Ow! My Ear!!

All of them have some thing in common. Their ears are pierces. And some their noses.

God knows how i LOVE all these accessories!! But i'm so scared to get them pierced. Bcos knowing myself, i wont be able to take care of the "wound" well.

Just look at my first sister, when she got hers pierced, there were pus around the new hole. she had to rotate the stud everyday. I can't do that! i'm forgetful and lazy!

My second sister. Hers closed after some time of not wearing earrings!

Then who knows me would know how i LOVE to rub my nose, how my nose like to sneeze every morning, how the cooties like to drip everytime. That would surely hinder the healing of my pierced nose!


And then there's also a question of Aurah ie covering everything accept face and hands. If i wanna wear those necklace and headlace... that'd mean my hair and neck are exposed! I dont understand how the Pakistani brides do it... I kept asking Zubair about it, but all he said was, "Ammi will know what to do with you...." like huh??? I can't find a single decent and covered Pakistani Muslim brides in their bridal wear.

*pulls hair*

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I'm Such a Control Freak!

  1. I ask where he's going, with who, for what, what time will be back
  2. I ask what he spent his money on
  3. I ask him to wear this and this
  4. I decide what he should eat..
  5. I check his Chat log, call log, web history..
  6. I talk with HIS friends when he hasnt logged off...
  7. I even highlight which job advert he should try for.

It's a no wonder i always feel worked up and he feels irritated with my "investigation".

Well, i prefer to call it, "Asking after him", "Creating conversations" and so on. You see, he seldom talk about his day, or who his friends are, or how life was back in Pakistan. I feel like I dont really know what's inside of him. I'd very much like to know what are his thoughts and opinions about anything and everything.

I guess i take after my mother, who is always patronizing us or whatever... Well... you know mothers... of course, they only do so for the best of us... But then again, i also take after my father, SILENT type, dont-wanna-argue kind. Yup, when i'm angry, i'll be silent; when in an argument, i just dont bother to explain my stand, or rather LAZY to. But lately, i can't keep silent anymore because now i know that if we girls dont EXPRESS what's disturbing us, the GUYS just DON'T GET IT.

I appreciate that Zubair puts up with me despite all these. Yeah, sometimes he got angry at me, and we argue..but Hey, What's married life without aruments to spice it up? Besides, the making up part is the BEST :D

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Uhhh... Ah.... OW!!! My Foot!

Kak Long was feeling generous yesterday and gave me one of her My Foot Reflexology vouchers. and I asked Zubair along too because I know he LOVES massages.
The voucher offers either Foot or Upper Body Massage. At first, I wanted to try Foot like Kak Long, but i remember the last time at True Spa, i was really tickled when she rubbed the balls of my feet that i felt she lessened the service. So not wanting to miss out, i opted for Upper Body Massage.

At City Hall MRT, waiting for the confirm-to-be-late Kak Long. hehe Jgn marah (dont be angry)

Where's Wally? Oops i mean Zubair.

That's our MRT at Peak Period

That's Kak Long having Foot Massage

The picture's blurry bcos the lady was massaging me so my hand wasn't stable lah! But... Thanks Kak Long for treating me! Dont be shy to treat me again! heheheh

Zubair being massaged by a deaf employee.

He was disappointed it wasn't a female masseuse! FAT CHANCE! I already asked for a male one for you, you nonsense!

O oh! Who's that? So Scary!
The good thing about My Foot Reflexology is, they employ disabled people! There was a blind man the last time Kak Long went and this time was the deaf/mute person. They also employ senior masseuses!
Actually, I dont normally like body massage. In fact, i had ever told Kak Long to remind me NOT to ever take another body massage because the next day will always see my body feeling sore all over! But it WAS nice lah... but a bit painful when it came to my lower spine. Can't be because there's not much flesh (read: fats) over there, right? LOL!!
Zubair also said it was nice. Just that a bit painful when the guy used his elbow to rub. I think bcos the guy too skinny his bone was showing!
As for Kak Long, though she enjoyed the session, afterwards, her feet were slippery from the cream/oil and she wasnt wearing the appropriate shoes.
So right after iftar/ break fast at LJS, we went home. (Thank God! Because she wanted to shop for bags! and whoever knows me would know i dont like shopping with other pple haha)

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Junior Journals

Last night, bored out my wits, and trying to find something to soothe me to sleep, i opened one of my shared journals of yesteryears.

I started a shared journal/diary with my best friend who sat next to me in class in Secondary 2 (1996). we called it the 2-in-1 Journal. and have like 14 notebooks through out 2 years on and off.

I laughed when i read all of them back. I made no coherent sense, jumping from one topic to another with no mention of specifics. i reckon, back then i knew what i was writing about but by now i've forgotten what it was! and to think that somebody recently complimented me on my grammar considering i was 13yrs old at that time. That can't be right! my grammar was horrendous!! But i suppose in comparison to other 13 yr olds today, prolly it IS better written. or should it be "WAS"? See.. im STILL confused about grammar!

I was so obsessed with this first real crush of mine. i even had the cheek to tell off my bestie, "It's not that i like him, i DONT." but yet i was the one looking up his add, calling him up, sending him ANONYMOUS letters signed off as Miss Sunflower Saggie (for sagitarius), gave him a whole set of coloured pens 12pcs in all for his bday - anonymously! BOY! was i crazy.

But i'm glad i didnt start any relationship while i was that young. Im sure it would have affected my grades as it did during my A levels. Sighhh.. i knew if i had worked harder, i cld've aced my AO math like i had for E maths at O level..

Anyway, I dont know why we were so secretive about our journals. We didnt want our friends to see our exchanges. The next year after we were separated by a row of tables, it got more difficult to pass the book to the other. I suppose we didnt want them to snatch the book and read them aloud or something because it contained our private thoughts. However, i remember a few of them hinted that they know the existence of that book but they respected our privacy. That's nice. We ARE after all NICE girls. I dont remember a single bully during my school days.

Hanani, the bestie, is the one who introed me to blogger back in 2004. I was quite reluctant back then bcos i was busy at work. She urged me saying, "It's just like our journal, just that it's online." At that, i started this very blog! Thank you, Nan for the insistence! hehehe

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Oh no! Not Again!

It was 6:50pm. Dusk was approaching fast at 7pm.

I was behind the wheel, waiting to reverse into my fav almost-always-perfect reverse parking slot.


  1. It was dark. The lights were not switched on yet
  2. I took off my powered sunglasses, leaving my eyes with 150 degrees short sighted
  3. A car was approaching behind me

I paused for quite some time, letting the driver behind me ample time to realise i was gonna reverse in, so he wldnt come any nearer.

then i reversed. Hmmm Something is not quite right.... It's ok, the mirror said so...

It was indeed another perfect parking. BUT, Ayah said i hit the car next to ours. I said, "Are you sure?" he went out to take a look at the damage.

Ayah: Yup

Me: What do u mean?

Ayah: there's some scratch

Me: How bad is it?

Ayah: oh like our scratches

Me: Wait. That's bad.

Ayah: Oh no quite minor. Just need polishing and its ok.

Ayah: So what u wanna do?

Me: Er... can you help me to move into another lot?

Ayah: Or... do u want to put a note on the car for the owner?

Me: *shaking my head vigorously*

I know!!! I'm sooo bad!! But i went out to look at our scratch. it was SUPER MINOR. i rubbed it off with my own bare hands. but Ayah said the other car's scratch looked a bit more painful.

I wanted to go and look to rub it off but another car already pulled in to that lot and was still in the car so i didnt dare come near.

I was then, in a way, chided for my cowardice when Ayah recalled that Angel who wrote a note to Ayah. (Recall the story here)

I'm sorry, Dear Owner. But i can't help you. Especially not right now when i need money the most with Eid coming and all... Please understand.

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Is Busking Charity?

I was asking Zubair the other day, "Why am i always falling sick?"

He said, "why dont you give some money to beggar?"

Me: I just gave some to that Silver Man that time

Him: That's not a beggar

Me: What's a beggar then and where can i find them?

Him: You know like the one you can see at mosques etc.

I dont know man... I thought pple turn to busking bcos they dont have any other mean of earning an income.. therefore they are classified as needy people and so the money we gave them is charity?

Wait. I just had a side thought. Maybe Zubair can busk singing his hindi songs in Little India? I made a quick research and was disappointed yet again.

NAC website showed that only Singaporean and PRs can busk. also EMPLOYMENT PASS holders.


Now... is busking still a charity? Im seeing grey areas here.

And then i stumbled upon an article in the local tabloid The Newpaper.

The article is about organisation still getting donations out of tin cans when some thought they could engage students with more meaningful community activity for general benefits.

QUOTE: Miss Poon Yirong, 19, agreed: 'Even if the organisation really does need cash, at least try to go about getting it in a less obtrusive way like busking, for example. UNQUOTE.

OK i'm confused right now. Why dont you help me with the poll on the right hand side. What do YOU think? Is Busking a charity?

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Boy or Girl?

Being the youngest daughter of 3 girls... I've always wanted another male figure in the family beside my father ie an OLDER bro.. well.. that's impossible now isnt it?

So my only consolation is to have baby boys! Im just tired of being surrounded by girls.

Also, i wanna populate the world with more boys because i believe the no of males are decreasing and if it goes so low, it would mean the end of the world is coming! ok side track a bit: one of the signs of Qiyamah/Armageddon is that the ratio of men to women is 1 : 10 (or 25?). The rationale is that there'd be a great war and all the boys are finished!

Zubair and i have reached an agreement that 4 children would be nice for our family. 1 child is unheard of, 2 is a bit too little, 6 is too many, 4 is just nice.

I have always insisted on an EVEN number family. Not 3 not 5. because being the youngest member of 5 in the family, i always find myself the odd one out, the one who has no partner to sit with in the bus, who has to sleep in the extra bed in the hotel etc etc...

I imagine that i'd have 4 BOYS! yup all four of them! Like i said im tired of girls.

I know being the only female in the family can be quite scary.

  1. I'd prolly be the only one interested in doing the household chores
  2. I'd hafta dress more decently as opposed to be surrounded by daughters
  3. Not much shopping for girls' stuff that i'd have wanted for myself when i was small!

So i might want a girl after all. She can be the 2nd or 3rd one. Because preferably the first one is a boy so he can be The Responsible One looking after the baby bros and sister. And she cannot be the last one because then she'd be the SPOILEST of all! and i'd certainly dont want that to happen lest she'll be like me! hahahah

Having watched 4 full seasons of Malcolm in the Middle, i just realised now what a chaotic bunch 4 boys can be! Here's a link of when the mother is pregnant and wishing its a girl.

So now i changed my mind again. 2 against 2 is the most ideal, not to mention BALANCED.

I have this wierd crazy syndrome of needing everything to be balanced. When i eat, i need the rice and the gravy to be proportionately equal so that everything will finish at the same time. And then there's the EVEN versus ODD number thingy. and others lah..

Oh i digressed yet again!

What am i doing talking about having boys or girls when im actually SCARED of delivering a baby?!?! My legs will always turn jelly whenever i hear stories about baby deliveries, how widely torn it would be and then u'll need STITCHES! STITCHES!!! and if Ceasarian, how the doc will tug and push ur baby out from a small opening that they cut earlier and how dreadfully PAINFUL the anaethetic is when they jab it into your freaking spine! *SHIVER*

Just the other day, Zubair was frantically searching for this video he saw the other day on youtube. When he finally got it, and showed it to me, i screamed to him to shut it off! Its a freaking video of a woman in effing labour! Poor Zubair. Sorry honey but im really scared of it. If i watch it, i'd be in danger of just adopting children and not having them myself!

So well.. let's see how this will go.. hopefully early next year! I can't wait! But Im scared. Im anxious! Im dreading it.. I'm ... i'm....

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Housewife in Training

About the only EXTRA things i do as a wife is making TEA for him every night after dinner.

Even then, sometimes i negotiate with him if
A) i can make him the instant tea using tea bags instead of tea dust, the way he likes it or
B) he can make it himself when im too tired after work.

I dont even make the bed because most of the time i left before he woke up. And i should add, he's doing a great job at that!

However, yesterday I had a taste of being a housewife .. OK, SEMI-housewife for a day.

I was home and Zubair out the whole day.

While missing him, i got to being productive. I cleared the cups, made the beds, dump the soiled clothes into main laundry basket and cleaned the table.

When he came home, i massaged his legs and feet knowing how tired he must have been.

After Iftar (break fast), i made tea for him. and then massaged his back and feet again.

I know this is not much because i didnt cook dinner nor did i do laundry or other household chores that day. But it feels nice. Ok it's only 1 day... i prolly may get bored after so long.. But i will take up classes and teach part time / freelance... write a book. hehe I will not be so bring also when we have children.. ok they might get on my nerves... but hey! We can't have the cake and eat it! No no... that proverb sounds wrong... We can't eat cake and NOT GAIN a few pounds.. and inches!! hahahaha

Anyways, I longgggg to cook for him, wash his clothes, clean the house bla bla bla... IN OUR OWN HOUSE.

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To go or Not to go...

To work.

I wanna go because:

  1. The Paris Bosses are coming
  2. I wanna prove them wrong - if anybody was thinking i'd take advantage of my MC
  3. If i dont go, there will only be 1 day left for my medical leave for the next TWO months! (Dec not counted as im off half of it)
  4. Even if i dont go to work, Zubair won;t be here... He's out helping my cousin.

I dont wanna go because:

  1. My eyes are still perit (dont know how to translate it .. hmmm something like sore? hah) and teary.
  2. Dont wanna infect anybody else
  3. i dont know how to put the eye drop myself if i go in office.

Well... i lost. i succumbed to my lazy self. but really my eyes are still not fully recovered yet. That's why the doctor gave 4 days. Doctors DO know their stuff.

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Went to office to see the doctor:

Doc: How can i help you today?

Me: I'm having sore eyes. My mum tot its medicine allergy but i've only taken paracetamol and the yellow flu pill which i've taken before. And i also have history of cornea ulcer. i was hospitalised.

Doc: Did you see or come in contact with anybody with red eyes?

Me: No.. i've been at home for the past 2 days on MC.

Doc: Oh! I see.. since when your mc? Is there any pain? Since when?

Me: Since wed. hmmm guess not. Since this morning. I used the Alcon eye drop but finished already.

Doc: ok.. i think you have conjunctivitis.

Me: HUH? What's that?

Doc: It's an eye infection that's caused from the germs that caught you the fever/flu. bla bla bla I'll give you 3 days MC.

Me: *gaping*

Doc: Oh! but it's the weekend

Me: *smile dropped*

Doc: I'll give you till Monday.

Me: Ok thank you.


Went into Mike's room armed with today's Business Times for him.

Me: I wanna say something...

Me: I'm sorry i've been sick a lot lately. I asked my doctor and he advised me to take Vit C. So i've started on that. and today i got mc for 2 days till Mon bcos of sore eyes *points to left eye behind sunglasses*

Me: But if i feel better on Mon, i will come... what with Patrick (Paris Boss) coming and all.

Mike: Ok Julissa.. No problem.. Hope you get better soon.

He was smilling and nodding and saying ok all the way.


I repeated the same to my asst mgr (ok she's not an asst mgr anymore cos she's been promoted to Mgr.. perhaps i'll call her the 2nd mgr from now on).. prolly she was in a foul mood but she didnt smile or say take care or anything. I know she's the caring type bcos i've seen it in action before... is she tired of my MCs?


I went up to see my HR colleague for the Mooncake festival that i would miss later today. On the way, i passed by the HR Manager and i complimented her Baju Kurung (Malay traditional dress). then she saw me wearing sunglasses she said, "EH you got sore eyes is it?" i said yeah and she said, "Then why are you still here? Go Go Go" I said, "Oh i just need to talk to Leng Leng for awhile"

To my surprise, Leng2 said that 3 other pple in the company are down with sore eyes too! but i cldn't have got it from them since i wasnt in office for the past 2 days.

I just wanna say thanks to the lord above for this wonderful job with great benefits and compassionate colleagues and understanding HR! I hope i will stay here very long. I WANT to stay long. I just need to a change of environment maybe? Something more challenging? Remember that opening in another department? Well.. it's still not filled up yet... prolly the manager's too busy to interview people or what... i dont know man..

And then even if i do hafta migrate... i WANT to still stay in the AXA group. my AXA Mile/AXA Shares are at stake! haha

OK people have a good weekend!

I'm off to play Cake Mania 2! Yup the sequel!!!

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I got a splitting headache, i was sneezing and my throat was itching i cldnt sleep!

Though i like MCs, i dont like feeling sick. It feels horrible. esp when you cant sleep bcos of it. and ive been falling sick every month! Doctor said i should take Vitamin C. I have fever without knowing it! No wonder i was feeling hot all the way.

and he gave me 2 days. Though i like it... i feel a bit guilty though. and Fri i have an event in office that i hafta help out with... if i dont come tmrw and discuss with my partner, im afraid it wont run smoothly... though i doubt it...

I'm afraid of what will my boss think of me... i know they are compassionate pple at AXA but then again...

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I survived!!

Super sleepy today.

Last night i only slept 4hrs. Today 5hrs. Having to wake up at 4:30am is taking its toll on me

I brought my thicker jacket to work (like winter!!) and Kak Long was asking whether im gonna pretend im not feeling well then take a sickie later. Honestly, I didnt think of that but she gave me the idea!

Reached late, so didnt get my usual 20 - 45min nap. Then i was reminded that there's gonna be a lunch meeting 12nn - 2pm, LAGI (MORE) wanna go earlier cos that'd mean i'd lose my 1hr lunch nap also. so All morning i was working frantically to finish whatever at hand so that i can go off half day.

At 11:45am, I was still contemplating MC or not... a bit scared to get the medical chit from asst mgr but really wanna go... the rest of the work are not urgent. Kak Long said dont take it today.. save it for a day nearer Hari Raya/Eid! but i still want to... the thought of not getting my nap seems so depressing...

Then things took a turn..

Zubair told me he's called somebody in Little India and he said come for interview as general worker. So now.. even if i go home with MC, there's no point, cos he's not home.

Then Fortunately, the meeting finished at 12:45 so i DID get my 1hr nap!

So... im feeling a bit happy. PLUS i go back earlier on Tuesdays... Hooray!

Thanks Long for talking me through. though if things havent changed the way it did, i prolly wld not hv listened to you and went ahead to get MC hehe.

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Google Reader

Further from the RSS Feed entry earlier... i found out that we can be notified of new postings through Google Reader.

I've been trying it for a week or so.. and these are the pros and cons:


1. Save time (u dont hafta go through each site only to find out they havent updated anything!)

2. Convenient

3. Loads very quickly as it doesnt load the layout (i think)


1. Lose out on the excitement (I often hafta close my eyes and open them slowly when im checking one of the blogs i read. I feel anxious when the page is loading bla bla bla)

2. Cant check Chatbox nor layout

3. Often got error when i wanna add a site esp blogspot. My cousin said need to add some extension to the site. *shrug* and then it works

4. Most sites cant feed comments

5. Ugly interface. Google is too simple even Gmail and GTalk. bleurgh

Hmmmmmmmm CONS outdo PROS. so how?

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ZanNan with Zen hehe

The guys from left: Raizan (Hanani's), Zubair, Sofyan (Hairiah's), Firdaus ('Azma's) and Hisyam ('Ainul's)

Girls on sofa from left: Tiasa, Hairiah, 'Ainul, Khairiah, Fit, Me, Nan, Y.

Girls on floor from left: 'Azma and Zihah.

I wrote about how excited i feel about this break fast with the girls because

  1. Wanna see Nan's house
  2. This wld be the first time the 5 hubbies are coming together
  3. wanna cook!!

It's a potluck and i made Roti JOhn with minced Chicken instead of minced beef. I was a bit upset that mummy prepared the chopped red and green chillis and the leaves for me cos i really wanted to do it all on my own! but just as well... cos i woke up at 4pm and was in a hurry. Zubair joined it slicing the raw bread and further cutting the fried bread. he said he enjoys cooking!

Ayah was supposed to send us to Tampines then come back to pick up mummy from causeway point bcos she's gonna buy a fan. but suddenly, when we were all ready Ayah said, "im not going with you, you can take the car." my heart leapt for joy!

I quickly browsed thru the directory on how to go to Tampines. Luckily it's near my old house which i had stayed for 18 freaking yrs! so i can visualise the place. Then suddenly i remember about Fit! and good thing she hasnt left her house either (and it was already 6pm!). then i browsed the directory again to plan how to go to her place.

So funny, i went thru the right street.. and i came into Woodlands ring road at the right entrance ie nearest to her house but i missed the first carpark that's hers! so i had to make one big round to get to her again. Then i was supposed to turn right to go towards the expressway but i confidently turned left! hahah then had to make a (illegal shhhh) u-turn.

The funniest thing of all... we got to Tampines st 23 fine enough... but we had extreme difficulty to fine blk 224. then when we finally found blk 224, parked, put in parking coupons and walked out, i realised that it's actually blk 229!!!!!!!! *pulls hair* Thank god 229 is just two blocks away and it was like 6.55pm already!! hahahahah

I hafta say that that street label their block no so inconsistently and in no apparent order! It's totally nonsensical. and then when we entered the carpark, the signs were SOO Funny, it showed some block numbers towards the outside!! Fit and i really laughed and mocked at it like crazy. So you can't blame us for getting lost in the carpark!

Finally "opening" time was here... and we took some fruits and drinks first and me 1 stick of satay first then we prayed. THEN we attacked the food!

There were:

  1. Nasi Ayam (courtesy of the hosts - ZanNan)
  2. Beef Spaghetti (Fit's own cooking)
  3. Fried Bee Hoon (Azm'a own cooking!!!)
  4. Roti John Chicken (My own cooking..)
  5. SUPER DUPER Delicious rock melon and green grapes (T)
  6. SATAY!!!!!!!!!! (Hairiah)
  7. Ice cream (Ziah)
  8. Mango Cake (Khairiah) Zubair just LOVEEEEd this!
  9. Brownie ('Ainul) 2 pcs each = 4pcs per couple!!!

Then we prayed terawih of 8 rakaat and witr of 3. Hmm im Sorry Ustaz Sofyan. You have a nice voice and everything... but we thought that the least u cld do is sped the pace a little bit. Im afraid it might turn off pple from terawih. But yeah at least we were entertained/soothed by your melodious voice / suara yg mendayu2.

Well.. about Nan's house... i just wanna say... WOW!!! its simple yet sooooooo elegant and cosy and and and tranquil!! heheheh i think its the zen effect?

Anyway, they are both tall 1.70cm and above. so when they renovated their house, they asked for the kitchen counter to be higher but the contractor advised to lower down a bit in consideration of average height and short guests like ME! hehehe i noticed the height when i wanted to wash my hands. when i told Zubair, of course he didnt notice! haha I can't see the mirror in the master bedroom's bathroom also!!!

we are both sooooooo in love with your house!! can't wait to get our own! but yes yes yes AFTER he finds a stable job :P

Zubair really wanted to go to Little India afterwards. It being Sat i tot it was ok.. but i remembered that Fit was with us and she cancelled a lift back from her sister bcos i cld drive her back (at a later time).. Then i tot what the hell? just ask if she'd mind and she said she doesnt and i planned the route to go.. but when we were really leaving i changed my mind.. too tired already and Mummy already called when r we coming home? hahaa Fortunately, Zubair understood. =)

Everybody's about done with eating so we started packing. i helped out and felt so much fun!! Now i understand why our mothers are always so busy in the kitchen! It's fun! o oh i m becoming soooo makcik2 (aunty-like)!! hahahah

It was only 11pm when we were ready to go... and took another 15min to say goodbye...

Reached home midnight i think?

Night-owl-in-training OUT

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Strings Blended IV

It's a Sunday and we are going to watch Zihah perform her classical guitar number at Lee Foundation Theatre.. somewhere Bencoolen St.

It starts at 7:30pm. It being a fasting day, we had to be creative as to where we break our fast. We bought takeaway KFC for him and LJS for me. Then proceeded to find the theatre then walked 500m away to find a suitable place to sit n eat. We found one at Sunshine Plaza.

25min into our dinner and almost finishing, the Malay/Muslim security guard approached us to remind us to clean up. Thank you sir for not approaching us earlier and understanding our plight. oh and it was raining too! quite a few pple were taking shelter there.

First performance of the night. 3 songs from the Guitarissimo Ensemble piece. Ziah is the only one is tudung/scarf. The one on the right most was enjoying himself, he was hyper tapping his feet, swaying his head...

Next was violins. I really love it! It was melodious... graceful... and expressive! I love it so much i told Zubair i might just pick it up.. learn from his music sch... then we can go together *beam* ok it's a fantasy, pple!

Ok Break time: 20min interval.

That's Zihah. I noticed she was wearing some red belt over her waist and she complained about it too.

Zubair was complaining to her that the last performance was not in tune. some were going faster than the other. I told them, "Oh is it? I wldn't know any better." Ziah said, "To you it sounds nice right?" yeah man! i sooooo dont notice all these details.

Clowning around. see the backgrounder. Is it a game they play to pose in pple's picture?? Well this is what u will get back. all the time he was bragging to his friends about his knowledge / experience in music. he said for classical music, even if they go wrong, pple wont notice. and then he said NTU's band much better than SMU's. then he said the background music during interval is better than on stage. Well he was simply irritating with his loud voice!


Nah.. was just acting. i really enjoyed it! I didnt think i would be glad to go but i am! heheh There was a sitar and tabla performance which Zubair loved best. or maybe he really liked Joel Loh's solo performance. I dont know but he seemed too confident i dont like it. pple were like boasting that he performed during National Day and all that.. so i tot his was mediocre bcos i was expecting BETTER. and he always shake his head at the end of the note like mimicking the strings springing to a stop. That's just like weird.

There was this band with pianist, violinist, 3 guitarist and drummer. That was the absolute best performance! too bad there was a lot of technical fault during the encore! It would have been great otherwise.

Just one performance i super hated:

This guitar and vocal duet. i was like getting goosebump from the shrieky voice. i glanced at Zubair he was also puking. Into the third song, i thought when are they gonna finish!! and i winced at Zubair.. then he told me he just concentrated on the guitar.. i tried it and it soothe me a little. That Anthony is quite something. i like his style.

Well the event finished somewhere 9.30pm. and then because i promised Zubair yesterday that we'll go to Little India today, so we did. we actually intended to walk to Peace Centre bus stop to take a bus but i tot, why not walk? it's just 2 stops away... save money and well...get some air and view.

I showed him the Banquet building which he might go for walk-in interview for the next day. I showed him the Selegie House (flats) which is probably available on rent but im not sure.

And then we got to Serangoon Road where Little India starts and suddenly it hit me. "OMG, It's Sunday!" A lot ,... and i mean A LOT of Banglas hang out here on weekends.. esp Sunday. I held on to Zubair's hand very tightly as we made our way to the other end of Little India to buy his favourite Paan! i was just afraid if somebody might pick up a fight of try to harass me or something. He was apologising to me and asking after me all the way. In a way, that's kinda nice. That is him protecting me AND having a guilt trip! hahahaha

All went well though. We went home promptly after he got his Paan. Oh! and the funny thing is he always asked me to stand a few metres away saying that he dont like me being near so many guys at a PAAN shop... but i tot that's just silly bcos i feel more bare and unprotected standing alone on the dark road! This time, i hang out INSIDE 7-11 but didnt buy anything! haha

Yup anyway all went well and we got home 11:15pm.

Dont say im not trying to appease your night owlish yearnings!

Now im super sleepy cos i only had 4hrs of sleep. and now its lunch time im gonna go take a nap.

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Wed Night around 9pm, we were in the train home when Ammi ji called asking, "SINGAPORE GOT EARTHQUAKE?"

Being outside without access to TV nor internet, not to mention just woke up from a doze in train, we were blur. I'm very sure it was just tremors... if a quake really hit S'pore.. we ALL don't have a chance of surviving.. S'pore being a super small island and all...

So i found out the next day a south sumatran town was hit by an 8 something earthquake and tsunami alerts were issued. (ok this is a BAD news report! hahaha) and i saw a glimpse of TODAY paper from a fellow commuter in the bus and read that it was reported that the quake resulted in a 3m waves just 20mins after along the coast of that particular island. no other place affected.

Anyways, what i wanna convey here is... my HR sent out an email saying that our colleagues in Indonesia are fine and that the govt came up with a nice informative cartoon advice. (Ok Spore govt may be efficient and all but it sucks to live here if you're a foreginer, poor and/or not CHINESE)

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I wrote about going to Lakeside to meet this guy who's offering some kind of a job that needs to be able to read and reply to sms?

Well.. last night at 9pm.. we were all ready to go out. Fortunately, Zubair took the initiative to call that guy back. and guess what he said?


You cannot imagine how we felt at that time. I sensed that Zubair needed some time alone so i went on doing my own things for awhile. I tried to be strong for him and hid my tears.

The thing that hurt the most was that.. the guy said OK at first and has actually asked him to meet that night. He was misleading us and toying with our feelings! Ok to give him benefit of the doubt, prolly his boss just told him that requirement after he spoke to Zubair.

Then an idea sprang to mind. i said, "Ayah, we're not going to Lakeside. The guy said need to speak Chinese. But can i take the car and go for a spin... Very sad lah..."

I dont even hafta guess that Zubair would wanna go Little India.

It was nice, we visited our dream house again.. and checked out the carpark just for the fun of it. Then parked at Roberts Lane and walked to Lembu Road to buy his paan. It was 10.20 by that time. Thank god he didnt ask to go anywhere else. heheheh

But at least by that time, he felt so much better. However, it broke my heart when i heard he say, "I feel hurt... i STILL feel hurt... I was waiting all morning to meet him."

All i can say is, "Maybe Allah didn't give that job to us bcos its not good for us. Maybe its some weird business or whatever..."


He asked me why there are these kinda requirements and all that... and isnt it unfair? i told him that all you can do is complain to MOM and they'll write a letter to them as warning bla bla bla... and that during my time when i was looking for a job they ask that A LOT. and that in America, you can't even so much as prefer FEMALE than male. That'd be DISCRIMINATION! and They can get sued for it. But in truth, in Singapore, u can't easily sue lah..

Anyway, i woke up today with a renewed wanting to migrate. i googleed "Working in Australia" "Working in Dubai" "Working in Qatar"

Looks like Australia's gonna have visa difficulty also cos neither Singapore nor Pakistan is one of the countries that will be given Holiday Working Visa permit.

Dubai... The real deal from this wordpress : inflation is 15%, house rental at LEAST 2000 without family when ur salary is only 4000!!! Seems super scary.

Qatar is said to be quiet diff to gain visa.

Ya Allah, Please tell me what to do.. show me the way. I'm so confused right now.

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Syawal Shopping List

I simply need to buy:

  1. Socks
  2. Tudung x 5
  3. Eid Shoe?

and if i have some extra cash to spare.. i'll get these:

  1. Another pair of dress
  2. Pink Bloom lipgloss
  3. new bedsheets
  4. new curtains
  5. rental car
  6. LOTS of kuih esp MACAROON!!!!!!!!!!!

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Shahrun Mubarak!

Yes finally it's here!

I hafta say the night of the first Ramadhan was wasted in Orchard.

Totally wasted. I mentioned about going to Sony Ericsson Service center right? Just before my number was called, i checked my phone to confirm i still can't take photos. then Guess what? IT'S WORKING!!! maybe it just needed some Sony Ericsson air. haha

But by then Zubair was hungry and we had to stay to get some dinner. Sakura was the answer.

and i wanna say miracles DO happen.

Zubair turned in to bed at 1:30 and surprisingly he woke up SUPER easily at 4:30am for sahur. ME who slept at 10:30 still found it hard to wake up. Masya'Allah... Shabbaash honey. hehehe

And because he was up early, he got the chance to buy the newspaper and scoured through the part-time Recruit section. I asked him to call the distributing flyers kinda assignments.

He responded to one ad that says "Able to read and reply sms" and got a reply that the employer can get pass for him and that its 9.30pm - 1.30am hm... daily maybe? Then Zubair said, "But im just wondering how do i go home from there?" and i promptly replied, "I'll fetch u.."

I just hope this is not a scam or some kind of trick and that it will all go well. He's going to meet the hiring guy tonight.

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A Night of a Million Deeds

Ok first of all im gonna say that my hp has gone bonkers. i cldnt take pictures!!! it says it's saving and saved but when i wanna check back says "No more files" It's NOT the memory card problem cause i changed memory card and the problem persists.

Yesterday at 3pm, i got a call from my friend/sister/junior, HUDA. She said she has two tickets to a dinner at Royal Plaza on Scotts that very night but she cldnt make it and wanted to give it away then she thought of me and hubby! It was actually from her aunties who cldnt make it.

So A Night of a Million Deeds is a night to appreciate the SGD1k and above donors of Kampung Siglap Mosque (hereafter known as MKS). And also to sort of inform the donors what they're gonna use the money for. haha.

Thank God i was dressed quite decently (read: office wear) and not some t-shirt kinda wear. But still i felt out of place sey cause the rest were SUPER dressy. Also, actually i was going to my sister's school Lantern Festival celebration but i cancelled out on her so to speak.

The Programme started with cocktails at 6:30pm... i didnt see any cocktail going on so we went and loitered downstairs. We hung out at Mc... then i told Zubair, "I dont think the dinner would start before 8pm, we shld better eat something first" and we bought (do u even need to guess?) large fries!

One of the questions i asked Huda was, "Will it be in English?" She said, "The itinerary in the invitation are all in English.. guess should be English lor..." But Nope it wasn't.. the speeches were all in Malay.. perfect Malay i should add... but the slides are all in English. *shrug* And our friend, Zubair, was bored to death not to mention sustaining his hunger cos i ended up finishing the fries! hahahah

First speech was from Mr Khair Mohd Noh. I tot that he's a fabulous speaker. Not too funny not too serious. Didnt stump a lot and has a rich malay vocabulary and think really fast on his feet.

Then it was Ustaz Firdaus Yahya's turn to give a presentation about Darul Qur'an and their future plans. Basically MKS is the second org in Singapore to start this Tahfiz (memorisation of the Qur'an) program foundation. And they were chosen by MUIS (the Singapore Muslim body) to expand the prog.

Reminiscing, I was the pioneer badge back in 1999! Sadly, i quit in mid 2001 - After 9 juz. i cldnt cope with working life and i had just moved to Woodlands and the commute is terrible! To think that i came out first in the exam amongst 6 other female students.. and that my dad offered to chaffeur me... sighh... i was a lost cause back then. I didnt know what was the priority. I didnt even hafta pay any fees cause i was offered scholarship and i cld have continued in a Tahfiz sch in KL. I was naive. Damn i was naive!

Anyway, it is my wish that if and WHEN i become a housewife, i will pick this up again.

I teared when they showed a video presentation Bcos i realised how much i missed MKS and what a BIG mistake i made. and and and and......... (endless...)

Before the dinner actually starts... (and it was 9pm already).. there was still some award presentation for donors of 5k and above. there were 7 recipients. and there were a total of 13 tables of 10pax..... Do the math!

NOW.. Dinner items from the famous Royal Plaza kitchen (maybe):

  1. Fried Rice
  2. Moroccan Lamb
  3. Braised Beef
  4. Fried Baby chicken with rosemary and lemon
  5. Broccoli (a total miss)
  6. Some fancy named fish called Amellius or something to that effect. (Too many meat already)
  7. Soup was cream of asparagus with something. (Took but just a few sips)

I took both lamb and beef. I'm sorry, Zubair, i really can't eat lamb.. its ... DRY lah.. beef tastes better DEFINITELY.

Then there were the usual salad.. mango.. prawn.. salmon... but the dessert... well there were a lot of weird stuffs.. and me not being a choc fan just took the Apply & banana strudel.

Most interestingly and i salute them for doing this: the host said the muslimah go take their food from the buffet table first.. then the muslimin to follow. And We were entertained by a LIVE Qasidah while eating dinner.

Zubair was laughing at me when i was the only one left eating.. enjoying my second helping of the prawn salad (which i took half for him but he was full) while everybody else were paying attention to Ustaz/Dato Haron/Hassan Din giving a speech about Ramadhan.

The closing event was GREAT! in the itinerary it said, "Auctioning of art pieces." i thought God we can leave by the time. But its not any ordinary art pieces... its Arabic words in Arabic calligraphy and the artist did it on the spot! after less than 5min of squiggling on paper, the product was shown to the floor and we all gasped! it is soooooooooooo nice! i caught it on camera but like i said my camera is having a downtime right now.

Auction starts at 250. The first piece - La ilaha illallah went at $300! Second piece - Basmalah sold at $450!! Masya'Allah all these people so generous!!!

I left the place beaming, feeling fuzzy and warm from their good deeds.

and We reached home 11.15pm!

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I noticed that i've been having a lot of nightmares after i got married. That is.. almost everynight.

However, my nightmares are not usually the ghost or monster kind. Its more like.. Running from something, or your real life worry coming true or about to happen kinda thing.

Yesterday morning, i dreamt that I fixed a date with Hanani and Azma to meet at Botanical Garden with our husbands. The date was fixed for after maghrib about 7:30 or 8pm. In my dream, we took the train and got off at Outram Part MRT station but found out that we missed the half hourly or hourly shuttle to the Botanical Garden. and then we tried to get a taxi but none would stop for us. I called Azma and she said she was reaching the destination already. And i was sweating.. i dont like to be late.. nor LOST.. nor not knowing what to do!

This morning's nightmare is a bit ghoulish. and i woke up crying. In the dream, there was a group of Muslims who changed the Quranic verses. My mum and i went to confront and "catch" them. We only managed to corner one. and my mum prepared a makeshift rope and when he was not looking, we tied it to his leg. Then he made a dash to escape through the fireplace (ala Harry Potter's Floo Network) but also grabbed my BELOVED Sohail!! With a shot of panic, i pulled Sohail back. He was saved BUT his legs melted (like a doll) and his feet putus(came off)!!! I was still grieving when darling Sohail told me that Hairiah said PADAN MUKA (serve him right). I was about to go and slap her when i woke up screaming, "WHAT DID U SAY TO MY BABY?!?!?!?" I was in tears.

Sigh... My heart still aches from that dream. I think its because i was staring at his picture the night before on my sister's multiply when we went swimming.

Anyway.. the last time i had a bout of nightmares was when we were still living in Tampines and i slept next to the window. We didnt have aircon back then and didnt close the window... when i took the further corner of the bed, it stopped.

Ever since Zubair is here, we like to leave the window open with the curtains NOT drawn. and my side of the bed is the one nearer the window. So there's some connection here... But im hoping that with Ramadhan here tonight, the nightmares will be gone.. but after that, we're going to shut the windows i suppose...

PS: im not normally this superstitious.. but i am tired of being chased and feeling worried in my sleep!!

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Road Games: Which Lane's Faster?

I realised that lately I've been playing this game in my mind.

Do you notice how the extreme right lane in the expressway, which is supposed to be the fast &/or overtaking lane, is always the one that's lagging behind or having a long queue ending up being the slow one??

It always seemed that whenever i finally got into the fast lane, the traffic on that lane will stop while the immediate left will flow.. Is it because too many cars trying to get into the fast lane that its clogging the traffic?

One day, i noticed that a car i overtook a few min ago is now ahead of me on the 3rd lane. From then on, whenever i overtake, i will pick one unique car/vehicle to be my mark. I will use him to see whether my decision to go to the extreme right lane is a good choice or a bad one. ie if i dont see it again (he didnt overtake me) means i've made a good choice.

Because you see.. sometimes its worth it to stay in queue even though its a long one... bcos it will clear up a few km ahead. It's much better than changing to 3rd lane and then when it matters the most, when the fast lane's going fast, and u can't get join that lane promptly enough and you notice that you've been set back even further.. THEN you'll feel the pinch!

Hmm do i make sense?

If i tell this to Ayah, he would probably say, "It's ok we're not in a hurry. It doesnt matter. We shld remain calm and be patient"

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Ramadhan Aa gaya hai... aur syawal!

We'll be starting to fast this Thursday and for the first time i'm excited!!

Of course I'm eager for Ramadhan to come so that hopefully our prayers will be answered quicker and more easily.

Other than that, i'm excited because i wanna show Zubair how we "celebrate" Ramadhan and Syawal here in Singapore. I wanna show him our special Ramadhan Bazaar in Geylang.. How festive and noisy it is. Stalls selling all kinds of things from (of course) Food and kuih / cakes to clothes to CARS to nonsense things the non-muslim stalls sell.

I'm looking forward to the Iftar gathering me and my 11 best friends are going for at Nan's LOVE NEST, as she put it. haha Finally all 5 husbands of the gang will get to meet and talk. but unfortunately, i heard some soccer match is on during that time so they'll probably just shut off and glue their eyes to TV. I wonder how Zubair'd adjust to that being not interested in sports himself. heheh

It'd be fun and not to mention SUPER convenient to have a male to help around getting the house ready for Eid. My dad used to be the only male around, he's usually in-charge of clearing and reorganising the store room. Abg Fai... he's always at the mosque, not much opportunity to help. Anyways, Zubair's already assigned to bring down and possibly put up the curtains... and im thinking.. maybe... i shld enrol him to help me to make some kuih (malay cakes/sweets)!!

As for Syawal itself, i can't wait for him to see all my relatives, their houses, how they decorate their house and what they will feed us!

I sincerely hope the 11 best friends will have 1 day of Hari Raya visiting, so that i can introduced the teachers to my husband as non of them could make it on my wedding day. I did see Ustazah Hadibah at Azma's wedding too and she's seen Zubair.

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RSS Feed

I noticed that everytime i posted something, the number of readers will climb up.

The trend of readers used to be stable Mon-Fri as i regularly posts of those days. but the numbers will plummet on sat and Sun being worst like 2 readers only being my 2 accesible computers at home. hahahha I tot maybe because mon-fri and sometimes Sat, pple are at work and at their computer workstation and easy to just open a browser to check my site.

However, lately, i've been blogging on Sat/Sun also and i got a 25 that day!! So i tot, prolly these pple have RSS Feed to my site? i know i've turned it on but how does it really work??

I mean i didnt put a "click here to get RSS Feed" anywhere on my site. How do they know then?

Some internet techy care to explain this thing to me?

I'd also wanna know who's linked me up. i saw at some blog, they put "See who's linked me" and i wanna put that also. HELP

Another thing, is there any blog competition going on somewhere? I'd like to take part. I dont think i'd be anywhere near the top since i dont talk about SEX or anything juicy.. but i'd like to know where i stand... Where do i find out about all these? I tried to google it but there's too much results to filter thru and most are irrelevant. maybe it was my keywords. Hmmm...

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Pimply... Memory Card

I've been wearing make-up when i go out with Zubair but didnt wash my face properly when i go to bed.

Result is my face is red and pimply now!! i can't take it!! hahah serve me right huh? i am soooo gonna religiously wash my face now..

Thing is i have a pimply IN my nose also, so it hurts when i scrub my nose down. And i dont feel satisfied washing my face WITHOUT scrubbing my nose properly that i just dont bother washing. haha MEREPEQ


Sun morning, i uploaded pictures from my hp and neatened the files up a bit in my memory card.

I stopped the device and put it back in my hp. Then my hp desktop looks weird, a mix of the old picture and the current theme i had on. I tot nothing of it.

Minutes later, i wanted to view photos and they were all gone! ALL FILES IN THE FREAKING MEMORY CARD ARE GONE!

Fortunately, i've already uploaded everything up the computer and the ones in the phone are not gone. But my downloaded themes are gone and i just dont have the heart to search and download again. GRRRRRR On the other hand, i'm totally free this week with my boss gone to Belgium or something... so i might just do that lah...

When is W960i coming out man?! Im dying to buy you!!!!!

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Japanese Uncle

Cik Ajis moved in to his new Anchorvale house Sat and invited us over yesterday!

and we discussed more housing issues.

  1. He bought this 5room flat at 170k direct from HDB
  2. He did the floors, kitchen cabinets and wardrobe at 17k
  3. Mummy said get one near parents will get another $40k grant even though another sibling have already taken that grant
  4. If i buy that 3-room Marsiling @ 60k, i'd finish paying the house when i buy it! MIRACULOUS!
  5. Kak Long said, better to buy cheaper house and balance of the money buy a car than buy that 365k house in Farrer Park Rd. Which is true cos if u have a car u get to go more places, not just Little India.

I find it totally ridiculous that we, my fav cuzzies and i, were talking to each other, camera whoring our own faces and ignoring the hosts! we even snapped off most of the food that we brought for them!! we even forgot to take picture of the house! I took the liberty of taking pictures of the other members of the family and wanted to snap the house also but a bit paisei/shy?

But nearly towards the end of the day Aunty Kouri and i had something in common to talk about. SHE LOVES PUNJABI suits! She's been wanting one for the past 2 or 3 yrs!! hehehe we'll definitely make her some while we're in Pakistan. We discussed material, colours, type ie for everyday or functions bla bla bla. We talked about how we met and how THEY met. we talked about her pregnancy.

She's due next month and really dont look like it! She's soooooo small. So frail and fragile like most japanese women are. We'll have a new cuzzie!! Can't wait to see how a Malay and Japanese mix will look like. Nur commented that this baby will be born an Aunty!!! hahaha and he or she's gonna be a BABY AUNTY to Syifaa', my niece. HAHAHHA So funny.

While i enjoy spending time just with Zubair the two of us... i cant wait to see how our children will be like! Will they have long and sharp noses? chubby cheeks? Long lashes? dimples? Pimply? Short? Hairy???

And what if all four are boys? it'll be chaos in the house just like Malcolm in the middle. I SOOO dont wanna be like the mother! And im soooooooooo liking MITM on bcos somebody took the initiative to upload every single episode with no missing ones there. I'm at Season 2 Episode 5 and there's like up to 7 seasons uploaded already. Zubair is soooo gonna be sick of it by the time i finish! hahaha

BTW, my blog title's Japanese Uncle bcos Cik Ajis speaks japanese like SUPER fluently. And with them living at home just the two of them, Aunty Kouri has little chance to learn Malay since Cik Ajis speaks Japanese to her, unlike Zubair, we're always hitting Malay words at him.

PS: This entry is so disorganised! haha

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I was feeling very lousy being the after effect of all the medicines i downed the night before to get rid of my flu/pleghm bla bla bla...

Cancelled my two classes at 8:45 and promptly went back to sleep only to wake up at 2pm. Blissful weekend.

It was planned that this Saturday, Zubair has to do his homework in the day then we wld go to Night Safari at night.

He did do his homework and by the time he declared, "That's it for the day" he only has 2 pages left to finish and was itching to go out.

Me, i got hooked on Malcom in The Middle season 1 on while munching and finishing -unconsciously- the whole bag of Twisties! Gosh! i feelt heartache that the Charmed one has too many missing episodes, i gave up and started another series.

I was still not feeling so good i told Zubair to go out by himself which he agreed gladly. He went to Little India and indulged in his Paan yet again.

Anyways... in the middle of the night, i woke up at 2:30am feeling about to vomit. but nothing came out. my tummy felt uneasy. i think its either the whole bag of twisties turning inside me or the Dunkin Donut bcos Zubair thought it was too filling also.

After sitting up on the floor... rubbing Tiger Balm on my tummy... i still feel uneasy... I told to Zubair, "Let's take a walk" He obliged willingly. HE is such a night owl!

At the door, i had this warm fuzzy feeling. It feels so good to be married and be able to do almost anything guiltless. Like before, going out at 3am is a NO NO and you'd hafta SNEAK out and feel guilty with high adrenaline afraid of getting caught. But its not problem with your hubby around :D

We walked towards Marsiling.. it was so quite and peaceful, the air cool with dew and foggy that i felt better just after 3min! We sat down at some bench talking and me lying on his thigh looking up the sky. BLISS.

I wonder where from all the intermitten vehicles passing us were from, or where were they going. Maybe they just came back from work, partying, meeting girlfriend... haha Then what are the pple in the few brightly-lit rooms are doing... watching TV.. Studying?? or cldnt sleep with lights off as i used to be..

haha i like to play this kinda game... Trying to guess what other pple are doing. Like when in the MRT on a weekday afternoon, I'd ask myself, "Where are these pple from? Aren't they working?" and i wld come up with answers like.. "Maybe they're housewifes, students, sales person on the job, etc"

Well in conclusion, I'd like to say... I love you, Xubi. I love that you're always there for me. I love that you love me. I love when we make up after an argument and the love just get stronger.

ok this is getting too mushy. Adios pple! Enjoy your Sunday!

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TrueSpa and Lucky Prata

So following up from my previous post, we met at Orchard MRT that fri night after work.

When we say Orchard MRT, where would you normally wait? Underground near the ticketing counter, near the the Control Station after u tap ur card right?! Well not for Zubair though. I asked where is he? Upstairs or downstairs? he said, "downstairs" but i cldt find him! Do you know where he waited for me? Up on the streets, after you ride up the freaking escalator!! I told him, "THIS IS NOT MRT! Down there is MRT!!!"

Then he said "ok ok dont spoil the mood, ok? Oh yeah i almost forgot to say this because u already started "this is not mrt"... You look beautiful. Matching lipstick and complexion... " and everything was forgiven... :D hahaha well it did make me feel a bit guilty... But then this is NOT his 1st time. It's his 2nd time!

So.. True Spa is located at Level 16, Tower A of Takashimaya. We had our complimentary Foot spa. Silly of me to wishfully think that they would include some kind of pedicure or at least buff my rough heels!
  1. Firstly we soaked our feet in warm water for about 10min. We were seated on a massaging chair.
  2. Then they put oil and massaged our feet. I felt ticklish when touched at the balls of my feet then i didnt get properly massaged.
  3. Finally we got waxed with some of the HOTTEST LIQUID IN THE WORLD and then wrapped! i swear i cld have screamed loudly if i didnt control myself. but at least the massuese, if u can call her that, warned us ahead of time.
  4. After another 10min, they peeled it off and that was it.

I was a bit disappointed that that was all but hey... IT's free!!! x2!! What can you expect?

Then we went thru some sales talk. Out of curiosity i asked how much is their dark ring and slimming treatment.

  1. 6sessions of Laser and microdermabrasion on the eye each cost $2000+
  2. 8 weeks of Smartlipo (yup some kind of advanced laser liposuction), Lymphatic massage, Yoga, personal fitness instructor and whatever else is at $8800!!! Or $245/mth for 36mth but u hafta have credit card for that. but it's Money Back GUARANTEED. OK ok i've heard of such sales gimmick where they're not afraid to offer money back guarantee bcos the customer would be too sad / embarassed / low self esteemed after NOT achieving the target, they wldnt bother to ask for refund. But still, the tot is nice.
  3. They have Couple Room spa. Where if u buy the massage ala carte its $158 per person. But u can buy a package of 12 massages, 6 foot spas and 6 hydro baths at $1058.

While the place is nice and everything... I'd rather go to Batam or Malaysia to get these kinda spa treatments. Sorry Spore. You are just too freaking expensive.


Earlier, i asked Kak Long where can we get cheap indian food but she has no idea. Luckily, we went to Lucky Plaza to buy something and stumbled upon:


At last! my craving for Paper Thosai is fulfilled! I kept asking to go to my favourite Indian fast food "Komalas" but Zubair didnt like it bcos its vegetarian. But Lucky Prata is just the thing for us!

Zubair with his Tuna cheese Murtabak $7

Me and my beloved paper Thosai $2.50

After that, we just walked along Orchard Road. Then we sat at this water fountain, pple watching and camera whoring. Visit my multiply to see more pictures

and Hey! We saw the Golden Man! HAHAH This time he moves when pple take picture of him or whatever... he would take a bow and wave. I didnt anything this time.

Other buskers around were some South American Latin Music Band. there weren't playing when we sat down in front of them but were playing from their album and it sounded nice. just music. Im sure Ayah wld love to have that album but alas...

AFter that we loitered in front of Takashimaya again and caught the last performance of the Lion Dance competition. It took some 10min to set up but we awed by their leaps and jumps afterward. I didnt take any photo cos didnt get a good view.

We reached home at 11pm! I hope he's happy i go out with him till late. hehe

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Own House?

We have been dreaming about our own house...

My research at the HDB (Housing Development Board - that's where we buy the FLATS from) website shows that

  1. we are NOT eligible to buy yet bcos we didnt meet the criteria of having at least one other occupier of the house to be Singaporean or PR (Permanent Resident).
  2. But we can get a grant of $20,000 for low income families below 2500/m. but must be in employment for 2 yrs. wait for Apr 08
  3. 3-room flat in Woodlands/Marsiling is about 60,000
  4. 4-room flat in Sembawang is 139,000
  5. 5-room flat in Farrer Park Rd (OUR DREAM house location bcos its super new to Little India) is 365,000!!!!
  6. Using the financial calculator online (not very accurate i think), i think we will only be comfortable to buy a house about 200k

and so we have a lot of questions:

  1. can sister be eligible as an occupier?
  2. What is the max loan amount HDB can give us?
  3. If my dream house is not on the HDB list, can i and how do i buy from the open market? is there any price difference?

Actually i have a lot more questions, but i cant seem to remember it now.

Things to think about when buying our own house are:

  1. Bills: Utility, Internet, Conservation? (sampah), taxes???
  2. Additional own transport costs (since currently i always take a lift from dad)

Of course these are just planning lah. Definitely, we will hafta wait till Zubair's got a stable job and everything. We're just looking ahead and at the same time fantasise...

You know, we actually surveyed the HDBs around Little India that night. We went up to the 10th floor of the Farrer Park Road (the newer flats) and the view was just breathtaking! the surroundings are nice. I wont even mind if we hafta buy from the old flat bcos i LOVE little India!!! It's so lively with 24-hr shopping centre Mustafa around... late night supper/shopping... saree/shalwar kameez ogling... and i love the fact that Zubair loves it too :D

OK sabar sabar...

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Bad Food Day & Good Foot Night

I went to buy my favourite $1 Triangle Curry puff (Karipap) for lunch today.

When i reached office, i saw red spots on my pants. Apparently, the plastic got A hole and the sambal dripped and kena (got onto) my pants!!!!!

Its friday and Zubair and i are going out! Thoughts raced my mind.. Buy new pants? Ask Zubair to bring another one? then in office so embarassing to walk with red spotted khaki pants!

In the end, i just washed it off.. now not so visible lah.

We're going for FREE complimentary foot spas in Takashimaya, Orchard later. At first, a person called me up to say they're offering bla bla bla bla... normally i switched off my hearing and after they pause, i'd say "NOt interested, thank you." or if its from a bank, i'd say, "I'm not eligible."

But this time around, i caught the word FOOT Spa... i've been wanting to go for a spa esp a foot spa after Zubair commented that this plump chinese lady has beautiful fair legs *FUMING*... and she said it's free!

Then i asked Zubair last night, if i can go. He said ok though didnt sound enthusiastic. and im quite worried that he might get bored while waiting for me for 45min.

So today i called the spa up to book an appt. I told her im coming with my husband, and she gladly gave one more complimentary!!!!!


AnNd it's fridayyyyyy. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Text Twist High Score 5,792,220

I almost got it! my last guess was NUCLIE!!!!!

BUt anyways, i was getting tired and thinking, when will i game over?? I started this game before i got married!! after that i abandon it at 1.7mil. Then Just some two weeks ago i started again and this is the result.

Here's a close up

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Name Cards' Remarks

I have been scanning and updating name cards on the computer for awhile.

Ever since, i gotta know Zubair, I often get excited whenever i see or hear anything Pakistan at work. heheh like somehow, we're connected.

Anyways, often, there are some notes inscribed on it. the usual ones would be like where they met, or what's their secretary's name or their HP numbers like:

  1. Cocktail Party Dec 06
  2. Good Friend Denis. Paris each Qtr
Here are some of the funnier ones:

  1. Golf obsessed
  2. Very quiet
  3. Loves to talk. Hates to listen.

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Its the School holidays so Kak Ly suggested we go swimming last night.

We just went swimming last sun, and the lazy, busy and tired me still havent washed the wet swimming clothes till yesterday morning itself!!

Poor Syifaa' had fever and cldnt come along. She looks cute in her own mini diving suit + cap!

At first, kak long seemed to not wanna go. I begged her to come along bcos it'd be awkward lah klw me & zubair with Kak Ly only.. If Syifaa' cld go, it'd've been better.. at 7+ Kak long Smsed kak ly to say she's on the way home.

So at about 8pm we left the house. Me and Zubair were wearing damp swimming clothes inside. Before stepping out Kak Ly commented that i look ridiculous wearing my swimming suit to walk from home to the swimming complex, so i pulled up a skirt. Lo and Behold, i looked even more ridiculous! a skirt and a swimming top! LOL

so we walked and walked.. the stadium was bright as Woodlands Wellington were having a match against Tampines Rovers (soccer)...

we continued walking to the swimming complex then Kak Long thought aloud, "EH? Asal gelap ni?" (Why is it dark?) Hopes were diminishing but we pushed on to the front gate of the complex.

It was shut closed. no notice whatsoever. It was only about 8:15, it cldn't be closed for the day. The insides look unfinished. We deduced that they still havent opened from renovation since last Dec 06. But Kak Ly insisted that the website says it will open on 31st Aug and now is already Sept!

Zubair made a lame joke about swimming on the staircase.

Well.. at least we got some leg exercise walking non-stop from home to the complex (8min) and back.

NOw.. on to mouth and tummy exercise! we proceeded on to Horizon Food Mall at Causeway POint for dessert! LOL!

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The Silver Man

Have you seen him before?

We were at Woodlands MRT walking home when Zubair pointed to a crowd of pple. And then i saw this Silver Man.

He stood there like a statue. It's only when pple put some money in his basket then he will press his bird who will flap its wings then he will make some robotic slow-mo move.

I was sooooooo entertained i contributed something! I've never given any buskers anything before! But its like so refreshingly different from the ordinary aunty/uncle singing by the roadside.

on his money basket, there was an ID/license to busker. The photo on the ID showed a Malay man in his mid or late 50s. That's what made me so moved to give him something.

But i cldnt help imagining what would happen if some crook took advantage of him and run off with The Silver Man's earnings? I mean it'd surely take awhile to react from being a statue for the longest time. and Because i noticed there were quite a lot of $2 notes in there!

Well anyways... i wish The Silver Man good luck and thank you for giving me .. giving us all something different.

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50% off Night Safari

It's the school holiday and if you're thinking of where to go.. go to Night Safari!

There's a 50% discount for admission tickets to Night Safari from 1st - 30th Sept 07 for STARHUB customers. Just show ur starhub bill when buying the tickets. but 1 account can buy 5 tickets max. .

Normal price is

Ticket with Tram Ride (Adult) $32.00

Ticket with Tram Ride (Child) $16.00

Ticket Without Tram Ride (Adult) $22.00

Ticket Without Tram Ride (Child) $11.00


  1. Child: Age 3-12 years old

  2. The Tram Ride for NIGHT SAFARI: covers 3.2km, takes about 45 minutes to complete, has live commentary and one stopover at East Lodge.

  3. All prices include 5% GST

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Funerals... and social events..

I've never been to a funeral before. That is if by funeral you mean going to the graveyard and burying the deceased.

I've only attended my own grandparents' (x3) wakes, even then i didnt go to the cemetery. In our family, we feel that girls dont need to go to the cemetery. It's not like we can help with the digging or whatsoever. and we certainly do NOT visit their tombs again annually like some Malay Muslim here do. We strongly believe that our doa/prayers from home from heart is sufficient and WILL be delivered and reach them safely.

The only time i remembered going to the cemetery was when we were collecting donations for our school during Friday prayer and i happened to be stationed at the mosque near there. Then, Y and the rest of us looked out for her brother's resting place. We noticed there were some that were fenced, tiled, ceramicked bla bla bla... our family are very against these "dapur2" or whatever decorations on the Qubr. But i feel growing flowers and plants on it is super marvellous and pleasing to the eye. There is a hadith saying that these dapur2 and weeping/wailing will only burden the dead but that water from plants growing on it will soothe them.

Some 2 years ago, in my previous employment, there was a Chinese adviser in another agency who died after coming home drunk and fallen from maybe 4 or 6 storey high.. i didnt know him so i didnt go to the wake. But everybody else in my agency seems to have gone.. some of the secretaries also..

Tne, earlier this year, my ex-colleague's father (chinese) passed on. Her sister lives just 2 floors up and the wake was held at the nearest multi-purpose hall. I cldn't miss it if i was from the carpark. But i didnt't extend my condolences either... my thoughts were: i didnt know what to do or what to say.. how long to stay.. and just awkwardness lah.. cos i didnt know the deceased.

Just a month ago, my own ex-colleague (chinese) died from drowning. This time i didnt go bcos of transportation, money and i didnt know the family. Can u see the irony? at first i didnt go cos i didnt know the deceased, but when i know the deceased then i dont know the family!

So i asked my Chinese friend, "What do you do at wakes?" she said something like, "nothing. You just go there to mourn the death, to lend ur support to the surviving family, to give money to tide them over the funeral because it costs a lot of money to organise the wake."

I'm very bad at caring for others. i dont know how to show empathy and/or sympathy or whatever.

That time, Zubair and i were talking about Mathieu's party (his wife gave birth to a baby girl). then Zubair said, "Then when we have a party, probably pple won't come also bcos we dont go to pple's." He is also the type who dont go to such events. Habis lah (we're finished..) the karma will definitely come back to us..

But it's not only parties or funeral... its also hospital visits, weddings and so on. i can't help it, i'm not a social person. esp i dont feel comfortable at Kafir's (non-believers) events. im not uncomfortable bcos we dont share the same faith, but more bcos we dont share the same lifestyle.. the food we eat and the drinks we drink are different... our social ettiquettes are different... i wont know what to say or do. it'd be VERY awkward. I tried it once and i felt ill at ease and cldn't wait to go home!

i sometimes feel uncomfortable with my own bestfriends also. So there. im a socially awkward person. HAHAHA

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Now i believe that there's a rainbow after the rain.

But FIRST, u need to brave the rain! or storm even!

But ... im not so sure about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow... that i need to find out..

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Hands Full!

I had my hands full this weekend. We all did.

Humaira, Bilal and Sohail are here!

Listening to Uncle Ju-Bell and singing along to nursery rhymes.

From left: Sohail, Bilal and Humaira. Aren't they the cutest things?
Sohail was going to pray Maghrib. SO CUTE! He took the sejadah all that on his own.
I was supposed to go to Mel's wedding and Mathieu's party in the afternoon but i had to babysit them as everybody was going out! ok ok i was a bit tired having woken up at 2pm after my class in the morning and thought it was too late to make it. hahaha But good thing we didnt go, so we cld look after those kids cos my parents and sister were out.
Sunday, we went for a swim at my uncle's condo. Both my uncle and aunty said .. separately.. that They look like our (zubair and my) children. Awwwww im soo touched. I hope my children will turn out as beautiful, as religious as they are.
Photos are not up yet cos its from my sister's camera. But it felt really nice carrying Bilal in the deeper pool. Him clinging on to me without the weight. Nabilah and Nadzirah showed us how to sit in water and suddenly Zubair was the expert! After that he got the hang of swimming like actually kicking strokes and head down everything. a LOT of achievement i'd say.
So there!

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I'm a teacher!?

I got a lovely surprise today. I got a chocolate gift from my cousins whom i teach Iqra' and Arabic.

Well.. i dont know.. i dont feel like im a teacher... tutoring 3 groups of pple just once a week.. i definitely DONT qualify to be a teacher. Yeah... i've received a present from Maisarah, my first ever student who was pri 1 in my ex-school when i first started teaching her. I think she should be about pri 6 now... I had also received a cup from Nabila, my mum's friend's daughter, whom i had taught for just awhile. Bcos again.. i dont feel im qualified to teach/tutor Arabic any higher than pri 5.

When i was a student, i've NEVER bought anything for my teachers on teacher's day EVER in those 12 learning years. we were poor then, and i didnt think it was a big deal. The only time i bought anything for my teacher, it was a class joint present... i dont even remember what, but i think it was a ring or something to some form teacher i forgot who!

So anyways... Thank you Nabila and Nadzira for the prezzie! See you tmrw!

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Rice Cooker

My mum has been complaining about the water and power bill reaching $300. I dont know.. i thought it's qutie reasonable for a 5 room Executive flat with 7 adults and 1 baby at home.

Anyway, my dad said try saving electricity esp on appliances that generate heat and cold ie water heater, rice cooker, iron, kettle and aircon.

As a rule, we can only turn on the aircon at night. bcos my parents believe that it takes more power to cool a room during the day. and then... once in awhile, one of us will forget to turn off the iron. it doesnt just waste "current" but also pose a danger of a fire breakout.

Now.. in the case of Rice cooker... we are confused. If we turn it off for the night, it will turn bad the next day. If we turn it on over night, it will use a lot of electricity.

What do you do with rice cooker?

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