $6.20
  8. Sandal / slipper for short within 2km range outing $11.90
  9. Black court shoe $6.50!!!!!

19 items in just 2 bags!! Lucky mummy could pick us up, otherwise i can just faint! Not that i will carry the items but i can just faint from the guilt of not helping him carry the heavy bags. Get it?

Anyway, still need to shop for food! Hmmmm

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My Maternal Grandma

was hospitalised last Fri. and we visited her on Sun.

She was home alone at home in a 1-room HDB while her daughter, our youngest aunty was out working when suddenly her leg got jammed. Cannot move. Something to do with her "steel" bone(?). and was advised to exercise walking in the swimming pool! CAnnot imagine my "nenek" in the swimming pool.. like... what's she gonna wear? :)

Also, the doctor won't let Nenek be home alone. We need to get somebody with her all the time. But my grandma kept brushing the issue away saying she's still fit and all. and then my mum would say, "Yeah our mind and heart say we can do it, but in actual fact, our body cannot take it."

And another thing about my grandma is, she feels uneasy keeping still. She HAS to do some kind of housework. *shake head*

I wrote like i know her well... but the reverse is, in fact, true. More on that later (much later...). i guess what i wanna say is, im really happy i went to visit my grandma, whom i would have otherwise only seen twice a year during Eid. Esp when she said, "Oh my granddaughter" (in malay of course) when she saw me. i felt loved. i've never felt much of grandparents' love.

Zubair strumming cluelessly on Cik Girl's guitar

Nur wanted to jalan2/sight seeing... and Ayah brought us to Mount Faber.

A view from the top of the hill (obiously not a mountain as the name suggested) at dusk.

There are telescopes everywhere but one is faulty or something that we dont need to put in coins to see and guess what?!?!?! We can actually spy people's living room in that condo by the sea in the picture above!!! I wonder if the residents there are aware of this fact!

I missed outdoor prayer.

Looks like in a hotel na?

The evergreen lovebirds playing London bridge is falling down! LOL

Nice to have spent my two weekends with family AND caught up with my sleep.

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Siam Kitchen

We were supposed to be home alone last Sat. But the sisters decided not to go to JB after all, so we were left to find out own food. Where else, but to Causeway Point we went.

Zubair with the friendly lion.

I showed the lion the picture after i snapped! LOL

Kak Lily suggested Siam Kitchen.

Now for the longest time, i had always refused Siam Kitchen. My experience with a Thai restaurant of such kind is that i'd cry not knowing what to order bcos basically they only have fried rice or fried noodle or the dishes kinda menu. But That day, since i had already eaten a bit at home, i agreed. Also, Zubair has never been there too.

Main dishes are Pad Thai Prawn (Long's), Pad Thai Seafood (mine), Pineapple Fried Rice (Zubair's) and Seafood Fried Rice (Kak Ly's).

We had Tofu and Pandan Chicken Leaf as side dishes. And with the chilli, and my favourite lobster cracker as appetizer, and not to mention the MANGO STICKY RICE it was the best lunch yet.

God i havent had that dessert for like 1.4 years now!! The last time was when we all went to BKK Dec 06. And Nur, my cousin, just told me that they have the nicest MANGO STICK RICE at Suvarnabhumi Airport and we totally missed it!!!! ARGHHH

Kak Lily... please please please cook A LOT of this for us. OK ok... we'll just wait for Pakistan's Mango season. weeehooooooooo

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Non-Existent Largest Food Fair in Singapore

Since beginning of last week, i was looking forward for the weekend to sleep in.

But come Fri, i decided to take the hub out. Hmmm let's see where to go? There was an ad in TODAY paper saying there's a food fair going on at Suntec.

We walked all the way from TG Pagar MRT to Suntec, taking time to take pictures, stroll... and at the same time chat! Nice.

We even stopped by The Esplanade and Z imagined he's the stick man playing the stick Grand Piano.

After the Esplanade, we hit the underground walkway and got SUPER CONFUSED!!!

At first, we were walking on automatic and found ourselves in MArina Square! So we traced our steps and headed to the correct exit only to see that the exit is closed and hafta walk back to MArina and circled a few times before finally reaching the bridge to Suntec! The bridge was within sight but didn't seem reachable! LOL

Then, had to go to the other end to withdraw some money then walk back to the convention.

And then the convention was predictably disappointing. I suspected there won't be much HALAL store if any! Not wanting to waste time, i asked the security guard, and he pointed to a kebab stall and that was it. Just one Muslim stall out of possible 30 food stations?

Long gone are the days when exhibitions were normally accompanied by numerous yummy halal food stalls that you just can't choose!

In the end, we ate at Wok Express he had Claypot Chicken Rice and me Tom Yam Noodle. By that time, i was whining all the way. My toes were aching and my whole body was itching! Hey i bathe ok twice everyday! I think i have some skin problem lah... need to check it out too.

We managed to go home by MRT, but not before going to Marina Bay Station first in order to get a seat!

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eTidal Wave

I didnt anticipate that the story for my MSK entry could get so much attention and spread like wildfire!

I got 1300 hits yesterday and a further 200 this morning.

To that end, Z and i both agreed that it could be dangerous for us and hence deleted the entry. But the damage is already done. Some bloggers cut and pasted my entry, others print-screened my page, and besides they can still read the cache.

My story is first and a half hand actually.. while i have relayed it as how i had heard it, there's no knowing the authenticity for i didnt see it myself.

And the fact that the media didn't catch the news gave me something to think about. it could be:

  1. in the end, it's not him, but my cousin wasnt told
  2. the police specifically told them not to release it

and look what i've done! *shake head*

I won't even ping this entry to immediately i think.

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hahaha blog disaster

i finally figured out how to upload an XML template. and wanted to change the blogskin.

But it's not finished yet... need to change the header lah bla bla bla... not to mention i dont have photoshop.

So i uploaded again the backed up html of my previous blogskin setting only to be told, "it's not closed properly" something or other.

ARGHHHHHHHHH *pulls hair!!!*

I think its because I saved the html into word doc so the alignment is moved!! And its already 4:15pm, going home soon and its the weekend... So you hafta put up with this till i come back on Mon! Lol

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Silent Moments

I'm troubled by this awkward feeling that we don't have much things to talk about with each other.

The silence is deafening esp over dinners, etc.

The reasoning that went thru my train of thoughts were:

  1. Language barrier - mostly i have lots stories to tell but it came out wrong in English. Besides i dont wanna be the only one talking.
  2. Culture diff - Pakistanis don't get Malay jokes and vice versa
  3. Known only for 1.6yrs
  4. He hasnt started work so not much story to share
  5. we spent most of our time together we know what we go thru.
  6. He's not keen to answer my questions. Admittedly, my questions ARE overwhelming and mostly just wondering out loud. *shrug*

I recall how one of my friends said, "Huh? You're dating a foreigner you met online? Do you have anything to talk about?" At that time i told him, "Precisely bcos we're so diff that i have so many things to ask him." When did things change? How did they change? What can i do to overcome this?

I surveyed a few of my married friends if they have any silent moments too. One said, "Nope, very rarely. But you can't compare yourselves with us. Me and Hub have known each other for 10yrs." Another one said, "When we fell silent, one will ask the other what's on his/her mind and the conversation will flow from there."

The last few times i asked him, "kya soch rahey ho?" What are you thinking about, the only answer i ever get is, "Kuch naheen" nothing. ok ok.. sometimes he'd say, "Just thinking about my exams" or "im missing my family". But i dont know how to expand the conversation from there.

But then again, those silent moments can just as fairly be attributed to me. For one, i always keep silent when we argue, much to his frustration. For two, i feel like the small2 things i wanna say seem redundant.

I can't wait for things to get into rhythm.

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Boat Ride for The Inlander

4th MAr 08

Almost forgot to write about this! The day after our anniversary, i relented to his incessant request to take the boat ride along the Singapore river. its $12 per adult for a 30min ride.

"I'm a happy man seeing all this water!"

A Japanese tourist took this for us! LOL

Z told them we first met on the boat! LOL

Here they are!

And Z tot they were Chinese. Of cos they're not cos they didnt say yi er san! (1 2 3 in Mandarin)

I should have sung Doraemon theme song to them! haha

The view on Clarke Quay end of the river. Colourful man!

Boat Quay background. Too common already.

The other tourists we befriended
They are Scottish. The one on the left was touring the world and visiting her friend on the right who lives in Singapore with her husband.
The orange one was surprised we were married! She said, "You look too young to be married!" Hmmm i dont know whether to take that as a compliment or otherwise.
We went to Arab Street for dinner. We had no particular restaurant in mind, saw Ambrosia and decided on their, and get this, $11 ALA CARTE buffet. i dont know if its common but i've certainly never heard of such term before!

They don't actually spread the menu on a long table like how you imagine a buffet is. instead you hafta choose and order from the buffet menu as many times as you want. But there are rules!

  1. Order one thing at a time
  2. Cannot share
  3. Left overs will be charged at the original ala carte price
  4. You hafta wait 15mins for each order to be cooked up

haha the last one was not written but might as well put it in the clause! Z got so fed up of waiting, he gave up without dessert!

Just look at how pathetic the hummus serving is!!!!!!

PLUS, it was sooo watery and tasted like garlic only

At least, this chicken shish kebab was tasty. but took 15min to get ready! And Z was SUPER hungry. It just totally spoilt our evening!

We were 60% full, as Z put it, but felt like we should at least get something out of our evening at ARab Street, so we migrated to Al Majlis.

At first, we went upstairs and settled in the Arab style room sitting on the floor. It was super comfy the cushions were. BUT BUT BUT it was a smoking room!!! (I tot smoking is prohibited inside ALL dine-in restaurants????) I tried to stay bcos my aching back really needed the pillow but gave up after 5min and changed table in the next room.

Z Ordered Harissa while i ordered another hummus. It took another 20min to come but somehow we were not so irritated by it~

I suspect we were more irritated by the waiter at Ambrosia and the confusing dinner arrangement but not so much at the slow service. At least they didn't charge for Z's pasta and we managed to sneak a few bite to each other.

What a night!

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Meet the MP

We went to the Meet the MP session last night to seek their help.

After 2 hours of waiting and an extensive discussion, the conclusion is:

  1. They can't help Zubair with job application bcos his is a Work Permit case and they can't TELL a private company to employ him. I wonder how they help the locals with finding job then?
  2. What he can do for him is that, WHEN we have an employer who's ready to take him on, then he can help to write a letter to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to issue him a work permit. That is if the MOM doesn't want to bcos he has less than 6months visa.
  3. instead, i asked him to help us to write YET another letter to ICA to grant Z a Long Term Visit Pass. Im not so hopeful on this one cause the previous two letters said he is not eligible. Just what the criteria is is beyond me. But no harm trying again, i suppose.
  4. He did confirm what Y had told me very much earlier: it will be MUCH EASIER to get PR when we have a baby, esp when we've bought a house already. This is to protect the family nucleus.
  5. He also told us to go and apply at Music schools, Mediacorp and hotels. I said we have already. but i hope things are diff now that he has 1/2 a cert and all the experience needed.

So anyone wanna hire my husband? Please?.... Please?

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Japanese Girls' Day

24th Feb 08

We were invited to our Japanese Aunty's house to celebrate Girls' Day. Daughters below 5 years old are being ceremonialized in the month of March for a week.

For Girls' Day, there are two symbols that you hafta hang or display to signify the daughter's existence:

This King and Queen "playset" complete with box etc

A Kimono

There is also a Boys' Day somewhere in June, if im not wrong. and you hafta hang 3 Golden fishes of 3 diff sizes.

Firstly, we were served with Sakura drink. The drink is clear, but the whole flower is inside the cup! Including stem! and all is edible. Mummy claimed it tasted sweet n sour like plum juice. Fine by her, cos its her fav... i just tried a sip but that was it Hee :D

Next is a special Girls' Day snack/appetizer made of rice! Very nice!

The Girl! Baby Sarina, our cousin. Almost 5 months now.

She's not always this grumpy though.

The Orginal Sushi

My uncle, Cik Ajis, said that the original sushi is served "loose" rather than wrapped with seaweed. That's great! Great for me who doesn't like seaweed, that is.

The Sushi platter
from top: Tofu, EEL!!!, shrimp's egg (i forgot the correct term) like caviar, prawn, egg, salmon.
To my surprise, Zubair can take the eel and likes it! He tried the shrimp's egg but can't really appreciate it though he did finish it.... (with great difficulty). He tried Chawanmushi also but not to his taste either. He did help himself to a second plate of the original sushi though!

The dessert

They are mostly made with glutinous rice with varying sweeteners and flavours. Some is green bean, apple, sakura and dont know what. I didnt try any of it but finished 3 bowls of that snack! LOL!

Syifaa' admiring the view from the french window

Syifaa' caring for her aunty

It was fun to gather like this esp to celebrate something diff. I hope there is some new tradition to celebrate from the Pakistani side of the family *wink*

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"Oh My Poor Hand... *pouts* *sniff*"

That's the dialog i always use on Z when i need his help. hehe

I'm afraid, soon, it will no longer be valid! LOL

Yesterday marked the 6th week since The Accident, also 1 week after Dr discharged me from daily change of dressing.

I decided to meet Dr for a follow up check. I found out:

  1. I can actually wet the wound already. ie FULL SHOWER! YAYYY
  2. Just plaster will do. No need gauze. Gauze is only needed when the wound is still went and, in his words, "oozing"! (eyew)
  3. It will take months for the skin to return to "normal". First the (i forgot the term) Emergency skin tissue helped to close the wound, now its going thru Remodelling process. I just wonder whether it will take 2 - 3 months or 24 - 36months!
  4. I am to continue with the cream the dr gave me twice daily for another 2 - 3 weeks. But i dont hafta take anymore antibiotic! THank God!
  5. Dr confirmed that no nerve nor tendon is involved when he saw me trying to gesture "twinkle2 lil star" with my left hand. He just advised me to exercise the fingers by practising to meet the thumb with the other four fingers.

God help me.

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I apologise for my insensitive post below. I was being emotional when i wrote it.

I dont actually HATE the pple, only the action. Also, it was wrong for me to generalise. In truth, i was trying to convey the msg to a certain someone. I guess it backfired, huh?


I hate smokers to no end.

Ok we ALL know that smoking and drinking can cause cancer.

But i can't believe that they can ignore the fact that they:

  1. have extremely BAD Body odor
  2. have extremely BAD breath!
  3. have black ugly dirty fingers
  4. have black lips

heavy smoking decreases sexual capability by damaging the tiny blood vessels in
the penis.

Alcohol intake decreases the bodys ability to produce testosterone.

The above quotations taken from this site

If they think that smoking or drinking SOCIALLY or just once a day will not endanger them, well they should think again. Because from that very once-a-day habit, it CAN and it WILL lead to an addiction.

I suppose im feeling strongly against this this morning is because yesterday, Z told me that his friend is being diagnosed with a stomach cancer.

At first, i felt pity for him. But after i learnt that he is a heavy chain smoker, i said, "Serve you right!" Yup he totally deserves it. What's more, a year or two ago, when pple advised him about his health, he arrogantly said, "I've been smoking for so long, don't you think i would have gotten it already if i were to get it?" It's not like they didn't try to make him stop.

Insolent Smokers don't deserve any compassion

They fail to think of their health. Most importantly, they fail to see the long-term effects of their own irresponsible actions.

This friend of Z has a wife and children. Now he has to take 10 injections a day, possibly, with each costing some PKR 120,000 totally SGD 30,000. Sure he's rich. But can wealth returns your health? Probably... but do you DARE to take the chance? Would you take the risk of dying early? Yeah sure, death can happen to anyone at any age, but why TEMPT him? why INVITE him to you esp if you're not ready?!

At the very least, think about your family. Please. ERghhhh!!! *pulling hair*

If these reasons are not enough to stop them or at least, to deter them from picking up the habit, i can't imagine what can!

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Guess The Word

Hey nobody came up with answers for this one yet!
What do the red letters mean?
Hint: its an english word!

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Good Things Happen to those Who Wait

Yesterday, Z was granted to a 2 months Social Visit Pass extensioni while waiting for them to approve for the 6 months' application.

Also, we finally bought a post paid line for Z bcos Singtel was offering an irresistable offer!
The handphone is $188 with 2GB M2 card FREE! As well as 50% off subscription fee for the first 6 months making it $12.84/mth!!
It is soooo slim and sooo nice. I told Z, "Maybe i should use it first." LOL!

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Saying Goodbye is the Hardest Thing...?

7th Feb 08

Z left me at home for an hour or two to go buy his luggage (!!) and shoes.

With my wound just a week old, i was really very helpless with the packing. Ammi and her student who received me at the airport, Sumaira, helped me to pack.

Sumaira and i chatted a lot thru our broken English and broken Urdu. Hmmm a lot of the Pakistani women i know are beauticians! is it a common occupation?

I found out that typically the engagement is for 5 years or more. Her fiance is studying law abroad. She, having finished matriculation herself, is preparing herself to become a housewife by taking courses such as the beauty course, cooking and with Ammi, Sewing.

She also told me that she cover herself upon her parents' instruction. two ways to look at it:

a) prolly she wouldn't wear hijab if were not told so or

b) she is a filial and obedient daughter

but that's not the issue im trying to point out. Their perception of covering themselves and decency issues, that i gathered through out my stay, is very diff from a conservative south east asian muslims. For eg:

  1. She said her parents told her to wear long sleeves but that for own engagement or wedding, can wear short sleeve(HUH?!?!?!?!)
  2. Covering the head with a loosely wrapped dupatta with hair very much visible is acceptable.
  3. Don't need to cover feet
  4. At home, no need to cover even with distant male relatives / male guests around
  5. With brothers-in-law, no need to cover your head, just dress decently
  6. An uncle can hug her distant niece, just as a guy can hug her totally no blood-relation "sister"

But one thing i salute them is they really observe not going out with "boyfriends" most of the time. LOL i mean they are better at controlling it than in spore, that's for sure.

We were getting ready to go to the doctor's for the last time. But before that Ammi gave out Sadqa (donation) in the form of Naan channey.

They called in all the kids on the streets and everybody who wants to take. Me and Z gave them out. it was so fun and chaotic and it felt nice to finally get to see the kids in the area.

I was suddenly overcome by a fear of forgetting how Pak looks like, esp Ammi's house. So i snapped pictures like crazy capturing every angle to etch them in my memory. I didnt even care if its appropriate or not, whether pple are around or not.
The living room and drawing room.
Bcos its winter, i, or rather Z won't let me, hang around outside but always asked me to stay inside the room where the heater is or at least a small enclosed place to generate heat when gas is low.

Mamoo Ilyas in the Kitchen

With regret, i hafta say that i barely entered this part of the house. I didnt even get to learn cooking from Ammi cos of my poor hand... awww...

The other room where the brothers slept in while i was here

The door on the left leads you to the service balcony where Ammi does the washing and where the new heater is.

This is to show that the kitchen has a half wall. Should put bar stools in front of it some day.

Three luggages in all.

Managed to at last capture a shot of a provision shop.
We were almost ready now and the neighbours were too, to send the two of us off. There are a lot of pictures with the neighbours and everyone who sent me but i look freaking fat in the thick layers of clothing so im not posting them! LOL

From left: Hira, me, Humaira, Ali and Ikra

These are the girls from the neighbours house whom i had promised to take pictures with when they send me off to the airport.

There were a big big confusion on the way to the airport trying to arrange seats in the few transports that we had for the travellers, family, neighbours and not to forget BAGGAGE!!! Just TWO bags were enough to fill Uncle Shaukat's back seat. i was put in the front seat ALONE for comfort due to, again, my hand. The rest squeezed into the van. Truth to be told, i was a bit scared being left alone in the car w an uncle i barely knew. Thankfully, we paused at the side once we reached the main road and i was ushered to mamoo Ajmal's friend's car w Z. It was a Toyota sedan. Ah! At last! A "normal" car. hehe

At the airport, Rizwan and Z's ex colleague the IT Teacher and other friends were there already. Rizwan gave me a nice beads keychain right when he saw me. So Sweet. But my mood went downhill from there. Bcos he had been hugging all his "sisters" and "darling" aunties who are just a few years older and/or younger than him. ERGH! Totally outrageous!!

And also because the checking-in counters are situated inside AFTER the custom checkpoint and we haven't arranged for seats together yet bearing in mind we didn't book our tickets at the same time. PLUS, it was FREAKING COLD cos there were no walls no house in the patrons of the airport. Same goes to the non-existent chairs to wait for your flight to board or whatever whatever. Not to mention i was under pressure to go to the loo but Ammi in the other van still hadn't come!

At first, i was determined not to cry. Also because i was eager to go home at that time. Not that i dont like Pak bcos i really really do! But i was missing the facilities and convenience in S'pore ESPECIALLY with my hand all wrapped up and frozen.

However, unbeknownst to my own self, i suddenly cried when i was hugging Sadia. Actually the tears were already welling up when i hugged Ammi but it started to flow a few min later. I was prolly imagining and visualizing how i'd miss them when i reach back to S'pore that finally made me give in to the tears...

2 hours before our flight was scheduled to depart, we entered the checkpoint. Looked like EVERYBODY's luggage were being inspected. By this, i mean that they asked to open the bags, and they'd feel around roughly in them. Thank god i didnt lovingly arrange and pack those luggage myself. I could've cried to see my neat bag being violated! LOL.

Well... i had a little bit of a problem with the DVDs i packed in my luggage. We stood there at the customs for some 10min?? Z gave them some story and after a BIG Hesitation, they let us off, alhamdulillah. i should have chanted "summum bukmun" before this. ok save this tip for next trip lah. Anyways, my only question is, "how come they didnt ask to open Z's bag?" Is it because:

  1. they're tired to inspect us already
  2. they know it might belong to Z, a pakistani, bcos its black and not as colourful as mine and therefore might not have curious touristy thingies.

Well... our three bags amounted to 96kg!!! *faint* (Thanks to the painting of his father that Z insisted to bring back to Spore! haha) We were about to be charged some PKR 4000 (SGD 100) or something. But the person at the counter called the person-in-charged. Turned out he's the one we met before in Thai Airways office at the airport and he waved us off with a suggestion to take 7kg of them as handcarry. Then the guy who was ushering us and picking our bags up and down actually ASKED for a tip of PKR 200. He claimed HE persuaded the officer to lay off the extra charges. Ok lah whatever.. at least he had helped Z with the bags. He was getting irritated that he had to carry all 3 of them, all 96kg of them, up and down the several gateways. LOL!

That's the holding room.

We haven't had dinner yet but felt that we cldn't wait till the meal in the plane, so i treated ourselves with a light meal at the "restaurant"

Just burger and extra fries to share

We didn't see Uncle Airport. Nor did we get a wink of sleep in the overnight flight! by the time we reached s'pore we were deadbeat. Originally, mummy said that ayah will pick us up after Jumaah prayer, some 2 hours after we landed. And i thought it was alright since i wanted to bring Z to Popeye's... but nay! We were too tired and cldnt wait to get home any longer that we took the cab home.

One thing we both felt: Singapore is so hot!!!! LOL

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Heartache with the Visa

Alhamdulillah Z was granted 1 mth social visit pass from when he entered Spore ie 8th Feb 08.

Guess what?! 8th March is coming and already Z went to ICA like two times!!!

He went to ICA on Mon to get the visa extension or long term or whatever he can get lah. Only he was told that MY confirmation of employment letter is not valid. They needed a new one. WHY? We had been using the same letter for the past applications no problem what. Besides, its the PR Application that needs the letter to be dated less than 1 month!

I went ahead to get my HR to issue another letter but asked Z to just go again on Wed. He returned with the same outcome but this time with a clearer understanding as to why they rejected our application.

They need the letters to be dated in the same year as application. ie 2008!

Unfortunately, the letter is still not ready as of yesterday 2pm. so my dear Z hafta go home again. But not without a stern reminder that the letter HAS to be done by thurs, otherwise he would hafta go back to Pak (?!?!?!?!?) and my punishment is to fill in the forms myself. but i managed to squirm out of that one :D

At least, the good thing is we got to lunch at Turkish Cafe! Yummy!

This morning the letter is finally signed, so Z is coming and going again. hmmm where shall we lunch this time>?

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Picture Recipe - Shami Kebab

18th Feb 08

10 days after we reached Spore, we finally cooked our favourite Shami Kebab!!!

  1. 500gm Dhaal / yellow beans
  2. 1kg boneless chicken meat
  3. Garam Masala (you can find this in Indian provision shop)
  4. chilli powder

So first, you skin the chicken. Thankfully he hates skin too! Good for you, honey! Then dice into small chunks

Pour enough water to cover in the ingredients in the pot, along with desired amount of garam masala and chilli powder according to your hot & Spicy tolerance. Then boil till dry. Z tasted several time while it was boiling to achieve the required taste.

Somebody wants to learn cooking too! Well, she can learn from her Ummi lah!

Next is to mash them.

Really hafta mash till no chunks is visible, esp the dhaal. Otherwise, it will seem like you're not a good cook! Took us about 1hr just to mash!!! We took turns, i mash first till tired, then Z continues till its refined.

Afterwards, shape them into flat rounds or whatever you prefer, dip in egg like you would to make toast and pan fry.


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