The Morning After....

(Firstly, thanks you guys for your congratulations and well wishes. Simply can't afford to thank everyone indvdly. I'm so bad! In any case, let me tell you about the first day I actually played the role of a mother.)

.. Not really your average morning after. LOL.

After the delivery at 0118 of 27th Mar 09, Baby was cleaned up, i was stitched up. OMG!! THe placenta was HUGE! I didnt know it would look that big i tot just a small bag...

5mins after the delivery, Zubair was soooo excited he straight away called Ammi in Pakistan to let them know. well.. ok it was only about 10pm + over there. I have no doubt that if they could hook up with the internet over there, we would have done a video call! Since it was too early in the morning, i only called my mum to deliver the good news. =)

After that, Zubair rushed to 7-11 to buy honey as its their practice to give newborn baby a taste of something sweet as the first thing they ate. Very unfortunately, they didnt sell any. He came back to tell me so. I, on the other hand, was insisting that he read the Azan and Iqamah in the baby's eaves (ears?) first. So he decided to walk all the way to Mustafa to get that honey. So sweet.. ANd told me not to give him anything first.

Then a nurse came to show me how to breastfeed (hereafter known as BF). I asked the nurse if we could wait till after Zubair came back but she said they have a targetted amount of time to turnover patients who've already delivered. Another reason was also because that due to Gestational Diabetes, they were afraid if baby's blood sugar might get too low if we dont feed him ASAP.

When Z came back and realised what's happened I could really see his bright face fell. It was soooo sad. But i cldnt do anything about it. Thankfully, he puckered up quickly and did the necessary with the honey.

So i was wheeled back into the normal ward @ 4+am. Poor Zubair was shooed away by the fierce Aunty of a nurse. And as tired as he was, he took the train back home, the dear, to take a shower and some nap.

Me. I couldnt sleep. I was sooo excited! I kept running thru the day's events in my head so i would remember and that when pple visit i could easily churn out the summary! LOL. Finally i fell asleep and got awoken for bfast @ 9am. I heard the nurse telling my neighbour how they encourage mothers to bf every 3 hours. Hmmm my last feed was 4am+ but they never gave me my baby? I was told it was bcause he was still under the warmer. Ergh! So mean!

So i was alone in the hosp, Z went home and mummy wont be there till after 12nn. SO i cleaned up and had bfast and soon after, baby was sent to me for feeding. Yayyy... Alamak! How to do this? I thought. I called the nurse in to help me.

In the middle of my first real BF lesson, 3 of my colleagues came by!! Luckily they were ladies so i invited them in. It was diff. My main problem at that time was that I was still scared and not confident of how to carry a newborn!

Soon after that, my parents, the maid and of course, Syifaa' came. Phew. What a relief! I would need lotsa help to fetch things or whatever bcos with the epidural effect gone, i was really in pain.

After lunch, tried BF again.

THen my guy cousins and the aunty came.

Then 3 of the 11 Bestfriends came. They were such angels showing me how to get baby to latch on, giving tips on the optimal position to use... However, i noticed that everytime he's latched on comfortably he would straight away fall asleep!! THe nurse said this is normal just hafta tease him awake. Aiyoyoo...

After the girls had left, There was a short window for me to nap in between guests and feedings so i did for an hour.

Then Taufiq's mother and grandmother came.

I got caught in an embarassing look when Zubair's Pakistani friends came by. Both times just as i got out from the loo! But the young group of 3 guys n 3 gals from NUS caught me by surprise. DO u know that i actually brought my make up bag in preparation to meet them? That's how insecure i feel. haha. BUt they caught me offguard and some more they snapped my photo and posted on facebook! One thing's for sure, i felt a bit relieved that Zubair's got his dose of Urdu speaking visitors. Otherwise, he looked forlorn amidst the Malay talking relatives.

After that, Fatma, both mine and ZUbair's friend came by. Unfortunately, Zubair was already out for class at 8:30pm. But we had no problem entertaining her, she being friendly and all that. Even my aunt and cousins talked to her. And that was the last of the visitors.

Actually we'd returned the baby to the nursery but shortly after that when everybody's gone, the nurse came back with Tufeil saying its feeding time. I didnt wanna keep disturbing the nurse to help me, so i picked up the courage and braved the pain to carry my baby all on my own and BF him some. That's when i truly heard his breathing was real loud like how ASh had observed. WE thought it was normal since i am a heavy breather also.

Zubair came and was again, shooed away. The nurse asked if i would like to send back the baby to the nursery cos i look dead tired - its the panda eyes. I hesitated but succumbed to it but stressed the importance of cup feeding and NOT bottle feeding so as not to disturb baby learning to BF.

At 2am, i was woken up. The Paed on duty came by to tell me that there's something wrong with my baby! He's respiratory rate was on the high side, he kept crying and vomitting. He asked if the baby's been feeding well. I told him Hmmm maybe not so cos everytime he latched on, he'd fall asleep. THe doc sighed and said, yeah that could be another sign. BUt what could it mean?, i asked. He said its probably an infection and they would do some blood tests and put him on antibiotics. THey need to bring my baby to the Special Care NUrsery. ANd i said ok.

I was groggy then. But after a few min, i realised im gonna miss him so rushed out to see him before he got sent away but could only see the balloon (COurtesy of his dear Aunty Noll) in his cot walking away!! I cldnt help but cry!! THe nurse assured me that its ok... its better that they do the observation now while we're still in the hosp and soon rather than later. I told the nurse my concern is about BF. HOw do i feed him now? She said ok dont worry tmrw we will give you the pump to express the milk.

I immediately called ZUbair to tell him and he took a U TUrn back to the hosp. I got really upset when he got angry at ME for what's happened to the baby. Like HUH??? So i just kept quiet and let him cool down. In the meantime, i was burning inside and suddenly burst into loud sobs. SOrry neighbours, i cldnt help me. Was really hormonal and emotional.

Trying to do something for Tufeil so i rang for the nurse to get the pumping eqpt. i tried and nothing came out! STRESSED STRESSED. Cld hardly sleep all night. When i did, both times i had nightmares. FUnnily enough not about the baby but the father! haha.

Saturday 28th Mar 09.

I am discharged today. But i didnt feel like gg home WITHOUT the baby. When i awoke at 9am, i nudged Z to bring me see the baby (he's seen Tufeil the prev night already). When we got there, we were told that the doctors were doing their rounds and to come back at 11:30am.

Back at the ward, the nurse invited me to see a BF video and attend the discharge briefing. I was really confused to go or not. Cos i was feeling really down. Z kept blaming my lack of proficiency in BF to be the cause of the problem so i wasnt about to be told some more that ive been doing it wrong. I took some time to think and joined the video a bit later having concluded that this should be the best time to ask Questions.

The kind NUrse Faridah reassured me that its ok, just continue to massage and express 3 hourly even tho nothing comes out. When baby's back and get a suckle, INsya'Allah it will be there.

TO be continued....

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Blogging from the Delivery Suite....

I wrote the below excerpt from the delivery suite just after i was told i could walk about within the room. Thought i just posted what i have. I certainly cannot continue writing in such details. As there's so much more to write.


Yesterday 25th MArch 09, we had our weekly check up. Long story short, I was 1cm dilated and overdue by 1 day. THe doc decided that due to my Gestational Diabetes, we shouldn't wait and admit me to be induced immediately. Well i still had a choice of that same night @ 10pm or next day @ 6am or 2pm.

I decided to go in that same night. I figured from most other people's experiences that it'll take some time for the tablet to take effect in starting contractions. So i'd have the night to rest.

So we came home after satisfying my tastebud for Fish & Co @ Bugis, packed my bag and took a 1.5hr nap and were ready to go at 8:45pm. The nurse told me to check in an hour early.

After saying my goodbye to mummy (she was the one who looked rather anxious hehe), me and Zubair were directed to the DElivery Suite Room 2. This is our room private room with attached bathroom and a nice comfy sofa for the husband.

I was told that they would monitor me and baby on the CTG scan for 30min first before the tablet is inserted (note: not taken orally. LOL). and then will monitor me again for 2 hours. That came out to midnight. I was then transferred to the normal ward 32 BEd 4. And took permission from the nurse to go buy something to eat. She asked me where i was going and for how long. Just downstairs for 1hr. She said hmmm ok but just 45min and took down my hp no. So caring! =)

We were told that husbands cannot accompany the wives at any other classes of wards other than the private suite. So Z spent the night at a Relative's Lounge. He was in such a poor state cos his body sorta got a shock when he heard i had to be admitted (haha kidding) and got down with flu. Furthermore, he couldn't sleep at that lounge because some uncle was snoring so loudly! LOL. So finally we just heck care and he came to accompany me. If the nurse asked, we'll say i need him by my side.

I cld hardly sleep a wink. It was 2am by the time i settled into a snooze then was woken up to take a CTG scan for 45min. it was the most uncomfortable 45min ever i felt like crying.

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I've Given Birth! - THe short Version

Wed 25th March 09 was admitted @ 10pm to be induced with tablet.

The next 12hours pain scale was only between 2 and 4 out of 10 and was only 1cm dilated the whole time!

My first request to go for a walk instead of being strapped to the damned machine was acceded but confined within the smal space of the delivery suite.

When at 3pm, Dr Endrina checked me, she suggested sending me back up to normal ward so i could do some major walking. COntractions were coming every 3min and painscale 4 then. The Registrar wasnt so keen to agree. She said, "we can wait, but the question is until when? We shld schedule you for a 2nd tablet"

So we agreed to wait till 10pm that night ie 24hrs after first tablet. My apprehension about it is that it might generate double and quadruple amount of pain as compared to contractions brought about naturally.

Thurs 26th Mar 4pm, i was discharged back to normal ward. I straight away went to circle level 3 of the WOmen's Tower and even found a nice outdoor garden. However, i found myself having to pause and take deep breaths everytime i have contractions.

AFter 30mins of walking (and pausing), i decided to take a warm shower. THen dinner was served. Intensed Contractions suddenly came like every min or so. After first bite of this shami kebab looking beefball, i felt like farting.... but i felt liquid rushing out instead. instantly and instinctively i knew it was waterbag and gasped so. and was straight away wheeled back to the delivery suite.

A VE showed i was 3cm dilated. Contraction pain was now 7 out of 10 and coming every 3min. I contemplated EPIDURAL. My thoughts were, if i can;t stand the pain now, how can i stand it if it lasts for another 7hrs based on dilation rate of 1cm/hr? and then the LABOUR some more??? I succumbed.

So i took it cool after that conserving energy for the big push later taking naps. In between i was praying hard in my heart with a special doa given by Hairiah "Inna fatahna laka Fatham Mubina" which roughly means We (Allah) open for you divine openings. So i read that line in earnest and other phrases as well...

Alhamdulillah i was sooo happy to know at 8pm i was 5cm dilated. People say the next 5cm to full dilation should be easier after this. The doctor let me know that some pple could still feel pain even after epidural. That usually means that the baby head is coming down and its diff for the drug to reach the far reaches of the perenium.

I began to feel contractions again. at 11+ the pain was back to no 5 and i requested for a top up of the drug for more effect. But it hardly worked as the pain progressed faster than the drug could work and the score was 7 now!!!

The feeling was more like you wanna go to toilet. Problem is cause i wasnt fully dilated yet, i hafta stop myself from pushing, so i employed the 2 short breaths and 1 long breath technique. I endured that for an hour or so while waiting for the anaesthetist to come and top up some more drug.

Even after the second increment, it wasnt taking any effect. I panicked when i started to feel like my tummy was gonna explode!!!! STOP STOP STOP, i thought. By now the midwife told me to take deep breaths into the oxygen with each pain. It's been an hour already. 1am. 9cm opened.

Shortly after that, she told me to stop the oxygen and fashioned my thighs for ideal birthing position and instructed me to push with the next contraction. I waited after the 3rd one before i pushed. One came and having taken deep breath pushed as hard as i could - she didnt count to 10 but just said YES YES SOME MORE SOME MORE HARDER HARDER. I didnt make a sound as i expelled all my energy pushing but sighed too loudly after! But husband and midwife counted to 3 for next push. So 3 pushes per contraction. 2 contractions. and BABY slithered out!!!! And i really mean SLITHERED somewhat like a fish!!

THe relief i tell you is great! SO GREAT I CRIED. I CRIED because im still alive, because baby is alive, because it had been a very BIG ORDEAL.

Conclusion: Even though my total birthing experience had been a long one (if counted from the tablet insertion would be 28hours) I would say that i was very lucky that it had been easy and a normal one ie not assisted nor c-sect. Even the midwife said I was very lucky baby's head was already down there and i only required 6 pushes to get thru it when other pple had to do a lot just to get the baby's head down. Only downside is, i got about 5 or 6 stitches, midwife said my perenium very short.

Again I would like to stress how grateful i am to have 5 of my best friends who have already given birth before me to guide me thru pregnancy and labour. Esp to Hairiah for that piece of doa advice, because frankly i was at a total loss what to read. And all my other friends who had prayed for me. I LOVE YOU ALL.


Male. Tentatively named Tufeil Hussain Zubair. 27th March 09 0118hrs

Weighs 3.165kg, 50cm long

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Family BBQ @ Pasir Ris

Sunday 22/3

Ok so i made it to the BBQ. Thank God, Alhamdulillah!

In the car, on the way to Pasir Ris

Syifaa' and her Half Jap Aunty, Baby Sarina.

A newly reunited cousin, Nigel, Half Chinese, Half M'sian.

The Cousins Gerek
Several missing in the picture tho.

Its Durian time!!!

The Tents

The BBQ Pit

The Beach Scene

What u can see across the sea.

Trying to figure out how come we haven't caught any fish yet.

Nah... Its ok!

We found Seashell instead!

We reached there close to 1pm. But the Simei gang and the rest were there from like 9am when it was cool and cloudy. It came close to raining but suddenly after Zohr, the weather took a turn to BLAZING HOT! Yeah we got sunburnt but at least we didnt get drenched, which would have been worse cos there's no shelter nearby.

Its been a longggggg while since we've BBQed at Pasir Ris Park. The normal beach we go to is East Coast. But this extended beach is very nice!! Serene and full of greeneries. Unfortunately, it lacks facilities and shops. Moreover, the carpark is like a good 5min walk away to the BBQ pits and beach!

In 7hours, I ate Nasi Lemak, Otak2, just ONE SLICE of choc cake, Goreng pisang, POpiah otak2, Fried bee hoon, just ONE PIECE of Durian (not tt its my fav anyways) and potato chips. I drank coke light, water and just teeny wee sips of fruit punch.

At one point of time, all the cuzzies went to rent out bicycles. I was soooooooo dead jlos ok! Oh well... wldnt wanna risk the baby's life now would we? Besides, Z would kill me if i ride the bike and injure his baby. Even when i told him that the two new found young cuzzies accidentally slapped my tummy, he got all hot and angry already, "HOw dare they!" he said. LOL his over-protective is nice but out of place lah. Firstly they just tot i was FAT besides, they are KIDS.

I cldnt coax anybody else to go walking with me. So i just savoured the 5min walk x 2 to and fro the carpark. And that was all the exercise i got on that day. Cheh! I tot i'd be strolling along the beach for hours. The irritating Hub gave his classes as an excuse. Yeah yeah whatever.

Loved and savoured the attention i received from the extended family esp Nenek who shared her experience (more than 10 times i dare say!) and some tips.

One MALE Cousin kept gently poking my tummy and saying that it felt like a ball! I was trying to get them to feel the baby's kick alllll day but his movements were very limited and tentative. Until towards the end of the day, we were sitting down quietly and slowly i got Nur to place her hand at two ends of my tummy and finally she felt the slow stretching of his feet! YAYYY Felt like a great achievement getting them to feel it! hehe

Reached home at 9pm all tired but contented. Now baby, you can come out, please.

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Syifaa' The Little Helper

Mon, 23rd Mar 09

Today Zubair went out early. So i had plenty of time to conjure up the mood to clean the room.

When i took out the vacuum, Syifaa' said she wanted to vacuum too. But of course, that's dangerous so i only let her play with the button to wind in the wire (before plugged in).

Then i took out the mop and she insisted she do the mopping!

Told her to wipe off the white stuffs on the floor
That's some spilt calamine lotion i've been spreading on my thighs religiously twice a day for the itchiness.

She even mopped under the bed!

I repeated my request several time that now it's Caca's turn to mop but she won't hand over the stick to me. I even tried to pretend Baby Elmo was crying in the new stroller that Z bought. She wasn't to be averted. She even proudly called on to her nenek saying, "Nenek, tengok (look)! Syifaa' mop."
All I can say is... Thank god for short attention span.

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Thurs 19/3

Felt contractions at 2am. (They like to come in the middle of the night dont they!?) But was not regular but made me feel rather apprehensive for the check up at 11am.

Had to wait about 1hr to do the ultrasound at Antenatal Monitoring Clinic (AMC) Jeez. Luckily, met Fara who was also there for her baby's appointment so 1hr passed by like nothing as we talked and talked. We were very loud though cos first we were shooed by the nurse to go from the waiting area inside, to the one outside and then i noticed some pple glanced back at us irritatingly. Sorry! We were sooo excited to meet and had a lot to talk about! heheheh

Then had to wait 15min to do the heartbeat scan for 30min. By the time I met Doctor Lubna, it was way past 1pm.

Amniotic Fluid 7.7 (Not to get below 5) and Baby's weight is 2.9kg (Good range between 2.5 - 3.5 i think). So Doctor said that she's comfortable to wait for another week AFTER my EDD. And that she won't do the VE on me if i dont want to. I shook my head hard!

She also noticed that Im having irregular contractions and asked if i felt anything. During the scan, NO. I did manage to glance at my chart and understood why Dr Endrina had to ask her colleague on what to do when she saw my chart last week. Last week's chart was VERY Regular BUT i still didnt feel anything. This week's was very random and at varying peaks.

Total cost: $53. not bad at all! I was thinking over $100!

Next Appt is Wed 25th Mar, a day after my EDD and to go thru the same procedures as today's.

We sighed breaths of relieves! INsya'Allah it will mean that we get to go to the family BBQ on Sunday and hopefully even manage to hold off till after Zubair's 2nd major concert on 24th Mar itself!

I did ask him though what if i deliver right DURING his performance???? He said its ok i'll come AFTER the performance, at least i'm still here. Memang nak kena cepuk betul!!! Let's just hope the baby will wait patiently for the papa to come and receive him before it decides to pop out!

The only negative outcome im feeling is the pressure to keep baby's weight down. My mum already commented, "Oh its heavier than Syifaa' when she was born" she was 2.7 or 2.8 like tt. Arghhh I sooo want a light baby. My friend's 3kg baby look soooo tiny and petite and cute. I can't bear to be responsible for his obesity in later life! HUARGHHHHHHH

I know i know... most importantly baby should be healthy... but i just can't help resoluting NOT TO EAT at all!! THAT kinda pressure ok! But alas... im not that strong willed. Just last night i finished the rest of the half of my McFlurry ice cream. LOL

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Last Day @ Work

Fri 13/03

The day started with severe body aches. Do i dare to think that it felt like period pain? They were dull aches tho not sharpish kinds that i expect contractions to be. Moreover, it lasted like half the day instead of the few minutes every 15 - 30min. But i was also having backaches... I deduced it might be because of the tight waistband around my pants. heh

I thank god that i managed to train and handover all the pending stuffs to the temp covering me while i'm away. I had high expectations and plans for her to do in those 2 weeks we were together. Alas, it was not meant to be.

While she has some insurance background, she is totally clueless about Excel. and the BULK of my work encompassed 2 or 3 main excel datasheets!!! So... as it turned out 75% of our time were spent showing her how to insert row, do borders, unhide, and all those stuffs on top of the more complicated Validation List, filtering, sorting, and what nots.

She kept saying how nice and patient i am to her when anybody else would have easily become agitated after explaining the 2nd time. Well... im not totally guiltless... i do my ranting in my heart... and thru various smses. I'm no saint, darling.

The poor dear had to keep up to my level of "meticulousness" as she described it herself. While i wouldnt even begin to dream to describe myself and/or my work as meticulous, i DO try to be organised - that's the OCD part of me talking. Like where u save your files... how i dont like too many icons on the desktop, my afflictions to doing things thru shortcuts etc etc.... I told her tho that she doesnt hafta do it my way, but she insisted that she should so the others won't feel... disrupted.

It was nice how Zubair felt very apprehensive about my position being "covered" while i'm away for 3 months. He kept asking me, "You sure its just a temporary arrangement?" My Boss said it himself, "What will we do without you?" on that last day at work while i showed him how to work the fax on the copier all in one thingy majigy. LOL.

Rather, the question is, "Do i wanna go back to the workforce?" ok ok... that's a stupid Qns... of course I HAVE TO! Do i have a choice? Not likely.

It felt super odd saying goodbye. I know its only temporary but i felt a certain sense of loss. Good thing that 2 of the nice ladies were already gone and had said bye temp farewells to them earlier, one guy and the boss have also left for business trips... so there were less pple to say bye to.

When it came to the FC... Suddenly i felt all resentment towards her evaporated with that last handshake. (It helped tho that she asked for my excel help nicely jsut the day before and called me a "Computer Genius") Then she asked, "So you'll be gone for 3 mnths huh? Maybe u wont see me around when u get back. Stressed already lah... everything also the boss dont know" No comment. *wide grin*

Aiseyman! I forgot to choose which hamper i want the company to give me - with the budget of $80, mind.

That night, actually RecClub has a Bowling Tournament. I've been looking forward to this tournament since 6 months ago and was ready to participate! In fact, i actually put my name down for it! hehe Until i got several calls from other concerned colleagues telling me NOT to. Damn! And then 2 of our guys from the dept pulled out at the last min too... So i decided not to go.

Just as well... was feeling very tired from the wholeday body aches and was anxious to get home and start my maternity leave....... *bliss...*

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38th Week Check Up

Thurs 12th Mar 09

After waiting for 20 or so min i was told to go and get a 30min CTG scan (to monitor baby's heartbeat). Unfortunately, someone just started on the one and only machine so we had to wait another 25min. So i went to see my dietitian first.

It hurts me to lie (not to mention that it wont do me any good) but when she asked if im still taking all the vits and supplements i just nodded. Truth is i havent been for the past 2 weeks or more! Its really really REALLY difficult to be consistent.

At this last stretch im also finding it EXTREMELY difficult to refuse sugary stuffs. So much so that the dietitian was disappointed to see my increased blood sugar level. It was only because i ate things like Fried Hong Kong noodle, 25% less sugar Granola Bars, a 3 oz Yami Yoghurt and a bite or two of some choc cakes.... *wide grin*

But i find it.... Ridiculous at best, and contradicting at least... when everybody else took their pregnancy as a very good excuse to indulge in SWEET nothings... I, for one, feel extra extra guilty when i consume just a tiny treat even a sip of lemon juice during this pregnancy. And i look forward to AFTER delivery to start hitting on ALL THOSE FOODS I MISS DESPERATELY!!! How ironic!

The only thing positive she could say was that i still maintained my weight at 67.6kg despite all the sinful food.

I had that nice gynae again! Dr Erinda, i believe her name was. She looked at the CTG scan report and commented, "Oh very active baby huh." Thank God! Then she went out with the report then came back saying, "It says here that you've been having some contractions, do u mind if i do a VE?" I winced. She said, "I promise to be very gentle." I relented.

No. I hadnt dilated yet. Thankfully too that I remembered Khairiah's tip to remain relaxed so it wont hurt as much. Actually she said so that the cervix would open quicker when you're not all tensed up but i applied it to this scenario as well and i suppose... it worked! I didnt feel anything afterwards!

The doc frowned too when she saw my latest readings. and stressed the importance of keeping a good diet, otherwise, i might be forced to get induced! Hmmm!

Next appt is exactly a week later on the 19th March, that is, if i still hadnt delivered. I will hafta go for ultrasound scan first to check fetal weight as well as waterbag level. YAYYY!! The best thing also is that i wont hafta rush back to the office after the appt cos by next week, i've started my leave already! Wheeeee

I promise myself to walk around the park after lunch.. say... 3 or 4pm if its not too hot? otherwise at night lah and i will make sure i drag Zubair with me! Haha... oh well who knows i can get contractions anytime anywhere now and shouldn't be left to my own devices!

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After 38 weeks of Gestation....

... came the drama!

I called up my mum at 4:45pm yesterday, "Mummy, im going to the hospital now."

hehe... i made her shocked / panicked for awhile.

No i wasn't having labour pains... We were just concerned that the baby hasnt been very active ALL day!

Usually i would wake up in discomfort in the middle of the night with his kickings. He would also start jumping around when i hit the shower every morning. Too cold i guess. But yesterday morning. Na da. Zilch. nothing. Zubair came awake esp to ask me if he's been moving bcos he also noticed that the baby wasnt active all night.

I remember the gynae from the last visit said not to take the chances and just go to the hospital to get checked. At first, I gave ourselves time till after lunch... then extended it to after work.

I consulted 'Azma and she told me to try waking up the baby first so i started tickling him. LOL by tickling i mean scratching my tummy gently (its very itchy anyways but cant scratch hard so the skin is very thin round about there). Hmmm well yeah he DID nudge me back but after went back to sleep or... whatever the cause of the silence was.

Hairiah, on the other hand, told me to drink something sweet and then lie down on my side.

Felt a bit guilty with this thought in mind, "Could it be cause i indulged myself in a lot of sweet stuffs the previous night just before bedtime?" Cause i noticed the last time that this happened, i was eating sweet things the night before too. (Maybe ive been having a LOT of sweet stuffs lately. SHHHHHHHHHHH)

Funnily enough, during lunchtime, as we were having "coffee" at Coffee bean (no i dont drink coffee... but ordered a KIDS Sunrise with no whipped cream just as guiltily), a treat from my colleague, He was ALL action and stretches. By the time i reached back to the office, its the silence of the lamb again. Hmmmmmmmmmm

Told Zubair to get ready to go to the hospital.

On the way, 'Azma was very kind to tell me what to expect while i'm there. I only knew that they will strap me to the heartbeat monitoring machine for about 30min to 1hr but she explained to me the 3 possible scenarios that could happen AFTERwards.

1. If everything is well, they will discharge me
2. If not so well meaning there's some contractions or heartbeat is low, then they will transfer me to the normal ward to be admitted.
3. They will perform Vaginal Exam (thereafter known as VE) to see how many cm have i dilated (opened) to judge stage of labour.

(did i get u right, Mah? heh)

You know what happened?! the VERY moment i was asking to lie down and was strapped HE STARTED KICKING vigorously already!!! But i tot it was like a once off and waited listening to the beat myself. There were 2 or 3 times when his heart skipped a beat when he was stretching hard. Hmmmm scary.

at the 30th min or so i heard some nurse said, "Eh the Lizard went away already." HUH?!?!??! LIZARD?!?!?!? in this CLEAN sterile Hospital?!?!?!?!? Yikes!

1hr later, the doc came and showed me the chart. It has both fetal heartbeat as well as MY contractions. No i didnt have any and the heartbeat showed a VERY ACTIVE baby. Yeah yeah when i lie down THEN he started to move!

Zubair was so cute. I didnt get to meet him before i went into this Triage Room to be monitored because he hasnt reached already and men arent allowed in. He asked me to do a video call! heheh unfortunately i think 3G technology is barred in hospitals cos we both can't make video call.

I went out and see the anxious Papa. and reassured him everything's fine and dandy. Paid $32.15 for this 1hr of service. Thank God. I was imagining it could hit over $100!!

The funniest part of the day? Zubair said, "Everytime i wear this white t-shirt, i attract some kind of insects. Just now there was a lizard on my tummy!" ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING!!! So this lizard came from MY, MY husband! LOL *shake head*

And now baby is making up for lost time. He's kicking me harder than ever!

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37th Week Check up

3rd Mar 09

Got reprimanded (sorta) by the gynae for two things:

  1. Not going to the hospital the moment i noticed decreased movements
  2. Not doing my Blood Sugar Level for the past two weeks

Re No. 1, She said that its IMPORTANT that i go to the hosp to get a heartbeat check on the baby once i notice decreased movements in the baby because dont wanna risk anything to happen to it.

That day when i noticed it was moving very slowly and somewhat lethargically, i tot i'd wait and see how the next day went first before going to hosp. And the next day he got slightly more active and by the 3rd he was up to his usual self so everything's fine now.

Re No 2, She said it is crucial that i keep monitoring my blood sugar level so they can roughly gauge how the baby is doing inside. I apologised and said will do it the next day. She said that i can even do it every other day if i want to. Yes i want to... just need to go and buy some more supplies. Aiyah.

I weighed in @ 68.4kg!!! 800gm increase from 2 weeks ago! I hope i won't hit 70kg tho... that would be an awful lot to lose after delivery man!

It was our wedding anniversary day but the guy was fast asleep at home after an all nighter! So i had to go to the check up alone. Oh whatever... all the better in fact so i could catch up on my reading. BAH. Like the ad says, "Who needs a man when you have HArvey Norman?" Lol.

The gynae today was very nice... not so flustered that i managed to wriggle some answers out of her. I managed to tell her that i have very itchy skin to which she prescribed calamine lotion. I also asked her when's the next ultrasound gonna be. Her answer, "Oh there wont be anymore ultrasound because you can be due anytime soon. But if not, maybe 38th - 39th week." Oh well ok as long as she feels my baby is good and healthy lah. We'll meet him when we see him. =)

It was a good fortune for me that one of the 11 bestfriends delivered @ the same hosp just the day before my check up! So i went to see her first and got a detailed story of her birth right down to the minute detail as well as what to bring etc. Too many tips to write down here and i wanna go for a nap now... sooo... ill just write down MY own birth story when the time comes lah. Dont wanna spoil it for her also.

Next check up is in a week's time, 12th mar 09. EDD: 24th Mar 09. Eyow!

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