Text Twist High Score 5,792,220

I almost got it! my last guess was NUCLIE!!!!!

BUt anyways, i was getting tired and thinking, when will i game over?? I started this game before i got married!! after that i abandon it at 1.7mil. Then Just some two weeks ago i started again and this is the result.

Here's a close up

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3 glasses of Juice:

i-am-menot said...


i always play this game on yahoo games only. but boring lah main sorang2. i prefer to play literati with friends online.

anyway my specs are fitted with transitional lens. yup.

when outdoors it immediately becomes slightly darker - looking more like its been tinted. doesn't matter if the sun's glaring or not.

but if the sun's reallyy glaring, it'll become completely dark like sunglasses.

well comparing to the sun here in perth, which is much stronger than in s'pore. i would say that it worked really well. it doesn't hurt my eyes anymore to walk in the sun.

but it's DAMN expensive. yup.

Jussaemon said...

oh i used to play this with my mum! Combined forces = more power!

oh literati yg mcm scrabble kan? for yahoo online games i like dominoes!

Does work if you're driving? i imgine that it'd react slower cos the sun's not directly hitting the glass gitu. *shrug?*

Anonymous said...

My friend and I are in the process of beating the system. Yeah, beating the dictionary. We'll do it too.