Japanese Uncle

Cik Ajis moved in to his new Anchorvale house Sat and invited us over yesterday!

and we discussed more housing issues.

  1. He bought this 5room flat at 170k direct from HDB
  2. He did the floors, kitchen cabinets and wardrobe at 17k
  3. Mummy said get one near parents will get another $40k grant even though another sibling have already taken that grant
  4. If i buy that 3-room Marsiling @ 60k, i'd finish paying the house when i buy it! MIRACULOUS!
  5. Kak Long said, better to buy cheaper house and balance of the money buy a car than buy that 365k house in Farrer Park Rd. Which is true cos if u have a car u get to go more places, not just Little India.

I find it totally ridiculous that we, my fav cuzzies and i, were talking to each other, camera whoring our own faces and ignoring the hosts! we even snapped off most of the food that we brought for them!! we even forgot to take picture of the house! I took the liberty of taking pictures of the other members of the family and wanted to snap the house also but a bit paisei/shy?

But nearly towards the end of the day Aunty Kouri and i had something in common to talk about. SHE LOVES PUNJABI suits! She's been wanting one for the past 2 or 3 yrs!! hehehe we'll definitely make her some while we're in Pakistan. We discussed material, colours, type ie for everyday or functions bla bla bla. We talked about how we met and how THEY met. we talked about her pregnancy.

She's due next month and really dont look like it! She's soooooo small. So frail and fragile like most japanese women are. We'll have a new cuzzie!! Can't wait to see how a Malay and Japanese mix will look like. Nur commented that this baby will be born an Aunty!!! hahaha and he or she's gonna be a BABY AUNTY to Syifaa', my niece. HAHAHHA So funny.

While i enjoy spending time just with Zubair the two of us... i cant wait to see how our children will be like! Will they have long and sharp noses? chubby cheeks? Long lashes? dimples? Pimply? Short? Hairy???

And what if all four are boys? it'll be chaos in the house just like Malcolm in the middle. I SOOO dont wanna be like the mother! And im soooooooooo liking MITM on bcos somebody took the initiative to upload every single episode with no missing ones there. I'm at Season 2 Episode 5 and there's like up to 7 seasons uploaded already. Zubair is soooo gonna be sick of it by the time i finish! hahaha

BTW, my blog title's Japanese Uncle bcos Cik Ajis speaks japanese like SUPER fluently. And with them living at home just the two of them, Aunty Kouri has little chance to learn Malay since Cik Ajis speaks Japanese to her, unlike Zubair, we're always hitting Malay words at him.

PS: This entry is so disorganised! haha

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