My Radar is Not Working

It was 10:45pm. We were at a road junction somewhere in Yishun.

The red light was on and we were like the 5th car in the queue.

By the time i looked back on the road, the 4th car in front of us already way in front of us. Ayah was scrubbing his eyes.

Ayah: My radar is not working lah tonight....

Mummy: ZZZZzzzz....

Me: .........?

Ayah: Cos my radar is SLEEPING!


Mummy is the designated co-pilot. Would warn ayah, "Bang! Dekatnye Bang!" (So Close, darling!) or "Careful Sayang, careful!" It's not enough that she said that, but she would say that in such an URGENT and panicky tone and sometimes she would bang the dashboard ala Driving Instructor.

Before marriage, I have simply ignored it. But after Zubair came into the picture, i joined in the amusement. Giving each other knowing smiles each time she does that.

Until that time when i drove and Zubair was next to me. And just as i was making a turn, Zubair mimicked mummy in a shrill same panicky voice, "Darling! careful, sayang! Ohhh!!! Ooopppp!!"

For a second there, i really thought somebody was about to bang me and my heart jumped! And i warned him there and then that that's a dangerous thing to do. I nearly panicked myself!

So, i realised even MORE what a CALM person my dad is. To be tolerating such cautious warnings WHILST DRIVING, at least TEN TIMES per 30min of driving and pretend its normal. *shake head* Subhanallah.

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One Way First Competition This Sat 31st May 08

Event: WOW! Band Competition
in conjunction w SG Street Festival 08
Date: 31st May 2008 - Qualifying Round
(they didnt say time though but i suspect its late afternoon till late lah)
Venue: Scape (Youth Centre)

1st Prize: $3,000 value worth
2nd Prize: $2,000 value worth
3rd Prize: $1,000 value worth

So Sul "sacked" 3 or possibly 5 of their band members for failing to turn up at a professional photo session which he paid $100+ for. (Only Zubair turned up and they're stuck together. LOL)

But after tireless search of THE right mix of new guitarist, drummer and all that, he decided to call them back.

And now they are almost ready to perform against the likes of ArrowHead and Katulistiwa. (somehow they sound familiar probably have been on other competitions before)

The Judging criteria:

Rhythm in Sync 25% => They can do rhythm alright. Hey its my husband playing ok.

Singing & Style: 25% => Hmmm i dont know.. i heard, while on the phone w Z, the vocalist singing... not outstanding enough

Showmanship: 25% => Er... do they hafta kick the subwoofer and things like that?

Dress Sense: 15% => Z's fine in the dress sense (Altho he could do with a LOT of new shirts).

Audience Response: 10% => Hmm.. that's the scary part. so i need some support here!!

I so can't wait to see their very first performance! But i prolly need somebody to accompany me as Z would prolly be busy with his band. GRRR

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Akele Hum Akele Tum (a bit of spoiler)

Mon i was on leave.

So what did we do? We just slept in all day! It was almost a shame if not for the face that i had already handed over the car keys to my sister's FIL something about picking up the BIL.

But before i send Zubair off, i made sure we watch Akele Hum Akele Tum TOGETHER. Otherwise, i have reasons to fear that he might just watch it on his own and then i won't wanna spend my own 3 hours watching it if he's around.

Though he was apt for more sleep, i didnt care i just played the VCD and eventually he came around.

It's a VERY dated movie but is Z's all time fav. he said, "Bcos its a story about a musician's life"

So the story is about a couple whose passion is to flourish in the music industry. They got married and had a son. Husband ignored the wife and her ambitions till she up and left him alone with the boy. Husband learnt to take care of the boy then wife rose to the top and wanted to boy back.

In a way, the husband was as much to be blamed as the wife was. Firstly he was too focused on music *glares at Z* that he often forgot his priority, his family. The wife... well... i tot that she needn't hafta leave the family nucleus in order to pursue her dreams. She can do it concurrently.

I felt a bit fearful and guilty watching the father and son scenes, i kept glancing back at Z. I hope he didnt get upset by it not being able to spend much time with his own father. I do hope that Z was thinking of the future ie spending HIS time with our sons / children.

But then again Z always say, "Hey this is just a movie lah dont take it serious."

Another scene that i couldn't bear was the son being stitched up. The mother of ALL HORRORS of my life came back flashing in my eye. I had to close my eyes. But tears still escaped from beyond the lids. It was too scary and sad as i relived the hospital scene as I had gone thru back in Lahore. and i said, "Ah bedeQ (cheat/false) the boy didnt cry!!"

I think i will practise some songs from this movie before i go back to Pak. LOL

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Complaint Witch

So most Singaporean complains a lot. Im no different.

When Zubair was out working nights, i complain about his absence while i sleep, that i got a mere 2 hours of him everyday.

Now that he's free... i still complain. I can't get up earlier in the morning now cos i kept being woken up by him typing away as late as 3am. And sometimes, if i dont whine LOUD enough, i hafta fix his supper. Oh well.. 3am was his "lunch time" last week.

I should remind myself to be grateful... of anything and everything.

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Lovely Overseas Phone Call

My Bro-in-Law, Salman called me last night.

He called my hp and Zubair was not around. We talked for a full 12min. And suddenly things seem so much easier and i think i can live through all hurdles.

He's two years younger than me but seem more matured. We struggled with English and Urdu. Very nice to be put back on pressure to speak Urdu, otherwise it'll get rusty even before it can run off my tongue.

He related how he was reminiscing with Ammi ji (MIL) when she was down with fever the other day about that first night when i came to Pakistan and we had dinner on that particular floor they were on ...

He said how they all missed me and Not to worry but come back to Pakistan quickly, he will take leave from work and be my BODYGUARD. I feel very much relieved upon hearing that. Zubair can go have fun with HIS friends all he want (he warned me earlier to leave him alone to go out the next trip and tt i cldn't join bcos its really not what they do), Salman will accompany me, HUMPH.

He asked if everything is ok, if i'm happy. Well i just said, "Main bahut khushu hai/hoon?" Im happy lah... dont have the heart to complain about the trivial things. After all, Z doesnt go and complain ANYTHING about ME to ANYONE.

And then he said, "Im happy to hear you laugh." Although it's really bcos i think my Urdu was crappy but it's nice all the same that he remarked such.

Last of all, we arrange a date to come online for webchat Sat night/Sun morning. Hopefully Z will be home by then! Im sure Ammi misses to look at him.

That call really made my night. Suddenly i can jump mountains. and All is well...

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Driving Frenzy

My parents went to Malacca as guides last weekend with school children by bus.

So i drove the car back after sending them. And with my BIL not in Spore either, i got the full rein of the car for THREE WHOLE DAYS!! WOO HOO

Sat night, before sending Zubair to Clarke Quay, we together with my sisters went to have dinner at Lau Pa Sat. OH my lord how i LOVe satay.

Navigating to Lau Pa Sat, Clarke Quay and back home was a breeze. partly bcos that morning i checked out the place already. I was supposed to pick him up after sending my parents but Z forgot! Well to be fair, i didnt remind him again nearer the time in an effort to give him a pleasant surprise. But since i only reached there at 7:15am and he finished at 6:30am, i missed the train.

Sun: It was sort of a shame that we didnt use the car in the day for sight seeing or jalan jalan... But i had a fun time picking up Kak Long's friend from Spottiswoode Park, somewhere Tg Pagar then on to Four Seasons Hotel for their friend's wedding dinner, then to Orchard for dinner with Z, then send Z to Clarke Quay then back to Four Seasons Hotel to pick them up and drop her off then home.

It was again such a breeze. I was so happy with myself having done my homework and passed the test with flying colours.

I even toyed with a fantasy of a career switch: to be a school bus driver or something! LOL.

But the dream all came crashing down on Monday night when i wanted to send Z to Clarke Quay.

A big tree from the center divided up and fell, blocking all four lanes in the expressway CTE (AYE). All traffic had to exit at the first Ang Mo Kio exit.

It was a shame that Zubair didnt believe in me enough to let me find out where to go next. I KNEW there were a few entrances to the CTE after that exit, i just had to find it. Instead, he kept insisting i just drop him off at Ang Mo Kio MRT despite it being past 10pm and he'd be like 45min late.

I turned right after the MRT along the AMK HUB and drove down that road. I remembered Ayah driving past thru this road straight all the way after exiting from an expressway. Then suddenly, the sign to CTE shows i had to turn left and i did and i travelled for a few minutes in SUPER DARK road all alone with not much traffic, i thought i was a star in Langolias or something (Stephen King's novel adapted movie).

I tried to stay strong. i NEED to go home. I cant abandon the car and take the cab home now can i? So i came to a very familiar junction near the train depot. Then i became a bit hopeful but not for long when i saw THREE DIFF Signs into the expressway. One says "CTE (Ang Mo Kio)", "City", "CTE (PIE)".

Now, why the hell would i take CTE AMK if im ALREADY in AMK? Where does it lead to anyway? To add to the confusion, the entrance wasn't blocked like the other one was. Could it mean its back to Woodlands?

I can't take the City obviously cos im supposed to go back up north. and shouldn't it be blocked? But why wasn't it?

So the safest option i had was CTE PIE. At least i would know what i was doing and where i was going. CTE... then go to PIE... then BKE.... right?

Suddenly when i entered the expressway i wasnt sure anymore... bcos again it was DARK... with big trees looming and not a sign of traffic anywhere near me... Am i really going the right way? where's everybody else??

I cried.

I cldnt help it but i felt so.... ALONE!

What could i do but continue driving following my instincts... and in the end i arrived at a familiar patch and i reached home some 30mins more of driving.

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Rejecting and Reconsidering Job Offers

So much happened over the weekend! And it was a long one for me cos i took leave on Monday. Just for fun cos i miss the Hub.

i think ill just write in bullet points. no energy to squeeze my brain.

1. Last Fri, Z rejected point blank, a job offer for the one performing weekends at a Malaccan beach resort.

Reason: he has to live there for 2 years only able to come in to spore once a month

2. Earlier he had already rejected the offer to work at that pub full time. After being offered $1,200pm but absolutely NO OFF DAYS 10pm - 6am DAILY.

3. So he smsed the pub owner to ask if the offer is still open that he can accept if he can give 1500pm which is equivalent to $50 x 30 nights anyway. However, the answer was that they are still thinking about it.

4. I begged Zubair to reconsider the Malaccan job. bcos for one thing, accomodation's provided and we'd feel like we have our own house. We could buy a car easily. I can quit and work for the hotel or something.

5. Then Fara called me to say that the offer at Usman still stand and that its CONFIRMED Work Permit and almost confirmed Permanent Residenceship bcos they will definitely sponsor him for the application. That's why i said i'd prefer to get these kinda information first hand. Somehow it slipped his mind to tell me all these. I had the impression that they told him, "they'll call him".

He rejected this one earlier bcos the work hours are 12nn - 11pm (11 hours) and they pay like $800 EXCLUDING levy of about $200+ a month.

Now thru more experience, i'd say i'd much prefer this offer bcos at least he gets to sleep AT NIGHT... and gets to eat his much needed Paki food everyday. (otherwise he would always bug me to eat indian food even when its impossible to find!)

On top of that, on the knowledge of confirmed PR (Although there might be no such thing but its much higher chances all the same), this is like the golden opportunity.

And now Zubair is saying that he doesnt want it cos he doesnt wanna lose touch with his profession. Feck it! C'mon.. he can still teach private students in the morning before going off to work as his "practice". Besides, its only temporary before he gets the PR and then he can truly perform anywhere he wants lah!

6. Trying to be the understanding wife, I explored all options for him, and called the hotel owner. Once again, i wanted to know first hand what is at stake, what is the exact offer before we can put this option back into the cards. He told us to meet him sometime this week.

Irritating how when i asked him, "Tell me again how much he offers." then he said, "You still dont know?" i said, "Tell me." He said, "Hah ... what DO you know... " *silence*... "Well how much?" "Hmm... i need to check with him." one great big HAH! Right back at ya bugger.

7. I also dont know what my mother and sister were thinking when they URGED me to go to JB with them next weekend. Of cos i wont leave my husband all alone at home. Even if he has to work nights and i'd be all alone at home, i hafta be there for him during the day. Who would settle his food and clothes? I curse the day another woman would! Besides... let us enjoy the house to ourselves once in a while lah...

So the conclusion of this entry is: It's uncertainty all around.

I'm getting tired of this game. Can i quit now, please?

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Realarcade Acted on My Feedbacks!!

I LOVE RealArcade's new website!!!

RealArcade is a sister company of RealPlayer. Instead of music, they sell GAMES!!! The precious games i love dearly!! Maybe slightly more than Zubair? LOL
Sometime ago i sent them a feedback at but was told to direct them to but never got around to do it. Then i was invited to participate in a review and i gladly took it and took the opportunity to express my ideas once again.
Basically i told them to Divide the Puzzle category into sub divisions of Hidden Object, Time Management and others... I see Hidden Object category now.
And then i told them how frustrated i feel when after i came back from a one month holiday, i wasn't able to track where are the new games as they only had 10 recent games listed. So i suggested for them to show the release date.
Although the new site doesnt actually publish the date but at least it can now be sorted according to release date and i'm happy with that!
So instead of going thru All the NAMES of the games and having no clue what is the game like judging by the NAME only ... you can now mouse over the names and get a snapshot as well as a brief description.
Way to go Realarcade!
Only thing left now is to release MORE games MORE often! that's the challenge. Cos always release the games earlier than u guys and certainly MORE often.

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Why Do We Hiccup?

In honour of my previous post, I shall attempt to answer my own wonderings with the help of big brother, the Internet.

I've always wondered why do we hiccup. It's a marvel, why at the age of 25 i still didn't know! Prolly bcos i didnt have a collection of encyclopedias while i was growing up, nor did i bother to pass my science subject. LOL

I dont know why the Malays seem to think that only CHILDREN have hiccups bcos its a sign of "Growing Up" that it is peculiar to get hiccups when you're already an adult.

That, my dear readers, is pure myth!

The scientific explaination of WHY we get hiccups is, your diaphragm is irritated!

The diaphragm almost always works perfectly. When you inhale, it pulls down to help pull air into the lungs. When you exhale, it pushes up to help push air out of the lungs. But sometimes the diaphragm becomes irritated. When this happens, it pulls down in a jerky way, which makes you suck air into your throat suddenly. When the air rushing in hits your voice box, you're left with a big hiccup.

This easy to understand explaination is Courtesy of Kidshealth.

So this irritation could be triggered by:

  1. Eating too much or too fast
  2. Consuming very hot or cold food and beverages
  3. Drinking carbonated beverages, or even
  4. Having cold Showers
  5. Entering or leaving a hot or cold room

These info plucked from

What can we do to stop them?

Normally i would hold my breath for 10 counts. But you can also try these tips from the same website:

  1. Sneezing
  2. Gargling
  3. Drinking Pineapple Juice
  4. Drinking water rapidly
  5. Sipping ice water
  6. Putting sugar under your tongue
  7. and the best one is to be: SHOCKED!

LOL! So whenever you see somebody hiccuping, just give them a good scare!

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I Dont Know...

... is what i often told him for like 75% of the questions he whisked at me.

He would ask me things like:

1. Who is the first president of Spore?
2. How much do you think SMRT makes in a month?
3. How far is KL?
4. How do I do this and that...

very historical, technical and factual stuffs lah. If i had known the answer before, i certainly cant recall them now. Well that's the flaw of our education system. We only memorised for the benefit of aceing the exams but the info wont stick for long...

Sometimes im very impressed by how well Z remembers the history of his country right down to the Year or even Date of certain events.

After i gave my usual "I dont know" answer, then i would finish it off by saying "What Do i know right?" for him.

A few days ago he got so... tired of my reply that he said, "Yeah man. Cannot like this. Must have some general knowledge. Must be smart"

"Excuse me," I said, "But if i wasn't smart i wouldn't have finished my A Levels, ok." (sighh i would be better if i have a degree to my name, man.)

Well if you ask me about business or psychology or things where there are no right or wrong answers just a matter of opinions, i'd be glad to say my piece...

On the other hand, i am used to be the ASKER not the answerER. I missed asking rhetorical questions and getting answers for stupid questions like:

1. I wonder why that man is staring into space
2. Why is there a traffic jam?
3. Why is the colour of the river brown like milk tea?

I wouldn't even mind funny stupid answers... you know just to share our thoughts...

At least I acknowledge the question and am not ashamed to say, "I Don't Know". Maybe we can even find out the answers together? That'd be nice enriching experience, wouldnt it?

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Tell Me Stories

It was Tuesday night and we were having dinner before he went out when he related to me what his cabdriver from this morning told him.

The cab driver also has a daughter who married a foreigner, more specifically a Nigerian. They live in a rented room and the wife is pregnant. But the guy is not working. The guy is supposed to be trained in IT but claimed that he left his certs back home. And thus couldn't find / apply for job.

The taxi driver felt agitated and pitied her daughter who had to work to meet ends meet. He told Z, "At least you've got talent and can use it to earn something. But what does HE have?"

Poor girl. But she must be earning quite a decent amount to be able to rent a room! But with the baby coming, i ... *shake head*

In a way, i feel really blessed that im not so worse off.. that i still have parents who can help us... That.. although the relation is sometimes strained, we can still accomodate each other...

But the best thing from this scenario is that.. i LOVE listening to stories... I often asked him to tell me about his childhood and stuff. Sometimes he would indulge... but normally he gave just a very SHORT story.

So i was totally mesmerized when he told me this full length story. He didnt even rebuke when i asked him questions (about the story) and got him to tell more...

It's like he's sharing a story about his day at work.

I LOVE it!

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I hate when he does this to me.

Suddenly dropped a bomb on me this morning to say that he's going out jamming at 6pm and straight to work which means i dont get to see him at ALL!

So im not allowed to ask his schedule, so the other way around it is for HIM to plan our dates, if he ever cared to go out and spend time with me that is. That way it would make him feel in charge.

But when it means that im gonna spend the night alone, i want somebody to to entertain me! However, i gotta know at such last minute, nobody's free to meet me!

and he still doesnt understand WHY i need to know where he's going at what time until what time? Im trying my best to fit in into HIS schedule but i only got reprimands instead.

To be fair, he told me that the music industry is like this. Forever on stand-by, ready to go with a snap of a finger. But i can't stand last minute arrangements!

Like when you already planned to not nap in the afternoon but sleep early at night then suddenly you're need to go out. TIRED right!

Or that you havent changed cos you're expecting to go out only to be told that you're not going anywhere? Irritating right?!?!

I dont know why the cliche goes like Opposite attracts. It should have been Opposite Repels.... (when you're married, that is).

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Can't Write...

Bcos im feeling too melancholic...

1. I finished reading 600pages worth of Marian Keyes' Last Chance Saloon. I hate it when im all too familiar with the characters then i hafta part with them.

2. Im reading a person's blog from KHI and waves of sadness slapped me. I miss Pakistan. How odd.

3. I am going to Mustafa w Z later but he's gonna be late. and with no book, what shall i do while i wait for him?

4. I just miss him a lot lah. Weekdays are worst cos i onyl get to see him like... 2 hours?!?!? BOOHOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Im just craving for human communication lah. My dad would probably say you can still communicate with Allah w no human around. Just recall how Prophet Yunous (was it?) spent his time in the whale's tummy with no human companion? Yeah he's right... but ...

I just can't help feeling so..... Alone.

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Long Roller Coaster Weekend

Being a selfish person, i was looking forward to this long weekend to spend time with hubby.

But it turned out that i had to make APPOINTMENT with him. Worse still, he doesnt like me to ask what time he's going where and what time he will finish where. So it makes arranging a date for us such HELL. Somewhere this time i learnt that it's better to leave him "in-charge" of our dates, boost his ego things like that.

Gosh, i seriously don't know where to start! But one thing's for sure, i didn't go out with him the earlier part of the week. In fact, i hardly saw him also... always out with the band. GRRRR

Tues: He went to AMK to meet his band leader at his day job - a fitness instructor. I said let's go back together and he said ok, told me to wait at City Hall. I waited for a freaking 30 minutes (thank god for Books) and then suddenly i got an sms saying, "WHERE ARE YOU? WHY ARE YOU NOT PICKING MY PHONE? IM GOING HOME NOW!"

What?!?!??!?!?! Turned out he called me like 4 times and it was ringing but my phone was not!! Crazy HP! I cldnt take it i just burst out in tears in the middle of a crowd. I felt exasperated ok. There i was waiting for him patiently to come... then he up and left me! I told him i was waiting at the staircase next to the escalator before the passenger service. and he couldn't freaking find me, he said there are a lot of staircases! Ergh!

And i met that Sul, the band leader, for the first time. I didnt think he was impressed with me. Not that i needed him to. But he was just shrugging off and laughing away our antics. Z told me that Sul's wife is very nice to her husband. and i told Z that she's nice bcos Sul's nice. And on and on it went... Until i teared. And THEN... he started to shush me, console me.

By Wed, i was desperate to have a night out with him. But He slept over at his band leader's house. Instead, he offered to meet me for lunch the next day after his class at Redhill. In my eagerness, i just agreed. Afterwards, i remembered i have dance class also... I didnt care... i went to see him AFTER the class. HAH

Thurs: he was too tired to go out. But we were good.

Fri: He went out with the band leader's father! Turned out that Uncle Daud LOVES Hindi song. and he mentioned Zubair to his friend Uncle Pyara, you can say a Hindi singer, and whipped up an appt between the two.

We planned to go out for bowling afterwards. I was already dressed to meet him... and made myself up already from office when he told me he was still at East Coast and dont know when he'd finish but told me to go to Lavender cos they were due to pick up somebody there.

So dutifully, i took the train there but Z was STILL at that uncle's house. An Argument was brewing.

"Why can't you understand that im working?"

"I DO understand, but why cant i just linger somewhere around East Coast so that i'd be near you when you've finished?"

"No no.. you jsut wait there."

"HUH? Till what time?"

"OMG!! I dont know!! You listen now.. I think it's better if You just go home. ok?"

"No its not ok. But what can i do?"

With tears welling up and feeling Sheety i hailed the cab home. I dont care that it costed me ... what $17 or $27... i cant remember... I just cldnt face the homecoming crowd right then.

Things took a turn for the better though when at 7+pm he told me he was at Simei and i can come if i wanted to. My mood immediately sky rocketed. Mummy was out at CW, so i took the opportunity to ask Ayah if i can pick Zubair up with the car. And thankfully, he did let me!

I was there within the hour. and it wasn't Simei, it was Tampines and just a few steps away from my old house! This is Uncle Daud's house. They were just going out for dinner. And we drove all the way to the airport for Swensen's.

Thank God i was there bcos Uncle Daud explained to me what his plans for Zubair were. and what Uncle Pyara said and all that. Bcos i dont expect Z to understand and then relay it to me just as correctly. He tends to miss out the details and leaving me confused only to be reprimanded when i asked too much questions! Humph.

Anyways, this Uncle Pyara has lotsa contacts. He will try to arrange for Zubair to follow a group of wedding singers. And he also has friends in ICA who can help with his PR. And coincidentally, there was a Malaysian big shot in their house when Z was performing and he was impressed. Very impressed that he would pull strings to get him to perform in M'sia as well.

Most importantly, i am happy to get to know the pple he's with. To me, that is of utmost importance. I feel better that way. Sul was more vocal that night. In fact, i noticed he speaks VERY quickly. AND most of the verbs he used were Malay. I often turned to look at Z to see if he's comprehending. Mostly not. However, just like Z, they both have a love for profanities! Nonsense. Prolly that's why they hit it off!

But on the whole, the family is very nice. I felt comfortable with them. A big family of 8 children, the oldest 33 thereabouts and youngest being 14 like that. Uncle Daud felt it was of utmost importance to educate his children religion and Qur'an. Also, Uncle D was a popular guitarist during his younger days! One who performed with popular singers of the 70s like Rafeah Buang and the like. I checked w my dad, and he knows him!

Now comes to the actual Weekend.

Sat: He was due at AMK at 3pm or so. But i insisted on having lunch with him first. And then begged him to take me out after he finished with band. But that was not to be as he got a call from that 24hr restaurant (read: club) to go on a 3-day trial/audition as keyboardist starting that very night.

I cldn't sleep all night! I really dont like it lah. I kept calling him every 2 hours to ask how it was. If it was his turn already. Thank god his mood was ok and didnt mind me calling so many times.

Suddenly, it was...

Sun: already... which means that i didnt do nothing on Sat except for class in the morning. I didnt even play my usual games bcos i've gotten SICK of them! Yes. I never thought the day would come but it was getting mundane... the same ol trick just with different animations.

We had McDonald's Bfast for lunch~ and then he was off again. Dropped at AMK and then he attended a Bday party of Uncle Pyara's mother i think.

Was just lazing around at home watching American Idol marathon while scrabulousing. in the middle of the afternoon, he smsed me sweet nothings. Missing me and things like that. Oh.... im on Cloud 9 again... I told him ill meet him there then. I got ready in a jiffy and reached Eunos at 8:10pm.

Z picked me up. That's when i realised i was going to the party myself. And got another surprise when the guy gave salam to me! All this while when Z mentioned uncle PYARA, i imagined a Hindu man. but apparently, they are staunch muslims and VERY malay-integrated. The wives were wearing Baju Kurung lah~

I was introduced to the big shot of Malaysia and was embarassed when i havent heard of him! Politics is not my cup of tea, what's more a foreign one!

When i shook hands with the ladies, one of them surprised me by asking, "You can sing also?" Er.... i cldnt possibly say, "Yes i can. I even won the title AXA Idol" now cld i? So i just said, "Yeah a bit." and they cooed, "Ohh nice... yes learn slowly2 from ur husband." I nodded in agreement. After all, Z DID coach my vocal to bag that trophy.

Z singing for the hindi songs lover audience

They all were soo impressed by his voice, skill and talent that everybody was like rushing to help him get work:

  1. Uncle Pyara wants Z to perform every Fri, Sat and Sun at his hotel in Malacca!!!
  2. Then a Rahim Khan asked him to perform with his band at a wedding on 21st June.
  3. A lady who married a Pakistani guy also will arrange to hook up Z and her husband
  4. Another guy asked how much Z would charge to perform and said he will ask around if anybody wants to engage him.

It was a whirlwind i tell ya. And i indulged in day dreaming ... Like how i hafta arrange with my boss to have fridays off (and longer hours mon-thrus) so that i can follow Z to Malacca.. But prolly i should tell Uncle that it's better to have it every OTHER weekend. So Z can do other gigs in Spore as well. Besides, won't they get tired of just hindi songs? So hafta mix mix lah.

It was sweet of the white-tobed man to talk with me and explain things. and urged me to follow Z to Melaka. By their talk and gesture, it seemed confirmed ... just left to get paper work done, i suppose. But they havent asked for his particulars / documents all....?

With high hopes, we left their house. Again, im very happy that Z wants to include me in his activity. and that i actually get to talk in person with these helpful people so that i get the first hand picture of what actually they wanna do.

I sent Z to Tampines, where he will shower at Sul's house and then head to that Trial thingy. and then i headed home on the bus lugging a 1kg worth of Briyani Dam that was catered by one of his son's wedding catering company ALONE.

I was happy though that at midnight, Z told me that he didnt wanna go to that pub / club. and wanted to go straight home. He said that he put his band as priority as they are working towards a competition and also bcos, and this is the best reasoning for me, he doesnt like to work in such a place where sins are in abundance. Im elated that he said so himself without having me to point it out.

Now comes Mon: Again, i insisted on having lunch together. That's the Siam Kitchen-do. Again, he was meeting his band and jamming later at night. No matter, as long as he's coming home that night, i'd be more than happy.

I even watched What Happens in Vegas with my cousin and sister but wished i had watched with Z cos there's definitely something to learn about marriage in there.

When he reached home at midnight, he got a call from the club again. This time the owner said that his no good keyboardist have done a runner and left him in the lurch and wanted Zubair to fill in. He will get the proper WP for him. It's $50 a night excluding taxi fares. Z felt a duty to help the owner-now-friend and went lah....

This morning, he told me it's confirmed, he's hired. But i asked every which day he has to perform. He said every day. Do pple go to clubs till morning on weekdays? That's crazy.

I really dont know how to take this news. On the one hand, he'd get that very much sought after Work Permit. While that would also mean (again being selfish) less time together, and a BAD working environment, not to mention he'd be compromising his commitment with his band. And then.. what about the Malacca trips and the 21st June gig?

Thankfully, he hasnt signed anything yet. I dont want him to be bonded or anything and cant get out of it.

If you ask me, i would so so so soooo much prefer him to go after that M'sian job. Sure its being paid in Ringgit between 2000 - 3000 which is about SGD 1 - 1.5k a month just for weekends when the pub is offering SGD 1.5k per month but hafta work EVERY NIGHT!? I would say M'sia's night life is a tad bit tamer than Spore's. But then we'd still be stuck with the Question of Spore Visa.. unless Uncle P's contact can help to get him PRship.

Ironic isn't it, Life is?

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Jussaemon the Cooking Mishap Waiting to Happen

Im following Wana's and Fara's advice to cook for him. After all, Zubair DOES miss his Pakistani dishes.

Fara gave me her own recipe. I dont know what's the name but i call it Spaghetti ala Pakistan.

There wasn't any minced mutton at cold Storage so Chicken it was. I didnt have the list of ingredients with me either so i sorta just buy the main items and hope the rest of the spices are there at home! LOL.

Mishap No 1: There's no blended onion in the fridge. Since it'd be ridiculous to blend just 3pcs, i had to slice them myself. That's when...

Mishap No 2: happened. The knife was so blunt i had to grip the onion and force the blade down. So much so that it slipped to one of my nails! Well lucky it WAS blunt and didnt cut anything.

Mishap No 3: Fara didn't really give me the recipe in details like how many gms of this and that.. One silly question i had to ask my sister, "Do i hafta put oil in? cos she didnt say." LOL!! How would i know man~ I'm such an amateur cook lah... :S Maybe this pot is non-stick so no need oil? Sis said just two spoons of oil.

Mishap No 4: When i sauteed the sliced onion (i dont like diced), it looked... horrible! I even told my sister, i wanted to start all over again. That means cutting the green chilli, chopping the garlic the second time round. But she assured me that it's going along fine. BUt how come so dry one? I suspect Its bcos of the non-blended onion again.

Mishap No 5: In the middle of cooking, i just realised that i'd need curry powder also some jintan halus and coriander leaves something or other. Most i don't have. I'm even sure if i had garam masala so i just put in this dubious looking red powder from a bogus container. Kak Ly said its Zubair's spice so i took it to mean Garam Masala. Thank god there was curry powder in the fridge, but i made do without the garnishes.

But i suppose it turned out well... The onion is not to be seen already. I wished there were some more gravy though. And its super hot!

So what did i actually put in?

  1. 2 pieces of medium sized onions sliced
  2. 2 pcs of green chilli sliced
  3. 3 cloves of garlic diced
  4. 1 teaspoon of blended ginger
  5. Splashes of ground coriander LOL
  6. 1 tbs of Red Chilli Powder
  7. 1/2 tbs of that "garam masala"
  8. 1 tbs of Meat Curry Powder
  9. 400gm of minced chicken
  10. 1/2 tin of mushrooms cut into quarters
  11. 1pc of carrot sliced
  12. Water here and there
  13. Salt to taste (i put in like 2 teaspoon like that. haha)

I missed out:

  1. Coriander leaves
  2. Jintan halus (no idea what that is also)
  3. Peas

I substituted peas with carrots and mushroom as i loathe the former. Hee...

A few things i've picked up from here are:

  1. Salt is last.
  2. Since carrot is hard, you'd need to put them in together with the meat.. but if you like them hard, can put them in last.
  3. You not only CAN wash an onion... but you HAVE TO!!!

Only thing missing is Chappati!

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Can't Get Enough

One of the rare dates i get with my darling Xubi over the long weekend (more on that later)

But we seem to not get enough of Siam Kitchen! It's our 3rd time this year.

I suspect we're just after the Mango Sticky Rice. We had one plate EACH. We even ate it BEFORE our main dish.

Bangkok... please come to me... LOL

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If I Were a Genius...

Me and Nisa were discussing about that famous genius who turned to a prostitute that time when the topic was hot.

Since we got our own idea of what to do if we were geniuses, we decided to put write them down in our blogs and post at the same time (so cannot copy answer!).

Here goes.

For Inventions and discoveries, I would:

  1. Invent a Train Of Thoughts Recorder / Log. Bcos i find that i always have lots of things i wanted to tell Zubair while in the toilet or something. When i finally meet him, i cant remember what to say already. Probably lost in his gaze. LOL.
  2. Invent a wardrobe that will categorize and match itself. and will come out all washed and pressed upon my choosing so.
  3. REMEMBER. Build a system to remember things like, "Buy bread before going home." or "You owe me $25" things like that. Tony Buzan's memory technique is more like for EXAMs.
  4. Make the WHOLE WORLD, underwater, over space, every inch of air internet accessible.. for free! (or nominal rate) Not the kind where you cant get a good connection when you're in the jungle or can't get alternative access when you're stuck with a VPN in the office!
  5. Design a two storeyed train that can fit into Singapore's current Train system.
  6. Create a new mode of transporation: GigaBit Travel... Where your whole body will be translated into Gigabytes and you could reach Pakistan in just 1hr. And with each journey, you'll even lose 100gm bcos of some stray bits lingering in the electric air. And this would deem Ambition No 5 redundant! LOL
  7. Discover another note in the musical world. HAH
  8. Break the Mystery of Atlantis.
  9. Create many educational games

Personal goals, I would:

  1. Make my billion dollar before 30yrs old, invest them in the right funds and retire with lotsa annuity to ensure comfortable lifestyle while i devote myself to God and teaching children.
  2. Oh since i'd be a billionaire, i would also like to have 15 children, since i can afford them and i can definitely afford a liposuction after each delivery, why not?
  3. And probably just for the fun of it, adopt another 10 children to make two soccer teams!
  4. Design my whole house myself

So if you wanna know what Nisa wrote, visit her website here

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The Piano Player Hard At Work

That night he had an audition at a restaurant with the band.

One Way (That's the name of their band!) hoped to clinch a deal with the owner. However, they played more than 5 songs. So much so that I suspect the restauranteur was just freeloading from bands such as his!

Zubair displayed his Hindi singing talent to his band leader's father. The Uncle was Smitten! He went to all the trouble to contact his friend who does wedding gigs (probably hindi songs) to tell him about Z's beautiful voice. That friend was convinced and asked Z to come around today.

Should i raise my hope?

In any case, i wish him Good Luck. and if its good for him, then let he get it. Or rather, please make it good for him and give it to him!

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I tried McGriddle

And am truly disappointed by it.
Its just a normal sausage McMuffin only that the muffin is soaked with maple syrup. My cousin who works there told me so.
And this gave a very awkward feeling where sweet and savoury tastes clash. Like i wanted to add my favourite condiment the cheeky Chilli Sauce but tot it'd be weird cos its like eating Pancakes with chilli sauce! But to eat it on its own is too... memuakkan or what's the english equivalent?
I'd rather just buy the normal Sausage McMuffin @ $2 on weekdays than these overpriced spin-offs.

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2nd Dance Class

I teared a bit today in Class.

Today it was a Pilates / Yoga type of lesson.

This one exercise required us to do a Cat Stretch where we had to go down on all fours like a cat.

Then we had to lift and extend our legs followed by the opposite hand and remain our balance and centre alignment. ie cannot go sideways.

I could do the right left alright but when it came to lifting my left leg.... i just cldnt do it! I tried.... but im scared if my left hand cannot take it. My injury, remember? At least i can bend it already but it still cant withstand my weight lah!

So thru out the left leg section i just... froze.

Z told me to tell the instructor. But since she didnt ask i tot i dont need to tell lah.

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More Interviews

Its past WEdnesday now. We were supposed to have received a reply from Mustafa.

Zubair even went down to their office again yesterday but the manager was not in. BTW, its nice that these 3 pple namely Fara (of course), Wana and Kak Long remembered and asked if we've got any response yet. Fara, upon knowing the non-existent reply, told Z to call her husband again to work on another lead, perhaps at another shop or something.

Before that, he went to an interview at Axisplus recommended by his friend. Turned out its an employment agency and they were recruiting customer service officers for Nokia and they were not prepared, as usual, to apply for work permit but that they will keep his resume for future reference. Yeah right. Oh well.. at least we've tried and the more we try, the higher chance of beating the odds right? If its a job in 50 interviews, then we're like halfway there already~

Further, he had earlier sent his resume to Gymboree for like the third time or something. And since he was out, he went to visit their outlet in Tanglin Mall. They were recruiting a teacher with music background and since he has experience dealing with kindergarten kids back in Lahore, this is exactly his "dream job"! Again, the manager is busy, but they will contact him if necessary.

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Making New Friends

It's marvellous how i've made many new friends because of my husband.

When before this, i've never really made ANY new friends for the past 25 yrs of my life besides my 10 best friends from pri 1 and colleagues from work. Even then, i always manage to lose contact with the latter as explained in this entry.

My first real and official Pakistani friend is Fatma, a 19yr old poly student whom i mentioned ever interviewed us before. Being the first and for quite some time the only pakistani friend i had, she eventually became my translator. I often had to make a three way conference call with her when i want to talk to Ammi and Z wasnt available.

That was why i felt elated when Nisa dropped a msg on my chatbox some 3 months ago? when she said she's a Pakistani Singaporean who just discovered my blog. So much so that i asked her to give me msg on my email and now we are fast friend. :D Chat buddies and always entertained ourselves with the other is bored and very much a confidante. Things you can't tell even or ESP your close friends or family. HAH So when i die, you guys know who to look for to know why and how.

But of course wayyyyyyy before that, a kind man dropped by my website also suggesting that i check her wife's blog. Turned out that she's the one my sister has been buying cloth material from in multiply!

She's Wana. A malay lady living in Karachi with her Paki husband and their 2 sons! We often bitch i mean talk about Pakistan and shalwar kameez. Bcos i was still very green when i gotta know her i asked her so many Questions!!

Very opp me and Z who got married after 6 months, they did after 10 yrs of knowing each other! That's real cool. It's great how you can talk in Malay about Pakistan and be understood. :D

BTW, now she's a home resident of my chatbox as well as comments page. hehehe Yes continue to make yourself at home ok...

Then there's Fara, my friend's friend, whom i've written of before. She's the Malay-integrated Pakistani Singaporean lady who married a pure Pakistani. I've even met her and we got along very well! On Msn, i've been talking to her about Z's job as well as cooking Pakistani dishes and how to impress MIL with good URdu! She would so be my ideal Urdu lang teacher.

She's even invited us over to learn cooking (that's for me) as well as to let Zubair satisfy his craving for his "native" food. hah

Then there's you, Naz. I havent seen you online yet but we'll get to know each other.

Also, Rabiah, Zubair's friend from Tagged. She's Pakistani but not really Malay-integrated. She's been very helpful too asking around for suitable jobs for Z.

There's this one of my blog readers, a Chinese married to a Pakistani. She contacted me to get her sari tailored but somehow the plan to meet her fell thru and me being me... didnt contact her since Pakistan. I hope she's still following my blog though? *wink*

To all these friends, i wanna say i appreciate you. =)

While i've been making friends with HIS friends and BCOS of him (since i write about being married to Pakistani and all), he, on the other hand, feels totally uncomfortable with my lot.

Yeah lah we are all Malays and we tend to chatter in our own lang and when we meet, we will all get excited and forgot our husbands! LOL... and while the girls are friends for almost 20 years (right?) ALL the husbands are pretty new with themselves... ALL of them are uncomfortable with each other with nothing much in common save for Raizan who is as peramah / friendly as his wife! haha...

But Z is sooooo uncomfortable that he has asked me to attend the next gathering ALONE! NO FREAKING WAY. It's the two of us or nothing at all. So i guess u can go to JB after all, girls. Dont mind us.

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(Does this kinda dotting actually work to dodge the search engine?)

Following up to my previous post, their branch in Far East Square is closed and they've moved further up to China Square Central.

I went there on Monday (after a few false starts the previous week where i brought the clothes and shoes but decided to enjoy lunch in the office instead. haha) Well not only is it

  1. a further 5 mins walk away making a total of 13min just ONE WAY
  2. there's no more ladies gym section :(
  3. the changing room is super cramped!!!
  4. PLUS it's situated on the basement of a SHOPPING CENTRE and the treadmill is placed right up front open to being ogled by fellow shoppers!! EYEWWWW ..Granted, the previous branch was also open for pple to see but at least not so many pple walked there.
  5. Its also super dark there being in the basement as opposed to the previous place where it was glass top to bottom and basked in sunshine.

Quite disappointed really.

So Tuesday, i went to the one at Chevron House instead. This place is a bit diff to go for me as its also about 10min walk away but at least there's an option of taking the bus and it'd take just 5min to reach... Much better option for me than stupid China Square. And also can go back by MRT. haha and of course the eye candies to feast on! and by eye candies i mean shops like Famous Amos, Shoe shop DMK, POlar PUffs etc etc...

Yeah lah its sooo much better here... its two floors high and not crammed / cramped? at all.

The treadmills there are also upgraded to a new model and its so sophisticated and even comes with built in FAN!!!! HOw cool's that? With a few Plasma TV perched in front of the machines.

The only downside is they only have like 7 shower stalls!! That is soooo inadequate!! even 10 stalls back in Far East Square generated a queue esp after a cycling class or whatever finishes. Oh well... its always either this or that. U just gotta weigh them.

PS: Tmrw's 2nd dance session and i havent practised the steps!!

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The Misadventure of The Pants

I left home this morning feeling somewhat confident that i've dressed well today with the new top i've bought from This Fashion and this pair of pants that falirs like a skirt.

And then when i was walking over to the pantry i felt how come it feels so airy? I know my blouse is a bit short, hehe, but can't be THAT airy until...... i noticed that the zip's OPENED!!! but the ziphead still latched at the top!

You see... this morning, i had a little trouble fastening the zip right to the top but not bcos im fat (altho i AM) but more bcos the zip's spoilt. I asked Mummy for help and after a few struggle, she managed to make it right, as mothers always do.

So that and coupled with the fat that it IS a little strained at the hip, that made the zip burst open!

The most irritating part is that i URGENTLY need to go to the toilet!! and the zip is still stuck! I push down the head as hard as i can but to no avail... Getting more desperate now.... so i just yanked hard i dont care! And it came off! And felt relieved to have completed my "transaction" in the loo. (LOL)

And then comes the next problem: How the hell do i walk back into the office? How do i even go OUT From the toilet??? Luckily i was wearing a jacket and it could cover the opened fly (luckily it's on the left side) where the blouse couldn't. And i tucked it in ahem... and clutched it suspiciously! HAH

I asked around my colleagues if they have any safety pins but none did! So i had to ring next door (thank god i kinda chat with her regularly before this) to ask if they had any. To my dismay she said she hadn't any too.

So i went back to my desk still clutching the side of my pants consciously... Contemplating on taking an urgent leave for the rest of the day and rush back home. That's probably cheaper than having to buy a new pants. But Zubair is out for interview and other things today so no point going home.

While i was racking my brain for a solution, Lay Choo, my neighbour just now whom shares a passion for Doraemon with me, came over with 2 safety pins! and we rushed to the bathroom and she helped to stick them up. She was soo helpful, innovative and resourceful, she actually took off the safety pins from the back of a name card / badge holder!! I guess she can empathize on the situation when her shoes broke the last time and i lent her my slip-ons! hehehe Thank God i've done some good deeds before.

But it was sooooooooooo goddamn tiresome. Everytime i go to the loo, i need to take the pins off and then fasten them again!

It can't be avoided anymore, i HAVE to buy a new pants during lunch time. and that is that.

So i went to International Plaza. This Fashion's pants are in the region of $30 and are very nice but not suitable for big hipped me. Also its the wrong (read: fat) period to be buying new pants.

I visited Perfect Mum just for the hell of it... to open my options... and in the end, after half an hour's search, it's the only option left! As the rest are just too.... TIGHT! (BOOHOOOO)

After trying on 5 pairs, asking prices, matching the colour with my top as i'd hafta wear it right away, I settled on the comfortable $80 black with white pinstripes piece. My Lord! I've never EVER spent so much on a pair of pants before! $50 TOPS. Thank god i had some money for emergencies. And since it IS indeed an emergency, i bought it. I take comfort that at least i can wear it when i get pregnant too....

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The Official Money Changer

So I've been appointed the Adam Family's Official Money Changer.

Why? Because my sister, who, for as long as i remember, had been working in Raffles suddenly decided to take a job in freaking JURONG! The other secluded elusive west end of the island~.

But i suppose im happy for her because she sounds so happy working there, in kinda environment. Factory (they cut glass) and a decent office. She gets a supervisory position though, which is Great! And she doesnt just handle accounts now but more to admin really. She has been asking me for samples of this and that template! Sounds like i can do her job man! LOL

On the other hand, i feel like at a lost... I've often lunched with her when she was still working in town... and now... i just hit the gym or eat in... But this is a good opportunity to round up my malay colleagues for lunch which i've never done before in my 2yrs of working here~ haha...

Oh yes... gym is another story... To be continued after lunch.

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Old Lady's Eye

OMG! I am sooo going to MTM (Made to Measure) Pretty soon to save this left eye of mine which is really the right one that you see in the picture.
I suspect its like that because the night before i had been crying and only got fitful sleeps of a few hours each time.
My eyelids have always been uneven and the left one always "terlipat2" or... multi-folded? LOL.
And of course the dark rings. Even if i sleep for 12 hours a day, the ring will STILL be there. I've had them since... FOREVER!
When i showed my eye for Zubair to check out, he Eyewwwed in reaction and said, "Like Old Lady's Eye right?" And before that he told me that his friend Shumail calls me Panda for the obvious reason!
Arghhhhhhhhhh MTM, HEre i come! I dont care!

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Grooooovy Baby

So i danced last Thurs.

The steps were rather similar to the Hip Hop class i ever joined before. Its not like ballroom dancing... its disco dancing.

The best thing about this class as compared to the gym session i've been to is that, we all started on the same lesson, so we are all newbie and the instructor was very kind to tell us that its ok if can't catch up on the very first day.

But i stood behind this outgoing person, so i felt a bit stressed when she does it with style while i did it so.. awkwardly stiff. I find that i can remember the steps better if i do it as if it was aerobics than actual groovy dancing.

There's no shower facilities, but its ok cos we didnt sweat much actually... for maybe not for first lesson, cause she showed us 8 steps at a time and max we did 3 sets in a row. Not much to sweat it out in an aircon room some more.

Can't wait for next lesson. But first must practise my half beat hand movement. That one very confusing.

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Over Her Dead Body

Zubair was out for jamming that friday night so Kak Long and me caught Over Her Dead Body at CW.
This is like my first Cinema experience after Pakistan and like my 2nd time this whole year!! Nothing outstanding has been on screen that i'd die if i dont catch it... Or when there is... i didnt have enough to watch for two on the weekend. Whatever.. i still have 4 DVDs from Pak still unwatched.
At first i told Kak Long that i dont wanna see a romantic movie at all. Cos i read the headline something like the girlfriend died and didnt wanna let her boyfriend date another girl. But Kak
Long insisted it's funny... ok for the fun of it, i relented. It could have been worse like... The Iron Man? Erghh... I am soo not into that kinda movie. Least of all if i hafta fork out $8 to watch it! In any case, i had to soothe myself, so i went for it.
I didnt regret it at all. It was mighty fun! Hilarious! Sweet. It's finishing real soon, so if you havent watched it already, Do!
Just one thing. I dont understand how come this Eva sometimes look white, sometimes look black. Long then told me she's hispanic. But the colour is like drastic!

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Mad Jack @ Jalan Kayu

Haha it's our (Mine, Zubair's and Kak Long's) first time at Mad Jack. Even our 1.5yr old niece has been there before!

Zubair had half chicken

Additional Spicy Cheese Fries.

And my Blue Mountain Chicken Burger.

I think that they place is great, with good personal touches: Funny Signs (the kind that you get from Australia), even a rack of kiddy toys and magazines! Price is good too. Not pricey like Swensen's at all!

My burger tastes nice. Because their motto is No Preservative No Msg. Even their burger is homemade!

Kak Long on the other hand, felt like it was one whole big nightmare.

  1. When we first arrived, she showed us to a table outside with has more space for the pram. We insisted on sitting inside. She said can BUT it'd be cram
  2. I asked the waiter what's the soup of the day? He replied fiercely, Chicken Corn Soup and then followed by, "But you hafta order at the counter"
  3. Ayah had to come back from the ordering counter to our table back and forth bcos they don't have certain items and need to change. They should have just taken our orders at our table to save us the trouble and heartpain as well as jammed up the queue!!
  4. The waiter served us WET utensils
  5. and a BUTTER knife for Kak Long's Fish & Chips.
  6. Parts of Mummy's Fish was not well cooked
  7. They charge 5% for service but just for serving the food to our table!

Zubair didnt find anything special about this place either.

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I still remember how when i was still new in this company, one of my colleagues said,

Eh you so happy all the time one. So Good. Wait till you get married and have
kids. So many problems!

How true!

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I Miss Pakistan

Every other thing somehow reminds me of Pakistan.

Flashes of some scenes sparked in my mind as i try to go to sleep...

My heart is breaking...

I cant wait to see everybody again... To experience Lahore again... to eat their food again... but maybe not black bean.... haha...

But of course i dont wanna cut my hand again. Ergh

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3rd Interview at Mustafa

This time we are armed with a recommendation from one of the staff. Chances are 99% of getting it.

Appointment was 12:30pm. I told him to be there by 12nn, so that if the person is free already then he can see him earlier then he can proceed to go to AMK with not much of rush to make it to his 3:20pm riding lesson.

Because the appointment was being set less than 24hours before the riding lesson, we were unable to cancel it. So i urged Z to really go there early and to really GO FOR IT otherwise my $25 will really be wasted just like that!

I suppose he did reach there on time... but the manager was busy the whole time... then it was lunch time... Then Z only managed to see him at 3pm!!!! :( :( :( I just pray and pray that he will land it this time. Then that $25 will not go unwasted. haha

But the manager only said, "We will call you." and that if he doesnt call him by Wed, to come and see him again. I fear this part, this phrase. Maybe he doesn't have a vacancy right now like how the poster outside their office is saying? Or maybe he's arranging for work permit for Z?

*shrug* let's just pray for the best.

Thanks to Fara and family and their friends once again.

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Chappati Night

Although they really do call it ROTI.

That night, Mummy cooked Fried Fish in Tau Chow (Dont know how to spell) and Zubair can't quite stomach it.

Coincidentally, we've just bought a packet of Atta flour a few nights before so Z busied himself in the kitchen. Zubair insisted that i should go back to playing my computer game (That time i was playing Build-A-Lot 2.) but of course i am the courteous, sensible Malay wife. It is not a nice scene to see a husband working hard in the kitchen while the wife is having fun playing on the computer in the room, na?

Besides, i didn't want him to get a lashing from the rest for using the wrong cockery or utensil or making a mess of the kitchen. Even then we still got commented on two things:

  1. The pan was too hot already while Z hunt for other things before our first roti was in.
  2. The hung laundry. I only realised it was still hanging on our 3rd roti. Ergh... we can't do anything right.

Our roti turn out to be like Tandoori Roti. Again. Crispy and not soft kind. It was really difficult lah. A check with Fara, she said the trick is to knead it with your knuckles and to lace your hand with oil so the flour wont stick! I sooo didn't know the way you knead a flour can affect the end product!

Next question is: what will you eat your chappati with?

We searched the fridge and found sausages and Z said ok you dont worry, ill cook these. You just help me to cut them to smaller pieces can?

And off he went melting the ghee and sauteeing the onion. You read it right... GHEE!!!

The process looks nice... See the yellowish stuff? That's the ghee!

And he added this special imported brand of red chilli powder for good measure. It's like his garam masala for him.

Still looks nice... the black ones are supposed to be chilli.

But after 30 min, it got kinda black. overcooked lah i think. And he cldnt even finish his 5 pieces of small chappatis... he said they are hard! I think he went to bed still a bit hungry that night.

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Hei Sushi @ Downtown East

It's our second time now to this place. Both times a treat from my sister.

Of course, in order to enjoy the benefits of having a sister, you hafta endure and take the rap she rains down on ya. LOL.

I can eat Sushi MINUS the seaweed. and i LOVEE the fried hotate (scallop) and the diced Spicy Baby Squid on Sushi (minus seaweed) but i can't eat the whole uncut ones... SCARY. But the list kinda stop there.

Zubair, on the other hand, has never liked Japanese food. I doubt many pure Pakistanis do.

That is until he tried the Fried Chicken Bento Set. This will at least fill his tummy for a bit. Although still need to be complemented by FRIES and satay! hehe

And its funny that both times we went to Hei Sushi Downtown East, i'd meet a colleague. Once was a HR Manager, another one of the RecClubbers. Both Malays. I doubt i can recognise or notice the rest of Non-Malay colleagues if i see them outside.

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I Rejected a Lovely Job Offer

to work in Karachi for Sats Catering.

Our friends in Karachi has been talking to people about us possibly wanting to migrate to Pak and hence, looking for career opportunities there.

So Monday morning, out of the blue i got a call asking me to come down for interview that very afternoon or the next day.

I was SUPER excited taking into account that it would be a good "overseas stint" for my resume, and perhaps its for a managerial position? (I didnt have the nerve to ask what position is it for.) And Esp after knowing that:

  1. We will be given an apartment
  2. Children's education will be paid for
  3. Possibly given a car and a driver

I know actually that Z not really in favour of working in KHI as we had discussed about it before. reasons being:

  1. Not safe
  2. Wants good education for children in spore
  3. Not a good career prospect for HIM
  4. Still not so near to his family in Lahore.

While i think he is rather settled here in Singapore with a band who's participating in a competition and other things, i still thought this opportunity is something not to be missed. If at least, just to find out what they are offering. But Z still not keen.

At that time, i was very restless... i asked a few of my friends, one said cant comment what to do, other said no hard finding out. Finally, i asked my dad and he said, "I think it is better not to know the offer, bcos, knowing it will put u in more dilemma." I realised after that that that is so true (hahaha 3 thats!)... Just to be sure i told Z again about the possible fringe benefits of this job but he stood firm.

Oh well... The next day i called up the guy and told him we're not open for it at the moment. But he was so nice he said, "Ok just call me when you are open for it then."

I felt very satisfied with that.

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A Ray of Hope

I met a Singaporean who married a Pakistani last Sat.

She is a friend of a friend. After receiving my msg from multiply, she immediately called me on my hp. While she sounds excited, her husband sounded more enthusiastic and anxious to help his fellow countryman.

I wasn't sure of the location of her shop but roughly thought this particular one was it and peered in. She nodded at me and i approached. Ah... no wonder she recognised me... she read most part of my blog already esp the Pakistan trip part.

We moved to chat at the coffee shop next door. Her hub bought us drinks. At first, i could feel he was being a bit formal lah, while me... i was at a total loss cos they were talking in Urdu/Punjabi. Even my new found friend understood them. Well she IS a Pakistani too and have been married for... 6 - 7 yrs already... not surprising lah right.

Then they mentioned that they read our blog esp the part where Zubair told me this particular sweet's name is Kanjer Halwa and they laughed and laughed. After that, Zubair started to relax and joke around also.

They browsed thru Z's resume and certs. and then he assured us that he will see to it that Z gets a job here in Singapore soonest thru many of his contacts in Mustafa, Usman Restaurant etc etc...

We could see a ray of hope in the horizon.

We discussed and talked about a lot of things. They also shared their sweet story of how they met! Plus, they strongly encouraged us to buy a house ONLY direct from HDB. Thankfully, Z also agreed to postpone the decision of buying a house but will review it again once he's stable in his job.

Felt a bit paisei / malu / embarassed that they even treated us to a meal!

Don't worry Fara, when Z gets a job, we will definitely give you both a treat~ We also have a cooking session in the list of To-Dos yeah? *wink*

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A Pillion Again

I rode pillion on my dad's bike yesterday.

The first thing i said to him, "Oh your Phantom is green colour eh?" Ayah's had the bike for like 10 years or possibly more but i dont remember the colour. Reason being most of the time we take the car instead. The bike is left parked in Ayah's office for when he needs to go site inspections.

But yesterday, he went to a 1 day course at my office building and to park your car here for a whole day is a NIGHTMARE!!! $1 for half an hour. 9 hrs = $18!!!! But that is just the cheaper open air car park.. if you park at building underground car park it'd be daylight robbery!

So the solution is for us to park the car at the Ayah's office and take the bike to town.

The ride really reminded me of the time i went riding with Zubair in Lahore. Only the scene was way more interesting than boring Singapore. and (at that time) the air was soo much cooler. Though i must say the air pollution was worse lah.

And before that i was browsing my Karachi friend's multiply and i decidedly MISS Pakistan!!

I don't know i want to go back there!!

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Let's Dance!

I've always had an interest on this. I once attended a Hip Hop class at the previous gym i go. But found the steps a bit confusing my mind got muddled!

However, ever since badminton competition, i'm fairly more confident now with my limbs action. And since its only $30 for 12 sessions... I grab lah!

Hi all

Be happy and dance and dance and be

Come join the Dance Fitness Class organized by WHP &
Your Rec Club.

Sweat out with Groove Blast – A hot and
energetic dance class with the best hip hop, pop, house, reggae and popular

Tone up with Dance Conditioning – incorporates Pilates
principles, Ballet / Jazz techniques & other dance moves that will keep you
tones, enhance your flexibility & your strength.

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Love Happens Ending Soon!

That's the title of the email that Zubair received and he promptly showed it to me.

A pang of nostalgia (Click for story how we met) hit me.

NO! That can't be true! Please don't shut down! You are the place where we met and eventually (like in 6 months) got married!

So... here are the print screen shots of the site so we shall remember....

Home page

My Account page. The girl in my friends you're helping list is the very catalyst of my marriage!

These are our correspondence! GERAM KAN!!!

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Funny / Scary / Silly Nightmare

Back in the old Tampines house Kitchen, I saw mummy cutting some meat with Kak Lily beside her.

She said, "Look, Ca, Mas Selamat is hiding in this lamb's tummy! No Wonder nobody could traced him, this animal's eaten him up already!"

I peered a look and saw a whole head. Then it kinda slipped to the floor and tried to escape!!! and Suddenly it was flying. I dont know why i was his target and he had POWERS... and i ran and hid and ran with Z.

I came awake screaming but Z lulled me to sleep again. God, the things i dream about...!

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6 Months SVP

Alhamdulillah, Thanks and praises to Allah, Zubair went to collect his 6 months Social Visit Pass awhile ago with the medical report in hand. It costs $40.

With this SVP, we can apply for re-sale HDB house! Now i need to submit application for HDB Housing Loan Eligibility before the agent can do anything else.

One thing struck my mind though. That if before 1st Nov 08, he is still unsuccessful to get any employment, He would hafta return to his country bcos its non-renewable! Now, where can i get $1,300!!!

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Saint April

Woo hoo...

I survived April with NO leave, NO MC! and NO Public Holiday! It's a miracle! LOL

March was also a good month, No Leave nor MC but 1 PH that is a long weekend.

Shall i take leave in May despite 2 PH?

Or Should i save it for June or Jul?

I'm left with 8.5 days for the rest of the year!!

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Remember Me?

Finished reading this book by Sophie Kinsella.
A very nice light reading. Sophie Kinsella is known for being hilarious. For the first time, I notice the grammar in use in present tense.
She has written a series of books featuring this Shopaholic. I accidentally picked up her first book in the series, and that time accidentally Kak Lily was free to read the book and got hooked and passed it down to Kak Long. And we're stuck.

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Night Bird Me?

Last night, i stayed in the office till 8:30pm finishing some irritating things.

I reached home 9:30 and i made a deal with Zubair. If he doesn't wanna pick me up at the MRT station (lazy / headache), then i will get to play computer game till 2am and then dont say later, "Boring lah, want to go out!"

And that's what exactly happened! Miraculously he doesnt mind his headache now and really wanted to go out.... He said let's go to Sakura.... I told him... everything closed already lah... IN my mind now thinking where can we find 24hrs food joint that is accessible to non-driving pple?

That's it! Let's go to the airport!! Ok we all got geared up to go.... When suddenly i had another idea!

I asked Ayah if i could use the car for awhile! And miraculously he gave the green light! Perhaps It was easier for him to say yes cos Mum wasn't in the room when i asked him. teehee...

And then suddenly, we had another change of idea... Since we have the car... let's go to Marina to play bowling!

And so we drove all the way to Marina South... only to find out that they are... CLOSED!!! Empty... Zero!! This is supposed to be a HOT place... bustling with crowds till early morning... then i drove on to see that the road on the other side is closed... i think they are gonna tear down the whole place or something to make way for the Integrated Resort something or other.

Hmmm now Z's tummy is growling... we were on the way to the airport when we saw Lau Pa Sat and stopped there isntead cos Airport will be another 20mins drive away!

We just had 20 sticks of satay and poor Z is still not quite satisfied cos he has a CRAVING for chappati and the indian stall's closed!

Thankfully though, he said let's go home. Well, we sure should as it was already 2:15am!!

And we drove home smoothly... But i must say there are so many dangerous drivers out there this time around. me i just kept to centre lane and capped the speed at 80 km/h

Thank you Ayah for letting us drive! Really appreciate it.

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Labour Day

The company celebrated Labour Day with Less Sugar Vitagen and a Quaker Less Fat Snack Bar.

I'm not really a fan of those energy bars thingy... muesli or something they called it? But i got this COOKIES and CREAM flavour and it was simply to die for!

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False Hope

Just after i had the mood to restart Gym after a week's rest, and after i had to really psych myself that i WANT to go to the gym, i NEED to go to the gym, and after 8mins of walking under the burning hot sun, i discovered that that branch is CLOSED!!!

They opened another one just next door, but it's not opened till next week. In the mean time, perhaps i should fast?

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