Bad Food Day & Good Foot Night

I went to buy my favourite $1 Triangle Curry puff (Karipap) for lunch today.

When i reached office, i saw red spots on my pants. Apparently, the plastic got A hole and the sambal dripped and kena (got onto) my pants!!!!!

Its friday and Zubair and i are going out! Thoughts raced my mind.. Buy new pants? Ask Zubair to bring another one? then in office so embarassing to walk with red spotted khaki pants!

In the end, i just washed it off.. now not so visible lah.

We're going for FREE complimentary foot spas in Takashimaya, Orchard later. At first, a person called me up to say they're offering bla bla bla bla... normally i switched off my hearing and after they pause, i'd say "NOt interested, thank you." or if its from a bank, i'd say, "I'm not eligible."

But this time around, i caught the word FOOT Spa... i've been wanting to go for a spa esp a foot spa after Zubair commented that this plump chinese lady has beautiful fair legs *FUMING*... and she said it's free!

Then i asked Zubair last night, if i can go. He said ok though didnt sound enthusiastic. and im quite worried that he might get bored while waiting for me for 45min.

So today i called the spa up to book an appt. I told her im coming with my husband, and she gladly gave one more complimentary!!!!!


AnNd it's fridayyyyyy. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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