I can't breathe!

HELP! I'm Drowning in an avalanche of work!!!!

Ok it's December, everybody's busy period.

For me, i have a report to do for Paris Boss arriving in 2 weeks, then i have a list of business renewals expiring End of Dec to generate and this list is exceptionally long because companies like to start their insurance at the beginning of the year, right?

On top of that, I had deliveries coming in, guests who needed coffee, 2 new colleagues starting Monday, new confirmed businesses and renewals as well as new enquiries for Quotations to be recorded - the paperwork i tell you! No of course there's no paperword to make coffee lah. LOL

And then as if that's not enough, Boss sprang a surprise on me to make a renewal report for a client with whom he has a meeting with at lunch time today and its 10am!

No time to even THINK about chat. And i already closed my NewPaper website. and closing this blogger window soon.

Ok ok... i better get going now.

Looks like i hafta come in Sat / Sun. (I simply dont have energy to stay till late on weekday.)

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Would You Go & Get This Free Exp Meal?

X'mas is looming and the company is organising a Xmas cum welcoming 2 new colleagues on board cum Paris bosses dept Lunch.

The only problem is, its organised at some fancy French Rest, not halal of course, and i guess with lotsa wine in their food.

I searched the web for an official website for this restaurant at Keong Saik Road but to no avail. I've found reviews tho to give me a hint of the menu. Lotsa meat, even the seafood is accompanied by some meat. And too exotic seafood i don't consume. But get this, people spend min SGD60++ per person! And that's regular period ie not Xmas lunch.

I find myself wanting to go because i have such fun colleagues now to chat around with so i definitely won't feel awkward. But even if i go, i won't enjoy / be satisfied with the food, so what's the point? I dont mind missing out on this expensive free meal. I'd rather have the office to myself to snooze or something. HAHA

The sad thing is, my first ever Xmas with this company, they brought us to Straits Kitchen considering our (mine and the then Master Mariner's) dietary limitation. 2nd yr, they thought i was gonna be away from Spore so didnt consider any halal place. Now that im the only muslim out of 12 pax and with the Paris bosses here, of course even Carousel to them is lowly. Tsk tsk tsk.

While one of my colleagues say it'd be "sian" or maybe a waste not to go.... im not really keen. Should i tell my office mgr in adv not to incl me? Will she think i'm an anti-social?

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S'pore Flyer Date Turned Into....

It's Tuesday again and we got to go out~! Hoorayyy

The plan was to go to Singapore Flyer because i got 15% discount coupon from AIA for upcoming Bday (i know, lame) as well as an upgrade to express boarding. Thought that 6.45 would be just nice to board for 30min...

When i met Zubair at Esplanade and asked to look at the coupon, he put on a straight face and said, "I didnt bring." He was always teasing me like that that i thought he was kidding about it too this time. Alas, he really didnt bring it!

Ok so we decided we were not fated to board the flyer that day and went to the library instead and borrowed 5 DVDs.

Zubair had an idea to go have dinner at Clarke Quay... but i had to turn down the idea cos my feet cldn't take it anymore and suggested Marina Square foodcourt instead. Thankfully he was happy with the idea cos the Indian stall makes nice chappati. Yayyy Win Win situation.

After that we really just hung out... looking at wallets, shoes, and stuffs. It's a miracle that i know how to window shop now. And then my feet started screaming again to sit down. So we took the opportunity to indulge in some ....

ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!

Tembamness!!!! (Chubbiness!!)
OMG, what is it with me and ice cream??? Simply can't get enough of them. Hafta punctuate meals with them. Tsk tsk tsk *shake head*

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Zubair's Fish Methi

We went grocery shopping on Fri after my check ups. Bought some items for Zubair's Food.

Only Monday did he get to cook it. Cos only dalcha, sambal goreng, and sardine were available at home which we both dont really fancy.

We asked the Supermarket Aunty to slice 1 Red Snapper into fillet. Don't want the bones. It cost $13 to get only 2 sides of fish. Wah piang eh!

The ingredients

I dont really know what Zubair put in this gravy cos he just threw in ingredients, tasted, adjusted, bla bla bla...

Besides, my duty was to only bring down the hanging laundry and wash utensils / cockery... Other than that, he told me to go and rest. How Nice. Felt guilty though.

The End Result!

Syabbash to Zubair!

So we had dinner past 11pm. tsk tsk tsk... then unfortunately, the square bread left 3 slices only, so i gave him lah. I ate with rice but they do don't go together lah. The methi smell stuck on my fingers till the next morning. Yummy!

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High Tea @ Tiffany's

Halal Hotel International Buffet

Venue: Furama Hotel

High Tea only available on Weekends and PH from 12 - 5pm.

Cost: $33+ per adult

Discounts: 10% Citibank, 20% DBS and something else i can't remember.

For reservations, call 65315366.


It was Sunday 12nn, Zubair just left for work when my sis came into my room and said, "Hey let's go out and do something!" Perfect! i thought. I was just about to go crazy having been couped up in my room all week. Ergh

Then mummy came in and said, "So where are we going? We don't have the car today though. Ayah suggested Straits Kitchen."

My face lighted up at the idea! YAYYYY a feast!! But ASh wasn't in the mood for local cuisine, wanted a mix of western and local.

Me, being the family's spokesperson and researcher (haha), called up Carousel first to ask if the menu is the same as the previous day's cos my parents just went there the day before. The answer is No BUT they were already fully booked.

Straits Kitchen's lunch is only served till 3:30pm and first slot available is 2pm. We just booked while thinking of other alternatives.

Sakura International only serves till 2:30pm. Altho the nearest one is about 8min by cab (excl waiting time), we felt it would be such a waste.

Suddenly, i remembered a schmate going to TIFFANY's for break fast some time ago. It was difficult getting their phone no via google cos apparently they don't have an official website. Not that i have found yet anyways.

The place matched our requirements ie mix of int'l as well as local food, opens till 5:30pm and has a table for the 4 of us. Since ayah is treating us, Ash and i forked out for cab rides.

When we arrived, I was pleased to see the ambience. Very elegant although the exterior looked old. Didn't have time to take photo though cos we were all famished not to mention 5min late for the reserved table. However, it was not full to the brim, unlike what you would find at Carousel and Straits Kitchen. I would have still preferred to sit on the outer side near the desserts tho, looks nicer.

Only 2 pictures of the spread:

Sashimis (?) which i totally didn't touch.

Cold dish seafood. Hmmm I took 4pcs of prawns but the squid is.... beyond my capability. LOL

Sweet drinks were available: Soya Bean, Bandung and Ice Lemon Tea.

Then there's Texas chicken wings (tasted like KFC) yummy! Mee siam!?!? Chicken POrridge, Briyani Dam, Fried Wanton, Some duck thing, some lamb chop, seafood spaghetti, a POrtugese vege tart, prata, siew mai and assorted dumplings, seafood chowder.

Hmmm not a lot of variety for a choosy eater like me. I dont eat duck nor lamb chops, neither would i have taken the everyday mee siam, porridge and prata. But i tried a lil of everything else.

I'm not a big fan of desserts but Ash was disappointed which the selections of items for the choc fondue : Marshmellow, dried fruits and stuffs. There were assorted cheesecakes, mango pudding and some fruit tarts. So funny, Ash said to me, "Are you sure you can eat those pretty lil things on spoons and small cups or are they just for decorations?" LOL

Conclusion: This is how chubby i've become.

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Ok bear with me.

Friday was my poly check up. After registration, had to do blood test and GLUCOSE TEST!!!

I had NO CLUE whatsoever how it'd be so i was kinda surprised to be given an Orange flavoured dextrose 250ml bottle. The first few sips were even nice. But after that, i gotta know that i had to finish it within 5 short minutes and i could only take AT MOST a cup of water with that. Furthermore i had to continue my fast for another 2 hours, take 2nd blood test @ 12:50pm and THEN can go have my lunch.

The last few drops made me slightly woozy and nauseous. Thankfully, i declined the straw as i thought gulping it down straight from the bottle would be faster. Fortunately also, there were no other patients at the moment, so the nurses cheered me on.

At the nurse's room, i found out i gained 3kg from last visit!!! not good not good. You are only supposed to gain 2kg a month. At this rate, I'm sure to cross the 70kg boundary very soon. Yikes! The nurse asked if ive been taking a lot of sweet things. I told her yes i've been eating a lot of ice cream and chocolates even tho i dont fancy them much before but that 1 McD's Sundae can last me 2 days. But even at that she sounded appalled! I should only be having sweet treats like just twice a week =( Luckily its not that fierce malay elderly nurse. But this is a young chinese nurse who is about 8 months pregnant herself! So i take it all in with a smile.

I complained that i can't squat now with the pain at the ball of my feet. The doctor took a look and confirmed its slightly swollen. Oh My.

After that is listening to heartbeat. Doc commented that tummy size is good. SURPRISED i was. I tot my tummy was tooo small! And baby has moved up slightly above belly button now.

I waited for another 30min outside the doc's room to go thru my 1st blood test. My haemoglobin index is still in the red and was down by 0.3 units. However, the gynae was not too much alarmed cos its a minute change in reading that might be due to blood dilution (more blood being produced in my body) but reminded me to take the iron tablets DAILY.

The results of 2nd blood test and the Glucose test will only be available when i come next month. Erghhh too long to wait!

Paid $38.

We had lunch at KFC. =) we simply Love the KFC at Fuchun CC. Very cosy. And mostly staffed by the deaf and/or mute. Zubair was surprised when i stopped by Champion bakery and bought 3 diff buns on the way to the mrt. He said, "You can still eat?!?!" Well why not? He finished half of my popcorn chicken! :P

So this is the 2nd part of the day's exciting appointments. Now we are on the quest to go to NUH to see our darling baby for the first time!

There was supposed to be a shuttle from Buona Vista MRT. When we reached there at 3pm (appt at 3.45pm), we tot we've made good time only to find out that due to constructions surrounding the station, the shuttle is now available from Dover MRT, a station away which we had already passed earlier. To make things worse the queue was super long and the bus so small that we reckoned it'd take another 3 trips before we could board! Decided to take the cab then.

We reached the AnteNatal Diagnostic Centre on time. But there were a lot of pple there so we or rather Z drank his tea while i had another one of my buns at the nearby cafeteria. Back in there, we had been waiting for quite some time that when suddenly my name was called, i panicked!

I felt very nervous as she sprayed gel on my tummy. Oh no is it gonna hurt? I have no idea. At all. But i had not much time to dwell on it, soon we could see 2 arms and 2 legs and head of our 22 weeks old baby! The gender was very prominent. Z requested to see the face and insisted the nose is like mine! ape jer. And the lady spent a lot of time on the heart observing that all is well.

We were given two pictures.

The other one is of the face. I didnt scan that as its quite diff to make out anyways. I said to Nisa, "Even in tummy, very cute already." To that she said that im a typical mummy! hahaha ok ok i hafta admit i am lah. But but But isnt the head and the tummy just so.... cuddly?? It weighs 450gm now.

After the actual scan, it was standard procedure to see the hospital's doctor. He said everything is normal, limbs, organs, blood, as well as growth is good. Alhamdulillah. All personnels were asking if i were gonna give birth there at NUH. i said no i prefer @ KK. Doc asked why. I said cos its near my dad's office. He laughed. Nothing to do with anything. Well perhaps but i like it there. Looks new n seems to have most things related to baby and mummy. So he advised to get my poly gynae to refer me to hosp ASAP to familiarise myself w the hosp. Too right he is! I shall tell her then.

Paid $95

Zubair was sooo excited, he called Ammi right there n then at the hosp! While me smsed the family members. All of us are ecstatic and grateful to be having a......

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Am i Really Thick Skinned?

I have always considered myself to be a shy person.

I'm not really a candidate to greet strangers warmly nor make easy friends at courses and the like... I dont chat freely with bosses... Say Hi to unknown neighbours etc...

However, i DO realise that after i started work some 7 yrs ago.. i began being a bit more outspoken. For eg: i'd be the one to place the food order for the family, calling customer service to ask status on whatever, etc...

The one day i was chatting with a group of ex colleague about going to the gym or dance classes when i got a shock. One of them said, "Yeah you thick skinned what..."

I asked why she thought so. She said bcos i dared to ask pple to give up seats in the public transport for me.

Hmmm come to think of it... Yeah i suppose that's a rather bold thing to do. I ask a couple of other experienced mother most said that they'd rather die standing than die from the embarassment of asking for a seat. So noble of them. Me im just so spoilt! It's all about ME ME ME and ME.

I Like dancing so i do it. I want slimming pills, so i shamelessly ask doctor to prescribe me. I want 2 Days MC, so i simply request it from the doc.

But you won't catch me telling my boss he has chilli on his teeth or asking for pay rise nor telling off a colleague for using me or whatever.

Conclusion: I'm MODERATELY thick skinned. depending on the situation. haha

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TV - In Your Room or....

I've never had a TV in my room. Sometimes i daydream about having one...

But then after having slept in my sister's room w a TV a couple of nights... i realised that i can't sleep well with TV in the room.

For one, i will strain my eyes to continue watching the show even tho its past midnight and then stay up to watch the next 1hr program. For another, if i fell asleep in the middle of it, i will be jolted awake at some point at the sound of it.

Im now thinking... for my marital room... as in when we get our own place, do i want the TV in the bedroom or jsut the living room?

At it is, im always begging Z to spend some time with ME and not the computer esp at night b4 i go to sleep. Maybe i should even put the computer outside too.

There was this article on MSn webpage awhile ago saying that a TV in your room may hamper your ... erm... marital activities.


I imagine i would rather he be in the same room albeit in front of the computer/TV than being in a totally diff room in front of the computer/TV.

So how? IN or OUT?

Do the poll on the right!

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Reported Speech

Wow. My blog has been quiet for some time.

I was on course for the past 2 days. I've been waiting to go for this one a very long time man! Minutes of Meeting @ the British Council PDC centre which happends to be just 8 floors above my office! Nice.

I write minutes for the almost weekly dept meetings. While my boss said its exactly what he's looking for.. i feel like my format and/or technique is not quite right. Is my grammar correct? Should i be noting certain points down, like is it imp or not or can it be skipped? etc...


I wrote before in this entry :

Is it correct to say "She WAS my consultant"? Whereas she is NOT dead and
still IS a consultant.

How about "She was the winner of YESTERDAY's contest." Wouldn't using a
past tense mean that she is not the winner anymore? But the contest happened
yesterday~ :S

The presenter told us that TRADITIONALLY (meaning what we learn in sch) is this way:

"Dialogue" => Reported speech

"I write minutes" => She said she wrote minutes
"I wrote minutes" => She said she had written minutes
"I am writing minutes" => She said she was writing minutes

etc etc....

BUT a group of linguists think that the first reported speech doesn't make sense if the person STILL writes the minutes. Therefore, it is ALSO acceptable if you write it this way:

She said she writes minutes.

It is IMPORTANT tho that you be consistent.

No wonder i was sooo confused. Wah and to think that i came up with the same reasoning as these linguists. Cheeebah. LOL


I wrote:

Should i say "Can i speak to _____" or "Can i speak with _______" ?

Why is it I'm not IN the office but i'm AT home? When office and home
seems to be the same kind of place you go INTO?

The lecturer said that there's no logic in the English Lang. As in there's no formula to remember which word is accompanied by which preposition or whatever. All u can do is refer to the dictionary. A good dictionary (eg: Oxford's dictionary for ADVANCED learners) would give example for each definition.

We learnt that same word with diff meaning can lead to diff sentence struction eg: "Approval"

1. Liking something / somebody. Eg: John's mother approves of his fiance
2. Agree to something. Eg: The board approves the minutes of meeting.

Something to that effect. It was CRAZY i tell you. I kept making the mistake of writing "to discuss ON the terms" when it should have just been "to discuss the terms". You only add ON before its noun ie "The discussion on the terms".

Note-taking & summarising

I also learnt 4 diff styles of minute taking in the form of a table/seat plan, mindmap or blank sheet. But the one i like most is the A4 Minute book with columns like Who, What, When.

Reminder to self: Always start a new topic / agenda on a fresh page. In case they get back to that topic, u can add it in easily.

When summarising, no need to include arguments, jokes bla bla bla... Its our duty to be impartial, leave out the unnecessary and spell out the conclusion.

How to Write them Down?

There are 3 types to write down the minutes: Narrative, REsolution and Action.

Resolution will only write the decisions made or resolved problems. Only relevant to board meetings.

Action minutes will only list down the list of actions to be taken.

Narrative, the most common, tells of who says what as well as who has to do what.

There is no hard & fast rule how the layout of the written minutes SHOULD be. But you should list down:
  1. Date & Time
  2. List of Present & Absent participants
  3. Title of meeting

You can have two column tables or numbered points with bullet subpoints. You can be concised, or you can write as much detail as you want. You can write in TRADITIONAL reported speech or the modern one (as long as you're consistent). This all depends on the CHAIR. Clarify with him/her how he'd like it to be or refer to previous style or both.

3 types of Tone Register

There are Strict, Professional and Informal tones in minutes.

Strict is for when you sit in Board Meetings - Imagine a Judge. Professional, like a management meeting. An Informal is like one between friends.

Strict / Professional / Informal

Appended / added / tacked on

Reiterate / insist / urge

Note: It is important that you keep the consistency of the register through out your minutes.

Rights & Obligations

We always have this traditional image of a minute taker. A silent lady at the corner of the room with her legs crossed and a notepad in hand.

I didnt know that its ok to:

  1. Ask Q to clarify what the presenter meant. (chances are you're doing the rest a favour too)
  2. Stop the chair from proceeding to the next point so u can finish writing

etc etc...

This is useful so that you can write ur minutes down more clearly. You know, i used to audio record the whole 1.5hr session of the meeting. I had tried listening back to the track but very diff to pause n rewind, i gave up.

It's also important that u take 5min or so to go thru ur notes in "downtime" of the meeting (eg: pple joking around) or right after the meeting so u can fill in info gaps.

There are lots more that i've learnt in those 2 days i cant simply summarise in this blog. You can msg me tho.


The training was a small one consisting only 8 pple. 7 of us clicked very very well. It is the first time i went for lunch w coursemates. Bcos i work in the same building, I am the designated tour guide and brought them to Amoy St on first day then Lau Pa Sat on the second. 3 of us lives in the north so we even went back together!

One is 6 months pregnant. When pple ask when she's due, i cldnt help but add, "Then u hafta ask me when im due also." They never fail to look surprised to know im 5 months pregnant! Im not showing just yet.

one or two of them have been complaining of how tiring this training is. A lot of Work. I cldnt disagree more. i LOVE British Council trainings. They are always interesting and Keeps you involved with lotsa hands-on practices. Granted, the lecturer is a bit rigid/strongly principled.

It's a shame that the friendship ended there. The lecturer forgot to take our emails to be circulated. Oh right.

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S/He Kicked Me!

It was 3am. My eyes were only half open. Wondering, "Are these soft nudges the baby's kicks?"

Ever since my last check up some 3 weeks ago, i started feeling something in my tummy... BUt they were either very fast rhythmical beats that i cant imagine a baby could pull or a single quick single poke that was sooo random i cldn't determine what it was actually or if it was even there.

Then i read the weekly pregnancy "growth chart" that between 20 - 22nd week the baby's bone is growing harder so that the kicks will start getting harder now.

It's 3am now. I was lying straight on my back in bed. While im pretty sure the soft nudges were the baby's kicks, i dare not declare nor proclaim it so. To avoid being disappointed if its not.

But suddenly! I involuntarily let out a big gasp. my back arched automatically forward as i did so. Oh my goodness! That was the first real real real real baby kick! Really!!

Oh boy... had trouble going back to sleep again while the baby happily kicking away though it was as hard as that first one. Funny... Seems like he knows what im thinking and trying to shout out to me that he's there! Doing the kicking. =)

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Mimpi Seram

Translation: Nightmare

me and 11 best friends went to KL for holiday and we stayed at my aunty's place.

I was talking to my aunty to get directions on how to go to the nearest provision shop when suddenly my tongue became very swollen and threatened to drop off! You know that very full kinda feeling in your mouth and like you have no control of your tongue. Aunty told my friends to rush me to the doc.

On the outside it looked like a legitimate female doctor. On the inside, it looked more like a village doctor. Then the lady interviewed me:

D: Awak ni bangsa apa? (What race are you?)

Me: *offended* Adakah bangsa saya ada kena mengena dgn penyakit saya? (Does my race have anything to do with what i'm suffering?)

D: Ye (yes)

Me: Baiklah. Klw begitu, saya jawab. Nenek saya orang Cina. Selainnye Melayu. (Ok. I shall answer. My paternal grandma is Chinese. The rest are Malays)

That was when suddenly a baby blinked his appearance right before my eye. It looked like an infant - 1 yr old baby but was walking alright. It was very human in appearance but had a very menacing look in his eyes, esp after i exclaimed, "What?! What are you doing here? A baby can't just appear like that!" And he gave me a very evil grin.

I tried to use my willpower with a hand gesture to shoo him away twice but he didn't even budge but continued flashing his cunning smile.

And now he was approaching me!! I have an inkling he might be the "doctor" and about to "cure" me... so i SCREAMEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!

It was 4:30am. I woke up screaming like i never had. Zubair jumped awake. and said "SHHHH SHHH... stop crying! I'm Here! Chup!" Then i retaliated, "Why are you so angry!?" I was scared to death and he was shushing me angrily. Ergh...

After i calmed down, he asked what did i see in my dream. Then he quickly readjusted the curtain that had a teeny weeny flap open.

Also, as it turned out, Zubair had been having problem sleeping cos his ear aches like hell. And he cant move his mouth much let alone eat properly. It worries me because last yr around Aug, i think, He had an ear ache also. The doctor dismissed it as ear infection due to using the ear pick frequently. But now that he doesnt even use that ear pick, it still aches. I should better accompany him to ensure he goes to Raffles Medical and i will ask the doctor lotsa questions.
His passport is with MOM too... So i really hafta accompany him to explain to the nurses bla bla bla...

Anyways, back to this scary stuff....

My parents have been telling me now that im pregnant must take extra precaution and close the windows during maghrib/sunset and when i sleep overnight, or at the very least draw the curtains because we are on the 2nd floor and facing two big trees. This could have led to that "silly" nightmare.

Nowadays (read: after Z started working), Most of the time when i go to sleep, i will ensure i do that. But during maghrib... i often forgot. You know just reached home from work and tired but hafta get dinner and shower out of the way first... Either that or quickly getting ready for class...

Julissa, be more vigilant! It's for your baby if not for yourself!

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Men Are Such Slobs!

For the first 24yrs of my life, i lived with 3 other women in the house and a very neat man, my father.

I was accused of living like a boy when i put my dirty laundry at one corner of the floor in my room. It's just sometimes other pple are in the bathroom so i had to wait till later to dump them in the laundry basket ok.

But i was in for a rude shock when i got married and afterwards.

It seems that Paki guys or perhaps guys in general more often than not will leave their plates / cups / glasses on the table after eating. I said Paki guys bcos it was very apparent when i was in Pak that they let the women do ALL the chores. So i can't really blame Zubair for leaving his dirty dishes bcos he was brought up that way. However, we are living in Singapore and the culture is diff. So i told him that the least i expect him to do is put them in the sink so they wont dry up and make hell of washing later.

Also, when he took to eating in the room, i clearly say that I HATE ANTS and leaving plates in the room will attract them!! So he put them on the floor and surprisingly no ants ever came to his plates or glasses. But just to prove my point, i WON"T take the plates away FOR him. I will leave it till he picked them up himself. I know.. i'm so mean. or maybe lazy. LOL

Then i found out that Zubair is not alone in this "habit".

I was surprised when i read in one of Marian Keyes' (Irish) books, "(he) putting back the empty milk carton in the fridge." A check with a friend to see if her husband does that too generated this response in my mind, Oh! It's a worldwide problem with guys, I see.

It baffles me how it could escape these guys' minds that leaving AN EMPTY MILK CARTON in the fridge is sheer... sheer.... i dont even have the word for it! haha

Even the French seems to have this habit.

My colleague has the decency to bring his dirty cups from his desk to the dry pantry. But it's the most irritating thing in the world ok trying to scrub the coffee stains off the porcelain cups! What irked me was, Although i serve tea & coffee to guests and clear up after them, it is not within my job scope to wash my colleague's glasses - i'm no cleaning lady! Damn! Even my very MALE boss washes his own cup ok.

After months and months of trying to think of how to tell it to this guy... i finally included a line in a btw manner in an email. "Also, if possible, don't let used coffee cups dry overnight and/or over the weekend. At the very least, soak them at the sink, ok? =) "

And then All is well.

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New Colleague

Our new colleague has been with us for almost 2 weeks now.

On her first day, she looked very serious and grim. She looked like a 30+ tough (as well as chunky) claims person. We had sorta expected a slim aloof lady joining us... just the sorta guy the mgr would hire. LOL

However, over the next few days I gotta know her better and she's really a funny bubbly girl... just like me! She giggles at everything~

She's also 37 and single with no intention to get married. She looks young lah! Maybe cause she laughs all the time. I think she would make a good lunch partner too.

So now i feel like i have more "friends" in this dept. *All smiles*

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Tuesday Sickie A Bliss


We ordered the Tom Yam Pizza Delight Meal that came with:

Mango Surprise!

And waffle fries. Of course this drumlets are additional.

The 2 girls in the background of the 1st picture ordered and ate a baked pasta/rice each, Soup, and a small thin crust pizza. They still had another personal pan pizza but they packed it to go in the end. No wonder they are of that size! Gosh i could barely finish my 3rd slice of Pizza. And i wonder how the Americans finish their SuperSize Pizzas.
Yesterday morning i was in the office and sneezing like non stop till my nose became like a clown.

By 10am, i decided i cldnt take it anymore so went to get an mc from the doctor despite it gonna be unpaid.

Reached home 12:30, managed to nap for 1hr when i heard my room door being closed. Zubair's home!!

It's his off day Tuesday but he has to coach a group of nursery children in the morning and another group in the afternoon. At first i got frustrated to learn about the morning session as i tot he only had 1. But when i told him i got the flu, He came home soon after and promised we could get that waffle ice cream later in the afternoon b4 his 2nd session.

As it turned out we slept thru to 4pm. we BOTH had the flu and so he skipped the 2nd group. And me, my flu was gone by then tho i was still sniffing away. I concluded that i missed my husband so much, my body couldn't take it. :D So after receiving hugs from him, i got better.

We went to Pizza Hut for dinner. I took 2 pictures (of food) and wanted to upload but dont know why the writing toolbar disappeared! Dont know blocked or just blogger getting haywire.

But it was the loveliest time in a very longgggggggggggggggg time. heheh becos i had been angry with him on and off for the past 3 weeks or so that we didnt really talk very much. It even felt like i gotta know this guy all over again and his face almost looked diff / foreign to my eyes.

For a change, he was quite verbal last night. He shared an incident where he told off an indon maid acting the Queen while dining at his restaurant.

I noticed that when the first waiter sent out drinks and soup, Zubair looked at him in the eye and said, "Thank you." i said to Z, "Wah u appreciate waiters now huh." He said that he always appreciate waiter. Ok ok, i said, MORE appreciative then. To that he said, "Yeah lah... just for you i'm doing this... working 7 days a week... even had to wash dishes... But u still say 'I hate you'.. i felt hurt..."

If we werent in a public place, i would have broken down and cried and hugged him to no end. This hormone is making me crazy. That morning i was soo disappointed when he told me he was busy whereas i was expected to spend some time with him that i smsed him, "I hate you. You never tell me anything!" But in the end.. he made a lot of compromises and sacrifices as of late, and even give in to me. Good. He'd better!

Me, i gotta learn to be less selfish and be more appreciative of this person who's trying very hard to earn for his family back home as well as the baby growing in me.

I was soo overwhelmed with love that when he told me he had to drop by a certain lady's house, i didn't mind. Although, it really was a good excuse for me to get some time playing game on the computer. LOL But the best part was.. he kept true to his word.. he was home by 10:40pm, which is miraculous! hehe =)

He also opened up to some financial woes he's facing. And i feel so guilty that i have been pressing him for money to go to my next check up which is also our major scanning appt. His salary won't be in yet. So i suggested that we postpone this scanning lah. Sure i could pay for it myself but that would belittle his need to be responsible for the baby.. Besides, i like the feeling of being paid for. =) What Z said is true though, "OUr parents or grandparents generation didnt go to any scan but we all lived ok what. Allah is Our Hafiz (Protector)"

I'm just hoping this is the start of many good things ahead.

Oh The other thing i've learnt is that, with guys, you really need to S-P-E-L-L it out to them, otherwise they just won't get it no matter how obvious it may seem to us. *wink* So ladies, SAY WHAT YOU WANT TO THEM! Want a ring? Quit bringing him round to endless jewelery stores, SAY IT OUT LOUD.

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Tickle Me, Baby

Just something to tickle your hearts on a boring Monday.

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Zubair the Working Man

It's been 4 days since he started working.

Fortunately, he had a very nice flexible boss friend who gave him a few hours off once a week or occasionally to do his music thing.

Mummy and Ayah accepted Zubair's invitation to dine at his work place on Sat night. We reached there close to 9:30pm and it was rather empty already bearing in mind they close at 11pm. But Zubair said that in the morning it was SUPER PACKED... i can imagine all the Indon maids + the wet market goers would order their satay b4 gg home or something.

I wished i had come earlier though cos all the cheap shops are sooooooooo tempting! I need those babydoll dresses, hello! And a new pair of sandals... Sighhh when else can i visit?

You could prolly guess where we are if u see that famous booth in the background

Zubair said, "Thank god you guys came. Now i have an excuse to sit down for awhile." Poor him.

I had Mee Hailam, Ayah Fish & Chips and mummy satay.
It amazed us how the seemingly small kitchen could whip up our dishes let alone the weekend lunch crowd!

Although the neighbouring shops were all closed by the time we left at 10:15pm, a couple new patrons came in shortly after to have their supper! Again we're surprised.

Zubair's task is not so much waiting tables as it is a cashier. They've got a Nepali who's conversant in Malay to take orders and several other Indians to fan the satay on the grill. So i enviously said to Zubair, "Hey it was MY ambition to be a cashier, you know!" LOL seriously... that was like when i was 10yrs old?

As it turned out, there's a van that sends the workers home up north so that sorta pacify me a bit. Even then he only reach home 12:30am =(

I hope he will last at least 6months here.

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First Night Out As A Free Wife

The first to a start of Going Outs at Nights without Zubair...

Me and Ash, 1st sis, went to to Orchard to enjoy a free Foot Spa trial @ TruSpa.

Actually it was supposed to be an eye treatment for me and a back massage for Zubair that he badly needed. But we kept postponing the appointment for the last 2 months cos we were too lazy to get up early or whatever silly reasons. Now that he's started working and no chance to go at all, i decided to bring the sis instead to get rid of the lady who always call to follow up.

We were required to fill in a form when we got there. And cocked up they did. They kept getting The choice of my free treatment wrong and they had scheduled me for a back massage! 1. i DONT like being massaged. 2. I'm pregnant! I dont wanna be touched by the "professional" And then they had to break a bad news to me that the eye treatment lady was on medical leave so i had no choice to do the foot Spa... Again.

Me & Zubair had tried their foot spa before and which i wrote about here. But i might as well do the same treatment so i could chat with the sis.

It turned out to be horrible hurried job. PLUS the massage function on the chair i was on didnt work anymore. ERGH

Then we were forced to put up with this newbie "spa consultant" who un-interestedly tried to get us to buy a package THERE & THEN. We tried to tell her we are waiting for our bonus in Dec (liar liar pants on fire!) then she just kept talking giving lower options bla bla bla.

She opened with a SGD 3k Free & Easy package with $4050 worth of credit that can be "shared" between 2 pple. Then she lowered to 2k plan.. and then she tried to get us to buy a $200 x 6 items of something.

At this point i stopped listening. But sis said, "Oh i think this credit system is a good idea... but i dont know if its for me cos i work in the west so its quite far for me." To our great surprise, this silly lady began lecturing us about being Sincere. If we're sincere we would commit. Just as she also lives in the far west end willing to go all the way to Tampines for her spa.

"Hold on a second, babe," I felt like telling her, "Eh Hello. We're talking about SPA treatments, not a school or job that we're responsible for. Who cares about sincerity? It's the convenience that we want. We can choose any spa that we like. And you're not doing a good job of impressing us!"

But because Sis felt obligated to stay polite, we meekly continued to listen to her useless persuasions until she decided her game was up.

I felt a bit apologetic afterwards like i had subjected my sis to a 20min lecture when all we wanted was a free foot spa which turned out mediocre at best.

Oh well... at least we were hanging out, rather than working like some people i know. *wink*

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Green Card

Zubair is now the proud owner of a Work Permit! Alhamdulillah x 100000000000000

He started working yesterday. It must be because of the baby that he finally decided to accept this waiter position. I hope more fatherly responsibilities will show soon.

He works 11am - 11pm. 6 days a week. On his off days, he plan to do his singing lessons. I appreciate his ambition but i hope he wont wreck himself with sheer tiredness.

And at this rate, i wont be seeing him at all till... well till he stops working! By the time he reaches home it would be past midnight, and my bedtime is at 11pm. No hopes of catching him b4 i go to work either. Perhaps a few early hours of the weekend.

Last night, we had to resort to talk in our sleep. Both groggily chatting the other up. So much so that i think its a dream now...

And now i have all the time in the world to go out "independently". Who wants to date me? I can do karaoke, singing, movie and of course Dinner. Msg me! haha Oh Mon & Wed Outs for me.

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Babies Unite @ Fara's Place

Actually there were just 2 babies at Fara's Place.. or... make that 2.5. LOL

Fara gave birth to Lil Uzair about 2 weeks ago exactly 2 yrs after Syifaa'

That's the boy i'm talking about. He was "jeling"-ing (peering?) at the Foxy Mama...

I finally met Sue & Baby! I asked her along to visit Fara & her baby and she much needed the excuse to go out.. so...

Lil SiddiQ - 2 months old

Would have been fun-ner and more kecoh (chaotic) if Nisa had been there. Alas, She had to attend a wedding.

I hafta say it was the most empowering feeling to go out on my own without Zubair. I dont need him. At all.

Anyways. We chatted for hours!! While feeding, burping and changing the babies in between.

Poor Fara had only about 15min to prepare for our arrival. I had confirmed with her if she'd be at home on Sunday but didnt say i was coming till the last minute. I intended not to burden her to prepare anything (read: food) for our impending arrivals. Then i forgot to tell her earlier on that day and i realised this could cause chaos for the host as well. The house might not be ready to receive guests. Sorry Fara. She is such a proper host kept on apologising that she didnt prepare anything for us etc etc... But she still served us the yummiest mutton something with ghee rice, which to my surprise i cleaned it up! (i was allegedly turned off by rice otherwise.)

Hearing them mamas talking about all the Dos and Donts, i felt fear. I think i'd be a very inept and unprepared mother who knows nothing. They brushed it off saying that my own mum will be there to guide me as im still staying with them.

True but still... i have no inkling for eg that...

  1. You were supposed to push in the belly button
  2. Dont let boys cry too long as they are more prone to fits
  3. No need to bind babies after 1 month.
  4. Sterilising ur baby's bottle is VERY important
  5. the pros and cons of electric / manual breast pump

I even have problem recognising babies' faces. To me all babies look the same esp if their skin colour is similar.

There was a fearful moment when the babies were first laid out on the bed and two mothers were not around then i panicked and thought, "Oh no... which is which now??"

Pakis and Malays have very different practices of baby caring as well as after delivery caring for the mothers. Traditional Malays have all sortsa spices to air out the body to prevent wind, all sortsa herbs to drink to shrink and heal and lose weight effectively... Imagine, herbal baths, therapeutic (spellcheck!) massages not to mention the layers and layers of cloth to bind the tummy so it wont protrude leaving a hideous pregger tummy.

Pakis would press the baby's head this way and that to "shape" it. It seemed torturous to our untrained eyes. and they would dress the baby hmm... heavily even in treacherous Singapore weather.

One tip i learnt tho that right from the beginning, DONT EVER let ur baby sleep between u and ur hubby nor rock him to sleep. Bcos the baby won't ever let go of u nor sleep on his own thereafter! Thank Goodness i've already convinced Z that the baby should sleep in his own cot / bed, preferably in the hallway (not much space in my room) for fear one of us might roll over and suffocate the baby!

Oh another thing about traditional Pakis is that they mostly dont wanna know the gender. At first, Zubair didnt wanna know either wanted to keep it a surprise... Its a nice thought but again i told him, "But we need to know to buy pink or blue, gown or ... whatever it is that boys wear." He said oh ok. Good.

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