Saturday 19th Nov 2011,

We crossed the border to Johor Bahru to buy clothes for Tufeil among other things. We wanted to check out the winter jacket but apparently its not the wool kind that I wanted and saw on gmarket selling for $25.

I got the task of babysitting the kids while the rest went to pray...

Entertained them with massage chairs
Tufeil was afraid of it though but kept asking for it again and again. I really don't understand this habit of his!

Let them jump around

Then it was my dad's turn to babysit T while me and my mum hunt for clothes. When I got back to them, I came to this scene!

Atok & Tufeil

I got Rainbow ice cream cone

And i don't care if i have ice cream moustache

He hadn't asked for ice cream in a longgggg time cos i kept telling him if he eats it he wil get the cough. He must have forgotten about it. Now when i say no to him, he knows who to ask from. hahahah KIDS!

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Monday, 7th Nov 2011

Since the Eidul adha holiday fell on a Sunday, it got brought forward to Monday. And my parents brought us to er.... SeleterReservoir, i believe its called. HAHAHA

It was a  hot day and both T and I were wearing double layered clothes. -_- I don;t know why I did that.

My mum was sitting somewhere out there

We were heading to this pavilion

And saw flowers growing in this stone barricade

Syifaa' & Tufeil

ON the bridge to the pavilion

there were some fish

So diff to get T to smile at the camera

Alahhhai so loving! WHEN THEY ARE NOT FIGHTING every other second!

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Sunday, 6th Nov 2011

Tufeil and I missed out the prayers by minutes. So, instead, my parents brought us to see the sheeps and lambs at Darul Makmur Mosque and Sembawang Malay Settlement Mosque. The latter is sooo deep in the jungle and the Kampung house-turned-mosque is sooo authentic you felt transported into a period Malay drama. Unfortunately, I was too engrossed at feeding the sheeps leaves in between holding Tufeil's hands and my own skirt that I didn't manage to snap any pictures...

But here's how our day went ...

Darul Makmur
The sheeps barricaded at the side of the building. Some were drinking the water from the aircon, some were biting the wires!

Huddled together as though they needed hugs before the slaughter

The slaughter-house

We proceeded to Nenek Jah and Atok Tajul's house (My sister's parents in law) for breakfast with yet another mini birthday celebration for Sophia
Tufeil followed the birthday song

Tufeil and the birthday girl

"Atok, Tufeil nak ice cream"



Colouring session

Tufeil got Spongebob!
Afterwards, we went to my paternal aunt's place where there were two bigger girls, Tufeil's 2nd cousins. The kids enjoyed themselves playing at the balcony. I tell you, children are very oblivious to heat and cold when they are hard at play!

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Nearly Got Fooled

This is super scary. It looked quite authentic with the logo and everything. But I didn't believe I needed to update my mailbox size or account update like they ask below. Esply when they asked for my PASSWORD via return email!

I was almost nearly duped cos i hit reply and THEN i noticed that it really is a scam... scroll down...


Dear Valid User,

Our Account users discovered series of illegal attempts on your mail account from different IP locations.This is for your own safety to avoid your account closed, you will have to verify your account by filling out your Log-in below by clicking the reply button. We apologies for any inconveniences.

User name:...............


Date Of Birth:.............


Country Of Residence:......

After receiving the information requested you will be able to continue using your Account.

Customer Care


Copyright © 2011 Mail! Inc. (Co. Reg. No. 2344507D)All Rights

Reserved. Intellectual Property Rights

----- Forwarded Message -----

From: Yahoo! Member Service


Sent: Thursday, 8 December 2011, 8:07

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Other Things We did in October

Mastered two McQueen jigsaw puzzles

Having breakfast of...

Honey stars and Choc milk
 We went to my colleague's wedding (Malay Guy) at Jamiyah Islamic Cte. We met up at Aljunied mrt and got into two cars.
Tufeil readily accept being carried by my colleague when i refused to. HAHA

He had fun throwing this honey star action figure at my other colleague
 It was great. But it would be even greater if there were no language barrier. He can speak English but it's always mixed with some Malay so it's diff for non Malay speakers to understand... Took the train home

Happy 5th Birthday, Syifaa' Zakirah!
 We had a mini bash with my sister's in laws and one other cousin whose birthday is just the next day. The most fun part was when the kids played musical chairs. Even T played. The first time around, when the music stopped and everybody rushed to grab a seat and the adults were cheering loudly, Tufeil was baffled and asked my dad, "Atok, kenapa?" "Grandpa, why?"

OH and btw, my sister baked that birthday cake herself.

Played this at the bazaar

What's that?

We killed a baby lizard
And by we, i meant, my dad.
Other observations in this month (2yrs 7 months old)
  1. He started to sleep longer almost 8 hours before he asked for my milk
  2. of course there were still nights when he woke up in 2 hours, saw me at the computer and pleaded, "Mummyyy... tidooooo" (....Sleep)
  3. One method of diversion before sleep: "Kejap neh... Tufeil nak tanya atok..." "HOld on, I wanna ask Grandpa"
  4. But when he was ready for sleep, he would arrange a mini pillow on top of a normal pillow fo rmy head just the way I like it. =)
  5. I've shown him how to twist open the door knob to open the door. He managed to do it a couple of times but just gave up to do it again afterwards. There's a plus and minus to this. Minus: I would hafta wake up in order to let him out of the bedroom. Plus: He can't let himself out when i'm doing a time-out in a room.
  6. When he accompanied me to the hairdresser, Tufeil said, "Wahhh pandai sey mummy potong rambut." "Mummy's so clever get a hair cut"
  7. He's also begun saying things like "Tak fair sey" (Not fair)
Till then..

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Tufeil & 'Affaan @ the Airport

26th Oct 2011

What can I say? Our airport is great! It's huge for the kids to run around. It's got a free playground, indoor playground, a giant slide, ample parking space, you get to watch planes land and take off...

In any case, Tufeil and I came here again to meet with the 11 besties. Only 3 others could make it though. LOL.
I'm kinda in a hurry to finish writing before I go off on holidays... So just enjoy the pictures.

See-Saw at free playground with the slide on the background

Ok the playground itself is kinda small

The floor is just calling them to lie down

Maybe they wanna make snow angel... only its made of dust instead

What did I say about the space?


Quiet spot to rest / pray complete with our picnic mats! LOL

Don't worry we were not the only crazies

A stop at McD is almost a MUST
We've got to meet again, girls.

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Best Working Sunday

Sunday 9th Oct 2011

I cldnt stop gushing to anyone who wld listen what a great Sunday I had even tho I had to work. Everything fell into place so beautifully, Alhamdulillah.

Ok story goes tt late fri evening, I just realised tt the reports for our visiting big bosses were not sent to our colleague for printing. Altho my own boss said nevermind, we cld rush it out Monday morning, I was not confident we cld finish on time. So I decided to play it safe and do it over the weekend.

Not wanting to trouble my parents after they watched Tufeil for extended hours for 3 nights consecutively earlier in the week, I decided to bring Tufeil along. I was a bit nervous but prayed for the best.

Syifaa' who stayed w us for the weekend heard we were going out and wanted to follow too. I had to decline as i wasnt sure I cld handle two kids on my own. But then I remembered how the two of them could now play together very independently and happily barring any arguments. So I ventured to bring Syifaa' along..

So me and two kids, one in stroller, another one's hand holding mine pushing the stroller, took the train. It was Tufeil's naptime. He feel asleep on my shoulder and i talked to Syifaa' for a bit before both of us got sleepy too. She didnt quite sleep tho.

Luckily I remembered to drop by at Cheers at the train station to buy some form of lunch for the kids before walking to the office...

Sat them down on two vacant desks with paper and highlighters...

Syifaa' drew the blueberry she was drinking and wrote "I Love Bluberry"

Tufeil just brushed thru with her left hand too cos he was eating.

Can't put them too near though.
Inevitably, got some marks on the table where the paper did not cover. They were miraculously gone when I came to work on monday. haha Thank you Aunty.

Imagination at play...

They were playing house under the desk

Shhh Baby's sleeping

They laid around on the floor, explored the meeting rooms and looked out the window to watch some ships passing by... They really really really left me alone to do my work. They were totally oblivious of the heat because the air-con was not turned on.

Then there was this time when I went around one corner looking for them because they were suspiciously quiet. Found them crouching low on the floor behind a wall waiting to scare me but i scared them first. IT WAS SOOO FREAKING FUN!!!! That they could just run around and play without me having to worry about cars driving past or breaking glasses or hitting sharp corners.

We were there for almost 4 hours and not a word of complaint from the kids. There were two trips to the toilet when one or the other pooped. And then the parents came to pick us up and the rest is history...

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Just Chillin' @ the Airport...

OK this is gonna be an ancient post - 2 months old tmrw. But I've already drafted it from way back so it'd be a waste not to post. This is also the post that got me this writer's block and since I have a bit of free time right now, i thought I'd better be finished with writing this already.

Sunday 2nd Oct 2011 (2yrs 6months)

Parents said there was aviation exhibition at the airport so thought we'd check it out...

Love the space they can run around

His outfit for the day w new bottle - a first with strap.
After that day, he refused to sling it over his should so i stopped using this bottle

"Mummy, Triangle, Mummy"
It's a pyramid, darling

Since T kept close to his Atok, and Syifaa' with the nenek, I was quite free to snap photos

Ben 10 going to the shooting range?

Nahhh just watching some video clips and there were not even voice-overs, just music as background.

At the same time lunch snacking on a hot dog or two

Mum is always fascinated with flowers.

In front of the "exhibition" but it was really just a small few walls of information

I have this exact same post from 2 years ago! when he's just started crawling

Now can even navigate the steering wheels

And now he demands to go to the arcade altho he's scared of some of them like the totally harmless Mario kart

We were gonna do our prayers. In the meantime, let's sit on Atok's back

And lie down...

With legs up

OK kids, time to go home
We are crazy.

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