ZanNan with Zen hehe

The guys from left: Raizan (Hanani's), Zubair, Sofyan (Hairiah's), Firdaus ('Azma's) and Hisyam ('Ainul's)

Girls on sofa from left: Tiasa, Hairiah, 'Ainul, Khairiah, Fit, Me, Nan, Y.

Girls on floor from left: 'Azma and Zihah.

I wrote about how excited i feel about this break fast with the girls because

  1. Wanna see Nan's house
  2. This wld be the first time the 5 hubbies are coming together
  3. wanna cook!!

It's a potluck and i made Roti JOhn with minced Chicken instead of minced beef. I was a bit upset that mummy prepared the chopped red and green chillis and the leaves for me cos i really wanted to do it all on my own! but just as well... cos i woke up at 4pm and was in a hurry. Zubair joined it slicing the raw bread and further cutting the fried bread. he said he enjoys cooking!

Ayah was supposed to send us to Tampines then come back to pick up mummy from causeway point bcos she's gonna buy a fan. but suddenly, when we were all ready Ayah said, "im not going with you, you can take the car." my heart leapt for joy!

I quickly browsed thru the directory on how to go to Tampines. Luckily it's near my old house which i had stayed for 18 freaking yrs! so i can visualise the place. Then suddenly i remember about Fit! and good thing she hasnt left her house either (and it was already 6pm!). then i browsed the directory again to plan how to go to her place.

So funny, i went thru the right street.. and i came into Woodlands ring road at the right entrance ie nearest to her house but i missed the first carpark that's hers! so i had to make one big round to get to her again. Then i was supposed to turn right to go towards the expressway but i confidently turned left! hahah then had to make a (illegal shhhh) u-turn.

The funniest thing of all... we got to Tampines st 23 fine enough... but we had extreme difficulty to fine blk 224. then when we finally found blk 224, parked, put in parking coupons and walked out, i realised that it's actually blk 229!!!!!!!! *pulls hair* Thank god 229 is just two blocks away and it was like 6.55pm already!! hahahahah

I hafta say that that street label their block no so inconsistently and in no apparent order! It's totally nonsensical. and then when we entered the carpark, the signs were SOO Funny, it showed some block numbers towards the outside!! Fit and i really laughed and mocked at it like crazy. So you can't blame us for getting lost in the carpark!

Finally "opening" time was here... and we took some fruits and drinks first and me 1 stick of satay first then we prayed. THEN we attacked the food!

There were:

  1. Nasi Ayam (courtesy of the hosts - ZanNan)
  2. Beef Spaghetti (Fit's own cooking)
  3. Fried Bee Hoon (Azm'a own cooking!!!)
  4. Roti John Chicken (My own cooking..)
  5. SUPER DUPER Delicious rock melon and green grapes (T)
  6. SATAY!!!!!!!!!! (Hairiah)
  7. Ice cream (Ziah)
  8. Mango Cake (Khairiah) Zubair just LOVEEEEd this!
  9. Brownie ('Ainul) 2 pcs each = 4pcs per couple!!!

Then we prayed terawih of 8 rakaat and witr of 3. Hmm im Sorry Ustaz Sofyan. You have a nice voice and everything... but we thought that the least u cld do is sped the pace a little bit. Im afraid it might turn off pple from terawih. But yeah at least we were entertained/soothed by your melodious voice / suara yg mendayu2.

Well.. about Nan's house... i just wanna say... WOW!!! its simple yet sooooooo elegant and cosy and and and tranquil!! heheheh i think its the zen effect?

Anyway, they are both tall 1.70cm and above. so when they renovated their house, they asked for the kitchen counter to be higher but the contractor advised to lower down a bit in consideration of average height and short guests like ME! hehehe i noticed the height when i wanted to wash my hands. when i told Zubair, of course he didnt notice! haha I can't see the mirror in the master bedroom's bathroom also!!!

we are both sooooooo in love with your house!! can't wait to get our own! but yes yes yes AFTER he finds a stable job :P

Zubair really wanted to go to Little India afterwards. It being Sat i tot it was ok.. but i remembered that Fit was with us and she cancelled a lift back from her sister bcos i cld drive her back (at a later time).. Then i tot what the hell? just ask if she'd mind and she said she doesnt and i planned the route to go.. but when we were really leaving i changed my mind.. too tired already and Mummy already called when r we coming home? hahaa Fortunately, Zubair understood. =)

Everybody's about done with eating so we started packing. i helped out and felt so much fun!! Now i understand why our mothers are always so busy in the kitchen! It's fun! o oh i m becoming soooo makcik2 (aunty-like)!! hahahah

It was only 11pm when we were ready to go... and took another 15min to say goodbye...

Reached home midnight i think?

Night-owl-in-training OUT

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