A Ray of Hope

I met a Singaporean who married a Pakistani last Sat.

She is a friend of a friend. After receiving my msg from multiply, she immediately called me on my hp. While she sounds excited, her husband sounded more enthusiastic and anxious to help his fellow countryman.

I wasn't sure of the location of her shop but roughly thought this particular one was it and peered in. She nodded at me and i approached. Ah... no wonder she recognised me... she read most part of my blog already esp the Pakistan trip part.

We moved to chat at the coffee shop next door. Her hub bought us drinks. At first, i could feel he was being a bit formal lah, while me... i was at a total loss cos they were talking in Urdu/Punjabi. Even my new found friend understood them. Well she IS a Pakistani too and have been married for... 6 - 7 yrs already... not surprising lah right.

Then they mentioned that they read our blog esp the part where Zubair told me this particular sweet's name is Kanjer Halwa and they laughed and laughed. After that, Zubair started to relax and joke around also.

They browsed thru Z's resume and certs. and then he assured us that he will see to it that Z gets a job here in Singapore soonest thru many of his contacts in Mustafa, Usman Restaurant etc etc...

We could see a ray of hope in the horizon.

We discussed and talked about a lot of things. They also shared their sweet story of how they met! Plus, they strongly encouraged us to buy a house ONLY direct from HDB. Thankfully, Z also agreed to postpone the decision of buying a house but will review it again once he's stable in his job.

Felt a bit paisei / malu / embarassed that they even treated us to a meal!

Don't worry Fara, when Z gets a job, we will definitely give you both a treat~ We also have a cooking session in the list of To-Dos yeah? *wink*

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