Pick me! Pick me!

I'm supposed to write about how me and my colleagues went out for Eid visiting for the first time! But I haven't saved the pictures they've tagged me on FB yet... So you hafta take this instead...

I'm not sure if this is being OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) or not but I have this sort of habit to finish my stash before opening a new packet or box of something. For example, my stock of treasury tags, the green strings...

Please excuse the messiness of my drawer

Most of the time I will finish the ones that had been taken out from the box earlier, to the very last piece, before opening a new one. I feel like they're calling me to use them... they don't wanna stay in the drawer for long. They wanna be useful!

I will feel upset when a pen, whose ink I have been trying to finish before using a new one, suddenly disappear! It's like I don't have closure to using it till the very last drop!

At the grocery store when buying milk, I can't help feeling guilty when I choose the carton with the longest expiry date because I know I won't be using it to cook within the week.

I can almost hear them scream "Pick me! Pick me!!" Maybe I even sometimes secretly say, "Sorry, I have no choice."

Do you have this kinda though too? Or is it just me?

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SWPH BerHari Raya... Not Quite.

Saturday, 24th September 2011.

This is the last weekend of Syawal and I made the most of it. the SWPH group was supposed to meet at Fara's then visit Sue's, Nisa's and my house. As it turned out Fara couldn't make it because of family medical matter. Instead of calling the whole thing off, I suggested we just chilled at Sue's.

Tufeil and I woke up at 9.30am, got dressed and went for lunch at Long John Silver before taking the bus to tampines. Planned to take the cab from there to Bedok Reservoir but none was in sight. Luckily, there was another bus. Tufeil was already asleep. I had to walk from the bus stop to her block carrying a probably 11kg kid. Worse was I walked in the wrong direction!

This was Sue's own place. New house. New baby. Swell! I totally left Tufeil to his own devices playing with 3 other kids. Good thing Sameer doesn't mind playing with the little kids. Good boy he is =D

A short clip of SiddiQ and Tufeil "scratching" disks like deejays.

Siddiq's room!
We spent almost 3hours just talking and chillaxing! We should totally do this again, ladies!

Nisa, Sameer, Me & T by the common corridor

Afterwards, Me & T went to Tampines Interchange. It was frustrating that I had to carry him all the way everywhere! He didn't wanna walk! But I really needed to go to Starhub shop. I enquired about Blackberry Torch.. they have limited stocks and not buying more... I thought could recontract 6 months earlier but its only 3 months earlier =( I shall be patient for another 3 months then...

We took 168 home. It was just about dusk/maghrib time as we were walking home... Tufeil was asleep. I hoped to God he won't wake up so he won't hafta look at the Living Room when we come in. Alhamdulillah, he only woke up when i attempted to put him on the bed in the room. That's where we spent the entire night... with a couple of trips to the kitchen but totally avoided the Monster area.

I just got news that a neighbour told my other neighbour that she felt uneasy too when she came home late the last few nights. Aiyoooo

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"Ada Monster!"

Sunday 18th sept 2011

We woke up from our nap at 4pm and Tufeil wanted the choc i promised him if he took the nap and wanted to watch TV in the living room.

He stopped short at the end of the dining area where the fan is, looked at the sitting area and said

"ada monster!" (there's a monster!)

I dismissed him and proceeded to turn on the lights and fan to prove to him its ok. But instead he started to cry!

Now.. As a mother u tend to know when ur child is genuinely hurt or he's just milking it. And at tt point, i knew his fear was real. I quickly grabbed him, read a string of prayers and went into my parents' room. They jumped awake hearing him cry. And i thought to myself, "thank god im not alone!"

We talked and played on the bed for awhile... Then when my dad was ready i asked him to bring Tufeil out for an "its alright tour".

Later that evening, we went out for dinner and some errands. We reached home quite late almost 11pm. The moment we stepped in, he pointed to the living room again and said "ada monster". I didnt dare to analyze his cry, i blocked out my own fear, went straight to our room while calming him down.

Last night, ny parents picked me up from work at 9.30pm, then went grocery shopping. Reached home 11pm again. He started whining.. His face told me he was afraid but i believe its more bcos he still remembered the image he saw the other day rather than it was really there.

Seriously, i need to do something. The usual Ayat Kursi and 3 Quls dont seem to keep them at bay. The nightmares keep coming...

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A Perfect Kind of Saturday

17th September 2011

The day start quite early at 9am when Tufeil woke up. I forced myself to wake up and entertain him in order to start the day good. Otherwise, he would scream and scream and scream if I ignore him.

After having Pizza for breakfast (last night's leftover), I managed to cook two dishes for Tufeil for the weeks ahead. Just simple Pasta w minced chicken (canned pasta sauce haha) and Chicken Baked Rice (canned mushroom soup).

Suddenly almost 1pm, Tufeil declared he was sleepy and wanted a nap. I totally JUMPED at the opportunity and we both napped.. me till 4pm and T till 5pm! My 2nd sis called me like 10 times (phone always silenced at home) to tell me to get ready to go out.

Got ready as quick as lightning, walked to her place and got a taxi to... ION Orchard!
His ensemble for the day.
Because I didn't put on for him any socks (they are either outgrown or mismatched), I promised to get him a pair at Orchard, later.

Umar can fit in the stroller now!

We are here!!
First order of the evening: DINNER @ Fish & Co

I was pleasantly surprised at how prompt their service was that night. I had lunch at Suntec's branch twice and it took 30min for my fish n chips to arrive! And you know how precious lunch time is!!! Made me mad!

Anyway, they promptly seated us at a convenient seat to put a high chair and a stroller at the side. Gave us the kid's menu cum colouring sheet!
How come his smile seems more like a wince. LOL

Tufeil didn't mind sitting on the high chair cos he got to colour!

Fish Bites w Chips for Tufeil and Fish n Rice for Syifaa'
Love that they have kid's utencils and all!

We have Mushroom Chowder soup. Ly, my sister, thought it was a bit too floury. I tot the shitake mushroom tasted bitter, but then again, I don't really like shitake.

We shared the Seafood Platter for 1. Only about 15minutes into dinner, Umar was restless in his stroller so my poor sister had to hold him in one hand, ate with the other. Thankfully, by that time, Syifaa' also decided she's had enough and entertained Umar for a bit. Made me reminisce the time when Tufeil was young and I had to eat sooo quickly bla bla bla...

NOw when Tufeil gets restless, I just let him run around in the restaurant. =)
What's this?

Pirate's Hat that comes with the $6 kid's meal

We went straight to the prayer room at Royal Plaza. We took turns to pray bcos there was a flight of stairs and we cldn't carry the Stroller up.
Candles are a bit dangerous ley!

The ran around barefooted! *bags face*


Made of Macaroons!!
And then it was shopping time @ Isetan. M.A.C for Ly, Toys section for me.
Mirror = Golden Opportunity!
I couldn't stand looking at the Osh Kosh B'Gosh denim long overalls and bought Tufeil one even tho its priced at $60! Cos he's outgrown all his current ones! I also bought a Goofy Story book, a box of blocks @ $40 U.P. $50 But regretted it cos they are soo small!! Finally found 2 pairs of socks his size. and also he really wanted this toy ambulance. When we left the store, i realised it's not with us anymore! I actually called the number to register as LOST but to date, no calls from them. boohoohooooo...

And then we took the cab to airport. Wanted to send one of the 11 BestFriends off to Leeds for a year!
Mummy Y and the Kids

The real mummies took a break while Mummy Y entertained the kids

All of us who were there
Luckily, my our next door neighbour who is Nan's relative was also there. They gave us a ride home. Reached home 12.30am, Tufeil asleep....

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Where the Smurf Are We?

Wed 14th September 2011,

Ash has been dying to watch Smurf. She asked my parents, Tufeil and me along. I'm not so into Smurfs the cartoon but just followed along. A bit nervous about Tufeil because:

  1. This is not 100% cartoon,
  2. he's not familiar with Smurfs and
  3. We are watching the 7.15pm show (read: he won't be sleepy and might get agitated having to sit for 2 hours)
  4. We are cheapo, we took 2 couple seats for the 4 adults and Tufeil sat in between Ash and me.

The Irish Smurf is soooooooooooooo funny!! I like Clumsy at the ending....

I don't agree why Papa Smurf had to "sacrifice" himself to Gargamel. He knows he would be captured and Gargamel would gain POWER by extracting his essence and could therefore stop and hurt his family and the whole human race so why not just run???

Anyways, Tufeil was good for the first half hour or so... He sat still eating fries and burger... And then occasionally he would stand up against the front seat. There was a chaotic moment where the mineral water slipped under the chair and I had to retrieve it...

After that, he walked over to my dad's seat, and then dragged him to the front and then he ran around the whole theatre, in semi-darkness. *shake head* At least, he didn't cry. But he did talk quite loudly, "Mummy, itu org jahat?" (That's the bad guy?) "Mummy, Cat ketawa" (Cat's laughing). Fortunately, we sat at the last row and near the aisle so won't really disturb other people much.

Dinner @ Banquet and we were home by 9.45pm. Nice...

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This is Crazy! Don't Be Stupid! Love is Blind

Tues 13th September 2011,

After a vote amongst the committee, it was decided that our free movie for the year is to watch Crazy, Stupid, Love. Although budgetted for 80 pax, only 74 signed up. Even then, 2 actually was on medical leave that day and still nobody wanted to replace the slots. So, my sister came, even tho she's already watched it already! But otherwise, it'd be such a waste!

Oh it's actually at Cathay Cineleisure with free Popcorn and a can of coke. *bliss*

The movie itself... i think should have been categorised as Romantic Comedy instead of just Comedy because it was not LAUGH OUT LOUD funny but more in a... well.. romantic way! haha The plot is good, but i think Steve Carrell or his character should be FATTER to make a more dramatic change.

The actor playing his son looks familiar... From what movie is he eh?... Hmmm hafta google.

Good thing Ash came along, so we could share the cab ride home....

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11 Sekawan BerHari-Raya

Sat 10th September 2011,

Title means "11 Friends Celebrating Eid"

Usually we will go out on a group on 3rd or 4th week of the month of Syawal. But this year is special because our dear friend Hanani will be going overseas for a year next week so we meet earlier. Only 9 of us could make it though + 10 kids.

First Stop: Y's Open House.

My parents dropped me off at 12.15pm thereabouts. I arrived just a little bit before Nan and Husainy. My hand was full with Tufeil = no pictures. Because it was about to rain, and the guests were getting more and more, Me, Nan and Zi decided to wait for the others at...

2nd Stop: Nan's place ...

...a short distance away. Her house now has got two main doors! A new one was constructed to give access to the new lift on each level.

I got to watch most of Magika while Tufeil entertained himself with Husainy's numerous toys. Nice! Don't know why couldn't bring myself to snap photos....

It was 3pm by the time we moved off to ...

3rd Stop: 'Azma's place.

I took Fit's car and Tufeil promptly fell asleep. I was quite surprised because the car ride was prolly only 10minutes. Shows that he was extremely beat. So I was basically incapacitated the whole hour we were there = no pictures too. She served us with some noodles, my friend Hid had to feed me a few bites. I don't dare to put Tufeil down on a bed anywhere, he'll sure to wake!

4th Stop: 'Ainul's place.

Tufeil woke up just as we got down the car. Good timing. And he played and played at the toy's section...

This boy conquered this car

Aufa (Fit's) is too cute!!!
It was 6.30pm when we moved off to...

5th Stop: MY HOME!

I was a bit nervous at letting my friends in because I didn't expect them to want to drop by, reason being they just did not a month ago for Iftar and we might not have time to cover all houses. As it happened, quite a few people were not at home so and I have Chocolate Cornflakes Macaroon, so... yeah..

Because I hadn't yet prayed 'Asr, it was sooo frantic = no pictures! Luckily, my parents came back from their own visiting a few blocks away and helped to serve/entertain my friends.

 Before long, we set out towards...

6th Stop: Hidayah's Haven.

We were treated with Kway Teow Goreng was it? and some nuggets. and.... a CAT!!! All the kids were mad about the Cat but unfortunately it was afraid of stranger and hid under sofa and behind bed.

We also attempted to take picture of ALL 10 kids!

From left: 1.latest addition to the gang is 'Abdullah, white is Shauqy, red is Aufa, 4. Purple 'Affaan, 5. behind him is Iman, 6. The one and only girl Iffah, 7. Naufal, 8. Husainy, 9. Tufeil. 10. Unfortunately not within my camera view is Zhafir
It was quite a riot trying to round them up! The bigger they get the more difficult cos one or the other kept running away!

Final Stop: Fit's.

I was in Fit's car and her husband drives like McQueen, the car sounds like McQueen too and Tufeil liked it so much. In any case, we reached first and I quickly gave Tufeil a shower and change in case he fell asleep on the way home and he'd get cranky if he gets woken up and then that means no sleep or less sleep for me.

We all LOVEEEEEEEE Aufa's room. Very cosy! Complete with mini round table and chair IN the room! And love how there are magnetic alphabets and numbers on the metal store room door, animal flash cards on the wall etc.
Just us chit chatting around the table
Oh we had fried macaroni which is heavenly me and T had a few helpings!! And then we were too full to sample Yummy looking the choc cake! Nak recipe!!

It was prolly 11pm by the time we drew conclusion to the outing.

Thank you 'Ainul (and Hisyam) for driving me and Tufeil home. May Allah bless you.

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Celebrating with EspritDC

Wed, 7th September 2011

It was a work day but i took half day in the afternoon to join my sisters' group of friends for yet more visiting. Luckily I didn't take a full day's off, it would have been a waste. I finished at 12.30pm and reached the first house, Kak Aiman's in Tampines, 45min later, being 15minutes late and still just the 2nd guest to arrive!

I took the chance to eat first before my son came with his aunties. Very nice fried Kway Teow.

The Adults chatting around the dinner table

Kids eating on the floor

Running around, taking turns being carried by me cause they wanted to see the elephant photo.

Playing "masak2" (Cooking) on the floor

 It was only at 3pm did we finally move off to the 2nd house, Kak Aesha, still in Tampines.
Kak Masturah's brood.
Nice swing!!
Asking for strawberries

Embarassing incident: Tufeil picked out just the strawberries from the top of a custard tart and ate them. He took a second set, and about to take another before i had to stop him! He cried and cried he really wanted more strawberries. Luckily, the host got more in the kitchen and gave him just the cut strawberries. And still asked for another helping! *paisei* (Nasib baik cute, jadi org pun tak kisah nak kasi makanan  hahaha)

Here, the kids were really starting to warm up. They ran around ...

...And hid under tables from Aamaniy, Kak Aiman's daughter

When we left, we found out that we all got fined $10 or $20 for overstaying longer than our 30min parking coupon.

Then we reached Kak Zakiah's new place in Pasir Ris.
Love her daughter, Sophia's room!

By now, they were all playing independently together. I left Tufeil totally, while the adults heard a breaking news in the sitting area.
He saw a bigger McQueen from the one he has and brought.

Not all quiet though. I had to reprimand Tufeil several times to let other people play with McQueen, something or other.
Sayang Bear

I was on baby duty while...

The friends were eating
It was some sort of Kacang Phool (Kidney Bean Chili) with yummy garlic bread.

At 6.30pm, we moved off to Punggol, Kak Masturah's place. After doing our prayers, we had Tomato Noodles for dinner! (Reminiscent of our school days when the canteen served us this) Yummy!!!!

And then it was karaoke time!
Needless to say, the kids fought over the mic

A short clip of the chaos while trying to sing

There were other mics but there were not working. Tufeil was not to be fooled!

We promised to come back later for serious singing time, minus the kids!!

At this point, Kak Rahmah also joined us. Finally finally met her children in flesh and blood. Only ever read from her blog and twitter. =)

It was prolly 9pm when we finally made our way to my sister's house. I helped to play host since she's alone. By this time, I was sooo tired I didn't care much for pictures. The only one i got is of Tufeil...

Playing with Barbie again!!

Hmmm Maybe I should start buying him some action figures. He's starting to say things like "Tufeil suka princess" (I like princess). I'm sure it's normal and it nurtures creativity or caring thoughts when you play with dolls... but...

It was 11.30pm by the time we walked the few steps home!!

To be honest, it was kinda awkward hanging out with them at first because they are technically not my friends / age group being 5 years senior in school. So, I totally understand why Abg Fai (my bro in law) left after the 2nd house, being the only man and all! But after awhile, it was such a hoot.

The thing I like about going out with them is, they made a point of taking a group picture at each and every house. Well... that's not a terribly mean feat considering that 6 out of 8 kids are 4yrs and above! But alas, i think i look horrible in all of them! hahahaha

All in all, my half day afternoon leave was totally worth it. To think that i almost gave it a miss!

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Raya Visiting on East Side

Sunday, 4th Sept 11

It wasn't till 12.30pm that we went out. Even then, only to my sister's house which is two blocks away. In a way, it's good that we are not under pressure to wake up early and get ready quickly... but the downside is, we don't really have a lot of time to visit..

Are we sisters or are we Mum & Daughter?

We are cousins
We are a family
First official Stop: Cousin Nur's new place in Pasir Ris. Best!

Playing on big sofa

We are purple

oohing and aahing at their travel knick knacks


"Ini Abang Tufeil lah..."
"This is Bro Tufeil"

Sayang Kakak
2nd House: Nek Milah which is just a few blocks away.

Two kids sitting quietly.... NOT

NOw they are playing with Umar's shawl and wrap my dad!

3rd Stop: Extremely late lunch at Ocean Seafood Restaurant @ Downtown East
OOps the Black Pepper Beef rice was too hot for Tufeil, he only ate the rice with some prawn from others

4th Stop: Simei!!!
Maghrib Prayer

Piggy back!

Tufeil was so amused by Uncle Ayid the Army guy. He kept asking me to see Spongebob. So i told him to ask from Uncle Ayid to whom it belongs to. Then when he brought it out, Tufeil cried didn't wanna look at it. I think because his nose protrudes out. hhahaa. Nak, tapi takut.

Last house for the day is my cousin Taufiq and family in Tampines. Relatively new house. It was my first time there. *JAW DROP!* Very nice!! No pictures because i was busy fending Tufeil off the sweets and then showering him. Also because, i feel a bit paisey (embarassed) to take pictures lah. Like country bumpkin or something :P

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