I was feeling very lousy being the after effect of all the medicines i downed the night before to get rid of my flu/pleghm bla bla bla...

Cancelled my two classes at 8:45 and promptly went back to sleep only to wake up at 2pm. Blissful weekend.

It was planned that this Saturday, Zubair has to do his homework in the day then we wld go to Night Safari at night.

He did do his homework and by the time he declared, "That's it for the day" he only has 2 pages left to finish and was itching to go out.

Me, i got hooked on Malcom in The Middle season 1 on while munching and finishing -unconsciously- the whole bag of Twisties! Gosh! i feelt heartache that the Charmed one has too many missing episodes, i gave up and started another series.

I was still not feeling so good i told Zubair to go out by himself which he agreed gladly. He went to Little India and indulged in his Paan yet again.

Anyways... in the middle of the night, i woke up at 2:30am feeling about to vomit. but nothing came out. my tummy felt uneasy. i think its either the whole bag of twisties turning inside me or the Dunkin Donut bcos Zubair thought it was too filling also.

After sitting up on the floor... rubbing Tiger Balm on my tummy... i still feel uneasy... I told to Zubair, "Let's take a walk" He obliged willingly. HE is such a night owl!

At the door, i had this warm fuzzy feeling. It feels so good to be married and be able to do almost anything guiltless. Like before, going out at 3am is a NO NO and you'd hafta SNEAK out and feel guilty with high adrenaline afraid of getting caught. But its not problem with your hubby around :D

We walked towards Marsiling.. it was so quite and peaceful, the air cool with dew and foggy that i felt better just after 3min! We sat down at some bench talking and me lying on his thigh looking up the sky. BLISS.

I wonder where from all the intermitten vehicles passing us were from, or where were they going. Maybe they just came back from work, partying, meeting girlfriend... haha Then what are the pple in the few brightly-lit rooms are doing... watching TV.. Studying?? or cldnt sleep with lights off as i used to be..

haha i like to play this kinda game... Trying to guess what other pple are doing. Like when in the MRT on a weekday afternoon, I'd ask myself, "Where are these pple from? Aren't they working?" and i wld come up with answers like.. "Maybe they're housewifes, students, sales person on the job, etc"

Well in conclusion, I'd like to say... I love you, Xubi. I love that you're always there for me. I love that you love me. I love when we make up after an argument and the love just get stronger.

ok this is getting too mushy. Adios pple! Enjoy your Sunday!

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