PSP Auction Results - Tatarah

Lazy to post picture, u can just see the site here

My PSP has been sold for $0.25!!!

To think that i bid $0.01, $0.61 and prolly $0.74

*slap myself*

The watch result is not out yet.

I dont think i wanna bid again. the odds are just too great.

Am only functional on short sentences.


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I have two posts in drafts, 8 ideas in my Idea Bank and yet i cannot write.

im sick of words. Tired of thinking. Done with analyzing. Gave up on compartmentalizing. Too lazy to recall.


I'm a mix of emotions today.

Prolly bcos of the lousy Monday Morning start i had. Bad tudung day + late + drowsy cough syrup effect + itchy throat + tiring sleep = Zombie Me.

I'm getting tired at this job also. Having nothing to do... or rather, nothing challenging enough. my mind is getting number and duller by the day! I wish for a good transfer + fat raise in salary.

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My Mother In Law

Finally i've found this picture that Zubair sent me way back then.

It's my parents-in-law's wedding photo prolly 1980 or earlier.

Notice that his father was super thin?

And Ammi's wedding dress is awesome. Check out the box handbag. and im sooo loving the accessories. ie the nose stud and hmmm headlace (as opposed to necklace?).

I hope to post her latest pictures in the near future!

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Xiaxue's Afraid of Lizards too!

Xiaxue is one of Singapore's Top Bloggers. I've been following her blog for prolly a year now and even read her archives.

Anyway, she hates lizards too! But i'd say she's much BRAVER than me bcos she hates them sooo much she can KILL THEM! she can even photographed them dead lah!! i wish i have the courage.

Here's the link and below is the excerpt and my comments at intervals:

Yesterday I bought a lo mai gai (is it spelt like that?) and I put it on the kitchen table for maybe 1 hour... The damn thing was wrapped inside 1 paper bag and the paper bag was wrapped in a plastic bag.

I took up the package, wanting to microwave it, and midway during the journey to the microwave a HUMONGOUS LIZARD JUMPED, literally JUMPED, out of the plastic bag.

He flew up scrabbling and wiggling in midway (in a rather comical way, if I were not the victim) landed with a heavy and cold THUD on the crook of my arm.

I screamed cold murder and flung both lo mai gai and lizard away while running to the bedroom and whimpered to a sleeping and confused Mike.

Amazingly enough, the lizard managed to get through both paper and plastic bag to get to the food.


Don't people who defend lizards always say, "Oh, lizards are good what, they eat our pests!"

IT IS ALL A FACADE I TELL YOU! (I soooo agree with you!!!)

Lizards like our human food just like cockroaches do, and what's worse, they PRETEND to eat mosquitoes and the like!

CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME, IF YOU ATE LO MAI GAIs WILL YOU STILL GO AND EAT FLIES AFTER THAT??No right?! (Oklah, prolly he was eating the ANTS around the food? OMG have i just defended the notorious CICAK species?!?!?!?)

GrrrrI swear, these fuckers just hate me!!!!!NOBODY ELSE HAS SUCH FREQUENT LIZARD TRAUMAS!!!

Maybe they know I enjoy killing their kind. Oh yes I'm gonna redouble my efforts in killing you all you know, you dirty ugly wonky-eyed muthafuckers!!!!!!I'd extend my reign of terror to Macau, where I will also kill the lizards there!! (Yes yes!! please Kill all the cicak in the world! U'll be our Superhero!)

P/S: Here's a photo of a lizard I smacked to death with my bathroom slipper.
Disgusting, isn't it? (OMG, i cant even bear to look!)

It totally serves him right because he was hiding BEHIND THE TOILET ROLL.

I cannot comprehend why anyone would go hide behind toilet rolls unless their purpose in doing so is to unleash themselves upon innocent girls who unfurled the roll of paper to wipe their asses. (Imagine them clinging to the paper and u wiped ur butts with it! OH GOD!! *puke puke*)

That place (behinde the toilet roll) is not particularly fragrant and it is definitely not a good insect-catching spot.

Therefore, this lizard is evil.

Since he is evil, I chased him into the shower area and sprayed him with terribly hot water and when he is momentarily paralyzed, smacked him with my bathroom slipper.


Once, and he twitches.

Oh, still alive, aren't you?

SMACK!A last feeble twitch.


Flush corpse into toilet bowl. Revenge is sweet. (HOw did she freaking pick it up, man!!! I cant Imagine even lifting it up with thick newspaper. I can just feel the body weight, the shape, the sliminess!! )

I killed one more lizard with this method. That lizard also deserves it because he was drinking water from my bathroom.

We have to pay rent and water bills of the precious water he is drinking, and did he ask permission? NO. Sorry, water not yours to drink, therefore deserve to DIE.

Besides, he was probably the one who dared the toilet-roll-lizard to sit there and hop onto my hand after I shat, thinking it is very funny. (Oh yeah. damn funny!)

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Visiting Neighbour's House

You might have seen in the comments thread, the difficulty to meet with a neighbour! heheh

But suddenly, they called us over Tues night. and we were served with these:

Fried Macaroni, Tofu salad w hot peanut sauce and fried chicken (marinated with Hmmm black pepper and....... what eh kak Is? Forgot already what u told me! hahaha how to cook sey like this.)

Syifaa' was introduced to new toys. Trucks and blocks. Boy's toys. no pun intended! HAHAh

Syifaa' always crawl while dragging something under her palm... but she was super delighted when she got the truck bcos they have wheels and she can drag them easily!

Unfortunately, we had to witness her desperate effort to pass motion (luckily, we've already eaten hehehe). She's been having constipation and despite putting bullets into her, giving plum juice and some other medications for the past 2 months or so, she's still having problem. A few hours before that nothing came out from her "pushes" except for blood. :(

The Paedatrician said, she's now afraid to pass motion and tried to suppress the feeling whenever she gets it. and its no wonder she's phobic now bcos they are blood down there!

U hafta see her... Her face will turn red and her expression like, god Forbid, dying. mummy will help to press on her tummy in the hope it will bring them down. (doubt its scientifically effective though) and after she had finally pushed it out, she will be "lesu" ... pale with lethargy?

My Poor baby Syifaa'. Please dont be afraid to shit, ok? and drink more water. Oh Allah please make her better. Ameen

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The best way to SHop!

It's the new way to bid for the things you have been eyeing for. Get this: The LOWEST but UNIQUE bidder wins!!!

In the event that there's NO lowest unique bidder, they will pick the earliest bidder from the lower bidding group.

The things are brand new. Minimum bid is $0.01.

The only downside is, each bid will incur a processing fee in the region of $1 - $3... and i dont think they show other bidders' amount.

But the products that are up for auction are just about the things you need! ok... WANT. hahaha

I'm definitely going for the PSP... and maybe iPod for Zubair. OH yes a watch for him too... and Spa would be nice... not to mention a heavily discounted shopping spree! Oh no... I'm going crazy!

Oh 26th October, 3pm. Please come soon! I wanna bid now!!!

Funny i'm writing about this for FREE! Humph!

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British are a Funny Lot

I was collecting donation from my department for TRANScentre - Elder Abuse.

British NO 1 said : The more money they have the more they will beat the Elders.

British No 2 said : I am the beneficiary. I'm the eldest around. (48 or so)

and i chipped in, "Yeah... and we all abuse you right?" hahahah

Hid, if you're reading.. can u guess who said which?

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Zubair's First Performance

Pehla Nasha from one Indian movie.

An Indian classical pop piece called Khamaj.

Zubair sings, plays the piano and accordian as well as writes/composes music. He is available for musical performance and other services. Please contact us at or 6726 2732.

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The Officially Selenger Julissa

Selenger = duffer / stupid / blur

Not that i dont know already that im a selenger girl... but i think this tops it all.

My boss gave me a piece of work. He told me to convert the Eur currencies to the exchange rate of Eur 1 = SGD 2 bcos he had been using 1 : 1.9. Then he told me that the loss ratio SHOULDN'T change.

I came back to him with the edited worksheet but i told him that the ratio changed bcos the formula is Sum of claims / Gross Premium. He said, "Yeah but i still dont see why it changed." Turned out my formula is wrong! i put as original fig / 1.9 * 2 when it should have been original fig * 1.9 / 2. Well of course the latter's logical cos Euros bigger than SGD! GRRRR *slap myself*

Then i came back with the editted formula but told him the ratio still changed. As he was going thru the figures, then realisation came to me... I DIDNT CHANGE THE FREAKING CLAIMS FIGURE! i only changed the premium.

At last, i handed him the correct work with loss ratio UNCHANGED!

OK prolly u might be confused about the formulas (cos there's no visual) but the point is still the same. Julissa is sooooooooooooooooo selenger!!! i Sooo hate to give wrong work to the boss. Like my reputation just dropped. arghhhhhhhh *pulls hair*

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Monday Hungover.

We wanted to visit our next door neighbour last night but Zubair said, "You go ahead. I'm tired of visiting. One day 3 houses can.... but not 7!!"

But i said to him, "No this is very normal. we're used to it. If we dont do it... it feels... well... wrong!"

He just shook his head.

Thing is in Pakistan, they get 3 days of Public Holidays to celebrate Eid when we only get 1 day. So i guess we, depressed and surpressed Singaporeans, want to vent our positive anger to celebrate thru all the 30 days of Syawal esp during weekends. not to mention we loveeee to see each other pple's houses (that's why we bought that new curtain, carpet, bedsheet etc etc) and eat each other's cookies for we've made them lovingly with our pointing fingers. haha

Anyway... Monday morning... i was too god damn tired to go to work tho i managed to wake up with the alarm. But bcos i already told my body, last night, that i wanna go to the gym and that i already planned what to wear and what to stuff for my gym bag, i dragged myself to the bathroom to get ready...

So, kak long, in answer to your comment, yes i did go to the gym.

It was Fruit Day in the office and i had to go to collect them to distribute on my floor. My colleague, upon seeing me, exclaimed, "OMG what happened to you?,.... you look so... tired."

I know im BORNed with eye bags but i think this morning it was worse than ever. I've been sleeping past 1am for the past few nights... "Yeahlah hari raya visiting." was all i managed to reply.

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211007 - 9th Day of Eid

Yup, We are still visiting on 9th Day. In fact, all Singaporeans are.

First Stop, my cousin Kak Lina's house at Choa Chu Kang.

What she served us.

Not in any order: Rice, Sambal Goreng, Fish in Green Chilli gravy, omelette, fish crackers.

The cookie spread. I LOVE sarang semut / Ant's house (?). Actually its just vanilla flavoured biscuits with chocolate rice on top. hehe

Kak Lina bought this 2nd Christofori's Piano at SGD 800!! What a steal! Zubair was being "Auditioned" while i admired on... hehe.. i have the video but its too big to upload from office. Afraid i'd get detected and blogger will be blocked for internet hogging.

My nieces Rashika and Erika.

Dancing to Mann song in the background.

Next stop: Mak Ngah's house at..... SIMEIIIIIIII

Syifaa' amused by the fishes

Syifaa's Aunty Sarina (Pronounced: Salina) is here.

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude for Mak Ngah who especially cooked a small pot of mutton steak for Zubair despite Nur and most of the rest not eating MUTTON at all. but she made a BIG pot of beef steak lah.

But by 4pm, Zubair was tired already. (We went out at 12:15pm) and even took a nap.

Third House is Cik Esah's house back in Tampines, at the same block where i used to live for the first 18yrs of my life.

Zubair was so bored.. he had to do something

On to Hanani's Place . She served us with Satay, samosa, cream puff, mee siam goreng. OMG, ALL ARE MY FAV!!!!!! I'm soooooooo soooooooooo sad we only stayed like 30min when we stayed like more than 1hr at other places! HUMPH! So not fair! Sorry Nan. really wanted to stay longer.

From left: Nan, Zan, Xubi, Jus, Ziah, Khairiah.

Alas, Azma and Fir were busy and not in picture. Sorry babe.

Next was Abg Izhar's house... AGAIN. this time with the whole family. They cooked Mee Siam, also from our stock... but i ate to show respect. PLUS the fried chicken was nice.

Next still was Nek Ngah's house at Bukit Merah / Red Hill.

She was serving Mee Rebus... i tot, NOOOOOOOO i CANT see the sight of MEE REBUS EVER AGAIN!!! She called us to the kitchen many many times but we all excused ourselves.. till when Ayah went to eat, Zubair also went to take a serving and i saw that there's udang and the gravy is a bit reddish. and i helped myself to a plate also and NO REGRETS!!!... wait maybe just regretted a bit that i didnt take MORE PRAWNS!!! Zubair loved it too, of course.

And er... i have this young uncle who's er... looking for a wife. and Ayah asked me to recommend one of my friends!!! When i suggested somebody, then he eagerly asked me what is she like and everything... God.. i was sooo puking inside... I got caught in such a "weird" and "uncomfortable" situation. Yikes!

Then Nek Ngah was trying to interview Zubair in Malay and me the interpreter. Then she said something like, "But u havent gained weight eh!?" I said, "WHAT!!! Oh yes he has!! 10 kg at that!" Nek Ngah, "Really? Can't see it. You lah who has gained weight. you got something inside?" #@%#$^%$&^%&#$%@#$@#$@

I got sooooooo freaking pissed off but i smiled at the lovely Nenek. Of course, she's not to be blamed. I know ive gained weight but the thing that irked me was she cldnt see that ZUBAIR's the one who's grown 120%!! But then many others have noticed it... so i dont feel so bad. hahah

Ok ok... the 7th and absolutely LAST house for the day: Cik Ita's house.

Thing is, Cik Ita has been such an angel as to lend us one of her CARS. Yup... she has 3 altogether, an MPV, a Chevrolet Aveo and a company car. and they weren't going out anyways and get this... she LENT IT TO US FOR FREE!!! And when we went to her house to send the car back, Cik Adi even offerred to send us home, despite it being 11.35pm! They're very generous lah. I Thank god for such good family.

Yes yes i know im getting more tembam-er / chubbier by the minute!

Well.. how not to? You know what they served? Cream of CHicken Soup and spaghetti and grapes and tea... OH GOd! *slaps tummy*

I made a resolution that night to GO TO THE GYM the next day.

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Heer Ranja - an SMU play

Zihah has kindly invited us to watch a FREE play at her school.

I've heard Zubair, Pak Arif and other pakistanis talked about Heer Ranjha and jumped at this opportunity of seeing the play and hence know what's the story's about. I even cancelled a FREE company dinner at Clarke Quay to go for this one. My rationale is, i'd rather do something FREE with the beloved husband than taking the FREE DINNER on my own. Kak Long tot i should have gone for the latter cos that doesnt come everyday and its pricier... oh well.. the things you do for your husband.. If they still dont appreciate us... well then they should certainly be SPANKED... HARD! hahahahah

Its a sit-on-the-floor and twist your neck around play as diff scenes were built around the audience.

That's the lovely couple, Heer and Ranjha

They met in a boat, when Ranjha sort of hitch hiked running away from his barren land.

The Evil uncle Kaidu found them out and told on them.

Heer was then married off to Saida bcos Ranjha was a mere shephard.

Ranjha sneaked back in thru the disguise of a Yogi. Sethi helped them escape.

Again, they were caught. and were brought to the King's court for judgement.

At first, they were sentenced to be set apart. Then they prayed hard. Heer said, "Let us be together or they wont live to be separated..." or something to that effect. Then thunderstorm hit the kingdom and alas, the King gave in and ordered the parents to form the marital rites.

The evil uncle wanted revenge and gave Heer to drink a poison laced wine. Ranjha took a sip and died too.

I enjoyed the whole play. That evil Uncle Kaidu, Heer's father and Sethi were the few outstanding actors on stage. The dances were nice (tho not in sync but that's to be expected) the stage was innovative bla bla bla... however, i thought that the couple did not have chemistry together and Heer seemed a bit too stiff and put on a monotonous and repetitive tone. like all lines she said in the same tone? Worse sometimes with the indian accent, me and zihah cldnt figure out what they said.

At least Zubair said, "i feet like i'm back in college." surrounded by indians/pakistanis and in a dark room for concert or the likes.

Truth be told, i dont like the story, actually. I mean c'mon Heer. You're married, albeit forcedly. But you've gotta move on, girl. There are lotsa of disappointments in life, but u gotta make the best of it. No point living in the past only to make urself suffer. i repeat, MAKE THE BEST OF IT lah.

And Ranjha. He bloody knew that Heer is now married and he still had the cheek to STEAL from what is rightfully Saida's. Shows just what kind of a man Ranjha is. IRRESPONSIBLE and UNCARING.

We took a photo with one of the casts. I forgot what's her name (actually there's a leaflet but i didnt bring it today). I thought she looked like one of Zubair's Aunties, Aunty Farzana? Saw her once on webcam.

It was just 8.30pm and we went to.. "chill".. Zubair wanted tea and Ziah pointed us to the right place. The place is sooo cool, they have lotsa games that u can borrow. We played Jengga first.

Ziah at it.

Zubair's concentrating

Me in all of tembamness / chubbiness

We tried to play other games too but it just wasnt as fun as Jengga. and Zubair so totally LOVE jengga. Well.. i think if he had taken some time to do other stuffs other than music, he would find that he'd love many other things too..

It was 9:30 then and Zihah wanted to go home cos she has an early day tmrw. I, obviously, wanted to go home too but i know Zubair would want to "jalan-jalan" or walk walk some more. So compromise is, we walked to Orchard MRT, some two stations away and board the train there. Just walk, enjoy the exercise and scenery but NO stopping. haha

Just paused long enough to take this photo:

The Two Golden Ladies.

Reached home just before 11pm. Nice. It's been kind of a long time since we've had such a nice, non-stressful, free date. hehe

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Smelly Apek in Bus 131

I always take bus 131 to my Dad's office. If i'm lucky i get the earlier bus, but normally, it's the 5:50pm bus.

And on this 5:50pm bus, there will ALWAYS be this crazy looking apek (Chinese uncle) boarding from the Fullerton bus stop, 2 stops away from mine.

He stinks of URINE, like he pees in his pants ALL the time! He looks like he hadnt had a shower in months! He hasnt clipped his nails and they looked dry, hard, chapped and peeling out from his fingers! Im not kidding! His hair might have never seen a comb before!

Sometimes, i'd be in deep sleep by then and didnt notice the smell. Most of the time he'd go way in to the back and the smell is very faint i'd just block it from my smelling radar. But two days ago, he freaking STOOD beside me while i was trapped sitting down! There were other seats around or more standing space behind but he didnt squeeze to the back! WHY WHYYY must he stood next to me?

He is not so tall. So imagine, in my sitting position, my nose is at about the same level as his crotch only 1/4 of a metre apart! Wah Piang eh!!

The girl sitting next to me on the inside was oblivious to it as she was sleeping. The man in front was squirming in his seat. The indian lady two rows in front of me kept looking back to confirm time and again that the smell really came from this dirty old man.

A few min later, i caught a whiff of AXE Medicated Oil. Butthe URINE smell overpowered it.

All the while, i was alternating between breathing thru my mouth (Imagine i was like EATING the URINE smell!!!); holding breath and releasing it slowly; pretending to rub my nose when actually was trying to catch a filtered breath; and trying NOT to think of the smell when i HAD to breath thru my nose. My lungs must have punctured.

I didnt know what to do. It'd be rude to move away from him. I'm too conscientious to do that to him. I wanted to get down at the next stop and catch the next one but it won't come till another 10 min and i cant afford that.

However, after some 10min in the bus WITH HIM NOT MOVING AN INCH AWAY FROM ME, I cldn't take it anymore. I called my father and said that I simply HAD to get down, could he pick me up from a bus stop earlier ie Tekkah bus stop? Luckily, Ayah was agreeable. and i sooo cldnt stand it anymore, i actually alighted 1 stop earlier than Tekkah and walked.

I wanted to take a photo of him but my nonsense k800i looks sooo much like a camera and a red light goes off just before each snap, i cant be discreet about it. so I tot i'd catch a video. There's still a red light flashing once but i started from INSIDE my bag and then slowly pulled it out and move about a little and even showed my distorted face.

And this is the result of the video:

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Slimming Ambition Renewed!!

The last time i had achieved more than 5kg weight loss is towards end of 2006 when i went thru the slimming prog using machines and hot wrap nearby my office. That costed me $399 for twice a week 4 or 6 months i cant remember. I even get to pay in two installments!

It's been about a year since and i've reached my "original" weight. Am still thankful considering many others who go up by double their original BEFORE treatment weight. But with the Pakistan wedding fast approaching in just 2 months, I shldn't waste no time in losing weight. And esp bcos Zubair commented last night that my tummy is bigger now! HUMPH!!!

So, I went to Raffles Medical to get my sinus prescription, as the same time wanna ask for slimming pills. Unfortunately, the doctor said that slimming pills wont be covered by the company contrary to what i was led to believe by the previous doctor.

Anyways, this indian lady doctor explained that there are 3 types of prescription pills:

  1. Rectubil or something that makes you feel full faster. priced at $150/mth

  2. Another that gives u oily stools prolly priced at $100 but she said this isnt suitable for me

  3. Phentermine that suppresses appetite @ $20+/mth

When i gasped super loudly at the mention of $150, she said, "ok lah i give u Phentermine. But i hafta warn you that it may cause depression bcos it suppresses u down and max u can take is for 6months. We dont have the stock here, so i'll write a prescription for you for 2 months, but u can buy 2 weeks first see if it suits you. dont waste money."

"Actually, if you just eat ur Bfast, Lunch and Dinner with no extras like dessert or what, just water and the occasional cake in between, u shldnt be gaining any weight."

I asked, "Even if we eat fried stuffs?"

Doctor, "Even if u eat fried stuffs. bcos we eat w rice and all, right. how much of fried stuffs can we take?"

In my heart, "hmmmm a lot?"

Doctor, "So if in between meals u feel hungry.. dont eat FRIES lah... that is gone case... a simple tea will do."

I nodded vigorously in agreement, remembering my golden (read: slimmest) years when i didnt feel like eating lunch after school bcos i drank a glass of rose syrup prior to that.

Doctor, "So you hafta exercise regularly... even if u take slimming pills but no exercise no point"

Me, "Yeah, i'm going to start going to the gym, that my company sponsored, again."

Doctor, "Ok good good. You can wait outside, i'll get the nurse to record your current weight."

I was surprised actually. I tot my weight would be more especially about 4 days of feasting and a BK lunch... but it is the same as the time i weighed 1.5months ago on a VERY EMPTY stomach.

So.. I get a pill prescription without having to pay consultation fee! Haha... *wink*

Wish me luck you guys.

For some reminiscing purposes.. My slim years as follows:

1999 - I went to a camp in Gunung Ledang and came back with EXTREME diarrhoea and then the loss of appetite (rose syrup as above). I was BELOW 50kg!!!

2002 - I started going to the gym (PPIS for muslimahs only) for the first time. Despite the oily meals after gym, i managed to come back down to 52kg

2005 - I bought slimming prog at Sensualite, now known as London Weight Management. I had to go thru the steam room, the pricking machine, the HOT blanket, the Sticky masks, meal replacement drinks (YUCKS) and all that. After 6 months and almost 2k the best i could do was 55.

2006 - Another similar slimming prog, the one near my office i mentioned earlier. MUCH cheaper. Looks dubious but i assure you its exactly the same prog as Sensualite. I managed to go down to 55 again but somehow im not convinced it has worked bcos normally it doesnt work the 2nd time, just like it didnt when i re-enrolled gym. But compare these pictures:

3 pictures of Bangkok trip in Dec 06:

Two nights ago:

I could pose easily without worrying of looking chubby or having double chin. I could wear skirts with shirts above the hips with darts comfortably...I was sooo happy back then but now... sigh... i cant even self-snap pictures bcos it'd be soooo freaking ugly! God, please give me those years back, thank you.

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Before & After Raya Pictures

It's a Wednesday night, also the 5th Day of Syawal/Eid/Hari Raya.

Fortunately, my uncles, aunties and cousins said they wanted to come that means WE are not going out visiting. Quite tired after going out every night.

So.. i took this opportunity to post some Before & After pictures of the House.

Dining Area leading towards Bedrooms..

Obviously, BEFORE


The raised balcony / sitting Area



3 pairs of the married cousins from father side.

The Door towards Living Area



The elders talking and the kids playing...

Well? What do you think? Did we make a good job of cleaning the cluttered house?

On late Fri afternoon, Kak Isnarny, our neighbour, saw we were still cleaning the house. Well we started at 2:30pm that day! She said she's already finished her spring cleaning. With the Ketupat "factory" production, we can only start cleaning on the very eve of EID ie AFTER Ketupats processes are finished...

Plus we are also mighty lazy hehehe every year without fail, my mother has to scream and shout at us to get us moving... some years, she even had to resort to "sulking" in the room. Hope we'll get better at it with our own house and prolly much smaller one = easier cleaning.

So those are the results of frantic cleaning for 4 hours on that eve. haha

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Recent Comments Widget

Got this great easy to use widget from

Widget is like an application or prog that u run on ur website independently.

and putting a recent comments widget on ur blog is good bcos then lazy pple who dont check comments can take a glance at them on the side bar. Or that regular readers wont forget to check that you've replied them and u wont miss out on comments from old posts (that is if u dont send ur comments to ur email)

Just wanted to acknowledge the author of this wonderful SUPER widget.

Thank you once again

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Pictures: 4th Day Raya... Still visiting!

What? It's only 4th Day what... Should still go out and visit.

This time, i warned Zubair in advance that we were going out tonight and that he shldnt and CANNOT miss anymore visiting outing.

First Stop: Cik Zaini and Cik Mai's Place in Yishun

Cik Zaini is my mum's brother from the same father but not same mother. Cik Mai's his wife. They have 7 children! Masya'Allah! I read that on Average, Singaporean women give birth to 1.2 babies. SEVEN!!

My cousins in the kitchen preparing drinks for us. Even the boy helped out to count the heads! Sooo sweet... soo helpful..

From top: two kinds of marble cakes, Nona Manis / Sponge cake, Fruit Cake.

3 out of 4 girls out of 7 children. From left: Aisyah, Siti and Ijah.

I will forever remember how tiny Siti and Ijah were when they followed us to Jakarta... or was it Sarawak? or Penang? heheheh

Only 3 of Simei peeps were there and Yayan lived up the night very well with his jovial self. Always fun to have him around.

2nd House: Nek Long and Tok Long in Sembawang.

Nek Long was home alone but still a great host serving us with these:

Brown one is Beef rendang, Red one is Sambal (chilli) Prawn to eat with pulut (glutinous rice) or Ketupat.

Zubair had double extra helping with the prawn. Fair considering he doesnt taken Beef and he was eating Ayah's share. hehe After that, i told him to compliment nenek and say, "Udang sedap" means prawn delicious.

Do you have those washing hands pot in Pakistan?

Us at the balcony

The elders catching up with each other.

Kak Long sibuk lah. or again my hp shutter slow to snap... Check out the HUGE frame of Arabic Bismillah in Chinese calligraphy.

We didnt come home so late. 11pm.

Again, im quite happy with myself for having taken some initiative to talk some w the hosts. =)

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Pictures: 3rd Day Raya

After 2 full days of Visiting just 7 houses, me and Kak Long were NOT satisfied.

We still wanna eat KUIH Raya and look at pple's houses. hahah yes. I'm ashamed to admit those two were the reasons and motivations for me to follow my parents go visiting. It should be to build and maintain good relationship w friends and relatives. oh! additionally, this yr the reason is to intro my hubby to my relatives more closely too, to show him Singaporean houses and Malay kuihs and food stuffs.

Anyway, after work, we went to Aunty Roza's house in Marsiling/Woodlands.

Aunty Roza is wife of Uncle Ali who is my father's elder brother. See.. i know how they are related. hahaha i'll knock myself on the head if i dont know this one.

Aunty Roza is a SUPER creative person. Right now she is into BEADS. she makes bracelets, necklaces, watches, bags, tissue boxes and virtually ANYTHING from beads. She even conducts classes to teach HOW to do them.

Before that, she was into baking and taught baking classes too. She can sew curtain and just ANYTHING a demure housewife should be able to do.. just MORE creatively.

Our dinner

The red gravy is er... some kind of tomato + beef soup. On its left is BEEF SATAY without sticks and the next one is the peanut sauce that goes with Satay. Then coconut topping. Sambal Goreng (fried beef lung and heart and prawn). Ayah masak merah / Chicken cooked red and fried chicken parts/mempedal.

The Cookie spread

Aunty Roza made MOST of these 10 odd cookies... Her macaroons were quite decent, though not as fluffy as i'd like, at least the cornflakes were not stale!

From left: Uncle Ali, Ayah, Mummy and Aunty Roza!

I told Aunty Roza that Roza in Urdu means FASTING and ROZANA (her full name) means EVERYDAY. then she said there's also a meaning in Arabic but she's forgotten. Er... I dont know either :$

Zubair didnt follow us actually. He had an interview at Novena at 7pm. Dont ask me why so late bcos nowadays, i dont ask/interrogate him anymore. At 8 before we left, i asked where was he bcos i think we cld wait for him but he said its ok you go ahead. But at 9:30pm before we left Aunty Roza's place, he was still at the MERLION, City Hall.

I was SUPER pissed off i told him there's nothing to eat at home and let him find his own dinner despite knowing he hadnt any cash on him. PADAN MUKA. If u dont wanna go out with me without TELLING me, u arrange ur own meal.

Mummy, the Supervision Manager, asked me afterwards where was he then and how he would be coming back. I told her i dont know bcos im NOT gonna ask him anything. and Ayah agreed saying, "tau pergi tau balik lah." means if u you know how to go, u should know how to get back.

Anyways, second house is Cik Nora's place at... no surprise here.. Woodlands.

She and her daughters were my students for Iqra' before. I stopped teaching bcos i've had too many classes n cldnt handle them esp AFTER i got married.

Was trying to take Long taking the elders but she finished so fast or my hp too slow. haha.

BTW, the girls have grown so big and tall now esp Nina the 3rd one... Sighh they really wanted me to continue teaching them but i simply cldnt commit my time. I need some time to adjust and settle down first. haha

Today, i felt better bcos i talked to the hosts and took their pictures instead ourselves. But it was such a waste that we only went out at 8:15 and managed to cover only 2 houses. We shld go out like RIGHT after maghrib say... at 7:10. At that rate, we can cover 3 houses even if we stayed 1hr in each!

More pictures coming soon.

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201st Post


Another 100 posts in just 2.5 months! It took me 3 yrs to reach the first 100!

Granted, i was cheating a bit... i was posting 3 entries a day with diff titles. but it WAS necessary bcos the stories were all different which require diff tags and everything. Besides, it'd be too long an entry to fit all 3 into 1. I'd like my blog, neat and tidy. haha

Oh well.. congratulations to me. *patting my own back* haha

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Polls Results

My first poll is about "Would you Spend $$ to call your EX colleague who is of opp gender who is married AND overseas."
4 voted maybe and 8 voted ABSOLUTELY NOT.
I've proven my point. So why are they still calling?? Ok, they prolly are not anymore, im sure... i dont track my husband anymore. I've decided NOT to check on it and therefore not to cause myself worry..
I told him one day that it's ironic how Pakistan is an islamic country but have liberal culture ie Girls can call guys, can go to concerts, alcohol uncontrollable, a lot dont fast etc... but Singapore a liberal country but with islamic culture ie How we ALL, or the VOTERS view girls calling married guys appalling, even the girls who DONT wear tudung FAST (Kak Long for examply) etc....
But then again, when i review the situation, i think it depends on the family we grew up in. In Singapore, there ARE muslim girls wearing tudung who smoke, there ARE malay gangsters who eat and drink publicly during Ramadhan. and in Pakistan, he said the brothers of a girl will beat any guy who dates her, and that wives absolutely DO NOT be friends with husband's friends, in fact they hafta wear full hijab (not just dupatta). I dont know.. i feel like that culture/tradition is diminishing esp amongst the growing middle class and upper class... Mamoo, what say you>?
"Is busking a charity?"
We have a tie at both extreme ends with 2 votes each. Neutral has 5 votes.
The extreme No says they are for fun or just like any other work, which sounds logical too.
My conclusion is that, we'll hafta judge (i know judging pple is not a good practice but its inevitable) by appearance whether they busk for fun (eg: able bodied men juggling or eating fires) or to find day to day food (eg: blind and disabled persons struggling to pluck the guitar, hum on the harmonica and ching the what-u-call-it all at the same time)
So there.

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