Pimply... Memory Card

I've been wearing make-up when i go out with Zubair but didnt wash my face properly when i go to bed.

Result is my face is red and pimply now!! i can't take it!! hahah serve me right huh? i am soooo gonna religiously wash my face now..

Thing is i have a pimply IN my nose also, so it hurts when i scrub my nose down. And i dont feel satisfied washing my face WITHOUT scrubbing my nose properly that i just dont bother washing. haha MEREPEQ


Sun morning, i uploaded pictures from my hp and neatened the files up a bit in my memory card.

I stopped the device and put it back in my hp. Then my hp desktop looks weird, a mix of the old picture and the current theme i had on. I tot nothing of it.

Minutes later, i wanted to view photos and they were all gone! ALL FILES IN THE FREAKING MEMORY CARD ARE GONE!

Fortunately, i've already uploaded everything up the computer and the ones in the phone are not gone. But my downloaded themes are gone and i just dont have the heart to search and download again. GRRRRRR On the other hand, i'm totally free this week with my boss gone to Belgium or something... so i might just do that lah...

When is W960i coming out man?! Im dying to buy you!!!!!

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