Warning! Gross content ahead. Steer clear if you're not game for it.

My bowel's starting to feel very constipated this week. Nisa said at Week 10 its too early to be constipating already. Is it?

Last week, i had a hint of constipation and a change of time table. Yes my allocated time to go and "invest" is every WORKDAY morning before 9am but after bfast. Weekends are off day so they show up at no specific time. Possibly related to what time i wake up and eat but i haven't concluded with any firm formula as of yet. LOL

After that hint of constipation last week, i accidentally yet purposely ate a sambal dah basi (expired chilli). See i bought my siew mai as usual downstairs, but i notice the chilli is a bit sticky, but it doesnt taste any different, as nice as usual so i just gobbled the whole thing up. And Wa La i hit jackpot.

But as the week went, the schedule turned to nights at home. (It wont come if im outside on a date or something. very educated one)

But starting Tues this week, the stool is getting harder and harder. Its getting more diff to push it out. and after a whole lot of effort, only tiny bits and pieces were glistening in the bowl. HUMPH!

Yesterday was the worst of all. I spent 20min in the toilet in the office and almost cried. It was like trying to give birth to a stone but there's no open hole!!! I was afraid to push out all the way, afraid it might affect the implantation in the cervix (or whatever its called) and dont wanna get piles. So that was restricting me slightly too.

I wanted to give up and started to wash myself. That was when the urge came again and the passage was more slippery with just the help of water! And i was saved in a way.

Surprisingly, that night, i had another urge to go to the toilet and it went out very smoothly. So now i'm confused, should i mention to the gynae later when i see her, or... is it a one off thing?

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Infant VS Toddler

Me: I dont know how to appreciate Infants .... yet. Give me a toddler any time and i will gladly play with him.

Friend: Oh its the reverse for me! I LOVE infants.

Me: Oh is it because toddlers are just so naughty

Friend: Yup yup. The Terrible 2s and 3s.

Me: I've heard of Terrible Twos but not 3s

Friend: Oh that i made it up myself cos they seem to be terrible still at the age of 3! LOL

Me: For me... I feel so scared to carry infants cos they are so fragile and dont know how to play with babies who dont know how to talk yet.

What do YOU think? Do you prefer to play with Infants or Toddlers? Vote for your choice in the poll on the right hand corner~

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It's All About Me.

Yesterday i couldn't think of what to write... Today i got loads to tell!!


First of all Tuesday night was the 3rd class for bellydancing. Only 6 out of 20+ of us remained. I was not early but the rest wasnt there yet which was a bit of a surprise and i had a few min of one on one session with the instructor. Finally i understood how to do snake arms! The trick is to make your wrist flow and it will look nice. haha

Last week we learnt Shoulder shimmy and 3 point turn. Lol! Like driving pulak~. That night we learnt Hip Shimmy and Walking with Horizontal Figure 8. The latter is a bit tricky lah. We learnt previously in Carol's class but somehow the way this instructor do it looks a bit diff. I just hentam the way that i learnt before.

I planned to just continue even during fasting month since the mosque is very nearby. But for the past two weeks, i realised that i get very lethargic afterwards. but i NEED exercise. and i CANT miss a single class, otherwise i wont be able to catch the next 8 steps into the songs, what more to miss 4 lessons!

Taking cab home every night won't solve the problem also as it might interfere with my cashflow. haha. So i think i might as well stop going lah. *WAILING!!*

Late Night Supper

Its the first time that Tuesday night that i was sooo hungry i had to bother someone to buy food for me.

See i only ate a Club Sandwich from 711 at 6pm before my belly dancing class. when i reached Causeway Point at 9pm, i was still not hungry and tot i'd just have my ice cream.

I was just about to drift away to sleep at 11:30pm when Z finally reached home. So we talked a bit while he rubbing my tummy. hehe Then it hit me. It hit me bad this hunger pang. i was SOOOOO hungry i nearly cried! Tuesday is a Mum's not cooking night so there's nothing in the kitchen. Well... nothing that's ready anyways. I can't even think about calling Mc cos im so sick of it.

So i called Mummy. She was in JB but luckily going back already. So i asked to buy some sausagey or tuna-ish thingy. She got me both from Polar Puff and another set for the hungry Father also. LOL. *ALL SMILES*

Wednesday's Lunch

For lunch i went to Singtel Hello shop at Golden Shoe. Sighhh if Kak Long was still working there, we could have lunched together! The Q was super long with pple getting their iPhones clogging up the line. BLERGHK!

I just had my Tuna puff from last night half an hour earlier but i know i had to get something otherwise i will be hungry later. If somebody was observing me, they would surely think i was crazy cos at one time i was walking up the street then turned around and walked down instead 2 or 3 times. I even climbed up the stairs to the hawker center but came down again.

I was sooo confused on what food to buy. Bcos i was still feeling full i guess. I had been wanting Famous Amos cookies but at that time, it didnt appeal to me. Then i tot, ok having FRIES only (minus burger) is good while i wait for 40min for my no to be called while playing my sudoku. Then i remembered my promise to myself to bring down my fast food intake. Then i tot, ok let's just buy fruits, but i just drank a bottle of Lemon 1000 that contains 1000MG of Vitamin C. I read that overdose of Vit C can cause miscarriage.

I settled for Old Chang Kee AND the cookies in case i feel crave for it later on and regret not buying them when i was so near! LOL.

Zubair often gets irritated with my constant thinking and changing of minds. But i have my reasons ok :P

Anyways, it was raining cats and dogs and i didnt bring umbrella. I even had to dash across the road. I'm so careless! But i think the baby's tough lah can tolerate all my jumping and running. hehe

First Drive While Pregnant

I realised that i havent driven the car ever since i knew i was pregnant. Not that i was overly cautious or anything. Just that i like to sleep in the car on the way to work when Ayah drives me. And i dont go back home with Ayah anymore cos if i take the train, i get longer and uninterrupted sleep. LOL

I was dragging my feet to go to my class last night cos its raining and i just feel super tired from the night before. It's like as though my mum has 6th sense. She offered the car keys to me~!!! A bit surprised there cos i didnt think she would let me drive again esp now that im pregnant. She did say, "Take Care tau" when i was leaving. So im very grateful there as i couldnt imagine walking in the rain. YIKES!

A bit nervous going down the slippery car park ramp and a bit nervous while reverse parking but it all turned out alright. Phew~ I did take special care WALKING up and down that ramp bcos before this (b4 pregnant), i had fallen down at the exact same spot TWICE.

So 4 short stories there.

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I Want a Skinny Baby

Today is the start of my 10th week being pregnant. and in 3 weeks' time, I'll be in my 2nd trimester already!!!

My is that fast or what. Ok possibly bcos i wasn't aware i was pregnant for the first 6 weeks.

Now... my next (i hope) PROPER pregnancy check up is this fri afternoon. I have a mixed feeling of excitement and anxiety.

Excited because if or when they do an ultrasound scan, i will finally get to meet Foetus. Cos seriously, apart from constant hunger and need to rush to the loo, i barely feel pregnant at all. So this will be sort of an affirmation to my state.

Anxious because i neglected my folic acid for about 10 whole days consecutively. So i'm a bit worried about the health of this being growing inside of me.

Speaking of health, I've actually allocated myself a quota of eating fast food not more than twice a week. hahahah I know i know that is too much right. But i'm the Fries Queen ok... (You can bribe me with fries anytime) twice a week is considered... HELL. LOL.

I feel disappointed to report that each week, i overshot the QUOTA!!!! I dont know why.. but circumstances just keep on testing me.

Ok like last Sat. In the afternoon, i was craving for Sausage McMuffin so i made a firm resolution to wake up early on Sun to go to Mc for Bfast. But Sat night, my sis and i were thinking what to eat. We wanted to get the salad from Coffee Bean but there's none anywhere near our place... so she suggested on the sandwich at McCafe. But i ended up buying FILLET!

On Sunday i did get my Sausage McMuffin PLUS hotcakes. Yummy! the delivery man even included a Fillet that we didnt order nor did they charge us. That fillet became my dinner that night. SHEESH!

I told myself, "Tmrw at work, i'm going to buy SLOW FOOD!!! Can't stand fast food now!!" This promise i did keep for I bought gado2.

I even ate home cooked meal for dinner last night. Sambal tumis UDANG! Yummy. EVERYBODY's favourite!

Afterwards, my sister dragged me to Causeway POint with them citing "it's been a long time since the 4 of us went out together" and bribing me with..... FRIES!!!!!!!! TO be honest, i really didnt feel like eating that night... in fact i felt slightly nauseous with my head pounding inside and my bladder close to bursting... But when it's in front of my eyes, my hand just automatically reach out for them and stuff it into my mouth. So don't blame my vigilance, or lack there of.

I suppose i just hafta remind myself, "If i want a skinny baby, then DONT EAT FAST FOOD!!!"

But you know how this thing works... The more you say dont, the more you are tempted to do it! Sigh....

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7 Weird Facts About Me

I imaginarily got myself tagged by Nisa to write just how weird i am.

1. If there are 4 dishes on my plate of rice, it should all finish at the same time. If there are more dishes than rice, i hafta add some more rice to even it out. and vice versa. But after 20 over years of practice, i always manage to end it all in sync.

2. My hobby is to peel my cracked heels or any other hard skin around my body. Sometimes i will scratch Zubair's scabs and pimples also! hehehehe

3. Another habit of mine is i like to write with my fingers so much its mostly done subconsciously. If i dont like that somebody who's talking to me, i would write "i hate you". In the movies, in the train, practically anywhere and everywhere if i hear or see any word, my fingers jump and start "painting". And Zubair becomes the victim of my scribbling when my hand happen to rest on his lap. And he would always push my hand away when i do that :(

4. When im bored, i would also play text twist in my mind with words on posters and such.

5. I cannot sleep on a bed right under the window. I will have nightmares.

6. I simply cannot bring myself to eat nor drink Blue things.... No blue cakes, no blue lagoon mocktail for me thank u.

7. I dont care much about jewellery. Dont ever ever give me earrings ( i dont even have pierced ear lobes) or necklace or bracelet. I dont even wear my wedding ring. Nor does Zubair cos i didnt get him any. I think guys who wear rings are repulsive. Just buy me lots and lots and lots of clothes.

So now 7 people i'm tagging are:

1. Miss Sue
2. Fahim Bhai
3. Menot
4. Erin
5. AShley
6. Hidayah
7. Aisyah

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May Day May Day! Scrabulous is Closed!

I repeated Scrabulous is Closed! May Day May Day!

Scrabulous has been disabled for US and Canadian users since end of July thereabout but we in Singapore were still able to access it. That is until last Fri 22nd Aug.

MY RATINGS!!! My leading games all gone to waste!! When i logged in Facebook, seems soo... quiet and empty... i stayed less than 1min. No reason to linger around there no more.

When i tried to google what happened to Scrabulous... i saw the headline that they made a come back as WordScraper now. While the settings, out look all remained the same, the game is now more of Literati than Scrabble with the 3W and 3L at diff places. Worse is nobody seems to be playing cos i hosted and tried to join open tables, all returned ZILCH.

There's also Scrabble for Worldwide other than US and Canada. Unfortunately i dont have the latest Flash Player or something that i couldn't load the bugger. My Sis is saying its super nice and making me all jlos.

Oh well... the current game im hooked with is Sudoku. My 2nd sis reignited my interest in Sudoku when i showed her how to play Puzzle Level 5. Now i'm printing off Evil Puzzles on to exercise my brain.

So... BRB. hehe

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Pregnancy Becomes Me

I think i'm just overreacting, after all im only 9weeks pregnant. BUT!

I cant help feeling tired. Just ferrying arch files from my colleague on a ladder to the table is already causing some backaches.

I can't take bland/sweet food (excl choc... i think). This morning i had Fried Red Bean Pao and now my throat is throbbing and my insides feel like sprouting out like volcano.

Last night, I couldn't even stomach the idea of having Fish Soup for dinner. Zubair and I had a very long thought of what spicy food to eat at Causeway Point. I want something spicy like TOM YAM!!!! yummyy... but there's no good one at CwP and we've just been to Sakura on the weekend. Siam Kitchen's not so spicy also. Banquet? NOOOO....

In the end, we settled for McSpicy at McDonalds for him and McWings for me cos i definitely cant finish the whole burger + fries do. To compensate for the lack of Buns on McWings, i upsized my meal and almost couldn't finish the fries. Almost. haha =)

Anyway, the MC outlet at Civic Centre is not very big, couple with quite a handful of selfish people who just "hang around" occupying like 5 tables giving TUITION lah... Insurance advice lah... project discussion lah... or simple chit chatting.

Zubair and i had to wait some 5 min to finally get a table out at the al fresco dining. GRRRRR
Sure you can hang out at Mcs... but be considerate lah.. find a quieter outlet or something. This student teacher pair in the picture above didnt even order ANY FOOD! Even had the cheek to drink something not of Mc's!
I felt like complaining to the manager, but i was just too famished. After 30min or so they were gone.
Talk about a graceless society!

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Journey to the Center of The Earth

was awesome!!!!

Both me and Zubair enjoyed it very much! Even better than Mummy 3. and compensated a lot for that wasted Dark Night.

Ok... it might not be soo believable, and the computer animation of some shots are rather obvious but the sense of adventure and cheap thrill were in abundance! I was squirming, shrieking my head off and clutching Z's pants most of the time. So much so that Z had to shush me so many times saying, "Why are you screaming? Nobody else is screaming lah. Just relax."

During that scene at the beach, i cried. Zubair laughed at me, "This is just fiction lah." My type of person, i like to connect with the movie, feel what the character feels. That's why im so jumpy and weepy.

I need to unearth the book i have in some box i think. That is if we havent given it away.

I suspect there might be a sequel: Atlantis! Yes! Im soooooooo looking forward to it already!

PS: Brendan Fraser is getting old.

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OMG! Was that a Pick Up Line?

We just finished lunch at Sakura, Yishun.

Zubair is supposed to head down to Chinatown but i begged him to accompany me in the train ride home 3 stations away. Thankfully he agreed although that means he has to go up and back down again to Yishun, wasting about 25min.

So i walked the 5min track home alone. Just as i exited from the MRT. A guy, in his late 20s, i'd say, clad in Malay Baju Kurung holding a folder filled with $2 notes, greeted me with a Salam asking if i'd like to donate to a Needy Children's Charity.

Guy: Hal Anti minal Madrasah? (Are you from Madrasah / islamic sch?)
Me: *nodding* (while I'm not exactly IN madrasah, im a graduate from there.)
Guy: Ayyi madrasah? (which islamic sch?)
Me: Ma'arif
Guy: Oh Ma'arif

I dropped a note and started to move.

Guy: Mas muki? (what's your name?)
Me: Julissa
Guy: Oh Julissa. Ana Irwan Shah (I'm Irwan Shah)
Me: Ok *and walks away*
Guy: OK

I bet this wouldn't have happened if Zubair was with me.

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Karaoke: Club 7 VS Cash Studio

The day for another karaoke session at Ayah's office finally came.

It took so long cos the room was always booked, we had to wait for more than 4 weeks! But the wait was all worth while. Cos we got the bigger room this time. very spacious!

This time, invited guests were Cik Girl (my mum's youngest sister) and of course, Cousin Yayan.

Thankfully, Ayah helped to make a video of Me and Zubair singing Yang Tersayang. Zubair LOVES this song. The only malay song thus far that he likes, listens to almost everyday. But last fri was the first time he tried to sing it properly. His diction is very nice and clear except for a few confusion in pronounciation like the word DEMI becomes more like DIMI but considering that its his FIRST time singing, it was like a A Star!

We had the room from 6 - 10pm. It wasn't enough!! Bcos some of them reach very late. And then we break for prayer... dinner... So guess what? Since the night was still young, we continued the momentum at Cash Studio two NEL stops away.

Over there, we sang for another 3 hours ending at 2am. Zubair got to sing a lot of Hindi songs. But some of them we had to SKIP bcos of the disgusting home made Video. ERGH! But we had a lot of fun singing ISABELLA '98. I was Amy, Cik Girl sang Jamal, Yayan became Saleem and Long Zamani. We had to repeat it a lot of times cos we got confused about whose turn it was to sing! LOL

Let me then conclude with a summary of the pros and cons of both places

Club 7


  1. CHEAP. less than $10 per hour
  2. Great cheap food Max $4.50 for a big serving of seafood spaghetti or chicken chop...
  3. Clean toilets with jet spray
  4. Other facilities like pool table, etc


  1. Long waiting list to book the room
  2. Quite inaccessible though nearest MRT in lil India.
  3. Not so good Microphone

Cash Studio


  1. More Songs and latest ones too
  2. Can save favourites
  3. Quite central location
  4. Opens till 3 or 4am
  5. Night Rider bus stop very near


  1. FREAKING EXPENSIVE!!!! Total for 3 hours for 5 pax was $80!!!! *FAINT*
  2. People actually smoke in there!!!
  3. TOILET IS DISGUSTING!!!! Thankfully they're gonna move to Cuppage soon but that's in ORCHARD. YUCKS
  4. Most of the videos are CIPLAK (pirated) and distasteful.

If you ask me which place would i visit again, it would hafta be Club 7.

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McDonalds Olympics Glasses

I was chatting with my friend about how many we've collected of these glasses, when an idea struck me.

I decided to email to everyone in my dept, "

Hi All,

We are in dire need of glasses for guests.

I've been chasing Admin Dept for so long but still havent bought for us yet.

As such, I was thinking, if you guys happen to have extra or too many of them FREE McDonalds Olympics Glasses, or intend to go to McD soon, can donate a few for the office?

The same person who remarked against using those dirt cheap paper files now suggested this:

How many are we short of? Why don’t we go and buy ourselves. I am sure Mike will
approve it as it not very expensive.

They all came up to my desk and discussed about it. One agreed we should just go and buy ourselves then claim later to which i said Nevermind lah im just saying if you have already at home can bring to office.

Another said its a bit unprofessional to give clients or maybe big bosses such cups. Perhaps yes.. but this is McDonald's we're talking about. Almost the equivalent of having Starbuck's mugs?

So, fed up, I shot a question to the floor, "Ok who wants to volunteer to go and buy?"

Everybody hesitated. At last that same person said uncommittedly, "Ok if i happen to pass by Ikea or something i will buy over the weekend."

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Raising Helen

When i read Miss Sue's Entry about not sparing the rod, i couldn't agree more.

As a child, i had wished that my parents were more stricter on me to mould me to a more god-fearing person. Although, of course, it could backfire but perhaps that's another story for another time.

I DO believe in rotan-ning / caning my children for bad behaviour. And afterwards, explain to them why what they did (and not they themselves) are bad and/or wrong.

Zubair, on the other hand, ever told me a couple of times, "You are not to lift a hand on our children." Or something to that effect. Prolly because of the harsh upbringing and constant punishing (not by Ammi) he and his brothers faced through out their childhood.

However, the golden question is: DO I HAVE THE HEART TO HIT THEM?

As it is, i have always been gentle to all my young students and of course my darling niece, Syifaa'.

Never even raised my voice on the girls. I was always their friendly and cool (haha) older sister, laughing and joking with them, tickling them when they're not revising. But i felt, it was so much so that they somehow took me for granted. "Ah its ok... Sis Julissa is nice. She wont scold us if we jump on the couch, if we go answer the phone, if we talk amongst ourselves, if we stare on the wall dreaming..."

As for Syifaa'.... If she wants highlighter, i give her... if she wants that salty crackers, i let her. If she cries, i let her be. If she screams for her Aa Ba Aa (Learn Arabic DVD), we all hafta put it on for her (which is good lah)... But we give in to her ALL the time, im so afraid it might spoil her like it had spoilt me (probably).

On the other hand, i can't imagine EVER ever EVER hitting them EVER.

Maybe the trick that my sis did is good. She brought Syifaa' into the room and gave her a viewing of the ROTAN (cane/stick/feather duster) by hitting on the bed, on the floor, on the wardrobe and everywhere else except on her body itself.

So now everytime we say, "See the rotan? U want the rotan?", she would immediately stop wailing or throwing tantrum and submit to the task at hand, be it to go for shower, stop eating chocolate, dont climb the chair, screaming for no reason etc etc....

Neat trick huh.

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I am doing an archiving exercise in the office.

I transfer the papers from PVC 3" Arch file to a Paper file, put a band around it then stuff them in the Cisco Recall boxes.

A colleague saw this and commented, "You transfer to paper file ah? I think its a waste of resources"

Me: Its less than $0.50 each

Coll: Yeah i just dont see why you hafta transfer to paper file. Just tie it with a (some string i cant remember the name).

Me: But they will become dogeared after a while

Coll: What's that?

Me: Dogeared. As in the paper will get ruffled over time?

Coll: But to be honest, how often would you browse thru the archives?

ME in my heart: Well in my opinion, it'd be dead messy if u dont put in paper file. Anyways, why should we be pennywise pound foolish?

In our own way, both of us are right of course. But since I'M the one doing the archiving, the method is up to me, right?!

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A Tour Around Singapore

We went out from the house to go to work at 7:35am this morning. (slightly earlier than usual)

But u know what time i reached the office? 9:20am!!! Close to 2 hours on the road!!

At first when we came out from the carpark, there was an exceptionally long queue to turn to the expressway. Ayah said, "Oh i think there's some road construction. Should go via PIE instead." so he made one big left turn to the other side of town to the PIE entrance. BUt as it turned out, there was an even LONGER and SLOWER queue to the PIE.

I closed my eyes. Dont wanna get stressed. But i could hear Ayah sighing. Poor Ayah.

Next time i opened my eyes, i could see some mrt tunnel or something... Where are we? Definitely not in expressway...

Few minutes later i saw... Clementi Road.... then Dunearn... Eng neo then finally Bkt Timah... it was already 9am and Ayah's supposed to start at 8:30am! I msged my manager i'd be in slightly late. maybe another 20min.

After an 1hr nap, i was wide awake. BUT nauseous! This is like the 2nd time i felt nauseous in my 8 weeks pregnancy. So giddy from the turnings and the zig zagging... the move stop move stop.. I ate some of my raisin bread... Maybe it worked slightly by taking my mind off the road. But the sweetness made me wanna puke some.

I could even taste the salty saliva that usually comes before the real upheaval. Thank God i managed to psycho myself not to throw up.

Now that we've reached Tekkah.. i know its just a mattter of time before i reached the office.

When i got down, i quickly bought something spicy. my fav SIEW MAI!!!

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Belly Dancing

Yesterday was the first class of Belly Dancing.

I know i'm so stubborn on going for it while others had expressed concerns, esp during the crucial tender period of the first trimester.

However, the doctor did say that if its not vigorous, why not? I asked what is vigorous. She said something like mountain climbing?

And guess what? Its not anything jumpy at all. it involves a lot of isolated swaying of body parts. ie hands and hips. The movements are all very gentle as belly dancing should be. And of course because we are beginners, its all slow motion.

We've learnt the Hip lifts, Hip Drops and Snake Arms. Let me tell you, my arm coordination is already haywire since the wrist injury and it looked all..... FROZEN (as in kaku) when i try to sway them in opp direction. Really cannot make it.

I have mixed feeling when she played the song. Its the glorious and most popular Nuril Ain Arabic song. Cos im so familiar with this song, i could groove to it and maybe even sing along. But i feel like this song is being prostituted with this dance. Maybe its just me.

But i sure am glad when the instructor said that thru out these 6 weeks, she'll be adding moves along from the same song and by the end of it, we'll be able to dance thru the WHOLE song.

Now about the instructor. She's definitely not local. Her accent sounded Turkish but she has Blonde hair! Is that possible? She's a bit queer. She is slim and everything but but she did the hip lifts and hip drops, the muscles jiggled. hehe

So since i have the song in my computer, im gonna upload it to my hp and practise in front of the mirror. I really need to work on the snake arms. Just one thing i regret. Making the wrong move when the instructor was observing us. Sheesh. She must think im stupid not knowing how to differentiate between hip lift and hip drops.

Anyways, im soooooooooooo looking forward to more of this class!

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The Dark Knight

After the success of watching Mummy 3 with Zubair the week before, i thought its a good time to get him to watch more English movies. Besides, there's no interesting Hindi movie showing on screen anyways. So i asked Kak Long's opinion and she totally rooted for The Dark Knight.

So Fri night we went to catch it at AMK Hub.

And we both got bored out of our wits!!!

Firstly the movie was too long. And the plot is just too complicated even for me. what more for him! And i soooo hate the Joker's face. But worse is the Two Face. I really had to cover the screen with my hand so as not to see the burnt part. PUKE

I hope he wont get turned off by English movies now.

But last night i caught Love Guru and it was sooo slapstick fun! But hey... NOTHING and i repeat NOTHING can beat Kung Fu Panda ok. That one sure laugh non stop.

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And so i Returned their Money...

If you remember, Last Jan, i took orders for punjabi suits .

If you remember, i had an accident while i was on holiday neither was there internet access at his home as his computer was down at that time. Then i tried to mms my clients to get them to choose which material they want but the MMSes never got thru to them. And i tot, nevermind lah i will post the pictures when i get back to Singapore and do the transaction via email or something.

Then another big hurdle of trying to translate the 5 measurement forms from English to Urdu. I couldnt figure out how to transfer the figures without having to rewrite ALL SETS over and over again and some measurements has extra instructions and specifications that was just IMPOSSIBLE to translate.

In the end, i tot just translate one form and ask Ammi to refer to that form for the others as the template is the same and besides she is a professional tailor she'd know how to estimate stuffs i imagine.

But there's another problem. To match the measurement form with the picture of the material chosen for this or that person. Im telling u it was a complete headache. It was very bad of me to have procastinated for a long long time before i could settle the measurement.

It was April when i finally manage to write each information of each order into an email and send it off. By this time, their computer was ok so they could check their email.

I dont know why but after one month there was still no news. I kept asking Zubair to call and ask but everytime he would just say, "Darling, i suggest u just return their money lah." BUt i told him, "Ok.... but i at least wanna know which part of the transaction went wrong. Is it no more material or cannot understand or what? At least i can explain to the rest mah"

This conversation repeated like 5 or 6 times... in the end i just ask which are ready so i can return the rest. Even that one Zubair cant answer properly. Dont know lah ur cousin's red colour and your sisters i think. I ask, "My cousin didnt order red colour! and my sister's all two sets or what?" a big DONT KNOW. And he's telling ME to have some KNOWLEDGE?!?!?!?!?!?!

We wanted to send whatever that is ready thru my uncle who is visiting Old Lahore which is about 1 or 2hrs away. But even that he couldnt arrange properly. Granted He DID try to contact my uncle but his hp was off. But i dont suppose he tried very hard. How to register a business like this? OMG. *heart pain*

In any case, since i got some money, i quickly return everybody's money. If it happens that any of their suits are ready i will give them THEN and they can pay THEN.

So i just got back from having lunch with my Japanese Aunty who works nearby and returned her $50. She was the one who was apologetic. I said no no it really is my fault. then she treated me with lunch at Wok Express =D

After that i straight away met my junior from sch who works even nearer to me. She also very cute one. very generous type. She ordered just 1 suit but gave me $50. But told me to return only $40 for all the arrangement that i have done thus far. She understands that its a very complicated process.

So yes. Today i feel very light and happy! I dont wanna owe anybody any money. Even though i let my customers down, we are still friends... and relative. =)

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My Samsung Omnia Story...

A story of how i LOVE it, how i BOUGHT it and WHY i SOLD it off.

Last Tuesday, before i went to the polyclinic to do my first check up, i received a letter from Starhub.

It's the voucher i've been waiting for. However, instead of $100 its $200!!! I was jumping for joy!

While waiting for our number to be called, we went to a nearby Starhub shop to enquire how much they are selling the Omnia with 2yrs recontract on my middle tier plan and how much would they take in my k800i.

So the spanking new hp is $548 - $200 voucher - $100 for k800i. Unfortunately though, they require a FULL set of my old phone with charger as well as earpiece. and my earpiece is a gone case one!

Not wanting to limit my option, i ask whether there are any other compatible phone from diff brands. Requirements: 5MP + Wifi. There was a Nokia one but NO way m i EVER going to buy a Nokia set again EVER. Next close one was an LG i think but no Wifi no GPS.

My ex-love w960i is selling at $200+. If i get that one, i dont hafta pay anything man. But it would also be kinda outdated after 1 yr i would imagine with a 3.2MP camera. So i postpone my decision.

On the way home, we walked in Causeway POint to avoid the glaring heat of the sun. Just for fun, i asked Z, let's take a look at that Starhub shop at basement 1.

I asked the usual Question, do u have Omnia? an 8GB one? any other colour? how much? And so to check, he brought out the box that they have and confirmed theirs is a 16GB one. And this shop is worse, they dont take trade-ins AT ALL. But said that i could sell the hp later.

The staff was scanning the barcode already but i stopped him, "Wait. Actually im not ready to buy yet. I was just enquiring." He gave me one confused cum irritated look. Bcos their counter is such that its actually a queue to the "cashier" and he brought out the box already... i thought, "Oh well why not? i want this phone anyway. Today or tmrw wont make any diff." Aloud i asked Z, "Can i? Can i really buy this phone?" He said yeah sure why not.

And so i did.

On the way home, i kept telling Z, dont tell my family about my new hp ok? I will sure get it from them one. But Z was so sweet, he said for me to tell them that HE got it for me. and they cant really scold him or anything hehehe ...

I manage not to show anybody my new phone.

The first thing i did was rummage for a manual book. There was none. But there was a instructions CD. oh ok nevermind plenty of time to fiddle with the phone.

Work day dawned and i eagerly installed the samsung CD into my computer and started to synchronize some music files. I dont know what happened! Something about needing password for the Microsoft Exchange Server to synch w Outlook. Alamak what's this? Why is it not as simple as Palm? But i did manage to synch my songs thru Windows Media Player. 2 CD albums full.

But hey! Why after that it kept warning me, memory low?!?!?!?! the phone is 16GB BIG what not 16MB! Wait. Does it have something to do with "browsing ALL folders" when searching items for Media Library? But but when i look in my hp's File Explorer, i couldnt find any other docs. Damn! I deleted my songs. they are old anyway. and then the notification went away.......

Do you know that composing SMS on the OMNIA is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO troublesome???? At first i was excited with the letter recogniser and wrote myself away. But i got tired of it after awhile. Took so long ok! and sometimes got mistakes all. My spaces kept turning into dots. and my Ss into Gs, Rs into Vs, Ws into Ns. Aiyah! Then i switched to Samsung Keyboard. Its a bit bigger but too slim to use my finger to type! Still hafta use stylus and then their #%$^?&*$@ symbols are like all over the place!! So confusing one! and their numbers positions are like the qwerty keyboard positions. Aiyooo

I esp dislike the part that i hafta use TWO hands to compose smses. Not just that, i really hafta concentrate on the screen lest i pressed the wrong slim key. Sooo unlike a conventional hp where u can compose with ur eyes closed or while walking and still know when you've made a mistake!

Unlike conventional phones, i can't see when i've got an SMS. There's no unopened Envelope sign ANYWHERE! Bcos all notifications are put under one symbol and when u tap it, first it will come out the networks available (more below) afterwhich i just tap outside the box to exit (bcos there was only a "connect" option available) and didnt see the next notification!

I tried to bare with it. I psychoed myself that after awhile i will get used to it. So i fiddle with the other features that i love about this hp.

1. GPS

WOW! the map really load on ur screen! But wait. Would i be charged for using GPS? Im not sure but must be so. Better dont use first until i got firm confirmation. Dont want my hp bill to skyrocket end of the month! (Later my friend confirmed that yes it would be charged thru GPRS kilobyte usage)

2. Wifi
Firstly because i am constantly on the move with the hp, it kept beeping me to say what wi-fi networks are available. At work, when im not connected to anything cos everything's secured n i dont have the password of cos, keep beeping and beeping. Then Even at home when im ALREADY connected to my wireless at home, it kept detecting this irritating insecure and tempting Linksys network. I got so fed up i put the sound as NONE but the notification still came out! OMG SO IRRITATING!

Worse still... even after im connected to the internet wirelessly, when i opened the browser i just came out a blank WHITE screen!!! What in the world! then Z fiddled something that hides the whatever bar so dont know where to tap to get the menu some more.


3. Camera

We took a total of 3 pictures. Oh yeah its really very nice and bright. even in our dim lit room. But like i said i have trouble synchronizing it to my pc.

However, one problem i could foresee is taking a self timer photo. Bcos the phone is too slim, it cant stand by itself. and By God you dont wanna ask a stranger to help take a photo using ur hp! What if they run away with it?!?!?!?!

I was soooo fed up that one day i even changed back to my good old k800i. But only for a day. I was quite adamant to get used to it.

That was before i decided to search for fun how much is it selling in the market. Let me tell you. $800 - $850!!!!! Turned out that several pple are already selling their Omnia set after a month, some just two weeks, citing unable to get used to the Operating System as an excuse. Nisa said, Yeah they are all IMPULSIVE pple like you. Damn~ Today, I am forced to admit and agree with my parent that yes, i am impulsive indeed =(

And 2nd hand for w960i was selling at $400. Wow, i thought. Why not? I'd be free from misery and even have cash to save! $$$$$ ding ding ding ding ding $$$$$

I listed my hp at at around mid day... i got an sms at 10pm by an interested buyer!!!

Guess what? I sold the unit the next day and got CASH ON THE SPOT!!

Wow... like this i can even do such a transaction every 2 years when the contract expires... no? Nah... its gonna be a bit risky actually. Bcos come to think of it, i still only got 1 interested person asking me after 3 days... and we're talking about OMNIA like the most hyped up hp ad ever!

In any case. I'm very happy i sold away my hp. But now thinking should i save 100% for baby or do i allow myself to buy a new hp? maybe later lah. like... Dec?

My customer is sending the unit to his friend in China!

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No Job is Perfect

I have been working for 7 years in my life now and if its not one thing, its the other thing that is not really right in the office.


My first job at ZM was tough and lowly paid, not to mention Dirty. Everyday my body itched from seeing ants walking on my desk!!! and will smell of sausage on the way home. The big boss was extremely FIERCE n stingy.

If there's anything i can reminisce about that place is some of the nice friends i made over there. Only 1 person i cannot tahan. She had a laser of a mouth! But that's all past now and forgotten.

BIGGEST lesson i've learnt after leaving: to take down instructions on paper so as not to forget it!


I was excited finally getting a proper air con office in town after 3 years slaving at a factory.

However, i missed typing invoices quickly in such monotonous way i cld have done them with my eyes closed! But soon i was a master of all the product plans offered by two insurance companies and know my way around in just 6 months.

If i thought that my previous was fierce, then this TWO new ones are even worse, but in a totally different way. At least that previous one is not my direct boss and was just menacing without actually doing anything except scold the managers and throw a sausage or two.

These new ones? Well they are nice really... but just demanding and SUPER particular. I suppose, i was the naive one and SOFT. I didnt know what to expect nor how to handle situations. I was still very new to the corporate world, haven't seen diff diff kinds of pple havent spent my 12 yrs of education in the same sch with the same pple my whole life.

Valuable lessons i've learnt: How to ask questions. Or rather, anticipate what ur boss would ask you and make sure u ask that person you're talking to before u revert to the boss! I really appreciate this skill that i picked up :D

Another thing i will always remember after working there for 2 years is my lovely colleagues. All of us secretaries serve different bosses. So it was no problem bitching about them and comparing our salaries! hahahaha it was so fun... lunching with them... MSN was also no problem.

Good thing about this job is, before even 2 years, i was being promoted as Admin Executive, from Admin Asst. Ok it was only in name and the salary didnt really increase much but its the acknowledgement that i've served them long is what i appreciate.


It's been 2 years now. I'm happy with my Super nice angmoh male boss. I'm happy with the benefits im getting (its not really a big a deal as i heard other financial companies offer even better, but well im not greedy.... yet. LOL) and im happy with what i've done with my cubicle.

Also, i LOVE my Rec Club formation this year.

So what's making me doubt my stay in this organisation?

  1. sadly, my dept colleagues are by VERY VERY VERY far my friends
  2. some of them even like to peer into what im doing as thought THEY are my boss when my own boss trusts me to do the job on time n properly.
  3. Sure i get annual increment like 5%.. bonuses and 2 months AWF... but how come i havent got promoted yet? I wanna be something! Now a Grade 5 Admin Asst... Isnt there a Grade 6 or something?
  4. Even after 2 years, i dont really know who are our clients, what are our products as they are out of my job scope. I have a vague picture but not proficient enough to explain it to another friend or acquaintance if they were to ask. Sad, huh?
  5. All my favourite websites are BLOCKED!!!!!

So while i got a better remuneration package, the invaluable things like friends and sense of satisfaction are lacking.

I dont really wanna move bcos i dont wanna start all over again and im aiming to get that 21days leave after 5 years of service! hahaa 3 more to go!

But yeah if there's a right offer from MAS *wink wink*, i will surely grab it.

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The Thing About Death

Everytime i give Zubair the What-if-u-die-tmrw speech when im reminding him for prayers and what nots, he would, most of the time say:

If Ammi hears what you said, she will really scold you

It's tragic that the boys lost their father at such a tender age. So the mention of DEATH is really taboo in their house now. Which is also tragic.

Wasn't it supposed to work the other way around? Precisely because you've experienced death of a loved one so young that make you realise how precious and fragile life is? So much so that we shouldn't waste it playing around too much?

Alhamdulillah all my family are still alive and i was blessed not to have suffered such a trauma. The only death i've known is of my paternal grandparents who were very old and sick and whom we werent particularly close with. So unfortunately, i dont know the meaning of loss yet. To be drawn to piety by death.

This entry came about after reading Frust Korner's, She quoted a Harun Yahya's book called Death Resurrection Hell

"The majority of people avoid thinking about death. It never occurs to them that this absolute end will befall them one day. They harbour the superstitious belief that if they avoid the thought of it, that will make them immune from death."

Shamefully, i hafta admit that im in that so called majority.

I totally Echo what she said that everytime we managed to inch nearer, we withdraw 2 inches back somehow.......

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Pregnancy Ailments

While some say that the morning sickness are still early to show up others are bewildered that im not having any of it just yet.

Well to be honest, not nothing totally.

So these are the changes that i've experienced so far:

  1. One min i had No mood to eat, the next i was raving hungry!
  2. i dont know whether its the weather or its really me but im really getting the heat now. Never cold in the office no more.
  3. I just discovered this on the way home yesterday. I get headaches reading in the TRAIN!!! the train!! can u imagine that??!?!?!?!
  4. I still have abdominal cramps. From what i read its the uterus expanding and contracting so no need to worry there
  5. I need to go the toilet like half an hour each time when i drink a lot!!! Sleeping is never peaceful now. If i ignore the urge to P, then... well... i will get it! haha
  6. Of course i am more emotionally sensitive now but Z just discounted my feelings for manja-ness / pampered-ness. He kept saying that i hafta be brave. Other pple also pregnant but they dont cry so much. GGGGRRRRRRRRRRR.

So there.

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