Better Brownie

Sat 26th Feb 2011

We just finished watching an episode of Junior MasterChef Australia Season 1 that's running on StarWorld. The second segment was about making Donahue's (not sure if i got the name/spelling right) four tier choc cake. I started craving for something sweet too and remembered I haven't used the unsweetened Cocoa Powder I bought and whipped out this BETTER BROWNIE, recipe courtesy of

1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 cup white sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 eggs
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup chopped walnuts (optional)

1.Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Grease a 9x9 inch baking pan.
2.In a medium bowl, mix together the oil, sugar, and vanilla. Beat in eggs. Combine flour, cocoa, baking powder, and salt; gradually stir into the egg mixture until well blended. Stir in walnuts, if desired. Spread the batter evenly into the prepared pan.
3.Bake for 20 to 25 minutes, or until the brownie begins to pull away from edges of pan. Let cool on a wire rack before cutting into squares.

I was nervous about making this brownie FROM SCRATCH. I had only ever made from a box and I LOVE Pillsbury's Double Choc and I'm scared if this would not be up to par. Only one way to find out!

I don't get why they ask you to mix diff items in diff bowls.

Clearly I'm running out of proper bowls for cooking.

Altogether now
It was pretty ehavy trying to whisk that mixture. I switched to wooden spoon.

In the oven you go.
Er... the texture seemed a bit rougher than the Pillsbury one I used to make. *Fingers crossed!*

20 minutes later...

HOORAYYYYYYYY It is as crispy as the brownie I like (I loathe the super gooey one)!!! But, if I hafta be honest, I could still taste the coarse sugar in it. Must tell Mum to buy fine ones instead to help dissolve easier?

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SWPH's Potluck Lunch

Sat, 19th Feb 2011

Since mum & dad were going to Melaka for day trip, I took the opportunity to call my SWPH friends over. The last time we met was probably during Eid (around Aug?) last year.

I was very nervous because this would be the first time i played host single handedly and with a toddler in tow, a first time I'll be letting friends eat my cooking and I still had to manage Tufeil's non-BM afternoon nap. Thankfully I didn't hafta do any housework since Mum's called my aunty to clean the day before.

I was gonna make my signature dish = Beef Meatloaf + mashed Potatoes and Bread Pudding for dessert. To be on the safe side, I prepared what I could the night before: 1.5kg of mashed potatoes; browned the onion and fresh mushrooms, boiled carrots, blended bread to make breadcrumbs, and started to make the sauce to glaze on top of the meatloaf.. that's when I realised we ran out of tomato sauce! Imagine if I only realised at the last minute on the day itself and had to run out to the store while the guest was arriving?

In any case, the day started at 8.30am for me. After shower n bfast, i took Tufeil out for a little walk to the playground and to the nearby shop. The other thing I was nervous about was Tufeil screaming "nak keluar nak keluar" (wanna go out!) after being cooped up at home for too long, hence the walk. I didn't even hafta buy the tomato sauce cos mum bought otw home last night.

It was 11.15am, and I was on track w my cooking. The meatloaf is already in the oven and should be ready in the next 60min, then another about 10-15min for it to cool before slicing. Nisa said she would be arriving around 1.15pm, so I had enough time to put T to sleep without BF-ing. I considered to give him an off day today and not practise no BF, to make sure he can sleep so I have time to prepare the food in order. In the end, decided against it cause it'd be such a waste to let go of the "training".

I spent 1hr trying to get him to sleep. He didn't want me to carry and rock him like the previous weekend. I guess it was still too early and he wasnt not extremely exhausted that he didn't care. So we ended up watching youtube on the bed. I kept telling him "susu at night". and then twice, he was nearly there in dreamland when he turned towards me and then he remembered the milk and asked for it. When I said no he kicked up a fuss. Great. It was already 1pm but he still wasn't sleeping. I gave up and asked if he wanted to eat instead and he leapt out of the bed.

So when Nisa & son Sameer came and entertained Tufeil, I rushed to the kitchen to make the drinks, prepare cutleries and make the bread pudding in such a rush! Sorry!

Sameer Bhai entertaining T

We all got keychain and coasters from Australia courtesy of Fara

And Nisa hand-made pins / brooches and let us chose 2 each.

The cutest one. Bears for the girls.

The scene.

At first, Tufeil was anxious when the other kids played with his stuffs, he even asked for Siddiq's car but I told him, "That's not ours" and he would parrot after me. After awhile, he didn't seem to care.

Uzair riding Tufeil's precious car but he just looked on.

Boys jumping all around

Oops! Almost forgot to take the food picture~

Clockwise from Left: Nisa's Onion rice, chappati, Fara's cupcake, Sue's Chicken dish, my Beef meat loaf, Bread pudding and mashed potatoes.

Close up of the ayam masak merah.

After feeding the kids and ourselves, came the fun part: Chit chat. I was surprised that Tufeil didn't bother me at all except some parts when he asked for some chocolate snack and I had to change his diaper. I could sooo get used to this.

Much too soon it was already 6pm, and they started to say goodbye....

The 3 young boys

All of them.
Can't wait for the new addition to join the line up! *wink at Sue*

I convinced T to stay awake for a bit. Long enough to shower and have a bit more dinner before going to sleep at 7.30 and he only awoke at 8.30 the next morning (of course with 2 hour intervals)! Should i do this more often???

Next gathering: Mar sch holidays!!

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My Friday Afternoon

Got off on half day in the afternoon last Friday.

Went to The Cathay to catch Just Go With It. My FAVOURITE ADAM SANDLER!!!! But he gained weight, i think. Yikes~

The movie was nice and reassuring for me that you could still find a suitable match no matter how late in the day it is, where and when you least expect it to.

Before that, I managed to squeeze in some shopping at Plaza Singapura to spend my CapitaMall voucher. I went round the first level, second level, nothing caught my eyes. I only had $90 left and Marks & Spencer is just wayyy wayyy over my budget. I definitely wanted some clothes, you know the $10 or $20 kind but no such stores here. Then I saw John Little and grabbed a dark pink inner shirt, 2 t-shirts to wear at home (otherwise, it seems such a waste to be buying t shirts for sleepwear) and Pierre Cardin's Lovelies... LOVE THEM! 2 pairs for $42!

And AFTER the movie, I had to buy some provisions @ Carrefour to prepare for the lunch I'm hosting the next day. So can you imagine the chaos that was I in the train ride home in the rain...?

French loaf jutting out of John Little bag

Can see my reflection?

And then to make matters more chaotic, I was standing, I put down my loaf and bags down and read a thick hard cover book. And then I repositioned my loaf into my shoulder bag. Later, there was a seat available, I had to heave all the bags and repositioned myself AND the loaf. It was a sight!

At least, I didn't succumb to cab. Well, I almost did but the Queue was too long, i decided the train would be faster in the end.

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Hanis VS PCF

Tufeil will be turning 2 very soon and I very much want him to start going to school / playgroup.

The last time, I wrote about how he went to a trial lesson at Kidz campus. But it didn't work out because can't pay by CDA. (For non-Singaporean readers: Child Development Account is an incentive by the government where they match 1-for-1 whatever you put in to this account up to SGD 6,000. Also they give S$4,000 in 4 installments every 6 months for first child, etc - this is Baby Bonus. And I've put in most of the Baby Bonus in CDA account.)

I discovered from my cousin that Hanis Montessori has opened a branch in Woodlands! And was soooo excited because:

  1. They can take Tufeil in right now.
  2. They have Arabic / Islamic studies.
  3. Can pay by CDA!!!

Monthly fees SGD 220 per month. So meaning if i pay by CDA it's really just SGD 110. For 3hours every day (8.30 - 11.30am). However, that is provided I haven't reached the SGD 6,000 limit yet. And upon enrolment, they collect two months fees & transport fees and other charges like Annual Material Fee, Insurance, etc totalling SGD 1,450. *FAINT*

When I did my calculations, I could probably just afford to send him there for 2 years. After that, he has to chagne school? Will that be traumatic for him?

The other option for him is to go to a PAP kindergarten. It's just 3 blocks away ie walking distance so save on transportation. And the monthly fees is just SGD 171.20 (SGD48.80 cheaper). However it's just two hours a day everyday and its all secular syllables.

But I have a handful of friends who went to a PAP kindergarten and later Madrasah and are now such brilliant accomplished, confident people.

The time slot is not as favourable at 1-3pm = nap time.

Oh also, PAP can't take him now. Minimum age is 30 months old and if he joins in Aug (mid-term) he would be basically going thru the same syllables the next year! So might as well just wait for Jan? and that's such a longggggggggg time from now! Imagine what he could have learnt/benefitted if he's already started school earlier!

Dilemma dilemma!!

In any case, I will be recceing Hanis sometime next month and will decide from there. Who knows, maybe I will have other options also by then?

PS: I can't help feeling sad at the prospect of Tufeil going to school. Its heart wrenching! I mean to leave him all alone in a foreign place?? It does soothe me a little to know that we can sit in the class for the first week or so until he gets familiar with the place and everything.. sigh... Do all mothers experience this feeling or is it just me?

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Chicken Meatloaf. Failed?

Sun 13th Feb 2011.

The whole day I didnt get the chance to cook. I've already got most of the ingredients. While my signature dish is Beef Meatloaf, I think its time to try CHICKEN meatloaf. As soon as T slept, i rushed around in the kitchen.

Got the recipe from

2 lb. ground chicken
1 c. soft bread crumbs
1 c. tomato sauce
1/4 horseradish sauce
1/2 c. finely chopped onion
1/4 c. butter (butter flavored), melted
1/4 c. chicken broth, heated
1 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. pepper
2 eggs

In large bowl, mix together chicken, bread crumbs, onion, salt and pepper. In small bowl; beat eggs. Add tomato sauce and horseradish sauce; mix well. Pour egg mixture into ground chicken mixture and mix well.

Lightly oil 9 x 5 x 3 inch loaf pan; pack chicken lightly into prepared pan. Bake in 350 degree oven about 1 hour, basting occasionally with melted butter and chicken broth which have been mixed together. Chicken loaf will be done when it shrinks from sides and springs back at a gently touch. Pour off liquid. Let loaf sit several minutes, turn out onto a serving platter

Horseradish Sauce was nowhere to be found in Cold Storage nor NTUC. So i replaced with Mustard instead since its also there in Beef Meatloaf, I reckon it would do. I have NO IDEA what BASTING technique is cooking is so I skipped the Chicken Broth and butter altogether.

I halved the portion cos but forgot to divide the egg!

50 minutes later

Hmmmm... Not to my taste. I've always been a fan of BEEF. What do i do with all of this??

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Our Weekend of No BM Midday Naps

Sat 12th Jan 2011 (22.5 months)

The day started with vacuuming and mopping while Ayah entertained the Kiddo. It was almost noon when Mum suggested we go to the beach for playground time and lunch. I had to decline because I was filthy and still had a few things to do.

But they were gone for so long, I managed to watch 2hours of Australia (its 2hr 40min long). When they came back at 2pm, I was glad to know tt T still hadn't napped yet. Showered him and told him its nap time but Susu will only be there at night. I carried him standing and put his head on my shoulder, patting him while playing the Mukhlis DVD (10 songs followed by karaoke version).

He was quiet and about to go off to DreamLand i think but unfortunately, the DVD stopped after 3 songs. I had to scramble to play it again and with the actions, he got alert and asked for Elmo DVD, changed it, then he cried Tak Nak Elmooo (Don't want Elmo)... Nak Susu... I explained... and changed back to Mukhlis ensuring its in the middle track. And he was out in 10min. No problem laying him down on the bed...

I think we are off on a good start BUT... My back and arms hurt a lot!! I finished another 35min of Australia and wanted to go down for a nap too but the moment I hit the bed, he woke up. DANG IT! Only half-heartedly tried to console him. Because I knew he won't be able to go back to sleep without the Susu.

So Ayah took over and brought him down to the playground. When they returned about half an hour later, Ayah's drilled into T No more Susu! If anybody asked him, "Nak susu mummy?" He would adamantly say TAK NAK. But when I asked him... he would falter... and repeat nak susu mummy. LOL.

Nevermind. I give him 3 weekends at home to let him get used to the idea of no daytime susu even when I'm home first. In March, we'll start to wean off the night feeds lah. Insya'Allah...

Anyway, after maghrib, we went to Jurong Point for dinner at Sakura and grocery shopping.

Now you see him

Now you don't


Sun, 13th Feb 2011.

In the morning, we were alone at home. I was racking my brain for ideas to tire him out so he won't make a fuss during naptime even if he didn't get his Susu. He was up by 8.30am even after sleeping late at 11.30pm. Aiyooo

Only at noon was I ready to go out. Played at the Playground for a bit - where we fortunately met our neighbour the two boys Faris and Faiz and played together for close to an hour. Walked to sis house for Zohr and went out again to Civic Cte.

Abang Faris showing him to work the bells with a stick

Faris and Faiz going down the slide upside down!

And then Tufeil went down on top of him! BWUAAHAHAHAHA

This time around, I also guided him how to climb up the ladder and he managed to go up 3 steps on his own. He was a bit scared but I urged him on. OH NO MY BOY's GROWING UP SO FAST!

The problem with walking to Civic Cte was... I didn't bring his stroller. Instead, I brought his Tricycle which is more diff to maneuver. And then he also refused to remain seated in it! Luckily, Syifaa' was more than eager to sit there and cycle so they exchanged modes of transport.

It was almost 3pm when we got home. and he was super duper sleepy. We did the same routine, shower and Mukhlis DVD. He was out in 10min and stayed down for 1hour 5min. Oh well.. better than nothing.

Can't wait for next weekend and see if he still remembers.

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I wasn't actually all GUNG-Ho about Breastfeeding. I just did it because my friends were and they said it's convenient and all the other benefits... Although I had struggled in the beginning, it suddenly stayed in the scene until now that Tufeil is 23 months old.

Weaning has been on my mind for a veryyyyyy long time. God knows I really want my body back!!! It's getting quite IRRITATING to the point that I sometimes RESENT him. I don't know how many times I had googled for tips and information about weaning a toddler. I read the articles so many times already. but I haven't actually got the guts to do anything about it yet.

Mostly because, I can't stand Tufeil crying. Scratch that. I don't care if he cries (in the name of weaning) for the first few nights, I don't want other people in the house to get flustered by it. And I feel I don't have the support to exercise some of the suggested tips, namely, let another person tuck the kid to bed.

To back it up a little, I totally feel Tufeil is ready to be weaned. For one, he showed total comprehension when I explained to him and kept repeating, "Susu kat rumah" (Milk's at home) when we were out and about and he wanted it. The problem with that explaination is, once we got home, he's stacking claim on it right away! And it wouldn't be right to refuse since technically we were already home.

So I've changed my tactic. My reasoning is now "Nak tido baru susu" (Milk just before sleep). So the last couple of WORK days, it's worked so far. I hadn't caved in but waited till bedtime. Distracted him with going out for dinner, reading and general playing till 9pm.

What I'm afraid is when I'm at home on the weekends and its his NAP TIME. How the hell do i put him to nap without the aid of BM??? None of my research detailed this particular obstacle. I can't go out and walk him in the stroller everyday now, can i??

I do have a fantasy of going off ALONE to Batam or somewhere for a weekend so Tufeil is forced to sleep without the Milk. And when I come home, I will just steel myself and say NO. or preferably, the Grandparents will continue to put him to sleep for a couple more nights and then WA LA, he's weaned! But I can't impose on them...

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Big Wailing Fest

It's been two nights in a row that we struggled sleeping.

We went through the usual ritual of going to bed.. ie Salaam all the family, BF while reading book (instead of watch dvd), followed by the string of Surahs and Doas for protection. He was supposed to start nodding off just about now... but instead he asked for "Nak Tufeil punye" referring to his iPod. When I refused, he started throwing a HUGE tantrum, screaming "NAK KELUAR SIIIITUUUU" (Wanna go out there)!

The first night was terrible.

I tried shushing him, explaining to him that it was bedtime, it's already dark, bla bla bla and tried to get him to lie back down again. All to no avail. about 15min later, there was some intervention. But he cried even harder when prised away from me. I really didn't get it. He wanted to go out but when he was out, he wanted his mummy. Aiyooo..

After awhile dad managed to quieten him down and only at midnight was he ready for some more BM and sleep. Even then, he still woke up 7am as I was getting ready for work.

Second night, I was alone at home.

Reeling from last night's bad experience, I was all game to give him a very STERN warning. I didn't give in to any of his requests. When the crying got too loud, I basically yelled "STOP CRYING! STOP CRYING!" Something I had never done before! All this while I would shut myself down and let him be... but this time, he seemed to understand me, somewhat.

His cries became softer and sadder. Then I began to soothing him softly. and also something I hadn't done before was to rock him. I thought rocking could only be done while standing so i was always lazy to do. But i figured how to rock him while still lying on the bed. Basically cradled him a bit higher than my crossed thighs. I held him in a way that he's enveloped around me and could hardly wriggle. And then SHOVED him the breast and gradually he fell asleep.


I'm so proud of myself for tackling that situation on my own. I guess you just have to be thrown into a situation to rise to the occassion.

Having said that, i SOOOOOOOOOO hope he won't do a repeat telecast tonight!!!

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Wed 2nd Feb 2011.

When my mum asked if my office is closed in the afternoon, I answered with a, "Half day but not half day" "What do you mean?" "Half day but I'm going out" BIG HUGE GRIN.

Going out to catch BURLESQUE with June @ Cathay!!!!

We were quite skeptically about this movie but Ashley having watched it last night said I would LOVE it.

Well... I actually DID. LOVEE all the ballad songs as well as the upbeat songs and wished I could jump on stage and dance too cause I know I could - with lotsa practice. I just can't stomach Cher's manly voice and when Christina shouted rather than sang. And Christina is soooo beautiful with NONE or Less make up.

As much as this Hero up here looked heavenly... I am extremely cynical with the happily ever after ending with a TOO handsome Piano Player. But then, that's just me.

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CNY Days 3 & 4

5th & 6th Feb 2011

The weather was glorious these two days. It didnt rain neither was it too hot. It was super breezy I opened all our windows wide.

Saturday was spring cleaning day for me. Vacuumed and mopped the floor and even did a load of laundry (which I RARELY ever do) while bathing and feeding and playing soap bubbles w Tufeil in between. I could get used to being at home like this but then I would need someone like Ayah to whisk T to the playground so he won't get underfoot.

We were supposed to go swimming at my Uncle's condo, so my parents could meet with my grandparents too but I begged off at the last minute cause I was so beat I encouraged T to take a nap with me despite having napped earlier.

Instead, I brought him to the library (to collect my Insatiable by meg Cabot!!!!) and to Causeway Point for KFC and Each A Cup for me. I purposely did not take the stroller with me to encourage him to walk more = exercise / get him tired. This simple outing lasted close to 2hours because Tufeil stopped often to "smell the roses" (read: watch the ants and shadows and Fire Engine and whatever else).

By the time we reached home, it was Shower Time, snack or dinner time then ....

Read while watching Mukhlis DVD to sleep

Hate that watching dvd has accidentally been slotted into his "winding down" routine because it takes at least 20min, any shorter and he gets angry!

Sunday 6th Feb 2011
A very relaxed morning we had at home. T woke up at 8.30 but was down for a nap by 11.30am for 2.5hours! I also managed to read and sleep...

By the time we woke up, we were just in time to get ready to go to IMM with my parents! I managed to exchange that black sandal I bought that was exactly the same as what Mum bought to a brown shoe with no extra charge. Thank God somebody had a good thinking of not throwing the receipt away!

And then Mum looked at Gas hobs, shoe rack and dining table. Dad and me took turns entertaining Tufeil cause he sure can't stand "shopping" even for 5 minutes. Hell, he can barely stand EATING in one place for 20minutes!

Went to Masjid Al-Mukminin for 'Asr and roamed around Clementi for a suitable all day parking space for Mummy & Ayah while waiting for Maghrib at Masjid Darussalam.

At the latter, we prayed jamaah with the Imam. Me & Mum were on the first floor Ladies section. We sat T on a chair but even before the Imam finished the second surah, he already got himself down and was exploring Mum's bag. A few minutes later, he found something fascinating and walked away from my line of vision.

I tried very very hard not to panic or imagine anything bad. I kept telling myself, in the middle of prayer!!, that we are in the House of Allah, He will protect Tufeil from falling or kidnappers! Tawakkaltu ala Allah. And that Tufeil is smart enough not to stray too far away and/or to return to his Mummy.

As it turned out, he was mesmerised by the waves the curtain made from the blowing fan. and then got excited when he found a way out to the men's section! But managed to find his way back to me. The good thing was, he didn't so much as squeak the whole time we were praying but started to merengek (whine) when he realised we were done and wanted our attention. Aiyooo....

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CNY Day 2: Babies @ Amirah's Grill

Fri 4th Feb 2011 (23months old)

Was soooooooo excited to meet the BFFs today at Jln Sultan. It's been sooo long and I wanted to see how Tufeil will play with the rest of the older boys as well as the younger ones.

The timing was great too. 1.30pm at Jln Sultan meant I had to get out about an hour earlier and that is just nice for T's naptime. Mum & dad helped to make sure he's tired by bringing him out to Woodlands Waterfront for a bit. Then I fed him a bit before going out and walked the longer route to the train station and he promptly fell asleep. I managed to catch some sleep in the train for about 30min too - one hand holding on to the stroller, feet tangled between the wheels. Swell!

When I reached, I actually really had to ask...

Whose baby is this?
Sorry 'Ainul!!! I totally forgot you had a second boy for a moment there. But Naufal is sooooo cute and mobile now GERAM!
By the way, we had the second floor ALL TO OURSELVES!!!!! We prayed there as well and we were sitting down on the floor. Very VERY conducive for the babies/toddlers to run around and not feel restricted.
It was quite a no brainer when come to ordering because i saw they have Mushroom Chicken Chop. Mushroom + Chicken = Tufeil. LOL Surprisingly I was the only one who got the set that came with... MUSHROOM soup, HUmmus & Moutabal (FAVOURITE!!!!!), soft drink, main course, Fresh Cream Caramel (FAVOURITE!!!!!) @ SGD 30++
Shauqy showing Tufeil some of his favourite apps in iPhone

Shauqy: This is how to make the burger
Tufeil: WOW! That's very nice! Can I have a go?

Kids running up and down the aisle playing with balloon, something or other

O Oh Tufeil, where are you?

There you are!

" 'Affaan, take the silly hat off"


Refreshed after a short nap.
At 4pm, we were still there and my parents and sister came for dinner here too! So Tufeil & me hang out (and ate) a while more.
At the end of the day, Tufeil remembered Husainy and 'Affaan's names. While he did play balloon and other things with the rest, he's more contented playing on his own. Much like me, I think. I like having friends around, but also love having lunch alone with my book.

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CNY Day 1: Raining in East Coast

Thurs 3rd Feb 2011,

Its the Chinese New Year long weekend, and we decided to go for a picnic at East Coast.

It was a feat deciding on what outfit to put on for T because one minute it was raining, the next it was hot. Wanted to dress him in long sleeves and long pants so he won't get sunburnt much but afraid it might get hot and uncomfortable. If dress him on short sleeves and shorts, he would get dark or get cold from the rain and aircon in the car. In the end, the shorts won.


But T insists on playing

Really the weather was sooo erratic that day. It poured and stopped about 3 or 4 times the 3 hours we were there.
A toddler snapped this of me. Wasted my smile. hahaha

There were not many people around but we had to share the shelter with 2 other groups who got there earlier. So we erected a tent to put our bags in.

And the kids in.

It got totally wet from the rain because the zip is faulty hahaha

and then of course Tufeil had to grab a handful of sand from the ground and threw it inside the tent. And even more so after we yelled at him to stop.

He dragged Atok around everywhere.
Even I wasn't cool enough to play with him.

Already wet from the waves and cycling in a bit of rain.

Pretending to "drive" on this unopened string of... rescue?

His cute footprint.

I didnt do the (to quote June) Exorbitant footprint frame when T was born. Capturing it on the beach by a phone cam is just as nice.

He soooo sibuk wanted to take the spade from my Dad when he was trying to write Syifaa' & Tufeil on the sand.

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Tufeil's 22nd month

- He's standing at 81cm now. At least that's what we gather from our own makeshift height chart.

- He's singing is really really really cute. He now knows to exchange COW in Old MacDonald song to not just animals. One night he was singing, "And on his farm he has a aircon" and then giggled. Also "Lights", "elmo". Ash has a footage of him singing ABC but till today still haven't uploaded it!!!!!

Now to the 2 biggest milestones this month:

- He finally could slide on his own!

One day, I was coming home from work and he was playing at the void deck. As is usual, when he sees me, he will drag me to the Cow (a neighbour on 1st floor has a Moove Media cow on his patch of grass) and inevitably a stretch further to the Playground.

I was holding a lot of bags that day and he insisted on playing. So I told him to go ahead and climb on his own. The first step was small so he could get past that easily... I didn't think he could fashion himself down to a sit in front of the slide and push himself down without any help from me, but he actually did!

- He knows COLOURS now!

His cousin Syifaa' has been singing to him what she learnt in school.. "what colour is the sun.. its Yellow its yellow its yellow..." And T followed suit. I'm sure it was just mere parroting. Until one day, we were using the crayon and suddenly he said "This a green" and Purple and Yellow and Orange. Those 4 colours are the easiest for him to identify. The rest is still a bit fuzzy for him.

I hafta stress that all these are purely incidental. I didn't really "teach" him anything. Some of the words he actually picked up from YouTube, like Double Decker Bus.

He can express himself in 4 word sentences/phrases now. Or up to 8 syllabus. "Baby minum susu mak dia." (Baby drinks his mummy's milk) "Truck nak tengok cartoon?" (Truck, do you want to watch cartoon?) Mostly he speaks Malay but for some basic things he can say both in English and Malay like "Are you ok, Nenek?" "This a Green Bus"

I've also just taught him what to say when people ask "What is Your name?" and "How old are you?" He can answer the first question alright but maybe not from strangers... The second Qns, I hafta cue Two and he would continue Years Old. and he would repeat "Two Year old!"

Ok he's not technically 2 yet but I'm just preparing him for March which is just a month away!

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Believe it or not, this is my 1,000th post!! Over 5years of writing.. Ok i've got a handful still in draft from don't know when. But i'm still here!


THURS 27th Jan 2011

We had a work function at our University somewhere in Orchard. It's actually a very OLD but HUGE bangalow that's been refurbished.

Walkway towards the "kitchen" & dining area.

More sitting areas just after the main entrance

And then up the stairs

to the foyer

View from the foyer.

Now, a couple of us including me didn't really know anybody in the room, so we hung around tightly together and when the domes unveiled the food, we had a few mouthfuls and took off! haha

Caterer: Kriston Food.

Just look at how they arrange the forks!

Yup this Beef ball is about the most passable dish of all
Sorry the prawn was rather cold / soggy.
Pity I don't eat mussels
I can't really down this peculiar savoury tart.
I'd rather they go for normal shepherd's pie than Keema!!
Not a fan of eggs either
Too troublesome to eat.

We also had an uninvited guest.


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