Is Busking Charity?

I was asking Zubair the other day, "Why am i always falling sick?"

He said, "why dont you give some money to beggar?"

Me: I just gave some to that Silver Man that time

Him: That's not a beggar

Me: What's a beggar then and where can i find them?

Him: You know like the one you can see at mosques etc.

I dont know man... I thought pple turn to busking bcos they dont have any other mean of earning an income.. therefore they are classified as needy people and so the money we gave them is charity?

Wait. I just had a side thought. Maybe Zubair can busk singing his hindi songs in Little India? I made a quick research and was disappointed yet again.

NAC website showed that only Singaporean and PRs can busk. also EMPLOYMENT PASS holders.


Now... is busking still a charity? Im seeing grey areas here.

And then i stumbled upon an article in the local tabloid The Newpaper.

The article is about organisation still getting donations out of tin cans when some thought they could engage students with more meaningful community activity for general benefits.

QUOTE: Miss Poon Yirong, 19, agreed: 'Even if the organisation really does need cash, at least try to go about getting it in a less obtrusive way like busking, for example. UNQUOTE.

OK i'm confused right now. Why dont you help me with the poll on the right hand side. What do YOU think? Is Busking a charity?

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4 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

Dear daughter Julissa!

Illness is also a ZAKAT of your body.But as you know excessivness is always dangour. Charity or donation is a SADQA. By this SADQA you can maintain your health. Here i would like to give you a guidline that who will be the right person for charity.
1- your close relative whom you think is in need
2- your neighbourers
3- your close friends
4- School for special children
5- hospitals
6- Religious School

hope you will feel free to donate for Allah blessing.


Your Mamoooooooooo

Agha M. Ajmal

Taufiq Zainal said...

Busking is definitely not charity! Well, to me at least. People basically busk just for fun, the attention they get, to socialise or meet people or to practice their skills or try out new material in front of an audience.

The money they get is usually used for personal reasons. Hope this helps!

Jussaemon said...


Thanks for your advise. Will try to donate more esp in this holy month.

Jussaemon said...

i guess they key word here is "Personal reasons"

I suppose we need to make our own judgement on individual buskers?