Chix Mayo, Beef Macaroni & Hummus

25th May 2010.

Tufeil's Frozen food have all finished. So i'm making another batch....

I got started on Chix Mayo. This one i can now do with my eyes CLOSED. Just steam the chicken and carrot, blend with some of the water from the steamer and/or breastmilk and mixed with some mayo to give some taste.

The only thing i couldn't figure out was how to PULSE the chicken instead of blending it to a complete mush on a blender. Bcos if i blend for say... 5 seconds, the outer part gets reduced to nothingness, while the inside is still hard and whole. *scratch head* Help?

At the same time, i was also boiling some macaroni.

I've also bought an instant spaghetti sauce. and we already have a cooked minced beef sitting in the fridge. So all i had to do was blend the minced beef and put them all together. I also added some water from the chicken steam to dilute the tomato taste.

I wasn't sure if Tufeil will take to this. He usually has no problem if i feed him some tomato based pasta from Cafe Galilee. However, the next day mummy tried giving him, he refused it! =(

He doesn't like EGG mayo too. I usually hafta alternate between mouthfuls of egg mayo with bread and something else that i'm eating at the particular moment. And when he's distracted watching Mickey Mouse or something, i'll slip in the egg mayo. HAH. At least he'll get some protein from there.

Now, the next dish, though requires no cooking, is much more of a challenge. HUMMUS.

Official recipe reads:

1 can garbanzo beans (chick peas)
1/2 tsp tahini / sesame oil
1 or 2 cloves garlic,
2 tbsp Yogurt
Juice of 1/2 lemon
1 Green Onion chopped

Mash with fork, or lightly blend in processor. Add water if too thick.

My assembly to ingredients (minus the Cream)

Well, of course i can't find "tahini" in Cold Storage, so i bought Sesame Oil, instead. I'm sure its somewhat different. Replaced Lemon juice to LIME juice since that's what we have in the fridge. I didn't put Green Onion either.

My Blender is small so i had to divide it into two. Can you imagine dividing 1/2 teaspoon of something? I just used my gut feeling. PLUS my 1 tbsp of yogurt has a very generous helping. I don't know whether it's the chick pea or is it very tasteless when eaten on its own?

The end product.

It became rather sourish without no real taste. I definitely worry Tufeil won't eat it though he likes sour stuffs. We haven't tried giving it to him yet. Should i add some salt and olive oil? But it would be difficult to do that now that its all cubed and frozen.

Sighh... well... at least i TRIED.

And the most irritating part of cooking:

The Washing Up.

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Sunday, 23rd May 2010.

I had no plans for Sunday and thought i tagged along my parents - AGAIN - to go for a wedding reception. Suddenly craving for wedding food and especially DESSERT! hahahaha

At 12nn, we were all ready, just waiting for Tufeil to wake up from his nap. Mum told me to just carry him but i don't dare lest he gets cranky. Or rather, i prefer him to wake up on his own most prolly signalling sufficient rest.

It was a round table setting. Mummy held him while I fed him rice + sweet sour Fish. After awhile, we let him loose on the floor, but as always he didn't go far and come back for another mouthful. Usually I will let him wander around on his own but my mum would always fear he would get underfoot and obstruct other people, so she went to get him. But of course, Ayah and me took turns to walk with T.

Alhamdulillah, unlike the day before, today i felt i really satisfied my tummy and tongue eating a full plate PLUS dessert AND also longtong. I often used to feel shortchanged at these kinda events, bcos i never had my fill when T got distracted after some time.

Can you guess where we are?

With The Mummies now.
Tufeil was dressed like a big boy today. This Baby Fox shirt is sized 6 - 12months courtesy of one of my besties. He wore it a couple of times before and now can still fit. In fact, it's easier to let him wear a shirt now that he's started walking. I used to prefer bodysuits and onesies but now all's good.

We headed to Joo Chiat Complex and I blew close to 100 bucks on Tudungsssss and 1 Baju Melayu for Tufeil. So that's another two items taken off from the Hari Raya Shopping List.
On Monday, I went to work feeling elated at having erased my past week guilt of not taking Tufeil out more often. So there.

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USTS School Reunion

Saturday, 22nd May 2010.

We are going to my MUM's school reunion for the classes of 72 and 73, for the lack of better things to do. After all, Tufeil and I did "attend" the organising committee's meetings which were held at my house! HAHA


Is it huge or is it HUGE?

I love how sajdahs were placed all over the place in the Karaoke Room, Gym Room and Games Room. Ayah wanted to go for prayer and that's when Tufeil started crying cause he's sooo attached to his Grandpa. So i had to bring him out to the basketball court and distract him

After that i had to distract him from pawing several small potholes around the basketball filled with rainwater, dirt and whatever creatures. Yikes! When i covered the holes standing over them, Tufeil got confused and went away or sat down and caressed the tar ground ruining his nails and then scratched our faces! OUCH!
After awhile, Tufeil found a friend.

Abang, where are you?

Oh There you are!
The poor kid was also bored senseless. He was a treasure playing with T.
We were dead hungry but were only let out to the buffet line an hour after we arrived. First look at the spread, my face fell because there were Mee Siam and Sambal Fishball and other fingerfoods which were not suitable for T. Started off with Papaya and then i had no choice but to give him Wanton minus the crispy and oily skin and the filling of fried samosas. It was a hit with T! Well, i firmly believe this is a better lunch for him than just cakes!!
To my surprise, i wasn't the only adult accompanying their parents to the event! There were 2 others: a lady sitting nice and quiet next to her mother, and a guy who helped his parents carry in all the satays they sponsored. How nice!
Me, I made that place like my own home, exploring, breastfeeding, napping. LOL. Even had to change T's soiled diaper! It helped to pass the time. T was mostly with me while a certain uncle tried to pry him away from me cos he adored T so much. Of course T resisted at first... after many many times of trying the uncle succeeded in carrying him.
We reached home totally exhausted. But contented that i let T explored places other than home!

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210510 - Kallang Leisure Park & Nisa's Place

It's Mother & Son's bonding time. My own parents are off to Malacca for a wedding. So I took leave from work to take care of the Babe. After feeling guilty of not bringing him out too often, i got our day out planned ahead.

First we are off to try the Peek-A-Boo indoor playground @ Kallang Leisure Park. Now from Woodlands to Kallang is a very longggggggg way to go. But i was determined to take the public transport.

Looking quite restless

Unfortunately, after a long bfast at KFC - what i thought was to prepare T for the hour long train ride with a full tummy - came to our disadvantage as it was then Tufeil's nap time. I had to get off midway at Yio Chu Kang to feed him. But he was still not pacified. I gave up, got out and took the cab from there. At least, i tried.

By the time we reached Kallang Leisure Park, he was sleeping and didn't wake up when i transferred to the stroller. A miracle! So i checked out JWT Gym. Been meaning to sign him up to get him to be more sociable. Another miracle was, Tufeil opened his eyes right in front of Peek-A-Boo's entrance! haha as though he could smell FUN in the air!

The place was small as compared to the one we went to at Turf City, altho prolly just as fun. Only the cafe looked... dismal.

Tufeil, halfway to the one slide, while looking down at the trampoline

Got him to take the steps up.

BUt it was as tho he's forgotten how to crawl and insisted on trying to walk up.

ok Whatever means necessary to reach to the top!

Ok it was VERY tiring for ME to go up the obstacle course to the slide. For One, the height was quite low, for another i had to carry T half of the time as he won't be able to navigate himself. So mostly, we only amused ourselves on the ground with the balls, trampoline and some mobile toys:

Tufeil The Bear, meet Snake The Stool

Ready to conquer the playground. Not!

Given his affection for babies and children, I found it surprising he didn't talk to the other kids around that day. Quite disappointed, actually, cos there were a couple of cute caucasian little ones. hehe But ok, slowly slowly.

After almost an hour, I finally decided to make a move. We took another attempt at the train. This time, it's the Circle Line @ Kallang station.

Evidence that we've been on it!

There are only 3 carriages (that's 12 doors) for this line as opposed to 5 or is it 6 on the main network.

I placed Tufeil not facing the crowd.

Not having a proper nap, Tufeil got sleepy again in the train. I fed him some biscuits on the sly. (That's why the faced backward position.) Luckily, just as he got to the breaking point, we reached our destination. But took another cab to get to the exact location:

Nisa's Abode!

Firstly, sorry Sue we didn't inform you! We guess you must be in school and impossible to take leave, yah? It's gonna be the holidays soooonnn then we can all meet up.

Sameer Bhai was home from school in the morning session. But he sorely missed Fara's two girls who are in school and did not come. He entertained the two babies for a bit with some ball game and then, got bored i think. hehe

A ball for each of them

Lunch was Nasi Lemak cooked by a Pakistani! =) well cooked too. Complete with Sambal Ayam and Chicken Wanton. No pictures because i was busy feeding myself and the babe.
At 4pm, finally the little ones settle into their nap.

Tufeil must have been so tired he slept for 1.5hour! Another miracle!

Guess what? It's DESSERT TIME!!!!!!!!!!

Honeydew and sago in milk.

I dont drink milk actually and didn't know what it was but just braved it. and it was delish!!!

Banana jelly Yummy yummy

Brownie, of course!

We chatted and chatted till 6pm and it was time to leave. It is impossible to take the direct bus home with stroller, so had to take the cab. Unfortuantely, there was a massive traffic jam and with peak hours surcharge the total cab fare came out to $20.

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Tufeilah The Little Black Bat

I couldn't get a good still shot, so a video it shall be.

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Baby Blues

At work during lunch or on the way home when i see other babies, i would dearly miss my own at home.

Then there are times when i see pictures like these:

that i go alll gooey, sigh and want to have another baby.

There's also a side of Maternal Me that absolutely CANNOT read about children being abused. Really really i can cry. Take yesterday's TODAY paper entitled Red Shirts use children as human shields, for example:

I doubt that's a battle cry, rather FEAR.

Dont even get me started on the smirk pasted on that guy's face!

But at the other end of the spectrum, there are also occasions when i just feel like throwing in the towel, pack my bags and disappear for a week.

Those are the times when:

1. T doesn't want to sleep

2. T bites me and then laughs

3. T wakes up at 7am

4. T wakes up every hour on the hour

5. T's sick and its breaking my heart to see him so down

6. I am sick myself and need to SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP it thru.

Call me selfish, call me irresponsible, call me the biggest complaint queen. Cos I probably am.

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Why I hate my iPhone 3GS Part 2.

Click Here for my first review.

Oh God i hate iPhone 3GS i can't even begin to tell you why! But let me try.

1. Mic is very soft. The other person can barely hear you!
2. SMS window will open where u left off. Often i sent to the wrong recipient!!
3. BLUETOOTH DOESN"T WORK! How the hell do i transfer files to other phone users?? CRAP!

4. No Zoom function?!
5. Camera button makes it difficult to snap self portrait!
6. Additional camera applications need to click SAVE EVERYTIME.
7. There's no PAUSE button for Video recording. What The!!!!

Notes & Calendars are just useless.
8. you can't make a task and put a reminder
9. No to-do list to check off
10. I can't figure out how to turn off my alarm without snoozing it! I had to open my clock, turn off then back on again for tmrw. Anybody else got a tip for this?
11. I actually bought an extra To-Do list app but guess what? The "alert" is only a badge on the application with not even a sound! Some REMINDER!

SYNCHING is always a problem
12. You can only sync with one computer
13. There's no option to override sync, you know like Palms can.

The only saving grace is their numerous GAMES applications.

There was an offer by Grange Communication to trade in your iPhone 3GS for Sony Ericsson's Xperia 10 for just $300 with a 7days money back guarantee. I wanted to go for it but where the hell can i get 300 bucks and not sure if i will like it too. A bit too scared now to take my chances. Have been having bad experiences with these Hi-Tech phones.

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Sheer Randomness

Oh Gosh after exactly one month after my D&D chaos, then i have some breather to blog. And that is to say...

I have no social life. Mostly i just tag along with my parents.

Let's see... the last time i hung out with my friends... i asked my parents along. Last night, we had dinner @ Jln Kayu's Mad Jack with parents and Ash. This weekend, i asked if i can tag along to my mum's school reunion! KAH KAH KAH KAH.

It doesn't help that my iPhone does not inspire me to take photos that can translate to bloggable topic. Cos u see right now, im just spewing empty bullets every way i can.


Tufeil Visited My Office last Tuesday during lunch.

My parents and T picked me up at 12nn to go to Arab St to get cloth material for Hari Raya. And i blew $120 and am now extremely broke. Dad had to go back to work so i begged mummy to stop by the office cos my colleague who declared herself Tufeil's Godmother wanted to see him.

It was like working the runway the way i was holding his hands and showing him around. He's not exactly friendly to strangers but managed to salam (shake hands) with that new Tunisian Muslim lady colleague. So she gave him a sweet. How sweet.

The funny part was... she asked if Tufeil's talking already... and out of confusion, nervousness and whatever else i was feeling at that time, i answered, "err.. Not much." When actually Tufeil is babbling and babbling allllllll the time! Like as though he is really trying to make a point in baby lang.

Arghh i can't better tell you how elated i felt from that experience. Damn if only i have some photos!


There have been many times when i'm alone at home feeling stranded and bored. Or when im out and about - with my parents - I feel like i need to step up and be a mother. Independently. Without any help. I longggg to go somewhere that both Tufeil and I can bond and just enjoy each other's company.

Well yeah we always go for lunch / dinner at Causeway Point or library alone but i think that doesn't count. I was thinking of like some sort of an adventure or learning curve. Do they have baby & mummy cooking lessons anywhere?

I mean i see all these mothers doing art & craft things with their toddlers. That is just... AMAZING! I want that. Minus the mess.

I think i wanna go google for something. So ta for now~

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Sick. Again. New words

Damn! I need to blog more often! Its so silent here.

Its bn 5 days since tufeil had started hvg fever. Mum sent to gp n he was prolly on the mend but suddenly d fever was back. His sleep was horrible listening to his phlegm's n seeing how he had to pause nursing, open his mouth to breathe were just heartbreaking.

This time we went to see d paed. I missed my precious salsa class cos he wasnt feeding well too. n we were armed w d mask for him to be nebulized. U know the gas to help vacate those phlegms.

At 1yr 1mth old, He weighed in at 8.9kg and stood at 75.5cm tall! Weee way to go baby! Hope u grow tall n thin. N healthy.

Anyways, Doc said he may hv some kind of ear infection and/or false measles. Like again?? Said if rashes come out n fever still there, tt means trouble.

While he slept much much better, his stools started getting very wet n green. I was worried it might b food poisoning or smtg but mum said it cld b d meds getting rid of his phlegm and by god i hope tt's right. In any case he wasnt crying in pain or anything so i take tt as a good sign.

I had a fear in me that him getting sick so often might hamper his developments. I was imagining he suddenly woke up forgetting how to walk and talk.

So lemme just record down new words he's learnt so i can notice if he's forgotten anything.

Sak for masak means cook.

I find this sooo cute. I mean most babies start w consonants M and B or even P and Y while S usually bcomes ch, Z to J.. The opp applies to T.

More 'S'es:
Tup for tutup meaning close
Charge for anything technological mainly Handphones and computers.

He's started two syllabus words:
Wawer for flower
Nana for banana
Anger for triangle
Kakak = sister
Tuh Tuh as in Turtle

Other sounds:
I say lion n he will roar
I say aeroplane he wld say shhh w arms across the eyes cos tts how i show the plane taking off.
If he sees elephant he will.. Make its sound thanks to Pocoyo. It was really just one time he saw it but left a big impression on him.

MasyaAllah how amazing Allah made children to be.

Oh! Hv i mentioned that T got another haircut?

To match w Atok's style.

-- Post From My iPhone

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