I noticed that i've been having a lot of nightmares after i got married. That is.. almost everynight.

However, my nightmares are not usually the ghost or monster kind. Its more like.. Running from something, or your real life worry coming true or about to happen kinda thing.

Yesterday morning, i dreamt that I fixed a date with Hanani and Azma to meet at Botanical Garden with our husbands. The date was fixed for after maghrib about 7:30 or 8pm. In my dream, we took the train and got off at Outram Part MRT station but found out that we missed the half hourly or hourly shuttle to the Botanical Garden. and then we tried to get a taxi but none would stop for us. I called Azma and she said she was reaching the destination already. And i was sweating.. i dont like to be late.. nor LOST.. nor not knowing what to do!

This morning's nightmare is a bit ghoulish. and i woke up crying. In the dream, there was a group of Muslims who changed the Quranic verses. My mum and i went to confront and "catch" them. We only managed to corner one. and my mum prepared a makeshift rope and when he was not looking, we tied it to his leg. Then he made a dash to escape through the fireplace (ala Harry Potter's Floo Network) but also grabbed my BELOVED Sohail!! With a shot of panic, i pulled Sohail back. He was saved BUT his legs melted (like a doll) and his feet putus(came off)!!! I was still grieving when darling Sohail told me that Hairiah said PADAN MUKA (serve him right). I was about to go and slap her when i woke up screaming, "WHAT DID U SAY TO MY BABY?!?!?!?" I was in tears.

Sigh... My heart still aches from that dream. I think its because i was staring at his picture the night before on my sister's multiply when we went swimming.

Anyway.. the last time i had a bout of nightmares was when we were still living in Tampines and i slept next to the window. We didnt have aircon back then and didnt close the window... when i took the further corner of the bed, it stopped.

Ever since Zubair is here, we like to leave the window open with the curtains NOT drawn. and my side of the bed is the one nearer the window. So there's some connection here... But im hoping that with Ramadhan here tonight, the nightmares will be gone.. but after that, we're going to shut the windows i suppose...

PS: im not normally this superstitious.. but i am tired of being chased and feeling worried in my sleep!!

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