Keeping Friends...

I am amazed by my first sister how she can really keep her friends.

Of course she also has her set of friends from school that they went for 10yrs together some two decades odd yrs ago. hahaha sorry, did i make u sound old? hehhehe

Then she still kept in touch with her ex colleagues from 3 - 4 jobs ago, who have since left the company and migrated to UK. She's even visited them there!

She has mIRC (Internet Relay Chat) friends from #melayu2 who were chatting during the same "era" from some 10yrs ago though many has stopped chatting at that platform.

Her Arsenal friends from all over the world. She still contact them frequently tho prolly they've just met once or twice...

Also, she gotta know a girl from a one-time Wheel of Fortune Singapore round she entered and kept close contact with!

Then she remarked, "You, if not for your school friends, i think you dont have any friends at all!"

Which is SUPER SUPER true!

My set of mIRC friends of 10yrs ago are lost in the lalang (long weeds?) except for 4 i still keep in touch in MSN.. this out of what? 20? 30? Hidayati, Kak Yammy, Kak Rosy and Zaihan.

I was close with 5 out of 9 girls in Siglap Mosque tahfiz program back in 1999. 1 passed on while studying overseas in the Arab world due to gas leakage from the water heater. The rest i dont know where. Damia, Hidayah and the late Khadijah.

I had 1 close friend through out my 6months diploma course at MDIS in 2003. Needless to say, i lost contact with her also. Come to think of it, i've forgotten her name also! OMG!

My first job at ZAC Meat & Poultry. I'm left with only 1 friend whom i keep close contact with her daughter (my junior actually.. yup, that's you Huda). I left in 2001.

I still remember there was a Yati together with me at that time. I was very close to her, i went to her house for Hari Raya, gave her $50 for new born. I still remember the stories she told me about her family and friends... She was doing sales actually and Helping out in the Packing Room... Then when i was hospitalised, she had to cover for me. Poor her, she cldn't handle it and was sooo stressed out that she left without notice right after i came back. Our friendship ended just like that.

At the previous workplace, Mohd Kamal & Assoc (rep Prudential), i've had LOTS of friends! Most of the other secretaries were malay girls about my age and we all clicked very well. They are all still in my MSN list. But nowadays i rarely talk with them... At first, I used to talk with them a lot, asking after their bosses, listening to their complains.. we even lunched together once a week (we're just 10min walk away) then it became once a month... then i started not to understand what they're refering to bcos i have missed out so much and a lot of newcomers i dont know... and gradually they all slipped from my grasp.

The ones still on my MSn list and still talkable are: Sharifah, Stella, Nurra, Dirah, Hidayah, Lin, Lynn, Mel, Hazel, Kat.

There are about 10 others who are in my MSN list but feel awkward to talk bcos we never did talk much back in those days also.

In Stansfield, when i was doing my Bsc Maths and Econs a yr back, I made 2 friends: Lina and Wei Chuan. and we're still contacting each other esp Lina. Me and Lina clicked SUPER well! We got hyper together! hehehe she introed me to Aunty Annie's Pretzels! She introed me to Love Happens where i met my husband for God's Sake! But then, i'd say she's the reason we're such good friends and still contacting each other. She's very friendly! Unfortunately, she's in Australia now :(

In other words, i dont make much efforts to keep in touch with my friends. And luck has it, i always lost my address book and my contacts with it. I was using Nokia who didnt give the cable for free in order to synchronise data! GRRR

(Ok now i have an idea what to write for next post! hahaha)

In conclusion, i resolve to maintain my friends.

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7 glasses of Juice:

AzRaNan said...

Hello babe!

Im in busybody mode today! I probably can understand y ur sis can keep so many friends - cos she's so friendly! Its not that ure not, just that u urself mentioned kadang2 u mcm senang feel awkward at keramaians. So 1 tip to keeping friends close at bay is to attend their events, and 'pretend' to enjoy mingling around!

Jussaemon said...

Thanks for the tip! I guess i DO need some friends handy.

Ashley said...

Good tip! Another way, a simple sms now and then does warm your friends. It shows you're thinking of them.

Jussaemon said...

Even forwarded ones? Come to think of it, i dont get forwarded smses anymore.. haha

Ashley said...

Not forwarded ones.. that's very insincere. Doh. Just a simple, "Hello, Are you still alive?" will do wonders! lol

All my friends are very dear to me and don't wish to lose even one!

Yep, you did make me sound old after all. :P

Jussaemon said...

But u certainly DONT look it! :P

Ashley said...

I know! LOL