Movies & Such...

Last Monday i was on half day leave to catch these 2 movies:

1. Date Night

It was swell and sweet and hilarious. Make you feel grateful that your life is normal as normal can get.

2. How to Train your Dragon.

Ash fell asleep. I admit it pales in comparison to Date Night which we watched first. But it was just as exciting for the kid in me. But i hafta say the supposedly menacing Night Fury turned out disappointingly kiddish and mellow at best. It should have been more hideous as opposed to loveable like Lilo & Stitch.

I have also finished watching The Apprentice Season 1 (I know.. im sooo lagging behind), The Amazing Race Season 15 and up to date for Season 16 which last featured Singapore as one of the destination countries.
Both T & I had not been feeling well. He is on medication (as much as it paints me) and been sleeping quite early, so i get to watch a bit more shows. I also figured out a position where i can nurse him both sides while facing my computer screen. Thankfully my mouse is wireless, so i just click from my bed for next episode. teehee. Next: to get a wireless headphone to get more comfortable.

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Tufeil's First Year

Picture taken on 26th mar 2010 complimentary from Dumex @ Cover Looks Studio.

His Personalities:

- The first 8 months he was friendly and will accept to be carried by anybody. Thereafter, he started to get separation anxiety and will only be carried by pple he knows.

- Tufeil started out with great motor skills. He lifted his head even before his 2nd month of life. He started sitting unaided at 5.5month.

- Then, he lagged at crawling but afterwards started walking at the average age of 12months.

- He is not one for rash decisions. LOL. If a ball rolls in front of him, he would wait till it stops before he pursues it.

- He LOVES babies/children

- He does not cry easily when he falls.

- He laughs when we try to talk to him firmly.

- He does not cry when children snatch his toy away. But if you bully him too much, he WILL retaliate.

- While he has sensitive skin, thankfully he did not suffer any adverse effect from BEEF.

That's what i can think of right now...

I wanted to put my own baby picture beside his above... because i really do think that he has MY ROUND EYES, not to mention my round cheeks of course. Seems like he has my nose as well. It doesn't help that he's copying my vigorous nose rubbing technic. But Alhamdulillah, so far it seems that his lashes are already longer than my own! Although its not anywhere near as long as Iman's nor Umar's.

I'm slowly clearing the work piling up - effects from organising the D&D. I might just start to blog regularly again by next week. Nothing particularly interesting happened anyway. Apart from the D&D which was quite catastrophic. *shrug*

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It's Officially Over.. And Bf-ing Issues

My Period-Free Days, that is.

1.5 weeks ago, i tweeted about thinking i'm ovulating and then suddenly it's here! I wasn't sure at first, cos it was just a speck or two of red, so i prayed zohr anyway. Oh God, I hope I had not caused Your wrath.

It's been a day now, and its still very tiny little with no pain whatsoever, which is just the opposite of my pre-baby periods. I'm hoping it will last till this Friday for my company's Dinner & Dance! Ameen! Cos being a RecClubber, I hafta be there from 12nn - 11pm! *faint*

Ok so.. I was pregnant for 10months... Then confinement 2 months, then up to today a total of 20 months of missed periods. Whoaw...

Now with regards to BreastFeeding...

I had been expressing 3 times a day and got 3.5 bottles while Tufeil drinks 3. and the 0.5 bottle is so irritating in which, if i mix it with another day's supply, Tufeil won't drink it! So to eliminate wastage, I've decided to adjust my pumping times. I'll be skipping the 8.30am slot and push it to just before lunch at 11.30 and another session at 5pm just before leaving work. Which will also mean i dont hafta pump at home with the toddler bugging me to "tatih" (hold his hands to walk).

Formula Milk Samples have also started to arrive. Ok so far only 2 Mamil Gold (Dumex) and Enfa Baby or something MeadJohnsons. While i actually have 8 more packets of frozen eBM, i thought it might be wise to have some samples on hand for emergency. hahah. Well it IS funny, because the actual truth is, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO STOP BF-ing MY BABY!

Ok actually to stop is easy, just change to formula milk and ur supply will dry up. But the issue is actually... How to send Tufeil to sleep WITHOUT nursing him???

There had been two times when he followed mum to a class at mosque and after tossing and turning in mum's lap, he suddenly fell asleep on his own. Well that's a good sign BUT my mum tried the some technic at home just lying around in bed, he won't be fooled! He pointed to his glider in which he sleeps. So naturally, i would think that he'd demand be nursed to sleep... Sighh... Need to read up on this i guess...

Another question is : Do i really want to change to Formula Milk and not Fresh Milk? From what i read, Fresh Milk is not enough for growing babies. I think it said under 2yo. But what some of my friends are doing are SUPPLEMENTING from BM and daily meals with Fresh Milk, so i suppose that is just as good if not better since its cheaper! haha.

So yah.. another food for thought.

Ok gotta go. Got meeting the whole afternoon, so need to clear my work this morning. Ta~

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Beef for Tufeil

Failing science at sec 1 n 2 and went for art stream left me clueless what protein is all about. When i googled it, it basically says ur baby needs daily intake of protein which tho is found in breastmilk, shld b introduced in food too.

I searched for high protein and Came to Baby Beef Stew. T hasnt tried beef yet n recipe didnt look too diff.

Recipe says:
1/2 cup cubed n cooked beef
1 peeled potato
1/4 peas
1 peeled carrot
1 stalk celery
1/4 cup macaroni
4 cups water

There was no instruction on how to cook Beef so i had to call mum who was holidaying in msia. Haha she said since im using a stew cut beef, i shld slice it thinly cover w water add grated ginger pre prepared in fridge n a dash of salt. Stew for 15min.

Then mash using some water from the pot. I read that thats where all the nutrients seeped out to. So its a waste if u don use tt water!

So that's taken care of.

In the meantime, i peeled the potatoes n boiled it together w macaroni. Oh i hafta say i have no idea how to measure by cups so i just use my heart n threw in just how much seemed balanced. Teehee

Instructions says to puree or mash. Decided to mash roughly.

Luckily, i still have pureed carrot n celery in the freezer tt tufeil didnt like to Eat on its Own so i melted tt out

At first, i felt guilty for restraining him in the high chair, but Tufeil feels better sitting on it than on the floor cos he Cant see wats gg on.

Hmmm i decided to give it some taste And added cheddar cheese. Time to mix it all together!

The end result!

Tufeil digs it! At first, we had some reservations about beef. Afraid he might habe allergy towards it as his paternal side does. Apparently not since his maternal side ADOREs eating beef. Hehe

So i feel rather accomplished!

I made another chicken dish but its quite similar to the one i
made before so i wont bother writing abt it.

Now that tufeil has 3.5 teeth, hes gerting very fussy abt what he eats. He demands to eat from my plate!!

A few nights ago, i gave him baked beans. Mummy's version is very hot so i sucked the spices out from the bean then fed it to him. He loves it too. I suspect it was quite hot the way his nose turned runny so i stopped n gave him something else from my plate. But that reminds me, i shld start putting him on lentils too.

And last night, i gave him the potatoes in samosas. He lavished a lot of It at first and then started crying after that. Quickly gave him water and then breastmilk to counter the spiciness.

Tufeil... Tufeil... *shake head*

-- Post From My iPhone

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190310 - Vertical Challenge

We formed a group of 5 to tackle 26 floors up.

Our baton this year is a BALLOON!!

When i was climbing up my set of stairs, the balloon and stick disintegrated! I hesitated the next 3 steps then went back down to collect it for fear of getting penalised! As it turned out, it was ok even if the balloon burst, just leave it!!!

Replenishing the Calories just burnt

Muffins from Spice n Chocolat. How nice!!! and some sandwiches. I cld have finished it all but just dont wanna risk being seen greedy as a pig. Bah!

As it turned out, we got 3rd place out of 10 teams!

The real heartbreak was, @2min 44secs, we were only HALF a second behind 2nd team! If only i didnt go and take the fallen balloon. BooHOOHoo... the prize money was divided to $30 each and spent it all on the cab ride home. HAHAHA

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Tufeil's Walking & Talking!

6th April 2010 1 yr 10 days old

Today is the day that he officially walks on his own. Mummy reported that the whole afternoon he was walking from our red sofa in front of the tv to the Platform where the seats are.

When i came home, i took this video:

If he got himself in a standing position then he will start walking, otherwise he'll just crawl.

After he saw his Atok, he asked his atok's hands to walk and don wanna let go. So manja!! Pampered.

His vocab has also expanded to:

Tok for Atok and also Nenek

Tatih for walking while holding hands

Truck cos he always look at the rubbish truck every morning. We're at 2nd floor that's why.

Pooh for winnie the pooh cos he's taken to listening to the audio book Winnie d Pooh n the honey Tree courtesy of my then student, kak saria.

If i saw meow, he'd say cat.

He can also say mama but i tink without meaning uet. Just copying after me.

"Nak" for when he wants another helping of food.

Got a few others but cant remember right now.

I still owe another entry for his post bday! The video got error when uploading that's why.

Hang in there!

-- Post From My iPhone

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Tufeil's Bday @ East Coast

Sat, 27th mar 2010

I've been wanting to bring Tufeil cycling. What better day to do that than his bday? So to make it a bit livelier, i asked the Simei Cousins and the Japanese Aunty to join.

Mum set out real early at 9am to get this sheltered hut and we spreaded out our canvases, set up the tent which we didnt use at all cos it was sooooooooooo freaking hot! I was armed this time around with Baby's sunblock, hat and sunglasses!

Not quite an ideal place for a baby to be, with the ants and all!! Ergh!

Tufeil & Atok are Inseparable!

Ash & Ben w Tara Ku Cha

Mummy and baby Tara Ku Cha Chas.

3 hours bike rental @ S$13 and i paid for 2. *faint* Ash said at other kiosks, they rent out at 1hr with 1hr free. Cheh!

So we were near the food center and we rode up to the McDonald's part to draw cash and back. My two other companions Ash and Shah cldnt keep up! Said its been a long time since they have anything sporty. and i was the one cycling with baby in front!

It was funny how they were all quite worried whether i could steer the bike properly with baby in front. though i've never done it before, i was quite confident. Maternal instinct, i guess. You would do ANYTHING to protect ur baby and/or do a good job. Its almost impossible to say NO.

At last Sarina came!

At first, she was very shy and reluctant to share. After some time, she warmed up to us.

Most importantly, we went BOWLING afterwards! Altho it was only 1 round but i felt soooo happy. Been wanting to play again since last July at Pasir Ris Chalet but Tufeil was too small. This time around, i walked him in between spares teehee.

Haha ni saper punye birthday ni. Baby ke mak baby?

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Pre-Bday Celebration

26th Mac 2010.

Took leave to spend a day with Tufeil.

We went to bugis Junction.

Lunch @ Swensen's

I bought salmon n mushroom cream base pasta and fed him the salmon with his mashed potato. He can eat, Alhamdulillah. Didnt dare try mushroom tho.

Proceeded to the baby section at BHG. Got him on them kiddy rides. I've been at it so many times. Trying to get him to not fear the er... animals? I know i will regret this one day when he insist on getting a ride when i have no time or coins.

Horsey is very old and jumpy

I think he loves Doraemon too! Weee

Exactly a year and 1 day ago, i was also here satisfying a craving before i got admitted to hosp to be induced. and took a picture with this same big Doraemon shuttle. and today my boy is in there!! Masya'Allah. If i were a bit more soft, i think i could just shed a tear!

He insists on walking!

The rare time he put food into his own mouth.

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180310 - SWPH @ United Square

I swear this is my 3rd time writing this entry!!!! *pull hair*

The first two times, i wrote from my iphone app BlogPress, but i guess too many pictures that i took so long to save, then my phone went to screen saver mode and it got lost! ARGHHH BINGITS.

So i've finally uploaded the pictures to my own pc at home. Bcos i've finished two games so i tot i shld better catch up on my blogging before i start another one.


It was a thursday on a school holiday when we met up. Two of us are housewives, one is a teacher. That leaves me to take off from work for this gathering.

We arrived at 10.45am. So early that most of the shops are not even open! so we hung out at McD for bfast, even tho Tufeil and i already ate.

Sameer entertaining the babies.

Then, while waiting for Fara to come, we entertained the kids with kiddy rides.

Just posing on this one are SiddiQ and Sameer

Tufeil clung on tight like a koala on Nisa

Sameer was so nice he offered to share his paid ride with Tufeil.

After some shopping and nursing break for me, we settled down to lunch @ Swensen's which Fara insisted on paying! Thanks babe!

My tomato & mushroom penne.

I wanted to feed some to Tufeil but he was....


He was having fever on and off thru out the day. By the next day, he had full blown cold.

Sameer's and Wusqa's kids meals

amd teir volcano ice cream.

Cldnt stop playing with the dry ice

Nisa's Milo something

My mango + lychee yoghurt.

NICE! but cldnt finish it cos Tufeil only took a few spoonfuls, the poor boy.

Sameer took this photo

Unfortunately, Sue already left for another appointment before we remembered to take a group photo!

And the kids

Not wanting to go our own way back yet, we loitered around some more.

Shaheen Bhaji read to Tufeil while Sameer Bhai teased Uzair.

Actually it was more like the other way around the way Tufeil was squealing louder and fliping the pages excitedly.

The older kids found respite in an electrical store nearby while...

the mummies chit chatted.

After that, i took a nursing break and took the cab home. I guess the rest went back home too.

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