Rice Cooker

My mum has been complaining about the water and power bill reaching $300. I dont know.. i thought it's qutie reasonable for a 5 room Executive flat with 7 adults and 1 baby at home.

Anyway, my dad said try saving electricity esp on appliances that generate heat and cold ie water heater, rice cooker, iron, kettle and aircon.

As a rule, we can only turn on the aircon at night. bcos my parents believe that it takes more power to cool a room during the day. and then... once in awhile, one of us will forget to turn off the iron. it doesnt just waste "current" but also pose a danger of a fire breakout.

Now.. in the case of Rice cooker... we are confused. If we turn it off for the night, it will turn bad the next day. If we turn it on over night, it will use a lot of electricity.

What do you do with rice cooker?

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5 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

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AzRaNan said...

Here are some tips which we practise:

1) Rice cooker we switch it off, and only heat the rice in say 3-hourly intervals, or when we want to eat. Don't leave it in there overnight, put it in the fridge, then heat it again the next day. It does taste as good as new. Anyway kan, u're the first family I know who leaves it on all the time!! hehe. Little wonder for the big bill.

2) LCD/Plasma TV (if you have one) takes up A LOT of energy, we found that out the hard way. Remember to switch on the 'power save mode' so it'll use up less power.

3) If its time to buy a new fridge or washing machine, look for one that uses the least power. Fisher & Paykel is well known for this. Costs a bit more, but saves you even more in the long run.

Its quite important not to overload ur washing machine and fridge as well, because they if they get overworked, they'll use up a lot a lot of power.

4) Big families like mine waste a lot of water on flushing. To save water, place a 500ml water-filled plastic bottle in the cistern of your toilet bowl. So the amount of water flushed will be significantly lesser.

5) For iron, hmm... I've no idea on this one except for everyone in the family to keep a look out for each other? hehe... impose a penalty on those who leave the iron on ke pe... cos this one also i sometimes guilty.

6) Have u serviced your aircon? My colleague once complained to me that her bill shot up this one month, later she realised her aircon compressor fan was faulty; it did twice the work, but never cooled the room. Very dangerous this one, silent (bill) killer like that..haha, so go service it. Yah, agree with ur mum... DO NOT switch it on in the daytime...its true, in the daytime, weather is hotter, so compressor do more work to cool the room.

7) Last tip, doesn't save much, but will save a lot if practised consistently. Switch off everything properly. Don't even leave TV in the 'red LCD' mode, you know, auto power off that one? Ur VCR, VCD, DVD and HI-FI are common culprits..taknak pakai, switch off the main plug sekali.

Hope this helps! Me and hubby are power-saving freaks, love the environment kind... Yeah right! Haha

Jussaemon said...

Nan! Thanks for the comprehensive and impressive list!

1. Haha ok... to reheat u mean just put back the rice in the cooker and warm it?

2. we dont have plasma TV but does that include LCD Computer screens?

3. wah i never knew! so better to wash in two loads rather than over load?

4. Erk. U actually do that? Hmmm wont the bottle get dirty with shit later?

5. fair enough..

6. We service when it "doesnt work". means need to change the water/gas or something

7. The most tedious thing to do!

But yeah i heard that must switch main plug off for charger also.. tapi ibarat malas yakni...

AzRaNan said...

Yo! Didn't c u online, thot ure not in the office! hehe Some replies:

1)U can do that too, but what I usually do is, Ill microwave it a bit first, kasi dia soft, baru masuk balik in the cooker. hehe... leceh eh.

2) Hmm.. LCD comp screens small, dont think its tt bad, but preferable not to leave it on too long jugak ah.

3)Erm, tricky this one... cos if u do 2 loads (instead of overloading), u save the electricity, but waste some more water... hahahahaha...this one need to juggle lah, based on ur own estimation.

4) Dalam cistern lah babe, the tangki... kan it fills up with clean water..., takde kena mengena dengan najis-najis antarabangsa! hehe

Oh lupa, lagi satu, this one I picked it out from a Health magazine. --> Kalau boleh, cover all food before putting it in the fridge. Somehow (donno how), it takes up more energy to cool individual food, then 1 covered container.

Ok, enjoy trying them! Lemme kow if ur bill has a drastic reduction! Of course, the key trick is to get everyone else involved too ah heheheh!

Jussaemon said...

a ah tgh bingit sikit.

1. Er.. then just heat in the microwave jer pon boleh kan?

2. ok sib baik

3. Exactly!

4. hahah i went to assume the cistern is the bowl itself and went to imagine also! hahahah

Yeah.. that's like 6 other pple to tell and CONVINCE and MONITOR.