K800i & Multiply....

I have gotten myself a second hand K800i!! I had the idea of surfing for it on eBay and Yahoo auctions... After over 20 pages of browsing, i've found the best offer

1. $420
2. 3mths old
3. 256MB Micro2 Card
4. Warranty till sept 07

All the other offers starts from 500 up to 600 for new ones.. and other 400+ range second hands either dont have the M2 card or the warranty card....

I went to see her at Tanjong Pagar MRT last thurs and exchanged it. It was in BETTER condition than my Lost K800i heheh she said got scratches... where got?? In short, i'm very happy and satisfied... I will take care of it LOVINGLY... insya'Allah

I like my Blogspot's layout... i also like the part we can put HTML codes in it... especially my Lahore Clock. heheh But this it is NOT good enough... now that i've put it for selected readers only.... prolly NOBODY has read my entries except for Ziah who left a comment... bcos it's troublesome to go thru registration all over again...

But multiply is also giving me heartache... This morning i started typing at 6.30 and vigorously doing so for 30min to meet the deadline (to go get ready for work) and then when i clicked "SAVE AS DRAFT" it bloody page went blank on me! as though i just signed out. and it was all lost!! NONSENSE!!! Usually when i write at work... i will ctrl+a, ctrl+c and ctrl+v to my Word doc.... but i thought after just 30min i surely still am logged in?? arghhhhhh

Anyways... i have concluded that i shall type at work.... and email to myself then at home i will post it..... But the kick is just not there..

Oh well..... i hafta make do now don't i?

Miss you Multiply... Please be good to me ok?

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Too attached... too attached....

It feels worse than the break up. The last time i cried this hard was two days ago while watching MANN. but that's not real. But I cried like i had cried when Kamal scolded me about his client's claims.

Yes, losing my beloved dearest handphone felt THAT bad. I LOVED it to bits. yes, i had it coming. It tried to tell me to take more care of it, but i didnt listen. I kept babbling about getting it insured but i haven't and didn't actually do it until it's too late.

This morning, before going to work, as normal i put my bags on the dinner table and hunted for bfast. everything went on as per normal until i was going to turn my hp to Office mode when i realised..... IT'S GONE!

I retraced my memory.... and my steps.....

1. I was sure i put it on the dining table this morning along with my bag and lunch.
2. then i walked out from the door to the car just below
3. this part i only VAGUELY remember.... that my hand was in the phone strap while i was putting on the seat belt.
4. But Kak Long asked me whether i felt i was holding something when i leaned in front to look at HER hp and i didnt feel it
5. but then again it might be bcos i reached out with my left hand when it was in my RIGHT hand
6. then i alighted from the car up to the office.

i called Kak Long to look for it in the car. if she could pick it up then i meet her during lunch time to take it. but she said she couldn't find it.

i tried calling it but it was switched off! The very first thing a hp stealer would do!

I called home to ask if it's there... they searched on the table, in my room, near the door... to no avail. kak ly tried calling my hp... but when she received the mail box she actually left a msg for the stealer to Give it back! heheh that's funny of course the stealer can't access to my voicemail. hehe cute lah Kak Ly. Then she said oh ok she will sms then.

I retraced step 6. i searched the pavement along the road.... i looked ON the road where it might accidentally being dropped. But i hope kak Long is right... if it had dropped it would have made some noises.. which i totally didnt hear... it should be somewhere in the house or car...... NEWS just in... Ayah has double checked the car.... and no sign of it anywhere.... Kak Long has a feeling its at home. i really really really really really pray and hope this is so.

This is VERY materialistic of me... but if the photos were all backed up, the sms in sim card, then the only reason why im crying is i know i cant afford to buy the same phone again without contract. i've checked when i suspended the line, it's $678.

Lessons learnt:
1. Always be careful and caring to your loved ones
2. Take things seriously
3. Detach yourself from worldly things
4. Buy something cheap.

(I'm trying very hard to put these lessons in positive sentences rather than negative ie: Don't take things for granted, don't be too attached with wordly things and don't buy expensive items)

Oh Allah... I'm sorry i only remember you when i'm down and sad or when i have a problem. But please you know how badly i wanna be a good Muslim.... Please let my handphone still be within my reach so i can get it back. Oh Allah please forgive me if im asking for too much, but you are the only one i depend on.... my only saviour....

Bismillahi tawakkaltu Ala Allahi wa la haula wa la Quwwata illa billahil aliyil azhim!

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Sis Night Out Fri, 190107

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At Work.....

As most of you would have known, i've been VERY active in multiply for the past 6 - 9months or so.... and now i have been stripped of that privilege!!Why, u ask? Well this is what happened....

"Hi Wei Seng,I have problem assessing some websites. eg: Instead of loading the page it opens up this page Please advise what's the problem and help to rectify it. It's very irritating.Thank you and Regards,Julissa"

"Hello Julissa,This is your personal website right? I just check with an administrator and he has confirmed that it had been blocked ... because apparently it had been accessed too often and eat up too much of the company network's bandwidth.

Must control and surf non-work related in moderation mah.. hah.. now its too late already... cause its out of my powers to unblock sites. Sorry man, cant help in this.Regards.,Wei Seng"

"huarghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*CRY CRY CRY*

It was the only thing that keeps me going. Apparently, there's not too much work for me... Nevermind i will resort to other things......... but yes in moderation.
Thanks Wei Seng,

OK on 2nd thought, that wasn't a very tactful reply. But can't help it i was very disappointed at that point of time... luckily, he is a buddy. Speaking of which even eBuddy is blocked! I still have webmessenger to rely on.... if they block then also i think i'll just die.

At my wit's end,

The above is cut and paste from my other site i posted earlier today.

And so i hafta resort back to blogger...... but its simply just not as exciting as MULTIPLY. but that's another story...

This morning, Mike asked me to go to his house to fetch his key. Now this is a common errand for me in the previous job but one thing's diff. i get to take the cab! Wheeee.... But then again, it also means i dont get to "window shop" while doing the errand....

But i did anyway! I dropped by marina square after getting the keys to buy girls' essentials then proceeded to Esplanade to get my DVD supply for the weekend. At last i got my dearest Aamir Khan's MANN dvd. Also borrowed Hum Tum (watched it but borrowed anyway just for fun), Zameen (hope it's gonna be good) and Devdas (but this is Oldie version i was hoping for the Shahrukh Khan version......). I only took about 15 extra min. so that's ok right?

Can anyone tell me where i can get Yaadon Ki Barat? It's a very old movie and Aamir Khan, at a very young age, is in it as the youngest child!

BTW, Just dropping in to say that Mike just told me that he would discuss about my career in this company after he comes back from a meeting with HIS big boss in Paris next week. I'm quite nervous at this prospect.... bcos i hafta inform him about my not continuing studies at the said institution.... i hope he's not disappointed....

A part of me is saying he might just talk about my chatting in the office... but i doubt so cos he was all smiles when he told me about it... which brought my face to lit up on a boring quiet friday...

Oh yes PLUS this happens AFTER i approached him to ask "Will u have anything for me to do next week?" he said, "U dont have much to do?" i replied, "no, not much"

So hopefully to discuss more of what i CAN do here...

On another note, it's friday!! i have class tonight.... :( but i also have the car!! (parents, 2nd sister and her family are gone to Perth for a week) And so Kak Long and i are going to have supper at Lau Pa Sat and then catch a midnight movie at MARINA after my class. Hope to get my DRUMMING session!

See ya!

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