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I noticed that everytime i posted something, the number of readers will climb up.

The trend of readers used to be stable Mon-Fri as i regularly posts of those days. but the numbers will plummet on sat and Sun being worst like 2 readers only being my 2 accesible computers at home. hahahha I tot maybe because mon-fri and sometimes Sat, pple are at work and at their computer workstation and easy to just open a browser to check my site.

However, lately, i've been blogging on Sat/Sun also and i got a 25 that day!! So i tot, prolly these pple have RSS Feed to my site? i know i've turned it on but how does it really work??

I mean i didnt put a "click here to get RSS Feed" anywhere on my site. How do they know then?

Some internet techy care to explain this thing to me?

I'd also wanna know who's linked me up. i saw at some blog, they put "See who's linked me" and i wanna put that also. HELP

Another thing, is there any blog competition going on somewhere? I'd like to take part. I dont think i'd be anywhere near the top since i dont talk about SEX or anything juicy.. but i'd like to know where i stand... Where do i find out about all these? I tried to google it but there's too much results to filter thru and most are irrelevant. maybe it was my keywords. Hmmm...

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