I wrote about going to Lakeside to meet this guy who's offering some kind of a job that needs to be able to read and reply to sms?

Well.. last night at 9pm.. we were all ready to go out. Fortunately, Zubair took the initiative to call that guy back. and guess what he said?


You cannot imagine how we felt at that time. I sensed that Zubair needed some time alone so i went on doing my own things for awhile. I tried to be strong for him and hid my tears.

The thing that hurt the most was that.. the guy said OK at first and has actually asked him to meet that night. He was misleading us and toying with our feelings! Ok to give him benefit of the doubt, prolly his boss just told him that requirement after he spoke to Zubair.

Then an idea sprang to mind. i said, "Ayah, we're not going to Lakeside. The guy said need to speak Chinese. But can i take the car and go for a spin... Very sad lah..."

I dont even hafta guess that Zubair would wanna go Little India.

It was nice, we visited our dream house again.. and checked out the carpark just for the fun of it. Then parked at Roberts Lane and walked to Lembu Road to buy his paan. It was 10.20 by that time. Thank god he didnt ask to go anywhere else. heheheh

But at least by that time, he felt so much better. However, it broke my heart when i heard he say, "I feel hurt... i STILL feel hurt... I was waiting all morning to meet him."

All i can say is, "Maybe Allah didn't give that job to us bcos its not good for us. Maybe its some weird business or whatever..."


He asked me why there are these kinda requirements and all that... and isnt it unfair? i told him that all you can do is complain to MOM and they'll write a letter to them as warning bla bla bla... and that during my time when i was looking for a job they ask that A LOT. and that in America, you can't even so much as prefer FEMALE than male. That'd be DISCRIMINATION! and They can get sued for it. But in truth, in Singapore, u can't easily sue lah..

Anyway, i woke up today with a renewed wanting to migrate. i googleed "Working in Australia" "Working in Dubai" "Working in Qatar"

Looks like Australia's gonna have visa difficulty also cos neither Singapore nor Pakistan is one of the countries that will be given Holiday Working Visa permit.

Dubai... The real deal from this wordpress : inflation is 15%, house rental at LEAST 2000 without family when ur salary is only 4000!!! Seems super scary.

Qatar is said to be quiet diff to gain visa.

Ya Allah, Please tell me what to do.. show me the way. I'm so confused right now.

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6 glasses of Juice:

Sandra said...

Even in America there is discrimination, and hard to prove that you weren't hired for being a woman, gay, black, etc.

Prayers that your sweetheart finds the job meant for him, and I agree this one sounded a bit shady so better off not getting it.

I enjoy reading your blog, so please keep writing!

Ashley said...

Hey... Sorry to hear about Zubair. Honestly, Singapore is a Farked up country lah despite it being safe, clean and all that bullshit, you know?!?! Bet you can guess why I want so much to be away from here. So much freedom elsewhere!

And hey... don't feel letdown alright? Dubai is known to be expensive with accommodation but really sweetie, don't let that STOP you! If you really want something, believe in yourself that you WILL work hard to get it. You know I will always back you up on the idea of migrating!

And hey.. I don't think Doha will be that bad. Go and research more on the visa thingy. Currently, there are so many Singaporeans working there so if there's a WILL, there will be a WAY.

Jussaemon said...

Hi Sandra!

Well.. i guess there would be discrimination everywhere... Then we SHOULD move to where our majority live... like Malay in Malaysia.. or Muslim in UAE. Maybe? *shrug*

Thanks for being a loyal reader! and for your insight too!

Jussaemon said...

Long.. if you're established in London then i also wanna go there! Like i will get that holiday working visa thingy! hahaha But not sure for Zubair.. will do research tmrw (in office!) haha

hmm DOHA seems interesting too... But there's so many scary things to think about...

Dont worry.. i will look at my options ok?

Ashley said...

London???? But I am heading to Manchester! LOL.

Anyway, go other countries so I can visit and get free accommodation! Lol.

All new beginnings are scary but be brave to go through them all. At least you have Zubair. I have no one. :P

Jussaemon said...

ok.. still UK lah... :P

Kong asam! and us too!!

Ok let's see how in the next 6 or 9 months...