Went to office to see the doctor:

Doc: How can i help you today?

Me: I'm having sore eyes. My mum tot its medicine allergy but i've only taken paracetamol and the yellow flu pill which i've taken before. And i also have history of cornea ulcer. i was hospitalised.

Doc: Did you see or come in contact with anybody with red eyes?

Me: No.. i've been at home for the past 2 days on MC.

Doc: Oh! I see.. since when your mc? Is there any pain? Since when?

Me: Since wed. hmmm guess not. Since this morning. I used the Alcon eye drop but finished already.

Doc: ok.. i think you have conjunctivitis.

Me: HUH? What's that?

Doc: It's an eye infection that's caused from the germs that caught you the fever/flu. bla bla bla I'll give you 3 days MC.

Me: *gaping*

Doc: Oh! but it's the weekend

Me: *smile dropped*

Doc: I'll give you till Monday.

Me: Ok thank you.


Went into Mike's room armed with today's Business Times for him.

Me: I wanna say something...

Me: I'm sorry i've been sick a lot lately. I asked my doctor and he advised me to take Vit C. So i've started on that. and today i got mc for 2 days till Mon bcos of sore eyes *points to left eye behind sunglasses*

Me: But if i feel better on Mon, i will come... what with Patrick (Paris Boss) coming and all.

Mike: Ok Julissa.. No problem.. Hope you get better soon.

He was smilling and nodding and saying ok all the way.


I repeated the same to my asst mgr (ok she's not an asst mgr anymore cos she's been promoted to Mgr.. perhaps i'll call her the 2nd mgr from now on).. prolly she was in a foul mood but she didnt smile or say take care or anything. I know she's the caring type bcos i've seen it in action before... is she tired of my MCs?


I went up to see my HR colleague for the Mooncake festival that i would miss later today. On the way, i passed by the HR Manager and i complimented her Baju Kurung (Malay traditional dress). then she saw me wearing sunglasses she said, "EH you got sore eyes is it?" i said yeah and she said, "Then why are you still here? Go Go Go" I said, "Oh i just need to talk to Leng Leng for awhile"

To my surprise, Leng2 said that 3 other pple in the company are down with sore eyes too! but i cldn't have got it from them since i wasnt in office for the past 2 days.

I just wanna say thanks to the lord above for this wonderful job with great benefits and compassionate colleagues and understanding HR! I hope i will stay here very long. I WANT to stay long. I just need to a change of environment maybe? Something more challenging? Remember that opening in another department? Well.. it's still not filled up yet... prolly the manager's too busy to interview people or what... i dont know man..

And then even if i do hafta migrate... i WANT to still stay in the AXA group. my AXA Mile/AXA Shares are at stake! haha

OK people have a good weekend!

I'm off to play Cake Mania 2! Yup the sequel!!!

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8 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

Dear Daughter Julissa!

If you want to avoid for Cojunctivtis in future kindly always use the "OIL OF ROSES" or "ARQ-E-GHULAB" (Zubair will guide you) on daily basis (one time daily).
I hope you will never face such situtation again.


Your Mamooooooooooo

Agha M. Ajmal

Sandra said...

it's called "pink eye" here, and I had it a few months ago. Usually get it if around kids, but I wasn't! Will investigate this "oil of roses" as it sounds more natural than the med the dr. gave me to put in eye. It is HIGHLY contagious, so be sure to wash your pillow and cases in hot water!

Hope you get better soon...

Jussaemon said...

Salaam Mamoo

Hmm oil of roses... ok will ask Zubair.

ALready i started on Vit C... so many pills to take...


Jussaemon said...

Hi sandram

Hehe so cute pink eye! my cousin said its the sore eyes season! A lot of pple in his sch also caught it. Hmmm they cldnt be sharing pillows not could they? haha

and my sister's hoping to catch it on Sun evening so she can get MC for mon! LOL!!

Thanks for the tip!

Ashley said...

Ha ha! Don't have to tell the whole world!

If my boss ever read your blog, I will be doomed!!!!

Jussaemon said...

and i have TWO sisters!! u just revealed yourself dengdeng! hahahahah

*LiFe* said...

hey Jus just wondering, that Alcon eye drop u it called "Alcon Systane"? if so, how much it cost there huh??

Jussaemon said...


Nope it's Alcon Ciloxan. and i wldnt know the price of the drop itself cause we bought from the doctor.