The Strategic Partners Chinese New Year

Wow! This morning is the liat to wake up. My mum complained while shaking and tickling me to wake up. It is quite surprising considering what a light sleeper i usually am. But it is also not such a big wonder cos ...... IT'S THE FIRST MORNING I HAFTA GO TO WORK AFTER A WEEK'S HOLIDAY!!!

Well.. you see the big boss of this Strategic Partners is a superstitious CHinese and he BANNED people from coming in to the office from 9th Feb 05 to 15th Feb at 11am. It was said that if they work on those days, prosperity won't come. Is that great or is that great!! Although, legally, he's not my employer. He is just a director of this group of agency. He's not the one paying my salary; rather Jessie, Yong Phio and Kamal are. But in any case, we are glad he is superstitious!!

Sharifah told me before the company shuts down that usually the first day the office opens after CNY, we are supposed to give the bosses two oranges. and we'll be getting Hong Bao in exchange and that there'll be Lion Dance and all. So on Monday, i bought 10 oranges. although i only have 3 direct bosses... i think i should give to the other managers too if i wanna collect Hong Bao from them i thought....

But Tuesday morning was not exactly a perfect morning for me. I woke up at 9.50am when i was supposed to come in office at 11am. Journey by MRt would take 45min already, how soon must i get ready now? But i cont lying on the bed, saying to myself, i'm gonna get ready at 10.10, go out at 10.30 and take the cab to office (20min drive) and i'll be just on time. But i ended up leaving home at 10.34am and went to Civic Centre to draw money and buy bfast. I stood along Wlands Ave 5 the Civic Centre Bus Stop there. even at 10.45am there's a lot of other people in front of me flagging their arms to death! i waited for 10mins before i called a cab. It would have cost me only $14 if i didn't call. There's a $3 additional charge. (the best is yet to come though and Azma take note that i spend avr of $20 per ride on a cab - staying in Wlands and all - though your project is over. hekrhekrhkerh)

By the time i had reached office, i discovered that everybody was there! and i mean EVERYBODY until i didnt even have a seat on my table! And then i discovered that my milo spilled in my paper bag and got it all over my Orange plastic bag! It's lilke bursting with the heavy weight and all. Urghhh!! Luckily the oranges are INSIDE the bag and didn't get any choc taste on it. I didn't get to eat my bfast yet cos one thing too many people paisei and another thing my bosses rush to give me instructions and there were a few things i needed to clear that morning.

But by 11.35 the Lion Dance people are high already! It was scary to see the bulkness of the lion's head and its butt to be tilting and butting around in such a crampy place. It went into my boss' room first. FOr awhile i thought i was gonna jump on the table! But it didn't. Instead, the person in front like bend his body on the table and put the lion's face right on top of the laid oranges, he peeled the skin and throw it back out the mouth! he peeled all 3 oranges (it was an ordeal waiting for it) and throw it all back out! what a waste or good orange. And then, my friend told me that he's got a 4D no. from that! (????)

After the Lion Dance was over, it was the wishing time! But Sharifah only brought two oranges with her so i thought she was only giving her boss. so i brough two with me also lah i thought i can always come back to my place to take some more after that. But then her boss gave her two oranges in HIS hands to her after she did... and when i gave mine to him, i got the two that was sharifah's. Ler.... It's supposed to be an EXCHANGE!!! And i brought ALL 10 of them heavy oranges!!!! Paisei!! Luckily i didn't show to anybody yet! kerherhkerhkhkerhker

But it was a paisei thing to be queueing up like tt. Bcos in a way we were expecting Hong Baos right.. and then It'd seem like begging!! Furthermore, most of the other managers don't remember me! Damn Awkward. Oh Gosh except that Big Boss though i'm sure he didn't remember my name but he did say to me, "ok Next time, don't be so shy.. Every time i see you, you lower your head." I stupidly exclaimed, "Is it?!" and giggled myself away. Oh Gosh!! It's sooooo embarassing!!!

Then the next manager, i got the last packet. and my friend Yani who was behind me didn't get! So sad. and i feel a bit bad to have gotten the last one. Cos this particular manager is the best amongst them. That's Sunny Sim for you.

Then we went to the next millionaire. He was very efficient in greeting his people and clearing his queue. Probably cos he didn't know us ley.. but of course he knows Sharifah. This time i got the 3rd last packet. It is embarassing, But good news is i got 6 packets worth $50! *beam* at least can cover my taxi fare! krekerhhkrekherkher

Then at one point, Salmah one of my advisers, observed one thing and jokingly expressed "E Eh jorang ni.. kita hari raya minta maaf pun takdelah gini lama..." and then i added, "Oh a ah.. kitorang selalu minta maaf nangis2.. jorang wish ketawa2, senyum2" Bagus jugak lah kan.

i can describe to you the atmosphere in one word: MERRY. It was a happy time where we all laugh and make a fool of ourselves without getting drunk first. And actually only now i realise while im typing this that for the first time, i do feel part of them.

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Once Bitten Twice Shy

Aiyoyooooo Scary liao!

It was a day that i will never forget. I never in my life saw them and never ever want to see them again.....

That day I was crossing along Anson Road back to office. I was walking against the one way traffic. I came to this junction. I looked left for the oncoming cars - clear. I didnt look right because that road is also one way. So i half ran half walked to cross over.


I saw two ladies in white................

and blue approaching me...

with boots and hats... Oh No! Don't tell me you're catching me...


It's the traffic police!!! One of them approached me and said, "Miss. This is a traffic light. You cannot walk when the red light is on. Doesn't mean that the road is clear you can cross the road. Can i have your IC please."

GOsh! This is so totally unexpected! It was as though they were hiding behind the bushes cos it was a total blindspot!!!! Luckily, they only warned me. They didn't fine me the potential $20 fine. heheheh

And i thought it was just a scam to scare people when i read about it on the papers.

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