Boy or Girl?

Being the youngest daughter of 3 girls... I've always wanted another male figure in the family beside my father ie an OLDER bro.. well.. that's impossible now isnt it?

So my only consolation is to have baby boys! Im just tired of being surrounded by girls.

Also, i wanna populate the world with more boys because i believe the no of males are decreasing and if it goes so low, it would mean the end of the world is coming! ok side track a bit: one of the signs of Qiyamah/Armageddon is that the ratio of men to women is 1 : 10 (or 25?). The rationale is that there'd be a great war and all the boys are finished!

Zubair and i have reached an agreement that 4 children would be nice for our family. 1 child is unheard of, 2 is a bit too little, 6 is too many, 4 is just nice.

I have always insisted on an EVEN number family. Not 3 not 5. because being the youngest member of 5 in the family, i always find myself the odd one out, the one who has no partner to sit with in the bus, who has to sleep in the extra bed in the hotel etc etc...

I imagine that i'd have 4 BOYS! yup all four of them! Like i said im tired of girls.

I know being the only female in the family can be quite scary.

  1. I'd prolly be the only one interested in doing the household chores
  2. I'd hafta dress more decently as opposed to be surrounded by daughters
  3. Not much shopping for girls' stuff that i'd have wanted for myself when i was small!

So i might want a girl after all. She can be the 2nd or 3rd one. Because preferably the first one is a boy so he can be The Responsible One looking after the baby bros and sister. And she cannot be the last one because then she'd be the SPOILEST of all! and i'd certainly dont want that to happen lest she'll be like me! hahahah

Having watched 4 full seasons of Malcolm in the Middle, i just realised now what a chaotic bunch 4 boys can be! Here's a link of when the mother is pregnant and wishing its a girl.

So now i changed my mind again. 2 against 2 is the most ideal, not to mention BALANCED.

I have this wierd crazy syndrome of needing everything to be balanced. When i eat, i need the rice and the gravy to be proportionately equal so that everything will finish at the same time. And then there's the EVEN versus ODD number thingy. and others lah..

Oh i digressed yet again!

What am i doing talking about having boys or girls when im actually SCARED of delivering a baby?!?! My legs will always turn jelly whenever i hear stories about baby deliveries, how widely torn it would be and then u'll need STITCHES! STITCHES!!! and if Ceasarian, how the doc will tug and push ur baby out from a small opening that they cut earlier and how dreadfully PAINFUL the anaethetic is when they jab it into your freaking spine! *SHIVER*

Just the other day, Zubair was frantically searching for this video he saw the other day on youtube. When he finally got it, and showed it to me, i screamed to him to shut it off! Its a freaking video of a woman in effing labour! Poor Zubair. Sorry honey but im really scared of it. If i watch it, i'd be in danger of just adopting children and not having them myself!

So well.. let's see how this will go.. hopefully early next year! I can't wait! But Im scared. Im anxious! Im dreading it.. I'm ... i'm....

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8 glasses of Juice:

Nur said...

Kak ca!

4 boys??!!! try living in my house n bein me den.... it's not so fun AT TIMES... wen comes to household chores... all the boys will give lotsa excuses. sometimes i wish i had at least a sister... hehe...

Jussaemon said...

Yo Nur! Wah!! Finally u dropped a comment!

That's why.. that time when we went out breakfasting, i pondered/imagined about you and ur brothers. That's why i dont want girl for the 1st one, nanti mesti dia stress! hehehe kesian pulak.

But now Zubair said try 2 first, if we're financially stable and capable, then go for another 2.

Im hoping for twins!

Ashley said...


Oh well, considering our family history, we do have a slight chances of conceiving twins. *gasp*

Jussaemon said...

is it? the only one i know is Aunty Piah's twin. That's quite far i think.

but ZUbair also have a twin cousin.

and their family wise person also predicted that we;d have a twin! hehehe

Nur said...

Im planning to have 4 also... heheh... coz Fad realised tat ramai siblings meriah gitu... kesian kan dier... coz its only his bro n him... hehe....

Ashley said...

Atuk Amin had a twin also pe...

Oh well, guess I will settle with 1 only, considering my age! heh

Jussaemon said...

Wah nur! Dah planning sey!!! Bila nak langsung! hahaha

Jussaemon said...

HUH!!! i DIDN'T KNOW ATOK AMIN HAS A TWIN. Will ask ayah later...

Hmmm Twin ok also what... just 1 pregnancies but equal TWO babies! haha