Own House?

We have been dreaming about our own house...

My research at the HDB (Housing Development Board - that's where we buy the FLATS from) website shows that

  1. we are NOT eligible to buy yet bcos we didnt meet the criteria of having at least one other occupier of the house to be Singaporean or PR (Permanent Resident).
  2. But we can get a grant of $20,000 for low income families below 2500/m. but must be in employment for 2 yrs. wait for Apr 08
  3. 3-room flat in Woodlands/Marsiling is about 60,000
  4. 4-room flat in Sembawang is 139,000
  5. 5-room flat in Farrer Park Rd (OUR DREAM house location bcos its super new to Little India) is 365,000!!!!
  6. Using the financial calculator online (not very accurate i think), i think we will only be comfortable to buy a house about 200k

and so we have a lot of questions:

  1. can sister be eligible as an occupier?
  2. What is the max loan amount HDB can give us?
  3. If my dream house is not on the HDB list, can i and how do i buy from the open market? is there any price difference?

Actually i have a lot more questions, but i cant seem to remember it now.

Things to think about when buying our own house are:

  1. Bills: Utility, Internet, Conservation? (sampah), taxes???
  2. Additional own transport costs (since currently i always take a lift from dad)

Of course these are just planning lah. Definitely, we will hafta wait till Zubair's got a stable job and everything. We're just looking ahead and at the same time fantasise...

You know, we actually surveyed the HDBs around Little India that night. We went up to the 10th floor of the Farrer Park Road (the newer flats) and the view was just breathtaking! the surroundings are nice. I wont even mind if we hafta buy from the old flat bcos i LOVE little India!!! It's so lively with 24-hr shopping centre Mustafa around... late night supper/shopping... saree/shalwar kameez ogling... and i love the fact that Zubair loves it too :D

OK sabar sabar...

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4 glasses of Juice:

Agha said...

Dear Daughter Julissa

A Man asked Hazrat Umer Bin Abdul Aziz (a Fifth Caliph)please define that who will be the luckiest man of the world. Hazrat Umer Bin Abdul Aziz defined that a man who has three thing is a luckies man of the world.
1- he must have his own conveyance
2- he must have his own home
3- he have a wife who maintaine his dignity and worth.

The fifth caliph explained further that number 1 and 2 is eseential but a good wife is bless of Allah. So alwyas pray for a good wife if you want to become a luckiest man of the world.

So my daughter, dreaming of a good life is a positive approach. It is invoke to Almighty Allah that He pour you life with happiness.


Agha M. Ajmal
Yur Mamoooo

Jussaemon said...

Thanks mamoo!! That really perks me up! I tot that pple would mock me for dreaming but u didnt!

i-am-menot said...

everyone is entitled to having their own dreams lah .. heh.

anyway the transition lens worked even if your in a car. i was in the passenger seat. and the sun was shining soo brightly, my lens darkened.

Jussaemon said...

Thanks menot!

I dreamt of you. We went to Tampines Library and it's opened till 0125am! hahahah