Cardio Jam

Just finished my 4th lesson of Cardio Jam and I'd like to think I'm getting better at it.

First lesson, a temp guy trainer taught us and it was awful cos i cld feel his lack of dedication. Without any clue how it was going to be, I was shocked at how strenuous it was! I also didnt have any sport shoes so i wore my comfortable mary jane instead and my knees hurt.

The next 2 days, my whole body ached like crazy. I blamed him for not stretching us properly.

Second week, Ange, our ex colleague who now owns her own dance/exercise mobile school, started. I still didnt have sportshoes so i went barefooted. It was horrible bcos i cldnt jump as it cld hurt my knees.

It was more fun w Ange bcos we know her and her style is very much like the previous dance instructor we had all gone for. She's attentive and corrects our posture and explains which muscle should be feeling some stretch, and that stretching your obliques (in various twisting moves) will help to tone your waistline. The most important thing is to focus everything on your core muscle: the abdomen. Always tuck it in (and therefore engaging it) when doing anything. Again helps you to slim your waistline.

Basically the session would start with some cardio moves incorporating some stretching movements like shoulder rotations while on the move, that make me feel like dying! And then proper stretches before we start being introduced to 5 or 7-steps routine. and then the winding down stretches which still involve a lot of abdominal engagement I can't really do.

On the 3rd week, I got my shoes already but was feeling a bit wheezy so I opted for lo-impact one - meaning there was no Jump in my steps. By the 4th week, the DYING feeling was very brief and I could even jump a bit.  I'm loving it!

We actually have another Stretch & tone (basically Yoga, i think?) class on Wednesdays. But I didn't think it would be effective for me so i don't go for that one. Besides, My parents have class on wednesdays anyways.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the 5th lesson this friday! We only have a total of 12. And can't wait for the dance class to start next!

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Urban Bites

Ash & I discovered a new mediterranean restaurant yesterday! 123 Telok Ayer St (If you're coming from Amoy St Food Cte, its further down to the street from the mosque and after the temple)

They are not certified but food is halal. As is with everywhere in town during lunchtime, it was quite packed. But this one is quite popular with foreigners.

While, the service was a bit on the slow side, we were happy to wait to eat our Hummus and others! Plus now that Turkish Cafe at Amara is closed, this is the nearest mediterranean food to the office!

Colourful Blackboard
with self-service water and condiments

Towards the kitchen
And cheese and desserts display.
Found my Arabic cheese! WEEEEE

Me & The entrance

$10 set lunch is very attractive
Ash was saying this is prolly cheaper than Eatz19. But I said, let's see how the serving goes and also, drink is not included. $2 soft drink.
Mushroom Soup was ok but could be better
Just slightly watery w mushroom so small it seemed pulsed on the processor

After some 20min of waiting...
Salad, Dips and Main course of Lamb kebab on the same dish.

Totally reminded me of Syria trip last december... Coincidentally I was also wearing the jalabiyah from there too!

Anyways, it was my first time tasting a felafel and to me it was heaven. Very crunchy. But for Ash, she said she's tasted better *shrug*.

Very nice overall. But i think next time, I will order a whole plate of Moutabal ($7) and main of Chicken Pide($5)! I almost went crazy going through their menu, I feel like going there everyday!

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Just Me in a Long Time

Thursday, 16th June 2011.

Tufeil is out for the day and I squeezed in most of the things i needed to get done that day. I went for my eye treatment after such a long hiatus. The pause is caused by fungal infection (panau) on my face. While i suspected that it was because of the facial wash I bought at the Dead Sea, I also noticed that it got aggravated after each session so I stopped and waited for it to clear up using a medicinal cream called Fungicort.

Anyways, I forgot how lovely it feels afterwards. Because it's been so long, I immediately noticed the difference. I had been feeling so low because (among other things) my skin was so dull. I feel sorta rejuvenated now. Now that my parents don't have anymore classes on Sunday, I can start going regularly once and week.

I booked tickets to X-Men First Class online. Had only 20minutes after finished treatment. I was 4 minutes early but the Internet Booking collection counter was sooo slow, I missed the first 5min of the show boohoohoo =(

LOVE IT! Love that they told the story of how Beast came to be and how Prof X got paralysed. Believe it or not, I used to watch the cartoon a lot when I was in primary school. I mean its not really a girl kinda show but I had loved it even then. However, if you ask me, the actor playing Prof X looks too young and cheeky for my liking. HAHAHAHA

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NEX with Sameer The Bhai.

Wednesday, 15th June 2011.

Got a date with Nisa to check out NEX's wet playground.

Getting ready at home, I explained over and over again to Tufeil that we're going to meet Sameer Bhai (Nisa's son). I don't know why, when he repeated his name it turned out Sameer The Bhai. And it got kinda stuck, ever since!

The train ride was wonderful. @ 10+am not too much crowd, we both managed to get seats and we explored the window sights. We had an early lunch at MadJack's. There were not many people either. It was nice how Sameer was very friendly and didn't mind entertaining Tufeil while I get some decent chat with his mum.
It was very very hot when we finished our lunch and took a look at the wet playground. Unlike at Northpoint and IMM, the wet area here is very open with no "boundary" between wet and dry. The sitting area could use a few more shades.

He actually doesn't really like the water

Playing slides alone is no fun

Now THIS is FUN!

Sameer The Bhai trying to woo girls by spraying water on them. =)

Unfortunately, the play ended badly. After 20minutes or so, he got tired of the wet playground, he came to me to play with the iPhone. And then somehow, the phone slipped his hand and hit his foot. It bled. He cried. Nisa went to buy plasters but I smsed her in time saying the cleaners in the toilet managed to find some for him.

If you ask sadistic me, it's retribution for biting my index finger really hard when I was trying to brush his teeth (with my finger) and for knocking my forehead hard with iphone (there's still a bump now after a week). But then somebody ever told me that God doesn't work in that way. *shrug* In any case, I really don't understand why Tufeil is so violent. =( (But lately, i've been exerting myself more, was firm more. It was funny how quickly he adhered to my "command" once I put on a firm tone.)
Anyways, he promptly fell asleep and we went for ice cream. He woke up when we were at the library and then we went to see the fish pond he likes so much.

"Oh this is the fish pond you were talking about?"

Hmmm it seemed kinda small after the Underwater World. LOL.

And by the afternoon, his nose was getting runnier and the next day, he's got the cough. I totally blame myself.

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Underwater World & Dolphin Lagoon

Tuesday, 14th June 2011

I'm glad we decided to go to Sentosa to get the $25 promotion for Underwater world & Dolphin Lagoon + Free Cable car ride w Ly & Family. This would be Tufeil's first time here. But he's been to the Underwater world in Perth, although he might be too young to remember / understand anything. This time around he was excited as he recognised sharks and dolphins and sting-rays.

We were quite nervous taking two strollers into the cabin for fear we don't have enough time to board but it went smoothly. Thank God.

He was soo excited! Not scared at all!

I was just slightly anxious myself

Another shot facing camera
We had to take the Blue Line bus to the Underwater World. It was troublesome with stroller. Boarding was okay because there were officials helping us. Getting down, we had tourists lending us a hand! HAHAHA
I didn't really get to take pictures because it was dark inside. And outside at the touchpool, Tufeil was soooo... Active and excited, I had to hold him at all times. He squealed (yes, squealed) like nobody's business when the string ray fish got very close. He wasn't afraid to get very near but still wouldn't really touch them. I didn't either.

I did get one shot though.

A bit disappointing that the sharks were all very small. And they actually looked very loving as opposed to menacing! A few of them actually lied on top of each other at one corner to the aquarium. It was soo cute! And then there was a couple who napped with tails overlapping each other. Romantic or what! 

Next up was the Dolphin Show.

I hate how the presenter, while speaking good English and all, couldn't say FLIPPER but FLIPPEL. WHY? WHY? WHY??!! And I hated how she only picked the ANG MOH (White) tourists to volunteer touch the animals! My sister was right when she pointed out, "Their country has more exotic animals." She was an Oz.

We came late and didn't get the best view but we did get front row seats at the side. Tufeil, I was surprised, sat still for 3/4 of the time.

2 Pink dolphins balancing balls
 It was my first time too catching the dolphin show and it's cute but could be more. We had to pay another $16 to get up close w the sealion for a photo. But that's only for two people, so the kids got it.

Tufeil looking curiously at this strange creature

Admiring his flippeRs
It was 3pm by the time the show finished, and we haven't had lunch yet! We didn't wanna eat in Sentosa because it's too expensive, so we went back to Harbourfront Centre (where we parked the car to take the cable car) and ate at Banquet. Tufeil managed to get his 45min nap. 

In the nursing / baby room @ HarbourFront
I might as well change Tufeil into another shirt cause he was sweating profusely earlier. I'm sure Tufeil felt a bit big brotherly seeing Baby Umar on the changing table next to him.

Sidenote: Nan, I couldn't get the suspender to hold on his shoulders! Should it be criss-crossed front and back??

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Java Village @ Jurong Point 2

Sunday 11th june 11

We had yet another late lunch outside before grocery shopping. Ayah treated us to this Indonesian cuisine.

We wete frustrated trying to order w a semi deaf waiter who didnt know abt d food when we askef. Nonetheless, The food arrived only 5min after our order! It's prolly pre-readied.

My Bali Daging (left) and Ly's Bakso (right)

It was reported tt the bakso was a bit disappointing. My beef though was soooo nice. Spicy, tender. Just delete the tofu and it wld hv bn perfect for me.

Kuah assam tasted much like malay's asam rebus/celok only sweeter. We liked it.

Mummy's gado2.

She loved it too. The gravy was super fine. When she described tt it tasted like peanut butter i got turned off as im not a PB fan.

Overall verdict: large bill small serving made us not want to return unless theres a huge discount or someone else is footing the bill.

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PlayDate w Aisyah & Sarah

Monday 13th June 2011,

We went to visit my internet friend from donkey years ago, Sis Norza. Her first daughter, Aisyah, went to Hanis too, only at a different branch. I marvelled at the activities she organised for her daughters at home because i can barely get Tufeil to do something for more than 10minutes before he'd be asking to be let out.

I brought along my one and only specialty, Beef Meatloaf & mashed potatoes, while she prepared Chicken Rice.
We busied ourselves with their extensive book collection.

Alamak Tufeil! How can sit on the table!
Lunch is served!

It was such a relief when I can eat in peace while T feeds himself!

I totally should get this kiddy table so Tufeil can feed himself properly. He's in the phase of not wanting to eat chicken. He only ate the rice with a bit of soup. Sometimes he would be distracted with the toy blocks, and then he'd go back to eating, play, eat, play, eat. As long as the plate is still there, he would eat. So I had to take it away and it was quickly forgotten.

Really, Tufeil eats ALL THE TIME!! I'm a bit worried!

In any case, next is COOKIE TIME! After Mdm Norza had prepared the dough, she set out brown paper and cookie cutters for the kids to play.

There were Doraemon and Doralin cutters! CUTE!

This is not powder, Tufeil, this is flour

Working the dough, baby yeah.

Finished products!

Watch the video how curious Tufeil was about the taste of raw dough. In the end, he ate more of the raw dough. I also took a teeny bite of it, just to know what Tufeil feels, its actually kinda nice. sweet. So I don't mind letting him eat more. HAHAHA

Sarah warmed up to Tufeil in the end

The moment we set out, i think close to 4pm?, Tufeil immediately slept in the stroller for a nap long overdue.

Next time, hopefully, Sis can come over to our place for us to return the favour of being waited upon the hosts. Thanks!!


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SingKids PlaySystem

Saturday 10th June 2011,

My parents brought us out to Airport Terminal 3. It was a cool day so I dressed Tufeil in long sleeves...

Bought the shirt @ Mothercare 3 months ago but nvr a suitable day to wear it.
The cap has been in the collection since he was maybe 6months old. Only now that he's started sch that he can tolerate headwears
 I've heard of this new indoor playground at the airport but at $18/hour, i find it totally unnecessary when the kids would have the WHOLE WIDE space to run around. Unbeknownst to both mummy and me, Ayah was already at the queue at Singkids while I was buying takeaway lunch. Oh well, he offered to pay for both Tufeil and Syifaa' so I just tagged along.

The place was quite cramp with low ceiling and big structures but it was very colourful. Had Tufeil been slightly older he would thoroughly enjoy all the stations.

Balloon Room
 This is definitely his favourite! He returned to this one a couple of times. See how the balloons are bigger than him! LOL

Nenek capturing us outside the fence.

Heavy-Weight Lifter

You don't hafta watch the video. It's just us all squealing over gigantic balloons being fanned and bounced around in tight spaces.

Water trampoline.. Hmmm.. I'll pass

Ball pit

Because it's impossible to get a decent still photo on the iphone, esply when you yourself almost drowned in a pool of ball, i took a video instead.

Bouncing House

I didn't bother to go in to this one. It's a bit embarrassing that a much younger toddler was so bravely bouncing himself (captured in video) but T had to be held!

Rotating Cylinder
This one looked very innocent. I tried it and got off all nauseated. I almost panicked when I couldn't move and thought I was gonna fall on top of myself. Maybe because I was fully clothed from head to toe that i found myself stuck.

I don't get this structure at all.

I wish I was light enough to have a go on this one!

Skates. Tufeil's legs were too short.

I like this shot
The space for this skating rink is *toot* but I guess it must be heaven for kids. I much prefer the big rides they had on the parking lot before.

That's when we discovered, they have another section and it's for smaller kids. Very much for Tufeil's age and motor skill.

Cutesy peanut ride!

Add caption

Cool slides with lights and mini waterfall!

They even had the same Balloon Room but with all small balloons. 10min before our 1hr was up, Tufeil already complained he was hungry, so we went to sit down and have Popeye's lunch that was already cold.

And then we walked all over. We wanted to sit down at the viewing mall to look at aeroplanes but the kids were already cranky as it was already 8pm and they had had quite a long day. In the end, I had to carry Tufeil (and he promptly fell asleep) and Ayah had to carry Syifaa' like what? 750m? I felt like DYING! I can't imagine how Dad was doing with more than twice the load I had.

But we survived.

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Choc Chip Muffin

Made this favourite of mine. While the taste was a success, the look was not.

I dont have muffin tins. LOL

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Short Holiday, Wish me Luck!

My parents are going to Vietnam next week Mon-Thurs. That means I hafta take leave too to take care of Tufeil. Of course, ideally I should go to. Alas, @ $595 per adult and god knows how much for toddler, I can't afford it. Saving for December holiday, instead.

I'm a little nervous at the prospect of being with my own child 24 hours a day for almost 8 days straight. Almost because, I'll get a brief respite on Fri when I get back to work before the weekend hits again. Having said that, my schedule is quite jam packed already. We'll be going out almost everyday... Or rather, T would. We'll be meeting two of my housewife friends I haven't met in so long and we got a birthday party to get to this Sunday.

Actually, the biggest fear I have is a second start to weaning T off breastmilk. Because I've been through it before in March and it was VERY VERY VERY VERY TOUGH, I almost dread to face it again now. But I told myself, June should be a good time to start. For one, he's almost 2yrs 3 months. Another, it's the school holidays, so whatever sleep he's gonna lose due to discomfort wouldn't affect school.

This time around though, I'm gonna arm myself with vinegar. I'm just trying to figure out how to apply it in the middle of the night when T wakes up and cries. I mean, I can't just leave him in the room to go to the toilet and put it now, can I?

I've heard of a friend's friend who took 6 weeks to wean off their 2yr. He cried for 6 weeks straight. Imagine that! But I bet the child slept through the night, so at least that's bearable. Tufeil wakes up every 2hours. Everytime he woke up the last time I was training him, I'd hafta carry him around for another 30minutes or so before he'd go back to sleep. Even then sometimes, he would instantly wake up again when i tried to put him down on the bed.

Why can't he be an angel and accept my hugs and kisses and soothing voice in place of the BM???

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Peach Cobbler

Thanks to Bermudabuttercup for sharing the recipe. (See ingredients and instructions at the end)

The batter. Totally cheated by using mixer.

Had to ply him w Peach and biscuits bcos i'm using the phone to read the recipe

Just before entering the oven

After. A bit burnt, is it?

If I were to do it again, I would not use the HEAVY SYRUP that comes in the can. I mistook that as the "fruit juice" indicated in the recipe. It became tooooo sweet even though I omitted the second sprinkle of sugar. I'd opt for just water I think.

And I would not put the whole big can of peach in there. A bit of an overkill if u ask me. I would just cover ever surface with one is enough.

Of course, Tufeil digged it soo much he had it for dinner last night and this morning for bfast! *slap forehead*


1/4 cup butter

1/2 cup white sugar

1 cup all-purpose flour

1/4 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoons baking powder

1/2 cup milk

2 cups fresh peaches, pitted and sliced or 1 big can of peaches

1/4 cup white sugar

1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1 1/2 cups water (or less) or the juice from the fruits.


1.Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). Lightly butter a 9x9 inch glass baking pan.

2.In a large bowl, cream the butter and 1/2 cup sugar.

3.In a separate bowl, mix flour, salt and baking powder. Add to the creamed mixture alternately with the milk.

4.Spread mixture evenly into baking dish .

5.If using canned peaches, drain thoroughly, reserving the juice. Spoon fruit over batter.

6.Sprinkle with cinnamon and 1/4 cup sugar. Pour fruit juice (not heavy syrup!!) or water over the top.

7.Bake at 375 degrees F (190 degrees C) for 45 to 55 minutes. During baking the fruit and juice go to the bottom and the batter rises. 

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