Oh no! Not Again!

It was 6:50pm. Dusk was approaching fast at 7pm.

I was behind the wheel, waiting to reverse into my fav almost-always-perfect reverse parking slot.


  1. It was dark. The lights were not switched on yet
  2. I took off my powered sunglasses, leaving my eyes with 150 degrees short sighted
  3. A car was approaching behind me

I paused for quite some time, letting the driver behind me ample time to realise i was gonna reverse in, so he wldnt come any nearer.

then i reversed. Hmmm Something is not quite right.... It's ok, the mirror said so...

It was indeed another perfect parking. BUT, Ayah said i hit the car next to ours. I said, "Are you sure?" he went out to take a look at the damage.

Ayah: Yup

Me: What do u mean?

Ayah: there's some scratch

Me: How bad is it?

Ayah: oh like our scratches

Me: Wait. That's bad.

Ayah: Oh no quite minor. Just need polishing and its ok.

Ayah: So what u wanna do?

Me: Er... can you help me to move into another lot?

Ayah: Or... do u want to put a note on the car for the owner?

Me: *shaking my head vigorously*

I know!!! I'm sooo bad!! But i went out to look at our scratch. it was SUPER MINOR. i rubbed it off with my own bare hands. but Ayah said the other car's scratch looked a bit more painful.

I wanted to go and look to rub it off but another car already pulled in to that lot and was still in the car so i didnt dare come near.

I was then, in a way, chided for my cowardice when Ayah recalled that Angel who wrote a note to Ayah. (Recall the story here)

I'm sorry, Dear Owner. But i can't help you. Especially not right now when i need money the most with Eid coming and all... Please understand.

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2 glasses of Juice:

Ashley said...

So did you or did you not leave a message?

Jussaemon said...

I didnt