I survived!!

Super sleepy today.

Last night i only slept 4hrs. Today 5hrs. Having to wake up at 4:30am is taking its toll on me

I brought my thicker jacket to work (like winter!!) and Kak Long was asking whether im gonna pretend im not feeling well then take a sickie later. Honestly, I didnt think of that but she gave me the idea!

Reached late, so didnt get my usual 20 - 45min nap. Then i was reminded that there's gonna be a lunch meeting 12nn - 2pm, LAGI (MORE) wanna go earlier cos that'd mean i'd lose my 1hr lunch nap also. so All morning i was working frantically to finish whatever at hand so that i can go off half day.

At 11:45am, I was still contemplating MC or not... a bit scared to get the medical chit from asst mgr but really wanna go... the rest of the work are not urgent. Kak Long said dont take it today.. save it for a day nearer Hari Raya/Eid! but i still want to... the thought of not getting my nap seems so depressing...

Then things took a turn..

Zubair told me he's called somebody in Little India and he said come for interview as general worker. So now.. even if i go home with MC, there's no point, cos he's not home.

Then Fortunately, the meeting finished at 12:45 so i DID get my 1hr nap!

So... im feeling a bit happy. PLUS i go back earlier on Tuesdays... Hooray!

Thanks Long for talking me through. though if things havent changed the way it did, i prolly wld not hv listened to you and went ahead to get MC hehe.

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