Wendy's @ Lau Pa Sat

Monday, 29th Nov 2010

I don't know why I will always forever remember this date to be somebody's birthday. And I haven't even exchanged a word with this person.

Anyways, after much begging, Ash the Sis finally agreed to try out Wendy's for lunch yesterday.

My Mushroom Melt + Medium Combo $8+
Ash's 1/4 Pound + small Combo $6.85
Spot the Halal logo on the tray
The Cheese was heaven. But unfortunately not the beef. Quite dry not juicy at all like McD's

June, my new Lunch Buddy, was quite disappointed to hear of my awful experience cause she's such a FAN!
Oh well.. I shall definitely return to sample their shrimp and fish fillet sandwiches (8 & 9)

Not to forget their baked potato with Cheese and Cheese. Looked YUMMY! Also cause otherwise i dont feel that full. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I forget to snap a photo of the paper on the tray that lists their branches. But from memory I recall there are:
  1. Yishun 10
  2. Century Square
  3. Plaza by the Park
  4. Lau Pa Sat (of course) and
  5. Holland Village

Best thing is you can use your Kopitiam's membership card here. Not that I have but still... nice to know you can.

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Nur's Nikah

Sat 27th Nov 2010.

So my cousin got married last weekend.

Eyew is the only word to describe my facial expression

"Mana duck?"
(It's a sticker on the door of the guys' room)

The Groom
(Tak nampak muka action2 censored lah padahal its lack of skill! hahaha)

The Bride's Gifts for the Groom.

A boy from each side playing in the bride's room.

Tufeil was ok most of the time except for when he played Spongebob app in the bride's room when the Qadi was asking cousin Nur to sign the papers. and when they left and were reading doa, he made some noise when i tried to take away the iPhone. Other than that, just peachy considering the crowd and enclosed environment which I know he doesn't like.

The next day was the actual wedding reception. We reached at 2pm and stayed till 5pm. I stayed in the house MOST of the time. Luckily, it was for the most part empty / spacious for T to run around. It was great that my cousins loved entertaining him. He was soooo happy giggling away.

Only at 3.30pm did Tufeil take a nap. O oh. Now I hafta wait for another hour before I could go down and eat cause hafta be on standby for when he wakes up. Fortunately, Mummy brought up some food a bit later. and When T woke up, we went down for HIm to eat but I ended up cleaning the plate cos he got too distracted to eat. Esply when he saw the brownie and his Atok.

Anyway, Congratulations to my kid cousin. Hope you have kids soon so T can play with them. hahaha

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Shaky Networkssss

Technology is getting to me.

First the internet at home was going bonkers. It took 30minutes to stream 10min worth of video. What the H right?!?! I would leave it streaming before I go to work and another episode just when i reached home to watch after T sleeps. But soon, even that was not working. It kept erroring on me.

Then i noticed that when I tried to download a game for my mum on the main computer, it was super duper fast! It was the one directly connected to the modem. So i resorted to watching my shows outside. But it proved not to be plausible cause I need to be able to hear Tufeil in case he wakes up.

So I called Singnet. First time, she told me to tick "Automatically detect settings" on LAN settings and then it worked okay. For two nights. I called again last night and we went thru an elaborate steps of adding TCP/IP (?) add, proxy servers, ran a test bla bla bla... and then it was lightning fast! for a couple of hours. Then it lagged again.

The officer said that if it's still slow, call them again and they'll send a technician over. I think i might just do that. soon.

Now comes the frustration with my iPhone's 3G network. Usually at my work desk, it will refuse to be available! Shaky at best.

The first time i called in, they asked me to Reset network settings. Ok. But it's still working like an Oreo cookie. Now you see it. Now you don't. Even when you see it, it's actually a hallucination. Damn it!

Second time I called he said cause I'm at such a high floor at 17th. WHAT THE! So i say, my other friends are on high levels and still work fine. Then they suggested I go to the center to get my unit looked at. Arghhh I don't have time for that!

so now i'm daydreaming to get a new phone. absolutely NOT an iPHONE! BAH! I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT! Please read here for the reasons why *look at June*

Today I saw the beyouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful

Motorola FlipOut
I dig:
  1. The weird design
  2. Not your conventional candy bar design but a swivelling one.
  3. Physical qwerty is my main NEED while still being a touchscreen
  4. Android 2.1

I've read a review on it, they are quite positive about it except about the pictures part. Hmmm Perhaps I can learn to live with it?

The other downside is they don't have VIDEO CALL! Another important feature i MUST HAVE. What's up with all the handphone markets? Why are they making more and more phones SANS the front facing camera? I dont get it. It's like we're getting backward or something.

So yeah... I'm still looking for the idealest phone. Besides, I can't upgrade my phone for the next year anyway. *sabar sabar*

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Scenes From JB

Last Saturday, we went to JB.

Initially I didn't want to follow but there's nothing better to do at home! We were just goign to collect some tailored clothes and grocery shopping as well as lunch.

At Singgah Selalu:

Tufeil looks so abang2 (big brother) like. oh how my baby has grown!

I got very irritated by the spread available. Initially, I wanted to order ala carte Nasi Goreng Black Pepper Beef. But I thought, "why don't I take from the self service counter so I can get different kinds of meat/gravy for slightly more.

So it irked me when they had prolly 30 different dishes but nothing could conjur my interest! Reason: they had many different kinds of fish and chicken gravy, all different kinds of fried fishes but only ONE beef dish: the boring-Hari-Raya-Haji-just-passed Rendang. If anybody knows me, they would know i'm such a BEEF person! There's no seafood like prawn or squid either.

By then, it was too late to back off cause I already had 1.5cups of rice and a generous helping of beef Lung (paru) on my plate. =( Really I was sooo pissed off at SINGGAH SELALU. I DON'T KNOW WHY PEOPLE LIKE TO GO THERE! EVERYTIME I GO THERE I ALWAYS GET DISAPPOINTED!

At Angsana:
Of course he likes to sit in the car.

In UO in Angsana:

Yeah he likes to "handle" goods too. Luckily, it was too heavy for him to lift and throw!

The "best" part of this trip: I only discovered that Tufeil had pooped in his diaper when we were at the gas station. Can you imagine the toilet at a gas station in the part of the world?!?!?!?!?! *shudder*

I took off his socks and had no choice but to make him stand on the (extremely dirty) floor! It's either that or make him sit on the extremely YUCKIER toilet seat!! *puke* At one point, I totally broke down and froze, not being able to decide how to wash him while he was screaming at the cold water and cold floor. Didn't help that there was a queue growing outside. My dad had to step in and carry T while I try my best to wash from the too short hose and cldn't get T to squat. Aiyooo.

Then, I was about to freeze another time while trying to decide how to put on his diaper when once again ayah took over and brought him out of the toilet (so the lady could get in the single cubicle). And even though I insisted that it's embarrassing Ayah carried him (diaperless) to the car.

I don't think I would go to JB again until Tufeil is toilet trained. Oh damn! I'm due to go to Malacca next weekend. Ok then I pray Tufeil will only shit when we're at the hotel or somewhere nice.

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Creative Cup

WOW! Me and my colleague won $150 shopping voucher for this contest we'd entered organised by Health Promotion Board.

A few months ago we were given paper cups with uplifting messages. We were told to come up with something creative and we got to this:

Naturally, I was tasked to take the photo and do the editing.
My colleague came up with the words and the "see-saw"

What was most surprising is that.. its a NATIONAL competition and we got TOP Prize. That's just... unbelievable!

Thank you Allah. You listened when I've prayed for financial ease.

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Goofing Around with Tufeil

Just a collection of Tufeil's pictures for the past week:

Playing with his iPod Touch

Tufeil has been very taken by Wheels on The Bus songs on YouTube. He watches many different versions. I can leave him in the room with his iPod and feel peaceful. The downside is, he wouldn't want to sleep and insist on watching if he sees my iPhone lying around.

Where's the Ball?

He saw his kakak pretending to be pregnant and he wants too. But he was wearing a bodysuit so can't insert from below so i pop it in from the collar!

Tufeil was being quite an artist.

Wall of "Abstract" Arts

Tufeil says, "This Cow"

"This Car"

All these on the EVE of HAri Raya Haji when we were expecting guests the next day as it's our turn to host the gathering. And also just after we've repainted the whole house after 10 years! Chet! Well can't blame him, we ran out of drawing blocks that day.

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Just Something ...

...To override that gross blog post. hahahha

Ayah brought out the 2-men tent in preparation for their night in the sky outing and the kids were having fun with it.

Fri night, we went to the library and T met another boy his age to play with. Turned out he was Eka Marina's son. I've ever heard her name before but totally don't know who she is but my sis said someone popular.

My thought when i saw her, "Hmmm She seems to be talking in Bahasa Indonesia but she sure doesn't dress like a maid with a blue rimmed specs and jeans." And she actually asked me, "Ini boy ke girl?" and T was wearing the outfit below. ARGHHH

Afterwards, we went to Metro. While kakak Syifaa' went to deposit something at the toilet, Tufeil played with the sample toys

He IS interested in the laptop *wink at Titi*

Hmmm notice my shoe? Nampak sah (obviously) so tired i just slipped it out.

Was afraid he might not like a toy laptop preferring the real one.

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I was gonna hit the shower when I noticed something white by the door just above the lock hinge at my eye level.

Needless to say, I SCREAMED!!!!!!! Then immediately stopped for fear it would jump into my mouth!!!!

Then I was soooo overcome with rage than I totally SLAMMED the sliding door. TWICE for good measure! and pressed hard to the end.

Lizard all MASHED!

OKay I'm still feeling eyewy right now but I HAVE to blog about it!

I hate that I'm mortally afraid of lizards. Give me cockroach or spiders anytime. But not these sticky slimy pest! *PUKE*

Okay i'm going to delete this photo from my phone now. Even geli to "touch" the picture. Mum snapped it for me BTW.

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Tufeil's First Day of "School"

Sunday, 7th Nov 2010 (19.5month)

It was quite difficult to search for a playgroup for Tufeil's age group that's conveniently located. My googling resulted in just one that's fairly walking distance - Kidz Campus @ The Woodgrove (Woodlands) about 10min walk away. and Sunday he went for a trial lesson.

Came back with a TERRIFIC sticker!

This is one of the increasing number of occassions when I gaze at Tufeil and think, "Gosh! My baby's growing up!"

His class was only available on Sat or Sun 9.15am to 10am (45min) with parent's/guardian's participation. Trial lesson is $20. Monthly fee is $95, one time Reg fee $60, Refundable deposit $100.

Received report that he enjoyed dancing to nursery rhymes and hi-5ing his friends but refused to participate in group activities such as pushing the big ball and walk in a train. Teacher said that this is normal as this is his first time in an "organised" play and he would over time get used to it.

I think the place is convenient, method should be okay (at this age, any kind of play is good), time is too early but T is an early riser anyway, duration is short but suitable for T. Only have a problem with the fees cause it's not payable by CDA account but HARD CASH.

In view of that, I searched for more from Baby Bonus website.

1. Mercu Learning Point aka Kidz Meadow Childcare.

I actually really liked this program. Muslim, not very walkable but still near, got Working Mum subsidy, and of course can pay by CDA! VERY UNFORTUNATELY, their Woodlands branch have ceased taking in playgroup age. Nearest one is in Yishun. Forget it.

However, I'm tagging this for Nursery @ 3yrs because it's just 2hours Mon-Fri.

2. Jamiyah Global Child Dvlpt centre

Website is very unfriendly. Although its add is the same as mine, it's at the other end of the street = far. Perks same as #1. I guess I need to call if I'm desperate.

3. Al Iman Kindergarten

Woodlands branch don't take in toddler. Their kindergarten starts at 3years old. It's quite cheap at $270 per month for 7am-7pm mon-Fri and half day Sat. I'm not comfortable at sending him to school for WHOLE DAY though. I haven't checked if payable by CDA account but i guess not.

4. Huda Kindergarten

Huda kindergarten applies the same method as Kidz Campus. payable by CDA. But its at woodlands Centre. very inconvenient.

I've yet to reach a conclusion.

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Nana's Creamed Peas & Nuggets

I was googling for chicken nugget recipe wanting to cook something bite sized for Tufeil so he'd be more interested to eat when I stumbled upon this at

4 cups peas, fresh, frozen (or canned as a last resort)
1 cup milk
2 tablespoons flour
2 tablespoons butter
salt and pepper to taste
pieces of chicken, fish, or beef

Melt butter in a large sauce pan and whisk in flour- allow to cook for 1 minute. Slowly add milk, whisking to prevent lumps. Add salt, pepper and other spices as desired. Cook until sauce begins to thicken. Add peas, stir and cook until peas are heated through (about 5-7 minutes) Add meat Serve warm alone or over multi-grain toast.

**Other veggies may be added if you desire, however - ensure that ratio of veggies equals 4 cups!**

I have no idea how it will turn out but the ingredients are very basic and I have them all so I thought I give it a go.

First Hurdle: I didn't know if they mean COOKED chicken or raw. From the instructions, it asks to add meat at the end and straight away serve without anymore given COOKING time. So i deduced it should be cooked first.

BTW, i defrosted the chicken in the microwave and some of the corners are almost white = cooked. THEN i diced them into smaller pieces. I hope this is correct cos how was I to cut them while frozen yeah?

Second Hurdle: No peas nor any other veges only corn pieces were left. and of course our favourite, mushroom.

Third Hurdle: I wanted to STEAM the chicken first but the rice cooker still has yesterday's nasi lemak and I was soooo lazy to wash it so i opted to stir fry them instead.

And then I got "creative" adding seasonings at my whim: All Purpose seasoning (only a few dusts came out cos they all got hard from the fridge), ground pepper, ground chilli and chopped basil leaves.

It came out like this

Then I started on the "sauce". OMG! The stirring hurts! and I was shocked at the outcome.

Obviously, I was expecting NUGGETS but this is.... i don't know mush!

However, don't underestimate this mush. It tasted like Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup! Unfortunately, Tufeil couldn't process the chicken bits even after I cut them into smaller pieces before feeding him. Neither did he like the corn. So he ended up eating just the mushroom and gravy. I'd probably add some pasta for next round.

And luckily I only put half of the stir fried chicken into this gravy. The other half I sliced again using scissors and pour pasta sauce over and freeze.

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Another Wet Wet Weekend

Fri, 5th November

Today was Deepavali (aka Diwali) public holiday. I wanted to do something special. After a long afternoon nap, we went to Sembawang Park for a little fun.

Tufeil got wet even before we got into the car!

He was running around for a good 10minutes while we wait for the car to come. We went to get dinner at Sembawang MRT first and the Char kway at Ananas Cafe was TO DIE FOR!

This is the first time i really spent time here at this Sembawang "beach". It's SUPER small. and the waves were tiny. There were quite a lot of people but we managed to get a spot under a coconut tree.

First shift was mine while Ayah ate.

Should have taken out his jeans first!! But crocs is definitely a good shoe to bring to beach.

He sprayed sand all over himself!

Washing up was EXTREMELY difficult!

First shift over, my turn to eat and Ayah brought them to the water.

Tufeil absolutely LOVED the water!

Sat, 6th Nov 2010.

At first, my appointment @ NY skin was to be at 5pm, but nobody could babysit Tufeil except for my sis. And for the occassion, she wanted to bring T out to East Coast. Then as it happened, the treatment center had a cancellation for 12pm slot making me able to join them after all.

Second reaction was, "*slap forehead* I could have got a whole afternoon to myself if i hadn't accepted the time change." Third reaction: OK nevermind, we'll get to cycle together."

This time around, i remembered to dress him in bodysuit so we can remove his pants before sand/water play.

The beach was much longer and he discovered wet sand is very fun!

So are the splashy waves!

Even tho there were some tools, he prefer to use his hands to spade out the sand

I forgot to take off my shoes and they got extremely wet. It wasn't crocs.

Afterwards, I rented the bike after having walked to two kiosks to get one with proper height (for me) as well as a good baby front seat. Tufeil actually WALKED the distance. I'm so happy he didn't ask to be carried. Much.

Washing up was A BIG CHORE!!! Hate it hate it hate it! At least for now Tufeil is still small so we just washed him out front with a long hose. It's an even bigger chore because T hates getting water in his face. I saw a fellow mum washing up 3 kids no problem sey. So easy. PLUS we went to the toilet near the skating rink. It was defunct lor! TOTALLY CRAP! YUCKS!

Then the floor was sandy so I cldn't get T's feet properly clean. Just left it bare to dry and swept the sands off before climbing into the car. Again the change of clothes was another bodysuit sans pants.

In the end, it was soooo tiring! Like I said to my mum, actually the DAY is great until we had to go to the toilet. And my dad added, "Yeah lah to change ourselves already so troublesome, what more to change the little one." I almost swore to myself never to come to East Coast again EVER.

Final thoughts: Thank God I came. I don't know how they would have managed handling two kids on their own! Cause someone needed to sit on the mat to guard our things to essentially one adult to 2 kids.

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Advanced Bday Present!

When I got home yesterday, I was surprised to see a package on my table.

Postage costed $3.74!

It seems to say the sender is Nurul Hidayah, one of the 11 Best Friends. Huh? What could she have sent me? Yah I remember her asking for my postal address just a day after we met up. But I totally didn't expect a PACKAGE!

"It's just a box" the envelop says.

And this is what the card says. AMEEENNN

hehehe my bday isn't until end of the year! Almost 2 months away.

And tadaaaaaaaaaaa

OH MY GOD! It's a COACH wristlet! COACH!

I don't know how to tell you how ELATED i felt when I see this. I was jumping and screaming (luckily I was alone at home for a short while). It's just been a longgggggggggggggggg time since i've received a present, and an expensive one at that. I mean Birthdays are over-rated nowadays for us "adults".

PLUS it came at a right time too when my current Cat wristlet-cum-purse from PetShop ($25 - almost 2 yrs of age) is already dirty and old. But on second thought, if I use this bag everyday, I'm afraid it might get dirty too. So how?
I can't express my thanks enough to Hid. For her to think of me, that's the most precious part. Thank god for friends.

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19th Month Developments

Another month has passed, and he's shown a few more things that he could do.

1. Holding a pencil

Good boy
Oops... Are you colouring the floor?

Ok actually he's known how to hold a pencil a longggggggggg time ago. Right after we got our walls painted, he HAD to run a test of endurance? haha But I haven't been encouraging to draw mainly because I have no equipments. The colour pencils are all Syifaa's which she brought over sometimes and I'd like to get him the jumbo washable crayons/pencils. When I have the time, no money. When i have the money, no time. AIYOO

2. Ride the "Motor"/Car?


eeeekkkkk *brake*

He started walking at around 12mths, but he was not confident to ride this thing up until recently. The last couple of months, he had been trying but he seem to keep leaning to the back I was afraid he'd fall off! Neither did he know how to get on / off and TURN and he can do all these now. Nice~

His other MAJOR development is SINGING a whole line. Of course from whatever months he knew the words at the end of each line, or could sing E I E I O very slowly with focused concentration. Now.. He sings like this..

- "Twinkle Twinkle star!" Everytime he sees a star
- "E I E I O, moo moo there, moo moo there" Just out of the blue and many times too! Very diff to catch on video. He used to fill in "And on his farm he has a ____" with a COW, now can insert other animals with sounds too. With much coaxing though.

4. Adjectives

His vocabulary has expanded to a handful of adjectives. Mainly: Big, Small, Long and short. It's totally my fault that I introed him these words very late but I've only managed to find such a book that could hold Tufeil's attention. Also, making funny voices animatedly while reading helps. Example: a deep voice and expanding arms when describing BIG and a squeaky voice with squinty eyes to describe small.

Thereafter, I just happened to remember that instead of just pointing and saying BUS, I could say "LONGGGGGGGGGG Bus" for the bendy buses that are common in the north. He also has two different turtles as bath time toys so I describe one as BIG and the other SMALL.

God, I know there are a lot of things that i'm not teaching him but what else eh?

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How Far Can It Go?

I'm happy to report that I managed to stretch $50 food money for 11 LONGGGGGGGGG Days!!!

Phew~ I really don't know how I survived that. I certainly didn't buy any dinner all those days, and i didn't go out / spend at all at the weekends. (Hid paid for lunch @ Swensen's yest.) Just scouring for food at home. Bringing packed lunch helped but I still bought something extra but at minimal cost.

Of course this does not include the $32 grocery shopping two days ago, which i charged to credit card anyways. Was gonna make Beef Meatloaf for the friends but it got cancelled. Oh well.. more for us to eat!

I just found out that a friend with a secretarial cert only about 2 years older than me is earning 3.3k as an Exec Secretary. Me with an A level and diploma earn much lesser than that. Hell I think some grads earn less than that! I blame it all on my first job with i worked for a pittance and took me 3 whole years to get out of. I should have waited for a better position to start out with. AIYOOO

Ok ok I probably had a smooth transition coming out from an All-girls All-muslims all-malay school i was at for 12 years and I definitely met interesting people and learnt many valuable lessons. And probably there are much better things in store for me in the future. But right now, I just wanna whine it out.

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Mother's Wet Trials.

Sunday, 31st Oct

Hid and I wanted to meet. She's gonna lend me her books. But I asked her along to IMM. It's been a long time since I went out with Tufeil for his fun. My parents drove us over.

I read from Dirah's blog that there's a playground there. But I totally didn't anticipate that there's gonna be a HUGE WATER park. OH no! I didn't bring any change of clothes for T. So I only let T play at the dry section. Although he loves the spinning wheel, we found that he kept wandering towards the BIG LURE of water.

That's it. We're buying him a new shirt! HAHAHA.

New onesie courtesy of Aunty Hid. THANK YOUUUUU!!
Touching the fountain.
This is also his favourite play at bath time. He'd insist that the shower head be placed on the floor.
He was also more attracted to the bubbles created from the splashes than to the water itself.

Altho he loves playing w water, he actually hates it when it gets into his eyes.
Me, I got semi drenched lor accompanying him in the wet playground. Some kids attacked me with sprays of water. AIYOOO. Both Hid and I wished we could just play and be carefree. It was a nice warm weather to just lie on the wet floor.
Afterwards, we settled ourselves in Swensen's for lunch. Tufeil suddenly got cranky. He only had 30min nap and it was already 1.30pm when he had a very early start at 8am. Also, he hadn't eaten anything since bfast at 9am of just porridge.
I gave him a few mouthfuls of my Teriyaki chicken pasta, and a few bites of fries, and suddenly he vomitted. A LOT! Some on my hijab too! All the unchewed pasta and other unidentified items came out. I was at my wit's end. Should I buy another shirt for him or just wash him? Should I rush him to the doctor or something? What food should I let him eat since his tummy must be empty and he seemed to be resisting anything.
In the end, we went to the toilet to clean up as best as I could (that equates to a few brushes of water. not even with soap! haha lazy me) and I called my mum. She said she was 30min away and would pick us up. Oh Thank God! in the meantime, I nursed him and he drifted to sleep while I finished my Mango Lychee Yogurt smoothie which was not packable anyways.
So sorry that Hid had to witness such a mess and had to help me with fetching things etc.
At home, he seemed happy and active enough. I was confused whether to send him to the doctor or not. He didn't have much of an appetite. He didn't finish his sausage and cheese sandwich I made him. Although he did eat most of the sausage. so I thought maybe he got a sore throat following his fever and runny nose from the week before.
However, lately, he's been making gagging sounds out of nowhere. We thought it might be from his index finger in his mouth that went too far in to the throat. But to actually vomit his tummy out. GOSH.
Since, our queue number at the GP won't be called till 9.15pm, I decided to wait and see what happens the next day and if need be, send him to the PD.

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